A Rocky Answer to my Prayers

My 5-year-old daughter, Evie, is painfully shy.  Even as a baby she would glare at anyone who dared to give her a smile.  At home she is a silly, giggling, occasionally dramatic child, but outside of our family she still has trouble even saying hi or making eye contact with anyone.

And now, her first and only friend has moved over an hour away!  I have been praying for my little girl, hoping she will make a new friend.  This past weekend, I unexpectedly got the wish I had been praying for.  Meet Princess Davis:

My daughter spotted her lovely rock out the window and rescued her from our dangerous yard.  Now she and the princess are best friends.  They go everywhere together.  The princess even eats breakfast with us and brushed her teeth this morning.

According to my daughter, they are both 5-years-old, shy, and only talk to each other.  Evie is her stylist and insisted that Princess Davis wear a necklace for her photo shoot today. 

Later this week we will work on befriending real people, but for today, I am grateful my daughter has found her princess.

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  I will be more specific in my prayers. 

And for an update on Princess Davis, you must read:  A Rockin’ Baby Announcement


  1. Princess Davis reminds me a little of Wilson from Castaway!
    It's so hard when we worry for our children. Hopefully this new “friend” of Evie's will help her be more comfortable to make some other friends. I'll say a prayer for her too : )

  2. Awww don't worry, soon she'll make more friends. Just a matter of time 🙂 I used to have a problem with speaking out when I was younger and for years it has remained. Now I am a bit shy but need to work on presenting skills 😛

    I'll pray for Evie 😀

  3. That made me laugh out loud!! I think that's awesome, she had such a great imagination!! She will have real friends, too, it's just harder for some kids. I think imaginary friends are “practice” for the real ones!!

  4. LOL. What is that? Is it a rock? It's pretty creepy looking, but it's so cute that she invented a friend 🙂

  5. Oh, duh, it is a rock. I just reread your title. I don't pay attention apparently.

  6. My little Boo is painfully shy. He used to hide under my shirt when someone would talk to him. I wish I could say he outgrew it but at almost 8 no such luck. He doesn't hide under his desk anymore when the teacher calls on him so we are making progress

  7. Haha, that is so cute! I love it.

  8. Oh what a beautiful and creative friend for your little Evie. I am very shy and according to my family I can be very withdrawn into my own world. Good luck to you, Evie and Princess Davis.

  9. I was painfully shy as a child and I also had an imaginary friend. I think this story is so sweet.

  10. This story is adorable and the rock is such a princess!
    By the way, I have an award for you over at my blog post from yesterday!

  11. Oh my goodness! That is cute. And hilarious. It pretty much made my day.

  12. My daughter is also shy-She hides behind me or puts her head down when some one is talking to her-we have no imaginary friends though….yet they could come at any time!
    I love your daughter's creativity!

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