The Wasp Whisperer

I have a slightly over-active fear of stinging things.  I’ve tried not to pass this on to my children.  Maybe I’ve been too successful.

Last year my daughter befriended a bee.  I was shocked to see her loving expression as the bee crawled all over her hand!

Ironically, I was the only person in our family to get stung last year.  I was innocently trimming my rose bush, when a rabid sweat bee started harassing me.  I made a swatting flailing dash to the backyard and that nasty little bee buzzed around my head the entire way, finally landing his stinger just below my neck.

Yesterday, Dani was delighted to show me her latest friend.  A wasp had fallen into the kid’s water table.  She saved him from his impending death!  He didn’t seem to have a stinger, but still made me nervous.


When Dani said, “Look Mom, I can even pet him.” the photo shoot was over.  I headed inside with a warning to, “LET THE HORNET GO.”   She told me he quickly flew away and hopes he’ll visit again soon.

Grumpy Mom Goal of the Day: I’m spraying our newest swing set hornet’s nest.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh, I too am TERRIFIED of stinging insects!!! I was once stung on my middle finger by a wasp and my finger swelled up so much that it touched my index finger when I lay my hand flat!! My hubby is also afraid of stinging insects as when he was a child he was attacked by a swarm of wasps. He suffered at least ten stings!! Poor boy!! I'm hoping our children will not be afraid……but I'm kinda doubting it due to our 'history!'

  2. Elizabeth Grimes says:

    Yeah, I would have freaked! My little nephew once thought a bee was a butterfly and caught it, then it stung his hand. So sad! I came over from Esther's blog. What a fun site you have.

  3. A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul says:

    I am in awe! Literally awe! I would so be screaming and running away! LOL You did a good job of not affecting your kids! Me on the other hand, my son is scared of bees and he's 2….when we go outside I'm always like watch out for bees! isn't that bad?! But your daughter petting a hornet?! That is amazing..I'm glad you got the photo otherwise I wouldn't have believed it! It's like that Bee movie! LOL

  4. She is so cute and so brave!!! Not a big fan of stinging things, but I do appreciate the bees so I try not to freak out, I apparently have not done such a good job though becuase my three lovelys run around like chickens without their heads and hightail into the house. It is nice to get a minute with my roses in peace though!! Lol! Great post, I love when I see you in my reader!

  5. Mom of 12 says:

    Last summer my 7-year-old got stung by a hornet and we ended up spending a night at Primary Children's Medical Center. He didn't have respiratory stress, but his little arm was as big as a watermelon! Yeah, we avoid them too.

  6. John and Allie Fields says:

    Good for you mom for letting her explore and not be hindered by everyone elses fears. What a precious girl she is!

  7. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    Oh my goodness, I would have DIED. I have your luck, always the lucky one to get stung, yay for us 🙁 Glad your daughter shows NO FEAR but even happier the little wasp had no stinger.

  8. GrumpyJaxMomOf3 says:

    Ewwww I hate stinging things. I got stung 1 time and has to rushed to the ER…. I stay far far away!!!

  9. Your daughter is so thoughtful. I'm glad she didn't get stung and good luck getting rid of the hornets. I don't like them much either.

  10. Jessica says:

    I thought only boys liked to play with bugs. I would stay far away from those stinging things also.

  11. Laura@livingabigstory says:

    EEEK! I tell myself that my daughter's love of rolly-pollies and worms and bugs in general is a sign she's going to be a famous Entomologist some day ….. maybe ours can be colleagues?

  12. The Suburban Princess says:

    Your daughter is fearless! I would have been shrieking and running like crazy. Wasps scare the bejesus out of me!

  13. ~Mistee~ says:

    Just the picture gave me the heebie jeebies!!!

  14. Beth @ Sand To Pearl says:

    Ha! That's hilarious! Reminds me so much of growing up. We had a wasp nest in our swing set. We would dare each other to swing, and when the wasps would come out, we'd all run inside. Plus, my older "tough" brother is VERY allergic, so the guy who acted like he was all "bad" would scream like a little girl whenever he saw one, and would make me kill them.
    Good luck!

  15. Rachael says:

    Um, ya. I would totally be freaking out! That is one brave girl you have there. Totally cool and totally terrifying all at the same time.

  16. What a cutie!!! I would spray that nest too. though.

  17. I would have FREAKED OUT! Unfortunately my Hubby has allergys to wasps & I am out to kill all things that have a stinger! No mercy! But I have to say you have one brave girl there! Maybe shes the "bee whisperer"! He he!

  18. I am totally on your side! I have a huge fear of wasps in particular, just because they find me EVERYWHERE. And sting me! I got stung in a public restroom last month, and I recently found one crawling around my bedroom and also one crawling in my rag pile next to my dryer. (Just waiting for me to stick my hand down there…) They're so CREEPY SCARY!

  19. laughwithusblog says:

    Oh my! I am anti-bug, but I think I'm not as successful in not passing it down to my girls! 🙂

  20. Janine @ Alternative Housewife says:

    Oh my she is amazing! I was the same way as a little girl but now, even though I try not to kill bugs, stinging insects definitely give me the heebie jeebies!

  21. Jenny H says:

    The pictures even freak me out! What a brave girl you have!

  22. OMG just the picture freaked me out! I cannot stand bugs (thanks to my mom!) and I hope to not pass that on to my son. He's a boy, he needs to catch bugs and lizzards and … eeek, I'm freaking myself out already!

  23. Mummy Kim says:

    I have given you the 'Versatile Blogger Award'! Check out the details here:

  24. Here in Tn we get cicadas this year. Lucky us! They are loud nasty bugs that come out every 15 years and the news reported that we have some that are deformed from last Mays floods……nice! Ha! I am just not a bug person. Can ya tell?

  25. Johanson Family says:

    okay, I'm with you… but take it probably a tad farther– my son brought in a grub worm into the house to show me– he had partially squeeze/killed it and blood and juice was gushing out– I was hysterical and told him to get it out of the house– he was so scared ,he started to cry– I felt horrible, but my husband sent him in the house knowing this would happen… so hopefully he feels worse… heh… darn grub worms! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  26. Charlotte says:

    I would have been running & screaming. Just your pictures gave me the heebie jeebies. (I had to google to make sure I spelled that right).

  27. Megan Rockenbach says:

    BAHHH! I would have ran screaming, I am so scared and allergic. ewww. But kudos to your daughter for being so kind to a not so nice creature.

  28. OMG! I cannot believe she is holding that! I am freaked out by any bugs, especially the ones that sting. Shudder.


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