The Intruder

We are armed at my house.

My husband bought a gun a few months back, against my better judgement.   I’m not certain we’re any safer.   I know my husband wouldn’t have a problem using the gun if our family was in danger, but that’s the problem!  Our suspected intruders are more likely to be our children!

I have my own security mechanism.  Against my husband’s better judgement,  I bought a very lovely pink key chain container of pepper spray and keep it stashed in a secret  location.    Though, I’ve read mixed reviews about pepper spray.  If a perpetrator is able to snatch it, then they are likely to use it on you!   Still, it brings me a little peace of mind.

I’ve also been practicing my karate chop aim to strategic locations.  “Hee–ya!”

But!  I’ve always wondered what I would do in an actual home invasion situation.   My biggest fear was that I would just “freeze.”

Then it happened last week.

My husband left for work early.   I dropped my oldest daughter off at school, and I was home alone with my youngest three.  We were all playing in the upstairs living room, just off the stairs.  That’s when I heard the noise.  Someone was downstairs in our basement and now heading up our stairs!

I did an immediate count of my children.  All here!  There was no time to retrieve my pink pepper spray or get all my kids out the back door.  But I didn’t freeze.  I stood up,  holding my ground.

As my husband emerged from the staircase!

“Ahhh!!!  What are you doing!?!  You scared me to death!  You’re not suppose to be here!”

“I forgot something.  I thought you saw me  go downstairs.”


My husband just laughed.

Lucky for him, I wasn’t holding my pepper spray.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Taking suggestions on home security. 

What helps you feel safe at home?


  1. That’s too funny. Does he still want you to have it now?

  2. Or his gun!! Lol
    Scary…I don’t have a strategic plan, I’d probably vomit with shock 🙂
    Lets hope we’ll never experience it!!

  3. that is scary, yet funny too. our security system pings when any window or door is open. We only have one floor so I’m pretty much in the middle of everything all the time. As far as what I would do. yeah no one really knows that until the situation arises. I’m sure my mommy instincts would kick in full force

  4. Those moments are scary! Occasionally my husband does that… reemerging after he’s already gone. I try to keep the doors locked during the day when I’m home, but darn, he has keys! 😉

  5. My hubby might have had a concussion in this case – I have a HUGE, THICK, bamboo stick beside my bed and a golf club at the corner of my room.

  6. Being home during an invasion is one of my greatest fears. We have an alarm system that I use more when I’m home than when away. I’m much more worried about my people, than my things. I hope I would be able to protect–but I have no idea how I would do it.

  7. Goodness that would have scared me too! I have 2 dogs that can sense someone coming from blocks away, in addition to our alarm system. I always pray that they would protect/ alert us, if danger was headed our way.

  8. He is lucky! You might grab a huge item nearby to bludgeon, next time that is…though your hubby won’t like that either. 😉

  9. Glad you didn’t pepper spray him!

  10. I used to have pepper spray back in college. Now our primary weapon to keep us safe at home is a Louisville Slugger that’s under the bed. We call it Big Red.

  11. Wow! Little did he know what danger he was in. He coulda been a karate chopped sprayed little mass of crying man on the floor!
    I think you might be a deadly force to be reckoned with.

  12. We have guns… lots of guns. My husband taught me and our daughter (who is 17) how to handle, load and shoot them. We also have a monitored alarm system. And of course our two boxers. Even though the bigger one, Beckham, wouldn’t harm a fly, he’s so big and has such a deep, loud bark, he sends even the UPS guy running. Brandi, on the other hand. She would fight for our family, so I feel really safe around her.

    I used to have pepper spray, but it expired and I’ve yet to replace it.

  13. I almost shot my husband once.
    He’s a cop so we have to have guns in the house. Before we had kids he was working a midnight shift and me being an insomniac would often be awake all night long on the computer. He wasn’t supposed to be home until 7am, but at 4am I heard someone coming in through the back door! I grabbed the gun and hid behind the bedroom door ready to shoot them without warning because why would I want to give an intruder the chance to run away or better prepare to harm me. As he was walking up the stairs I thought that the footsteps sounded like my husband’s (I have a strange gift for recognizing family members by the sounds of their footsteps), so I decided to take a chance and call out to him. It was my husband…and he should thank the good Lord I called out because otherwise he’d be my dead husband.
    Now that I have kids in the house I never get the gun out of the safe even if I think I hear something.

    • And you know some crazy people would suspect you did it on purpose! I’m glad you recognized the footsteps! I don’t have that gift. I’m better off with my pepper spray, especially with kids in the house.

