Meltdown Merry-Go-Round

’Tis the season!  It’s been a merry-go-round of meltdowns at our house.

I informed my six-year-old, Evie, that she would be getting four teeth extracted, “Really?!?  You mean I get to miss school!?!  Oh yea!  I can’t believe it!  This is great!”

Here’s a shot of her just before the big yank.

I may have forgotten to tell her she would be getting shots!  Though Evie was quite brave.   It was the tragedy afterwards that caused the meltdown.  The treasured balloon butterfly she received for getting her teeth pulled got a bit over-loved by her brother.

It’s ruined!  It doesn’t even look like a butterfly any more!!!

Sure it does…a little.balloon butterfly

Below is a blurry meltdown recovery shot of Dani at the Festival of Trees. She was given a candy cane for a lovely dance performance.  I promptly tossed the cane away after I caught her biting it with her braces, “Why did you do that!?!  This is the worst day ever!”

And the festival wouldn’t have been complete without a three-year-old meltdown.  Mase was just angry that Dani had the candy cane to begin with. 

This is from yesterday.
My one-year-old, Dax, couldn’t believe I had the nerve to make him wear a shirt.toddler tantrum

And I had my own little meltdown this week.  Thankfully, no one took pictures.
It was over something completely ridiculous, and my poor husband had to deal with it.

Lucky for me, he was kind.multi-colored roses

Though I could have used some candy too.

 Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Being extra sweet to my flower-giving husband. 

May you all have a merry and meltdown-free weekend.


  1. Wow, you get flowers for your meltdowns? Nice.

  2. I am with Lisa – flowers for your meltdowns is sweet!

    I have the philosophy – you can’t please everyone so meltdowns are inevitable. Especipally with my kids.

    I hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Your husband’s so sweet. I only get a tissue when I have a meltdown.

  4. I have had one of those weeks, too! Luckily friends came into town from Africa, I signed up to be a part of a craft bazaar and decided to decorate the whole house for Christmas this week. It just makes it all so much more amusing! Ha ha! 😉

  5. Awww, those meltdowns are sweet to look at from my safe distance. I got one over with yesterday and called my husband a very bad name. He deserved it but I still feel bad! Too bad a bunch of flowers wouldn’t be appropriate!

  6. Hahaha had to laugh, I get “this is the worst day ever” alllllllbthe time!!! Meltdowns are a norm here 🙂

  7. I have had so many of those days. What a sweet man. 😉

  8. Holiday season stress…

  9. Yeah I think a meltdown is brewing in our house from me. Festival of Trees. We have one of those here too. Some of the trees, so jealous. Have a great weekend!

  10. I can fully feel for you! My kids have the same problems with melt downs. I even had to laugh at the butterfly because my daughter recently had a melt down over a Unicorn balloon she had gotten, that her little brother tried to “Help” make better, but ended up just popping and unwrapping it. So, so very sad!

  11. got to love holiday stress. at least your hubby realized you needed a pick me up. next time maybe he will bring chocolate and flowers?

  12. Oh, how i remember those days! Now that my kids are older, meltdowns don’t happen as much, but the whining is still present!

  13. Oh meltdowns! I love the captures of their intense emotions.

  14. Ah, meltdowns. Don’t you just hate them?! What a sweet husband to get you flowers! I wish mine would do that.

  15. Oh…pretty flowers. I wish we had more meltdowns around here. Instead, when my children are upset, they scream, hit whoever is nearest them, and throw things at the nearest breakable beauty in the house. Yeah…I could handle a bit more tears. 🙂

  16. Thedesertrocks says:

    The roses are gorgeous and so are the smiles–especially once you’ve lovingly wiped away the tears! Adorable post. My husband is a bit older than myself and we get age related drama issues that seem to exponentially grow from month to month. fortunately nothing major but eye, teeth and hearing related situations where he thinks I’m not sensitive enough to his needs. Just like a little boy.

  17. Wish I got flowers for my melt downs !

  18. hahaaaa… I so missed your funny, tell it like it is self, & adorable little family! I’ve been MIA for a while, & super glad to be back. What is it with shirts? Jax never wants to wear one.! At least he’s not in the always taking his pants off stage…. I would have one naked kiddo. LOL!)

  19. I wish I could get flowers when I let loose at my hubby. Instead all I get is a lecture on how hard his work is and how I could improve in my time management skills. I guess I’ve learned to keep my freakouts to myself. Thankfully it doesn’t happen like it used to.

  20. I’m sorry you had a week full of meltdowns… ’tis the season… right? I’ve had that kind of week too. I talked about it on my writing blog. Your husband is very sweet to give you such beautiful flowers. Mine rubbed my neck and back for me when I had mine. 🙂 We are lucky girls, aren’t we? I hope next week is better at your house… and mine!

