Life Lessons: Headaches, Husbands, and Power Rangers

It’s been an educational time for me.  
Here are:
11 Ways I’ve Been Enlightened this Week
-Attempting to lie down when I have a headache will only encourage my toddler to sit on my back, yank my hair, and bounce up and down while giggling.
-No matter how cool and calm I feel before the first big kindergarten drop-off, I will still get teary-eyed as my little girl walks away.  Thankfully, the principal gave all sobbing moms kleenex and a cookie.
-If I’m given a cookie, my three-year-old, Mase, will snatch it from me and eat it.

-I love my newish neighbor.  I stopped by her house this week and it was messy.   I felt right at home.

-My toddler, Dax, discovered he could push around chairs this week and get into anything!  I’ve learned that if I remove all chairs he will just use an upside-down laundry basket instead. 

-This week, even after his tire fiasco, my husband gave me a hard time about splurging so much on my slightly pricey favorite ice cream.  The next day, in a moment of toddler-induced stress, I went to the freezer in search of said ice cream.  But!  It was gone! My husband had a late night ice cream snack!  I’ve learned that, if this happens, all my stress will be channeled into a not-so-sweet phone message for my ice cream-thieving husband.

-My husband and I have both agreed not to apologize, as neither of us is sincerely sorry, and I’ve discovered we can still continue on happily in our marriage.

-Though, I’ve learned to hide my ice cream.

-Even if Mase is the last to bed, he will be the first up in the morning, demanding breakfast and Power Rangers.

-After finally watching an episode, I’ve learned that Power Rangers, while amazing, is not the best choice of entertainment for my three-year-old (already battle happy) boy.

-Most importantly, I realized that I don’t have to be mother or wife of the year.  But, I’m grateful I get to spend each day with my crazy family, and I think they’re grateful for me too…most days. 
Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Trying to be nice and learning to share.

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  1. Rach (DonutsMama) says:

    Yeah, I'd be hiding the ice cream too. Also, I love visiting friend's houses and seeing that they're not always clean and tidy. Makes me feel better about the state of my own house!

  2. Oh, I love this!! My husband would have been in BIG trouble if he had eaten all my ice cream!! Especially after giving you the business for how spendy it was.
    My boys have recently discovered Power Rangers too.

  3. This is a good post! I agree on all points, except on the one about living happily with an ice-cream-thief who gave you a hard time about buying the ice cream in the first place. Me and my thief have an agreement: if I can get a carton, he can too. I won't tell if he won't!

  4. Page Traveler says:

    Lol! You HAVE to read my friend's post about ice cream now… It's great, and has taught me a lesson:

    I love ice cream.

    Oh, and ditto on the toddler thing, my boy does the same thing when I try to lie down.

  5. Kimberlee says:

    A Principal that hands out kleenex and a cookie?
    They are a principal to LOVE.

  6. Oh, I hope I get a cookie too. Nice lessons learned – especially about hiding your ice cream. The nerve of some people! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. claudia b says:

    dude, ice cream stealing is not ok!!! my oldest is into power rangers right now ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says:

    I've been there w/ your ice cream woes. So unpleasant when you're counting on that snack!!!

  9. Omg you crack me up! I swear were parallel! I just dropped lissy to pre k and am soooo Geary eyed, I'm not sure what to do w just a baby….and don't get me started on hubby eating coveted food! Or baby's with climbing and messing skills!

  10. Oops teary (darn auto correct!)

  11. Kiddothings says:

    Haha! Your hubby's a naughty boy for stealing your ice cream!!
    I feel enlightened too after reading your post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Mom of 12 says:

    Scout started kindergarten about 3 weeks ago. Even after doing it 10 times it's still hard. I would have needed the ice cream too.

  13. Laura@livingabigstory says:

    [G U L P]

    I'm usually the ice cream stealing one … not that the ice cream is his per se, but he forgets about it and I don't ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My husband totally steals my ice cream too! The turd won't even tell me. I wish he would because nothing is more painful than craving some and then realizing it is gone. RUDENESS!! My baby starts Kindergarten next week. I know I'm gonna cry.

  15. If someone eats my ice cream, then they have to apologize- sincere or not ๐Ÿ™‚

    The kleenex and cookie combo from the principal is so cute- even if your cookie was stolen from you….

  16. What's up with your ice cream and cookies being stolen? I think you should go on strike until you get your ice cream and cookies!

  17. Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy says:

    great list. hope you have a better week next week.

  18. Oh my goodness I am so happy I found your blog!!!! My husband eats all my icecream, I hid from my neighbors, I did not get a cookie but the baby would have taken it (we were to busy listening to my K'ers cries to think about crying ourselves). I could go on but I will stop :o)

  19. Heather H says:

    They still show the Power Rangers?!? My husband says it turned his little cousin violent, so it turned me off of ever letting a child watch it.

    My daughter is the same way as your son. She recently figured out she could use the handles of the drawers as footholds to climb up to the counter.

    Love a principal with cookies! That's awesome! (even if you didn't get to eat it)

  20. There is no sharing when it comes to ice cream. No excuse.

  21. LaVonne @ Long Wait says:

    After 12 year of marriage, I realized too that some things cannot be settled. My husband and I agree just to keep our own opinions and that is okay!

    I love your weeks lessons. Very funny. They sound just like all of our lives too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy weekend!

  22. mrsmarkdave says:

    I have to hide my ice cream, too, but only so that Dave doesn't know I bought it. I don't have to worry about him eating it.

  23. Sounds like a great week. I really laughed about your ice cream fight with hubby. We've had some of those. I love the new blog design. Why don't I ever cry when I send my kids to kindergarten? There must be something wrong with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. story girl says:

    Oh I love every it of this. Especially the ice cream hiding. I think you deserve mommy/wife of the century.