  14. I hate when you feel that huge lump in your throat because your scared….thankfully no karate needed this time 🙂

  15. Stephanie says:

    too funny! I used to carry pepper spray on my keychain in college until a slightly intoxicated friend got hold of it and sprayed it to “see what would happen” my eyes burned for hours!

  16. That is too funny! I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t have your pepper spray!

  17. certainly very lucky of him…other wise…jeng jeng jeng…..

  18. Scary yet funny….we don’t have an intruder plan but I’ve often wondered what I would do in such a situation. At least I almost always have my cellphone on me so I can call 911 — but that wouldn’t do me any good if someone was coming up the stairs and standing in front of me,

  19. a) that thing looks like a personal massage device to me!
    b) we just got ADT since Mr. Kiss is traveling so much. I’m not sure I feel safer though.

  20. Eeeek! You poor girl! Nothing like having your heart stop with fear and have it turn out to be your husband! Why do they do those things to us?! Yes… very lucky for him you weren’t holding your pepper spray! haha

  21. Oh gosh, you had me worried there for a minute! lol I was having trouble sleeping last night, due to watching a scary show before bed. That was one of the scenarios that popped into my mind while I lay there. “If someone broke into my house, what would I do? What are the nearest weapons in my room?” Turns out, I don’t have any weapons in my room! lol I need to invest in some pepper spray!!!

  22. This is seriously my worst nightmare. I read that wasp spray is great because it sprays so far. I have a bottle next to our bed upstairs – no joke.

  23. Eeeek! I’m not even sure what I would do! When I lived by myself with my daughter I did get in the habit of sleeping with the mag light next to my bed…those things can seriously hurt someone-and come in handy when the power goes out!

  24. Ok I am seriously a PRO at this… I have been in sooooooo many situations like this that I think I am a pro although I wish I were not….. Be prepared this is a LONG comment coming….. Imagine this…. You are about 15 years old spending the night at a friends house. Her parents are out or town, but her 21 year old aunt in staying with you. Her brother, 17 or 18, goes to the store with some friends to buy some snacks. When they return you hear tires screeching, people screaming etc. You look out the front window and you see about 7 people…. your friends brother, his 2 friends and 4 guys you have never seen before….. The brother and his friends immediately run inside…. followed by the 4 strangers….. Yes, that is right. inside where you and your friend are (where the aunt is fast asleep). That is when you notice that the 4 strangers have knives, huge metal flashlights and other weapons. You and your friend hide…. pretending you are not there….. How do you not make a sound? How do you not shake or cry or everything else you want to do? The brother catches a glimpse of us a realize he has to get these guys out of the house…… That is what he did….. HE protected us!! We peeked out the window….. That is when we saw it….. They stabbed his friend right in the head….. blood everywhere…. the worst experience of my life….. several other injuries were sustained….. Guess what we never thought to do?!?! Call 911…. not once did we think of this….. We were too scared to move. The strangers left and the brother and his friend came inside….. Horrible situation, but I can tell you that I am very prepared with what I would do next time!!!! Sorry your blog is supposed to be lightweight and funny, but this story just came flooding to my mind!

    • Wow! I had no idea you went through this. I’m glad you both stayed safe. Was the brother’s friend was OK? I probably would have been too shocked to call 911 too. Though now, I always sleep with a phone right next to my bed. I’m guessing your mom didn’t let you have any more sleepovers after that.

  25. hahahaha that’s great 🙂

  26. My boyfriend loves to jump out of places and scare me. I swear, I’m going to have a heart attack one day. He’s just lucky I don’t carry around my Taser anymore. I had someone break into a house I was living in once and I went after them with a baseball bat and a kitchen knife. They ran away.

  27. This is great. I get scared out if ny mind staying home myself. Been like this since I met my husband. Im a baby!

  28. We don’t have a gun but I’d like to think I could knock someone out with my purse or something.

    Probably not, though.

    Then again, it is full of change so it could do some damage.

  29. I have that same fear but thankfully, we have Jamaica (our dog) to watch out for us. She lets me know when anything is out of sorts and is super protective. If she wasn’t around, I don’t know what I would do but I do know just like you, I would stand my ground and never back down. A momma bear is something to be messed with!

  30. Lucky for both of you! You and the kids would have had to leave for a while after you sprayed it in your house!

    Glad you didn’t freeze! I wonder what I would do also in that situation! I am hoping I NEVER have to find out!

  31. We don’t have a dog, or guns (to speak of — just old relics that sit unloaded in a closet). BUT, I have a chainlink fenced-in back yard, and a 50 lb bag of rabbit food and cat food sitting right inside my front door. I always assume that any intruder would assume that we have dogs!

