The Great Toy Ruckus

I thought my husband was amazing this past weekend!  He cleaned and organized while I was away.   Then!  An alarming revelation came to light Wednesday morning.  He threw out my toys!  And not just the junky ones.  The toys my kids really use.

I know I need to declutter and simplify, but this was more than my stuff-loving self could handle.  When he casually mentioned that some toys may have been thrown out, it was, of course, garbage morning!  I made a mad dash to the garage before my husband could take the bins to the curb.  Frantically searching through all of the nasty refuge, I did manage to rescue a few precious gems:

A Candy Land board, a motorcycle racetrack (one of my son’s few “man” toys), some pretend food, a favorite book, a treasured baby toy, and the worst offense, the broken, but easily fixable pogo ball!  Anything that was out of batteries, missing a piece, or just misplaced, he tossed.

Last night we had an animated argument discussion about our differences.  I agreed I would attempt to keep all toys rotated and organized  He agreed to donate any working, but unused toys to good will and, most importantly, to get my approval on all future toy expulsions.

Through this dialogue, another startling revelation was unearthed.  I discovered why I can never find all of the pieces to any puzzle.  All random puzzle pieces my husband has found (for years!) have gone straight in the trash!  That’s nice to know after I have spent days of my life saving and sorting puzzles pieces, only to find that one or two pieces are still missing!

Don’t worry, I still love my husband.  And, I think he still loves me, despite my slight craziness.  It’s good he wants to simplify, but there was a small inconsistency.  You see, while he was throwing away all of my favorite toys over the weekend, THIS magically appeared in my living room.

When I asked him about it, he had no good excuse, only that he thought it would keep crayons and papers off the floor.   It turns out, I love this new toy!  It stores all of the kid’s crayons and they have been entertained for hours drawing on the dry-erase board.

I suspect my husband will try to sneak this to good will next week.  I will have to keep an eye out.

Grumpy Mom Goal of the Year:  Simplify, slowly
I just had my husband read this before I posted.  He had zero recollection of our agreement that he needed to check with me before throwing out toys!  (sigh)  Note to self:  All future agreements must be put in writing.


  1. I can relate to the “0 recollection thing” of many discussions my hubby and I have had. I often wonder was I just talking to the wall. Gotta love em though!

  2. I can relate to this entire post!! I think our husbands may be related. Or it's a man thing. My husband would do the SAME thing. Don't they KNOW that those itsy, bitsy little pieces of toy are very important parts? And don't they KNOW that the ball/doll/whatever is laying in the floor all the time b/c it's one of the kids favorite things and they are always playing with it?! Of course, my attic looks like an episode of Hoarders, so I seriously need to simply too. On my own terms 😉

  3. We have that problem but opposite sides. Hubs is a packrat and I've had to learn to live with it. Unfortunately, I think I'm swinging mor einto his corner than is good and I need some serious time dedicated to getting rid of stuff that isn't used or loved anymore!

  4. This is SOOO funny — my hubs, Doc, has the same response to the toyroom! He wants to just give everything away. Of course, when I gently lead him into his office with computer parts and schtuff everywhere, he just doesn't quite see the connection 🙂

    p.s. I just had a 10 y/o giggle … my word verify was ALLPOO (tee hee hee)

  5. My mouth just dropped! I'm glad some of it was saved! I would have freaked out!! And the puzzle pieces….we have tons of them & maybe only 3 have all the pieces left. Maybe my hubby is doing this same thing! I will have to DISCUSS this with him 🙂

  6. Oh Goodness, our husbands would get along great! Just last week he helped me clean our sons room. Low and behold a whole tub of toys that our son plays with was headed to the garage. So I had to sift through and pull out the good stuff. And puzzles pieces, he is the KING of sweeping them right off to the trash. I still love him, and he still loves me. Even when he knows I will have to look through his garbage pile before it hits the can!

  7. I can't get my son to get rid of even baby rattles. Everything is precious to him. Never mind toys. ANYHING that goes in the garbage. He was out in the rain hugging an old table with 3 legs.

  8. Made me laugh when I read the part about the puzzle pieces-I too wonder if my dear hubby does the same! Love the new toy!

  9. Isn't that just like a man Lol.

  10. In our house, it's the exact opposite, although I will admit I'm not great at throwing stuff out either. This weekend, I'm going to be much like your husband, doing a complete clear out of the items that are missing pieces or not used.

  11. My husband always wants to get rid of dirty, worn down toys and keep shiny new ones. BUT the WORN OUT ones are that way because the kids like them and the CLEAN ones are that way because no one ever touches them. Duh.

  12. my hubby like to 'lighten our load' as well, i tell ya!! we usually have to write things down also.

  13. My husband is the same way. But, he knows I will freak out if he throws something away without asking. I don't know how bad you are about your “stuff” and how much you really have, but it is a hard, hard thing to let go of some of it. I understand the thought process of some of those people on Hoarders!! But, at least I can walk through my house.

  14. My husband is a worse packrat than me. Our “stuff” has taken over!! Send your husband over STAT! 😉

  15. LOL! My sister's husband is like that too! It's hard to get rid of toys though. I haven't been able to successfully get rid of many of the twins toys yet. Spring cleaning is here though so we'll have to see. 2 Against 1

  16. So, I'm reading this and at the end I noticed it was posted at 6:48 in the morning. How in the world do you get a post out that early? Heather

  17. Thankfully my husband and I never have this problem. Unfortunately it's because neither of us ever gets rid of anything. We are both huge packrats. The kids toys are so bad. I end up getting a sentimental attachment to them (because my son loved this toy so much when he was 9 months old or this is the first toy my daughter ever played with or this was a gift from so and so…) and plus we might have more kids. It also doesn't help that my husband can't seem to go ANYWHERE without coming home with another toy for the kids. Add grandparents and other family members giving excessive amounts of gifts and we are practically buried alive in toys. I do rotate and I am determined to start whittling down starting with all the broken junky toys.

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