A Monkey Without A Plan

Do you have any monkeys???

I’m am the proud mama to three monkeys and one wannabe monkey.  Wannabe monkey can climb up, but is not so good at getting down.

Last month, Wannabe thought she would scale the baby’s crib.  It didn’t go so well.  She got stuck.  I am a cruel mother, and took her picture before my astounding save.  I think her future children will thank me for the rescue, and the picture.

Recently, Wannabe has discovered a covert new place to stash her stashes, at the top of her closet.  This idea has backfired also, but Wannabe is not giving up, as you can see.

She squawks at me when I make her get down, (by herself!) but usually manages the four foot daring drop, unharmed.

Yesterday, Wannabe did something I’ve NEVER seen before (outside of the movies).  She crawled up on my kitchen counter and slipped.  She is quite a lightweight and the cabinet handle snagged her skirt on the way down and actually caught her!  “Owahhhhh!!!  Help!!!  Mom!”  There she was, hanging from the handle, by her skirt.  “It’s not FUNNY!–MOM!” she screamed. “I’m going to fall!!!”  I couldn’t help teasing her, just a little, as I helped her down.  But even I wasn’t quite cruel enough to take a picture.

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  I will try not to tease my children.


  1. OMG, love this post! I have a 5 and 2 year old (almost turning 3) Sometimes I call them monkeys too! LOL They really keep you on your toes. Love your blog, it is a great place to visit. Have a good day.

  2. Love this! My daughter is a climber (on anything and everything) and although she hasn't reached the heights of Wannabe (because she's only 1) I have NO doubt within a few years I will have very similar pictures! 🙂

  3. I love this! First of all, she has the most gorgeous red hair. And second, our job as mom would be SO much more boring if we had to leave teasing out of it! The series of pictures with her in the closet, in different outfits–so cute! And I sorta wish you had taken a picture of her hanging on the cabinet, but I can imagine it. 🙂

  4. We have monkeys here as well. And I laugh at them when they get stuck. But I never remember to take a picture. LOL!

  5. You are such a crack-up! I love the pictures! I remember I *loved* to climb up on my roof when I was a kid, and now it just makes me nauseous thinking that one day my kids may discover that thrill …

  6. What a monkey!

    I think I have a future monkey on my hands. My little one already loves to climb on things.

  7. She's talented! Ya outta find that girl a rock wall to climb as it seems there are few heights she hasn't yet achieved in the house already.

    I like your, “take picture first, deal with the situation in a moment,” approach.

  8. That is SO funny. It is something I would do. I took video of my 6 year old having a total breakdown. The next day she does, “Please tell me you didn't put that on Facebook.” I should have but I didn't.

    I ran past the Mormon church today and I realized that your parents probably know a lot of my friends. I have a lot of friends that go to the Mormon church in town (I believe there is only one). Just thought that was random.

  9. I could not help but laughing reading this post! You have your hands full! My golly! One of these days she might learn!

  10. She sure IS a monkey! LOL I totally agree, her children and even future husband will LOVE to see these pictures – and the fact that you saved her!

  11. Those pictures are hilarious!!

  12. Lol, my kids do the same thing, and I, too tease them when they get stuck! How could you not? 😉

    You're a total crack-up; thanks for making me smile! 🙂

  13. I laughed out loud at the skirt getting stuck on the cabinet! Hysterical.

    My son is just starting to climb (on everything). Evidently, it is pay pack as I did the same as a kid!

    I'm visiting your blog from 1HecticMommy's versatile blogger post. Congrats on being featured/chosen as well!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  14. I did this as a child! 🙂 I hope she learned her lesson. maybe explain that it could have been her skin and not her skirt! That should stop her 🙂

  15. LOL!! I love this – and the fact that you take her picture! I have a great visual of her hanging by her skirt 🙂


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