  21. Ah… the joys of family. 😉 Poor Evie! I felt bad for her, and I was laughing so hard at the same time.. *ashamed face*
    Awwww.. how sweet! Maybe you should have a meltdown more often… Not really. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    In Christ,

  22. Oh girlfriend, praying for you. We have had all too many here as well. I have used the Santa Claus threat so many times he isn’t coming for the rest of the childhood!! Tis the season I guess. I hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season 🙂

  23. this post made me smile, *awww*, LOL and *awww* some more.
    evie is a doll and what a sweet, sweet name. i love it.
    your photos capture so much life. is it bad that i think pictures of kids crying are so funny and just so stinkin’ cute!?
    i died that your son got upset he had to wear a shirt! you crack me up!
    those are some gorgeous petals!! what an awesome hubby!
    steve woke me up today with flowers. my first thought was, “what did you do? what do you want?” hahahaha
    so far, it was “just because!” 😉
    hope your weekend is a pretty one!
    maria <3

  24. Wow! The adventures of motherhood.
    Doesn’t there need to be an hourly meltdown.
    That’s how it was at my house.
    I also left my hubby with cleaning up many of my meltdowns….heck I still do.
    He’s great at it though. Encouraging words,, flowers and notes.

  25. —ahhhh, what a nice hubby :))))) Xx

  26. I think there is something in the air in December that makes people have melt downs. You’re lucky no one got yours on camera!

  27. Nice flowers!!

    Yup, my kids have all sorts of meltdowns. Not fun.

  28. Flowers are great for a mommy melt down!! Very smart husband!!! I love the this is the worst day of my life comment, my Lizzy loves that one!! It’s melt down season here too, even my big guy had a melt down last week! I do think you were kind of nervy to expect poor Dax to wear a shirt, you are a mean mommy!!! Lol!! xoxo

  29. Love the flowers. I just get put in my room and ignored when I have a meltdown! (I’m the one who puts me in my room)

    Such cute kids!

  30. I don’t really have any advice… Meltdowns are a regular fixture around here. Shoot, I can’t really laugh either–I know how embarrassing and frustrating and humbling it all can be. Just hang in there–it has to get better eventually…right?

  31. Ahh, meltdowns. We’ve all got to have them. At least ours don’t get caught on film, right? That’s a great man you have there to bring you flowers for your meltdown.

  32. I think winter has more meltdowns because you’re cooped up more. My son recently had 6 teeth extracted, but the dentist knocked him out with laughing gas.

  33. Those flowers are gorgeous…I could have used some this week! Awww and Evie was so brave!

  34. Oh no for the teeth pull! I fear we will have to do that with Kate. She’s almost 6, doesn’t have the tiniest bit of looseness and Craig had to have a ton of teeth pulled as a kid.

  35. Sounds like the kind of week we had too….except no one received flowers here! 😉

  36. The picture of Dax is hysterical! My 2 year old still does this whenever he has to wear a shirt, or a coat or a hat…basically not run around naked.

  37. I endured majory surgery to have 3 children and didn’t get any flowers. guessing mama meltdown won’t garner me any either. I actually quite surprised that we have not had any major meltdowns yet.
    maybe because I haven’t been here to witness them much this week?
    I might be on to something there….

  38. Beautiful flowers 🙂 I’m with you on the candy thing though 🙂

  39. It’s ok to have melt downs on occasion….especially if the end result will be flowers and candy!!!

  40. After my meltdowns my hubs always gets me a bottle of champagne, he knows just how to “cure” me.

    Child meltdowns are so bizarre, love how they come out of nowhere and something like, wearing a shirt, can trigger one. Oh the joys!

  41. I am so familiar with meltdowns. As naughty as your kids were, I have to say that side braid in your daughters hair is beautiful. At least she threw a fit looking darn cute.

  42. Those are beautiful flowers and definitely needed after all of those meltdowns.

  43. The flowers look so pretty. What a thoughtful husband!

  44. Lots of meltdowns happening here too. At least you got some beautiful roses out of it!

  45. I am so glad I decided to jump on the computer before the girls woke up this morning! I have started my morning with lots of laughter and I know that will only help start their day off in a good way too! You poor thing…what a day but truly, the way to put it in photos had me in stitches. Your husband is a doll!! Those roses are beautiful. It sucks to be the dumping zone of us crazy busy moms…I’m glad that there are husbands strong enough and smart enough to let us ride out our own meltdowns 😉

  46. One melt down child is enough for me….I can’t imagine what it’s like with 4! You are a good person and you have a wonderful husband……for now…lol. Seriously…..lots of points for the flowers! I would’ve had more than 1 melt down with all of that going on. 🙂

  47. Whew! One needs to have 100% of patience on this kind of situation. The husband is sweet enough to come to the rescue.

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