Review Extravaganza: Spooky Chocolate Burnout

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October started out with several spooky happenings.
Here’s a mysterious shot of our smoke filled living room. 

Then, I talked about our family weapons and my reaction when
I heard an intruder coming up the stairs.

In November, I was dealing with some serious post-Halloween chocolate issues.
My husband had the nerve to hide the candy–from me!

We also held The Toddler Olympics.  Dax was the clear winner.toddler standing in sink

And I reminisced about our Thanksgiving.
Evie and my homemade cranberries took a tumble down the stairs. cranberries dumped on stairsThough a permanently pink carpet looked inevitable,
I discovered the magic of rubbing alcohol and baking soda.
My carpet was saved!

I also had a little blogging burnout and got some much appreciated advice!

Looking back over my December posts, there was a bit of a Grinch theme going on.
I don’t think I’ll encourage anyone to visit those posts just yet.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal:  Basking in my two final days of holiday feasting.

It’s the last week!  Grab a button and link up your October, November, December posts below.   All extravaganza details can be found here.  Thank you so much to everyone who’s participated.  And a big thanks to Emmy Mom for coming up with the fun idea.  The winner of the eight fabulous prizes will be announced next week!

Have a happy New Year’s everyone!


  1. I don’t think you are a grinch! Maybe if your carpets had been stained red AND green you would have been able to get more into the spirit of things…maybe next year. (Gonna have to try that baking soda thing. I have a few spots that could use some work. Does it take out sharpie?)

  2. LOL…and this is the quarter that I stumbled upon your blog through VB 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Keep blogging!


  3. Thank you for your refreshing blog this year. My English is reasonable but your pictures supportthe text 🙂 That’s funny for me, as a Dutch mother.

    Happy Newyear/ Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

  4. My December posts were all over the place as far as happy or grumpy so no worries. I remember those posts of yours, your little guy climbing in and on everything is too funny

  5. I’m stopping the feasting now. At least trying to!

    December can be stressful – it’s hard to keep the grinch away.

  6. that Dax… he’s a little monkey! 😉

    I was a bit of a grinch the weekend of Christmas, something just didn’t feel right for a few hours there…. don’t know if it was the chocolate leaving my system or what…

    oh, you and your carpet mishaps… me thinks you need to invest in hardwood, or laminate.. the industrial kind, if they make it… 😉

  7. I didn’t notice this before, but my nephew has the same outfit that Dax is wearing in the sink. CUTE!
    Your blog – TOO FUNNY!

  8. whoa the fact that you got that out of that nearly white carpet is amazing. hero worthy I tell you

  9. I just gasped at the cranberries on the stairs!

  10. Wow… what adventures… 🙂 I always love reading about your life and your family. 😉

    Blessings in Christ,

  11. So glad the cranberries came out of your carpet!! Enjoy the last few days of your holiday feast! I know I am 😉

  12. Ha ha those kids kept you busy…and cleaning!

  13. My gut is wrenching after seeing the cranberries on the carpet!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Moly I cannot believe you got it out. Was this after your carpets were professionally cleaned?

    Darn kids! They just want to make sure we never get bored.

  14. I can’t believe you got those red cranberry stains out of your carpet! Enjoy the weekend and Happy New Year to you!

  15. oH MAN the cranberries down the stairs – Yikes!!!
    I really need to join in next year – Love your re-cap!

  16. Thank you! And thank you for hosting with me. So glad you were able to get the stain out and that you didn’t pepper spray your husband :).

  17. Oh man the cranberries!!!!! I gasped so loud when I saw that pic!!!! I had a friend tell me vinegar and baking soda were the winners, but rubbing alcohol makes sense too. Amazing.

  18. I’m still in awe that your carpets were saved!
    It has been a fabulous and exciting year in your home hasn’t it?

  19. Oh the cranberries… That photo still makes me cringe

  20. I’m with Branson – that picture still makes me cringe, even though I know you got it out lol. I’m so glad you didn’t pepper spray your husband. And the toddler olympics is a favorite of mine!

  21. Happy New Year!!!

  22. oh wow you are a miracle worker for getting that stain out! I would have freaked if my husband did that too. But I have a dog who would have barked if it had been an intruder. I love my little security alarm!

  23. I’ll have to keep that stain-busting combination in mind…

  24. The cranberries on the steps still make me laugh;) Happy New Year!

  25. I remember the smoky living room, the toddler olympics–which I am certain are still happening, and of course the cranberries–so glad you got that out–but how did I miss the pepper spray!? Or did I?? hahaha.

    Happy New Year!!!

  26. you’re so far from a grinch! you are an inspiration. you know how to laugh at it all and bring so many laughs and lessons to us!!
    i love dax in the sink!!
    i can’t wait to follow your jounrney in this fast approaching new year!!
    i hope you have a wonderful new year’s eve and a very happy start to 2012!
    lots and lots of love to you <3

  27. Was really starting to freak out on the intruder post, my heart felt better when you said it was your husband. He was very lucky you didn’t have your pepper spray!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  28. The cranberries on the light carpet is making me shudder…

  29. A husband who hides the chocolate is either very brave or very foolish….and the cranberries made me cringe, so glad you said it came out, as I was looking at the pic, that is all I could think of. Happy New Year!

  30. Do you know how much I love your blog/posts/recaps… all of it. I love your way of telling life’s stories and really think you should look into making a blog book for your 2011 year in review because these are some of the best stories.. the red spillage on the stairs still gives me heartburn but I really think you have a great nack for writing and keeping the humor in it all!!

  31. The sight of those cranberries makes me shudder. I’ve enjoyed reading your tales in 2011 and can’t wait to see what 2012 brings! Happy New Year!

  32. I love the toddler olympic post! Such a cutie!

  33. Oh my I missed the cranberry delima! Happy new year!!!!!!

  34. Rubbing alcohol is a miracle worker…just discovered that it works amazingly well on my white (because I’m stupid) couches. Meanwhile, I’m so glad that you’re not giving up blogging altogether, I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I’d be bummed if you shut down!

  35. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings your way! I love your humor in it all. You help me find a way to find it in my life too when my girls decide to do the crazy things they do. Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  36. My inner Grinch came out on Christmas Day and stayed until the New Year. After buying myself a brand new pair of tall brown boots and curling my hair I’m feeling slightly better. Normal is going to feel good after the hurrah of December. Thank you for sharing that stain removal secret! I wonder if if works on ten year old stains? Happy New Year!

  37. Hahah, you are certainly no grinch!! Happy 2012!


  38. You are just amazing. NEVER a dull moment in your house huh? And I think I would have DIED at the cranberry stairs fiasco.

  39. Haha- you made me laugh! Happy 2012!!

  40. Happy New Year!!

    Your posts always make me laugh.

  41. I can’t believe you got the cranberry out of your carpet! I will have to try that method. I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Sorry I’m just now making my rounds. The in laws are still in town making blogging IMPOSSIBLE!

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