My Embarrassing Secret

before the relapse

OK–I’m getting it out there.  It’s a little embarrassing.  And, I don’t expect anyone else to admit to having my condition, but there has been something plaguing me on and off since college.  I was in the in the bathroom yesterday morning, checking out my kid induced eye corner wrinkles in the mirror and–I saw it.  One small white speck.  I looked closer–thankfully it’s not too noticeable yet, but it’s definitely there–eyebrow dandruff. 

I’m thinking this isn’t normal, so, for the first time, I googled it.  Surprisingly, it’s not all  that uncommon and there were even numerous suggestions on how to rid myself of this problem.  Here are some remedies I hadn’t heard before:

The Amazing Ash Gourd!

#1. Regularly apply the peel and seeds of the ash gourd-obviously.

#2  Apply toothpaste and scrub–apparently the toothpaste helps smooth the skin–hmm.

#3  Use dandruff shampoo–I guess this should have been my first option, but for some reason I feel a little funny about shampooing my little brows.

#4. Finally, some thoughtful person suggested I should shave my eyebrows off and redraw them with a sharpie.

So many possibilities.  I will need to ponder my new found remedies, but I’m thinking I’ll just try to find some thick face cream for now.

My Valentine’s chocolate indulgence

 On a wonderful note, for Valentine’s Day my husband has redeemed himself!  After a chocolate cake free birthday, Brett finally decided my instant gratification was more important than my health.

And, more exciting news:  With much effort, I actually skipped The Bachelor last night!  The skipping of future episodes is yet to be determined.


  1. Hi Jenae!…I'm so glad your hubby got you that yummy chocolate cake you were craving!!
    For your eyebrows, I may suggest to exfoliate them, dead skin can cause that as well, so exfoliate and moisturize ^_^


  2. Thanks Meli!–the exfoliating definitely helps but my silly problem usually sticks around for a bit. uhg–maybe I will go have just the smallest bite of that chocolate cake.

  3. Chocolate cake will help. It will direct your focus from your eyebrows to your thighs. Unless you're one of those people who can eat all the cake you want and not gain an ounce. If that's the case, I hate you. (just kidding, sort of).

  4. I Am Not Superwoman says:

    Yes, moisturize and often. I have an award for you. Go read my “I Would Like To Thank The Academy” post. ~Jennifer

  5. Thanks Jennifer!

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