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My Brawling Bear Cubs

 We went to Bear World last week.  There were these cubs just going at each other.  One cub was innocently hanging out, when the other cub decided to attack.  It was a brutal brawl.  Then, they hugged and made up.

I have my own cubs, otherwise know as Dani (7) and Evie (5).  OK, calling them cubs may be a stretch, but I didn’t have a picture of squawking chickens!

They don’t normally wrestle, but they have started going at each other, over the silliest things.  And, they are not so good at reconciling.  Yesterday morning’s incomprehensible injustice?

“You’re wearing my shorts!!!”

In my exasperated desperation I attempted a new strategy.  It was cruel.  I made them stay in their room (together!) until they made up, and encouraged them to clean up while they were there.  Hee hee.

I heard numerous shouts from Evie, “You are so mean!”

Then there was a well though out speech from Dani “You’re just teaching me to send my children to their room for no good reason.  I’m going to do that and it will be your fault.” 

It took a good thirty minutes of tears, but someone finally broke.  Evie asked if she could make a present for Dani, out of tin foil.  And then, they were best friends, at least for an hour.

Then, “Move away!  You’re sitting too close!”

I wasn’t expecting miracles.

Grumpy Mom Goal of the Day:  Appreciating my loving family. 

Comment Thank Yous and Fixes

First, I wanted to say Thank You!  I don’t do that enough.  I have loved getting to know some amazing blog friends this year.  I read and appreciate every non-spammish comment.

I use many of your tips and ideas.  Some of your comments have me laughing hysterically, especially when I read them late at night!  I was also so touched by the kindness shown from last month’s post about fitting in.  Thank you.

I am more likely to spend my computer time visiting blogs rather than replying to comments, but I do try to reply to some and I will always answer questions.   Except, I can’t!  About half of the time, when I try to reply, it says   I used to be one of those noreplyers too, until a friend pointed it out!  There’s an simple fix.

#1.  From your Dashboard go into Edit Profile.
#2.  Check the box that says Show my email address.
#3.  Enter email address under Identity.
#4.  Save.

I am at least 65% sure this will work.  And if you prefer to not share your email address I suppose that’s OK too. 

Wait.  There’s more!  I’ve seen a small slew of people still blogging about comment trouble, especially with embedded comments like mine.   I’ve heard pop-up comments work better, except I’m stubborn.  I prefer the embedded ones on my blog.

I don’t have a perfect fix, but try switching your browser.   When I use Internet Explorer I have huge comment leaving woes.  When I switch to Firefox, I can comment again, though now everyone’s followers are missing.  Ba! 

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Week: Looking into switching my comment system.

You May NOT Want to be a Mormon

You may or may not know I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We’re also known as Mormons or LDS.  I’m not so social these days, but I’ve had friends who are Catholic, Baptist, Born-Again, Muslim, Atheist, everything.  If someone asks me, I will always talk to them about something I feel so strongly about.  But, I love to hear about and respect what other people believe too.

Today I thought I’d switch things up a bit.  Let everyone know some interesting morsels about my faith.

I present:

Seven Reasons Why You May 
Want to be a Mormon

We don’t drink coffee, at all!  I’ve never had a sip, but some mornings I could use my coffee.   And, about half of us don’t even drink caffeinated pop.  The other half of us are addicted to Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew.

We love dessert!  I’ve heard that Utah has the highest per-capita jello consumption rate.  It’s possible that your thighs would automatically become larger if you joined the LDS church.

We all have jobs, church jobs, and we don’t get paid!  Even the bishop is a volunteer. Usually my job switches every couple of years.  Currently, I am the Compassionate Service Leader.   Which means I help set up meals for people in our neighborhood who are sick or need a little help.   There have been times when I have not felt so compassionate.  One more thing to feel guilty about!

We’re not so cool like Big Love or Sister Wives.  We haven’t practiced polygamy since 1890!   I give a collective sigh of relief for that.  Though,  if I were to have a sister wife, I would make sure to find one who likes to clean.

Our really famous Mormons list is…interesting, but a little short.  Here are a few: Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, Stephanie Meyer, Gladys Knight, Jimmer Fredette, and my personal favorite, Ricky Schroeder.   Also, my daughter, Dani, would like to add that she’s famous.  She was in the school talent show last week.

We have church for 3 hours on Sunday!

Families are sealed for eternity in the Mormon church.  Forever!  This is a wonderful thing, so long as you like your husband and kids.  If you feel you need a break at the end of this life, then the Mormon church may not be for you.

