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Just Venting

My expectations for motherhood were…frankly…completely wrong!   I had no idea of the great love and joy I would experience.  I also had no clue exactly what I was getting myself into.  And now, an excerpt from this past year:

It’s quiet in my house–too quiet.

I glance into my 6-year-old son’s room and am momentarily stunned speechless.  (Please stop now if you are easily grossed out.)  Dax is, happily, peeing down the air vent!  Ya, the type of air vent that connects to ALL the air vents in our home.  I swiftly approach my amazing man:

Me: (as I’m gripping his shoulders, shaking him slightly in frustration)  What are you doing?!!  You can’t do things like this!!!  You can’t pee down the vent!

Dax is now waving his hands up and down as if to calm me down.

Dax: (sincerely)  It’s ok Mom.  Whenever I go to my room, I do this all the time.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Scheduling another vent cleaning.  

At my husband’s request, I’m adding a related story that he just reminded me of:

Time:  Shortly after above incident.

 Dani: (age 12)  Something’s been dripping on my head at night?  What is that!?!

I should note that Dani has a ceiling air vent, just above her bed.  Her bedroom also happens to be located directly under Dax’s bedroom.  Good times.

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