Kicked to the Couch

My hungry baby

Yes it’s true–I’m admitting it to the world–my husband and I sleep in separate beds–kind of.  He’s actually on the couch.  I kicked him out when I was pregnant with my last little guy and so uncomfortable.  I just couldn’t endure the heavy breathing and random snoring.  Then came my hungry baby who slept with me most of the time–it was just easier for him to stay put.

Now the baby is almost one, it’s time for him to move back–wouldn’t you say?   BUT, and this is a huge but–he doesn’t want to!  Our couch slumps down in the middle (as all well-loved couches should)–he claims the slump is ideal for his bad back.  Now he can hardly bear to be in our bed for any time at all.  Hmmmm…

So we’ve been shopping for beds–or at least he has.  I don’t want a new bed!  Our bed is nothing fancy, a used mattress we bought just before getting married, but it’s got this pillow top that just melds with your body–very comfy.   So it pains me–sincerely pains me to even think about spending money on something that we already have. 

Motion Comfort King Adjustable Bed Includes 10And the adjustable bed my husband wants is pricey–several thousand dollars for the cheap version!  We don’t have this money to spend!  And if we did, I can think of about 1000 ways to spend it.  Did I mention we haven’t taken a vacation in 3 years!  In my better half’s defense he did find a used adjustable bed for for $250.   I said, “Why are they selling it for so cheap if it’s such a great bed?  Make sure you ask how old it it?”   Imagine my relief when they said they had only had it for a mere–21 years!!!

 But I miss my husband, heavy breathing, snoring, and all.

Grumpy Wife Goal of the Day: Put significant other first.
I will assist my husband in the search for an affordable adjustable bed. 

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