So, I know I’m not signing up any recruits today.   I saw a poll that said 25% of the population would never vote for a Mormon as President.  I’m not sure if the same goes for blog following, but if you’d now like to unfollow me, I will miss you.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Cut back on the jello.

Toothless Windfall!

My five-year-old, Evie, was an early teether.  She got her first tooth at only three months.  That was painful…for me!  When she was four, she lost two teeth in just a few days.  

But now Evie has outdone herself.  This past Saturday, she lost a tooth.  Then, on Sunday, another tooth popped out.  There was a dramatic episode that followed tooth #2.  She dropped her pearly white under a picnic table!

Tears ensued, but the tooth was found!

After the search and rescue, I demanded possession of the tooth for safe keeping; I wasn’t going through missing tooth drama again.  Except…I accidentally…misplaced the tooth.

Temporary panic set in.  Thankfully, the tooth fairy had not thrown away the (very similar looking) tooth from the night before.

Then!  On Monday, Evie had another tooth just barely hanging on.  I thought she was going to loose three teeth in three days, but that tooth would not give up.

I don’t have it in me to yank.  I tried it once with my older daughter.  She screamed in pain and the tooth didn’t come out. 

Last night, my (also reluctant yanker) husband finally pulled out Evie’s sorry hanging tooth.  Our tooth fairy is cheap, but Evie has still accumulated quite an exciting stash: one pack of gum, one container tic-tacs, $1.50, and three extra-special tooth fairy notes.

And, she’s still got two more loose teeth to go!

My three-year-old, Mase, doesn’t quite understand.  He’s been trying to wiggle his teeth out.  No luck yet.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Taking a short tooth fairy break.  She is burnt out.

August 9, 2011 – I had to update this.  Evie has now lost three more teeth!  That’s six teeth total in just a little over a month.  I’m claiming the world record.

Forced Family Fun

This past weekend, we made a (car sick-filled) journey and met up with my parents in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I felt uncontrollably compelled to make my family attend a wild west shootout.  I wanted to create some memorable moments for my kids.

The crowd was told they must, “Stay behind the rope!”  My seven-year-old, Dani, couldn’t resist moving the rope and even sneaking in front of the rope.  
The loud and deadly shootout began.

 Dani no longer wanted to be in front of that rope.  She kept scooting further and further back. 
And, I’m not sure my three-year-old, Mase, understood what was going on.  I may have forgotten to tell him this was NOT real.
Afterwards, my kids got to meet one of the formerly dead people.  Hopefully, that cleared everything up.  As we walked back to our hotel, Dani inquired,  “How much would a gun cost?  I have to get one of those.”  I think this will be our last shootout.

  The next day was less violent.  The Teton mountains by Jackson are breathtaking.

We went on a lovely mosquito infested hike.  I made everyone stop to get a family picture so we could remember this fun experience.  Apparently, some of us had more fun than others.

After our big hike, I wanted to eat at one of my favorite local restaurants.  I told all my kids they would be getting the yummy salad bar, but I had a rebel.  Mase didn’t want a salad bar.  “No, I want chocolate bar.”

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal:  Having a violence-free chocolate-filled week.

Dinner Games

We’ve been playing a lot of dinner games lately.  Last night’s game was…spirited.

We had a Funniest Family Member Contest.  Each person had to think of something funny to do: a song, funny face, joke, anything.

My three-year-old, Mase, wanted to start things off.  He chose a song.  It was hard to decipher the tune because he was laughing so hard, but I think it was the ABC song, sung only with one repeated word, “poop”.  That’s my boy.

I was next with my amazing goat impersonation.   You’ll just have to imagine.

I had high expectations for my husband.  He can be quite hilarious.  I think he must have had a creative block.  He chose to make armpit noises.  Yes, all of the children had to try it out. (sigh)

My seven-year-old, Dani, gave an acting performance.  She took a bite of food, chewed it up, then her head dramatically slumped down on her plate.  Death by food poisoning.

And, Evie, age five,  had the coveted last spot.   She looked ready to burst with excitement over her anticipated joke.  And here it is: “Never say hamburger. Never say hamburger.”  That was the entire joke.  She nearly fell over laughing.

Afterward, we had a somewhat secret vote.  Everyone, except me, was suppose to close their eyes and vote twice.   Despite some cheating, there was only one clear winner.

Evie with a landslide five votes.

Grateful Mom Goal: Be thankful for my funny family. 

Happy 4th of July weekend!