Top 10 Ways a Mom Celebrates Her Birthday

#1 Your husband makes breakfast and actually gives you a few minutes to shower.  You get a little nutty and decide to shave your legs.

#2 It’s your birthday!  So you take it easy as the house slowly morphs into a disaster zone.

#3 At the party, your camera is dropped for the 100th time by your 2 year old and meets it’s near demise–the digital screen in now permanently black.

#4Your helpful kids open all of your presents.

#5You hint to your husband that you want a Kindle for your birthday.  Instead you get–a Slanket?

#6Your husband doesn’t buy you the chocolate cake you were lusting after.  You ask him in your sweetest voice, “Where’s my chocolate cake?!” He then tells you he knew you were trying to be healthier and didn’t think you wanted it-“happy birthday, honey” he says with a smile.

#7 You eat cookies and cream frozen yogurt until you feel a little ill–wait, that’s most days.

#8 Your kids get especially wound up on sugar and start acting wild and naughty–also most days.

#9 You get tons of hugs kisses, a beautiful homemade card, and even a container with a thousand small pieces of colorful paper which will later get dumped on the floor.

#10You appreciate almost every minute of it because you know that days like this are precious..

Hope your mommy birthday this year is as magical as mine.

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Take time to enjoy more precious moments.


  1. I'm grumpy and grateful and i think i love you. such a cute post. thanks for sharing. i hope my birthday this year is as special as your was. but, i want a chocolate cake 🙂

    i'm your newest follower.

  2. Sounds like an awesome day! So much better than spending two hours getting dressed for a stuffy dinner. Plus, hearing a toddler say “Happy Birfday” is pretty much the coolest thing on the planet, right?

  3. I am a new follower, I love this post! I hope you get your Kindle soon 🙂

  4. Stopping from Mom Loop! I am glad this ended on a up note. I was getting worried about things after there wasn't a chocolate cake.

  5. I love this!! It describes so many of my birthdays!! Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to eat my Walmart Valentines' candy! Have a great weekend!

  6. New follower, and I needed that post lol my birthday is on Monday! Stop by my blog 🙂 Thanks!!

  7. I'm your new follower, check me out at wheneva u can:)

  8. What a cute post! Love your blog.

  9. What is a slanket??

  10. So cute and so true too! I hope you had a happy birthday!

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