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I have created a small army of bandits.  Snack bandits that is.  You know you’ve done something wrong when a brand new box of about 70 fruit snacks is empty in 2 days!  We had to take drastic measures.  And now we have this:

It’s a fingerprint lock on our downstairs pantry–hurrah!  Best ebay investment ever!  Note the damage around the mechanism as my treat crazed minions have attempted to rip it off.

Still, it’s as if my kids are signaling the universe to send more junk food.

Just as our Easter candy craze was dying down my 13 year old daughter (Dani) got a phone call: “Out of 500 people you were the only one to guess the number of candies exactly right–419!”  She was giddy with excitement, “I can’t believe it!”  And here’s her prize.  That’s right–419 jellybeans and robin eggs.

 Now the goodies keep coming. Only yesterday my out of state parents came for visit and brought these.

My salivating cubs encircled their grandparents and demanded the cookies in exchange for hugs.

Then!  Same day.  We get a knock on the door.  The neighbor boys handed me a bag of this!

Don’t worry–I kindly picked out and devoured the lone reese’s cup so as not to tempt my children any further.

Despite continued lock destruction attempts, thankfully, most of our newest stash is safely stowed.

Now, if I could just find a way to lock myself out of the pantry.(sigh)

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Cutting back on the Oreos.

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