  25. yummychunklet says:

    Always a smart move to hide the good ice cream. Have a decoy lesser brand up front to deter searching husbands.

  26. The Suburban Princess says:

    Demanding Power Rangers! Sounds like my husband lol!

  27. Wow… Maybe you should hire a babysitter! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding. The ice cream incident.. sounds like my sister and brother-in-law. He eats all the ice cream he can get his hands on! Even if it was my sister's! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blessings in Christ,

  28. ohh noo my husband would be getting a beat down for that move lol!

    your little one sounds like mine haha hes into everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Your ice cream!!!! The nerve!! Lol!! That is a brave husband to come between a stressed out mom and her ice cream!! He was really taking his life in his own hands!!! Lol!! Great, great post!! You always nail it right on the head my dear!! And, I would vote for you for Mother of the Year any day of the week!!!

  30. Oh, ice cream thievery is not tolerated! But I love how you guys don't have to fake apologize!

  31. Babblin' Brooke says:

    My little C is always the first one up every morning demanding a sippy cup and a movie. Luckily we haven't ventured into Power Rangers. He's a power somethin' without the ideas that the rangers would provide. We definitely don't need that.

    I'm thinking that we need to let our kids get together sometime. That is, if Mase can hold his own against C. Cause I'll be honest, C is mean. Love him! But he's a big meanie!

    Isn't it fun to learn and discover more about yourself? Kids will do it to ya!

  32. You definitely need to hide the ice cream better! Good Luck this year with your kindergartener. I know I cried last year when I left him at the door the first time instead of walking him in. He cried too. I ended up walking him in for a couple more months. Yesterday, I had to put him on a bus for the first time ever. I cried for 2 days prior. It is tough business being a mom, man! They drive you crazy when they're around, but you cry about them being gone.

  33. Helpful tip…hide your ice cream under a bag of frozen peas in the freezer. They NEVER look under that ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Caffeinated OC Mommy says:

    : ) Blowing xxxxxxx

  35. I'm still laughing about the ice cream as I type this! So often that one little piece of something we splurge on for ourselves reminds us as moms nothing is ever truly just ours and ours alone! I love this post and I am so excited to have discovered your blog, so thank you for stopping by mine and for commenting on Kiddothings so I could find you!

  36. He ate the ice-cream!!!???
    I love how you don't apologise lol, at least you're both honest enough to say it isn't sincere if you do hahaha

  37. Oh yeah, I would have gotton mad! I think the sharing isn't so bad, but if I'd just been lectured about spending the money… sparks would fly for sure!

    So what is your favorite ice cream? I'm not a huge ice cream person, but I WILL eat Starbucks and Ben and Jerry's!

  38. blueviolet says:

    Your little climber is cracking me up. Kids are just little adventurers. Too funny about the ice cream in a smack him kind of way.

  39. Too funny! I was laughing so hard, my husband asked me what? So I read it to him, and he gives me the little eye roll……..they just don't get it.

  40. Help! Mama Remote... says:

    You're not the only one that doesn't apologize. We just move on. Oh giving them piece of my mind calls are stress relieving.

  41. The Desert Rocks says:

    I'm sure their very grateful.
    My husband loves ice cream and wishes I would eat it with him, but alas I can't. Anyway, I always wait until he is scooping out the last little morsel from the bottom of the carton and then I say…"Can I have a little?" He freaks– and feels horrible and says he'll drive to the store etc. It's funny. His passion really comes out. It's triggered by ice cream. So anyway, I understand this must be some sort of psychological phenomenon that you and him sort of share. He's grumpy too. Hmmm. LOL

  42. Mommy LaDy Club says:

    What is this slightly pricey ice cream…I must know! It sounds fantastic. Sometimes a higher price at the store actually influences you to buy it, huh.
    (You can only get to me right now through the blogspot. My site is down:(…)

  43. Mommy LaDy Club says:

    Hey, I didn't tell you that I like your new design!

  44. Sandra's Fiberworks says:

    Oh, the power rangers. Those weren't allowed in preschool, but Kenny, then 3-4 loved them; super heroes was the one thing he gravitated to and power rangers were big. Now at 6 he's outgrown them. But the still watch the movies. Now it's avatar. I know these shows are too big for them, but my husband is a boy too and he keeps reminding me that it's only good vs evil. What's a solitary female in an otherwise all male (except for the gerbils) household to do? You're exactly right– accept that I'm not perfect.

  45. Sandy -- As Told By Mommy says:

    Our son does the same thing with chairs and laundry baskets so I so so SOOOO feel your pain!!!

  46. Optimistic Mom says:

    I love this list. Reading it makes me feel right at home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Mommy Inconsistent says:

    You are hilarious…if we lived closer we'd surely be friends. Love the bit about not really sincerely sorry…lol'd with this one cuz Hubby and I also practice this….though I'm the one who will take the last of the ice cream…I mean I gave it to the kids!

  48. Kim @ Mamas Monologues says:

    I hide ice cream and candy in my house. I don't share well.

    And I know I'm late on this because I've been MIA, but I love the new design!

  49. Lexie Loo & Dylan Too says:

    I love this post, especially the last one! I fully expect to tear up again as my son gets on the bus for first grade. I'm glad you were consoled with a kleenex and a cookie.

  50. That last one is the best! And I hear you about Power Rangers. My son John loves them and I hate them!

  51. momnextdoor says:

    I love this post. I could have written it myself! Thanks for the smile!

  52. I hate it when my husband thieves the one thing I had my mind set on! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So not looking forward to the tear induced first day of school…thankfully I have a few more years! ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Those are quite the lessons you learned this week!

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