Life as a STASHER

I have a 5 year old stasher at my house.  Candy, gum, clothes, toys– anything she deems takable, she stashes at various secret locations throughout the house.
 This morning my husband couldn’t find his keys.  He asked Evie (the stasher) if she had seen them.  She said very coyly, “let me go check the van.”   Evie came back with a collection of about 7 keys!  I’m still not quite sure where all of those came from.
Two weeks earlier I quickly needed to find $1.50 for my oldest daughter to take to school.  I said “if anyone can find me some quarters you will get a cool surprise.” Evie quietly walked away and came back with a little pink coin purse full of about 5 dollars in change!  I gave her a marshmallow.

She’s a stasher, probably a stealer too.

Update:  Day 1 was successful!  For my nice thing of the day I wrote my husband a sweet note and had my kids color it.  My organizing goal didn’t get the grand kick off I had planned, but the silverware drawer is indebted to me for my efforts.

  Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Take inventory of the stasher’s stashes. 
Everyday Goals:  Do something nice. Organize–anything!


  1. that cute little face! she's definitely a stasher.. not a stealer. She's too cute to be a stealer! :0)

  2. What a cute little stasher! I have one too! Now my stasher is 10 and her stashing has saved us many times. She always has a bandaid, lotion, hand sanitizer, a comb, brush, scrunchie.. the list goes on. Stashers grow up to be majorly prepared individuals. I often introduce my daughter as my brain. 🙂

  3. Love your blog!!! I have a stasher, too – she mostly stashes her miniature princesses, but after a trip to visit the Grandparents, she came home with about $19.56 in coin!

  4. A stasher, huh? That is cute. My 3 year old loves to grab random things and put them in a basket, purse, or bag and carry them around. My husband jokes that she will be a bag lady…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. Stop by again anytime.


  5. my two-year old also likes to put anything and everything inside a bag…though he forgets about them after about three minutes of playing with it, though. lol
    got here through weekend blog hop and followed you through gfc 🙂
    btw, love your font!

  6. How funny your child is a stasher. You should start taking inventory every day of your things. Mine is a hoarder. She takes anything and everything she can and puts it in her room. Luckily though she asks before she takes stuff…”can I have that receipt from the grocery store?”

  7. Oh my goodness she is so stinkin cute! I have a 6 year old hoarder. I think he makes up for the fact that im very much a minimalist and if we havent used something in about 6 months- we donate it. It started with a map quarter collection and was all down hill from there! Thanks for stopping by today. I look forward to reading more 🙂

  8. So cute! I think my little girl is heading in the same direction. She loves to play hide & seek and it isn't always her that is hiding…LOL. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

  9. Oh, that face! Adorable! My youngest is a rifler. He rifles through drawers, cupboards, baskets, my purse…just looking for something that catches his eye.

    Sweet blog. I'm your newest follower and visiting from Feed Me Friday

  10. i have a cute little stasher/stealer too! one day i found $40 on him- he doesn't know the differnce between $0.40 or $40 yet- so it's not as bad as it seems- but we're working on it anyway!!!
    thanks for the follow- followin back- so glad u found me cause i love your blog!- kelli

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