  32. Whew!!!! Close call for the husband!!! He could have gone to work with some serious war wounds!!

    You wanna know my plan??? I’m gonna spray an intruder with a fire estinguisher, then hit them over the head with it. Of course, you know, the best made plans….

  33. Oh my goodness! 🙂 Haha.. so funny. I’ll bet two of you were glad you didn’t have your pepper spray! 😀

    In Christ,

  34. I’ve been in the same condo for about 10 years now, and I’ve never had any problems with neighbors. But, I always feel safer seeing the chain on my lock and that the deadbolt is on.

  35. Close call!

    I seem to only have my nerf bat and a few frying pans available. I always thought getting one of those super loud fog horns might be a good investment. Blast the sound in the perpetrators face and then WAPOW! Frying pan in the kisser.

  36. JDaniel says there are ghosts in his room. We are going to make ghost spray to get rid of them.

  37. Men just don’t get the fear thing. I’ve tried to explain to my sweetie that there are times when I just don’t feel safe, but I would never want a gun around. The pepper spray sounds like a good idea.

  38. I’m a total freak and every time someone is at our door I grab a big knife. I actually thought many times about buying a pepper spray too. Once, I thought that there was someone in our house, bc our back door was wide open at 4am. I totally froze. I sent my husband to look around and he checked every room of the house wearing nothing but his boxers. That will scare any intruder I guess.

  39. We all should be ready.. my army husband believes in having a gun in the house but it is locked away thankfully and it scares the crap out of me.. if I even tried to shoot it, I know it would bounce somehow off the walls and come back and hit/kill me instead. That would be my luck.
    I came home once from college to surprise my parents– came in the garage, the alarm was on, so I turned it off, walked to their bedroom to say HEY!!! I’m home!!! My dad had his shotgun pointed at me.
    UH, its me!! DAMN!
    Scary stuff b/c I think I hear stuff all the time!!! AGH!

  40. i have an alarm system and when i am home alone i carry the key fob to activate the alarm when i “think” i hear something. i am sure it annoys my neighbors but i only make it beep for a little while…just to be sure i scare off whatever it was i thought i heard.

  41. Ha — good thing he’s not married to me, I would have used it on him anyway just for scaring the wits out of me.
    Course in my situation, hubby is exposed to pepper spray almost daily in the course of his duties: he’s practically immune now. Although…..he is always “packin” 😉

  42. Oh my gosh…I would have killed him for that! What a heart attack. I always wonder too, if I would be able to shoot an intruder. My husband has guns too, and he has made me practice with them, just in case. We have a rule that if he goes downstairs, to check on any noise, I have to stay put no matter what, so he doesn’t shoot me. It’s the worst to be there just waiting for him to come back.

    I was once accosted by a strange woman at the ATM machine, coming up behind me. I was surprised at how ready I was to fight, bite, and do whatever it took. That fight or flight mode definitely kicks in.

    I’m glad it really wasn’t an intruder!:)

  43. My husband bought a gun a year ago after watching the movie “Taken”. He decided he couldn’t protect our family, so he researched guns. Went to shooting ranges, haunted gun stores, bought one and then made me go shooting. I don’t think we are any safer with the gun. In fact, my 6 year old boy is always peeking when we open the little gun safe and once even figured out the code. We’ve never had an intruder but we had a guy we did not know knocking on our door at 1:30am. It turns out we left our garage door open and it was the neighborhood watch coming to tell us. I didn’t know about any neighborhood watch. That was a scary 10 minutes.

    • I’ve heard of cops stopping by in our area to let people know their garage doors are open at night. Since I heard that, I’ve been checking the garage door every night, just in case. Though, I think I’ll be glad to have the gun if someone is pounding on our door at 1:30am.

  44. We have several guns in our house (hubby is a gun man) but he has a 45 that he keeps in a safe next to our bed. We are the only one’s with the code and it has a double locking mechanism to make it a bit more safe. We are both trained to use it, but I’m not sure that I would be able to, I think I would freak the heck out, and probably freeze! I would hope to call 911 and grab my babies as quickly as possible. We live in a pretty safe neighborhood but you never know what can happen!

    We make sure we lock all the doors and windows at night, plus we have motion lights outside. We also plan to have a home security system installed in the future 🙂

  45. I hate when that happens, it scares the crap out of you. He is sooo lucky he didn’t get sprayed,:)

  46. –better safe than sorry, Grumpy.

    He’s better watch his step :))) x

  47. I know this sounds crazy, but since I was a kid, I’ve been afraid of burglars. So I have those moments ALL the time. Any noise and I’m just certain that someone is breaking in. And this is why it’s probably good that I don’t have a gun or pepper spray.

    You need to tell your husband to say “hello” when he comes home unexpectedly!

  48. We’ve got a gun in the bedroom. It doesn’t make me feel any more or less safe though. I only feel safe when all the doors are locked and the Babe is home. When he’s not, I usually don’t sleep!

  49. Oh my gosh, you had me hanging off every word expecting the worst! Shame on you for scaring me like that. I haven’t even thought about protecting ourselves from intruders. No guns allowed in Canada although I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to have one in the house. Pepper spray and a big baseball bat would work fine for me! Maybe installing an alarm system too!

  50. That is one of my biggest fears. I don’t own a gun and know next to nothing in self defense.

  51. You scared me there for a second. I thought you were serious.

    Guns? Scary….I have four boys….yeah, scary.

    But…I do have one pretty awesome Karate Chop!

  52. Next time he needs to make an announcement or something so that you know he’s there. It would be terrible if he was blinded by the pepper spray.

  53. Nothing but God. I’m scared of guns so that’s no in my house. My husband has mentioned it but i I have a sad experience from them. He also was gonna buy me.some pepper spray. I said no. All I.can pray God safe. I have some stories to tell about being robbed at gun point.

  54. Oh my goodness you had me scared there! I have to admit, this is not something I have worried about. What a nightmare that would be.

  55. We have an alarm system, so it helps some. In addition to our dog. However, if someone was roaming around and I had the spray in my hand I would use it before I even got a look at their face. Sorry hubby……… next time you better announce yourself. lol

  56. Ahh you had me nervous for you! Lol
    I don’t have much lol when hubby travels I’m a big scary cat! When we lived in south Jordan for about a month I was home w all three at night and he was away and there was a huge crack at the door….I was soooo freaked…all were in bed….never wake a sleeping baby unless you have to, never did find what it was….but did discover a felon was wanted about 5 town homes down….!!

  57. now that’s funny! he’s so lucky you didn’t have the pepper spray. It could have gotten real ugly, real fast! LOL

  58. That’ll be the last time he forgets something!

  59. Good thing you didn’t have that pepper spray handy! We have our dog who barks at a leaf blowing by the house. As annoying as he is, at least he’s good for alerting us.

  60. I share your fear of intruders! I make sure my phone is fully charged and nearby when my husband is out of town, so I can call 911. I’m terrified of guns, and I think I’d be more likely to aim the pepper spray at my own face than the intruder’s!

    One benefit of a small house is, it feels safer to me, because I can hear anything that goes on throughout the entire house.

  61. Ha! That’s hilarious! Lucky for him you didn’t have the pepper spray on hand. 🙂

  62. This post was way cute, funny and scary all rolled in one. My husband and I took the gun course and we now can carry a weapon. I still don’t feel confident with the shooting part. We used to deer hunt many years ago and I killed a deer and then cried about it. Love the laughs today!
    Thanks and blessings to you!

    • I’d like to learn how to use the gun too, though I hope to never use it. I’m wondering if your husband was understanding when you cried or if he laughed. I know I’m not much of a hunter either!

  63. I freak at the idea of someone breaking in. I have no idea what I would do.

  64. Phew! Glad it was just your husband. I read The Survivors Guide- a book that talks about people that survive crazy things, and the best things are one, to have a plan- to have thought of what you would do, and two to have something to live for-often a belief in something. Those people are the ones that are much more likely to survive.

  65. Glad it was only your husband and also glad you didn’t karate chop him or worse. I have heard stories like that where people accidentally hurt someone from their own family. I think about the home invasion scenario all the time.I have a baseball bat but I hope no one ever breaks in.

  66. My husband hid in the backseat of my car one time while I was at work. I got in the car and started it before I heard him laughing. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t armed at the time. I would have probably hurt him after I saw who it was! After the fact he scolded me for never checking the backseat before I got in the car!

  67. I have that EXACT same container of pepper spray–Doc put it in my stocking because he thought I’d be more likely to use it if it’s pink 🙂

  68. So… I did have an intruder when I was single. And then my DAD bought ME a gun. Which I don’t know how to use. So … it is locked in a safe. Locked in the basement. I need to pawn that thing for some new shoes or something. Anyway – I loved the story. If you guys decide to become THAT family and go shooting together or something – I might know where you can get another gun 😉
    We have no plan. Our house is so small that 3 seconds a person can break in, look in every room in our house, decide we don’t have anything of value, and leave.

  69. Oh, he’s very lucky!!!


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