An Amusing Adventure!

After a three-year break, my family just couldn’t stay away.  We made the hour trek to a local amusement park.
Mase was our official tour guide.
  My oh-so-shy daughter Evie was meeting her best friend for the day.  So, as expected, when Evie saw her friend, she frowned and nearly ran the other way! 
It only took THE ENTIRE DAY for Evie to warm up to her bff.  But in the end, they were best buddies again.  

Early on, Dax had only one mission–a stroller breakout!
When I obliged, he was temporarily stunned by his freedom and even posed for a photo.
Then took off!
And decided to join another family. 
Later, he was also caught stealing drinks.
Here’s a random bad picture of my husband immediately after he asked me in a panicked voice, “Where did we put the backpack?”  It wasn’t hard to find.  Note the location of the backpack. 

Also missing?  Mase.  
He followed his Dad to a ride, instead of staying with me and I didn’t see him go!  Mase was only displaced for about sixty seconds, but I think I aged another year!

Now onto a lovely shot of how Dani spent her first big roller coaster experience.
And finally, our adventure wouldn’t be complete without a scuffle.  Evie won a cheap-looking red shark.  The cheap-looking red shark then became the coveted possession of the night.  Evie happily played keep away.  

Mase did not play so happily. 

The end.
Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Appreciating my adventurous amusements.


  1. it doesn't look like they had any fun ๐Ÿ™‚ ha!

  2. GrumpyJaxMomOf3 says:

    I also think I aged a year when Mase was gone even if only for a second… He is too fast.

    I'm adding to your goal of the day: Buy 2 child leases for the 2 escape artists ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe

  3. Laura@livingabigstory says:

    You are SUCH a brave woman — I *dread* those kind of adventures (am I mean?)

  4. looks like a pretty good day – escaping children and drink theifs and all other things considered — but the real question on my mind:

    How'd you get hubby to carry the pink flowered backpack in the first place?

    If I used that, it would be lost indeed, because he wouldn't touch it even if a babies diaper had exploded from arse to neck, and the only thing between himself and starvation was a stale packet of goldfish crackers!

  5. LaVonne @ Long Wait says:

    One time I went to a pool with my daughter and 3 cousins alone. Wow! Can you say chaos? I have a lot of respect for mommies with big families ๐Ÿ™‚ I just kept saying, "1,2,3,4" every minute to make sure I knew where they all were. LOL!


  6. Okay, I seriously LOVE the first picture! That look of concentration as he's reading the map?? Priceless!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun (and a little anxiety!). I love how you seem to always have your camera and can catch everybody "in the act"!

  7. Adorable! The backpack thing cracked me up! What's one less year of life when you can provide your children with a red shark to fight over for eons?!

    (Speaking of red, I just realized that Dani's not a redhead!)

  8. What great photos! It looks like you had an awesome time and your family is gorgeous!

  9. I'm glad all backpacks and kids had a fun time!

  10. Those pictures are too funny, especially when your son joined another family. I have to say that your husband is a much bigger man than mine who would never cart around a pink backpack for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. An Imperfect Momma says:

    LOL! Love where the backpack was. Have had many issues like that with Mr. Man :). Glad you guys had a great time ๐Ÿ™‚ Your kids are adorable btw

  12. Sounds like a lot of fun. The best thing about Amusement Parks is that the adventure gets more fun as the kids get older.

  13. Crystal Jeffers says:

    ha ha! You know we have not ever taken our kids to an amusement park. We have gone to fairs but that is as close as we have come. I have teens so the price would be a bit high Im afraid. We are talking about planning a trip to Disneyworld sooner or later though.

  14. Jill @ Mommy Inconsistent says:

    You've really captured the day with great pics! Love all the explanations that go along with them too…an amusing adventure and I'm sure an exhausting one too – for you and your hubby!

  15. Ha ha! Looks like an eventful time at the amusement park! I'm sure everyone was exhausted and went right to bed!

  16. LOVE MELISSA:) says:

    I dread those adventures. Looks like a fun time!Happy Monday!

  17. You are a brave woman! It's such a chore to go to the Zoo with our family. Glad y'all had fun!!

  18. Great shots!

    What a wonderful day!

  19. Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace says:

    You are a fun and brave mama! Looks like fun and not even too hot!

  20. Fun… Haha, love the escapee! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says:

    Oh you're brave! We haven't done an amusement park yet – just the fair!

  22. These pictures made me laugh! Such cute children!

  23. Based on your adventures at home I think you should just make your house an amusement park instead of taking the kids out.

    The backpack line was hilarious. I do that all time.

  24. Great pictures!! We haven't done an amusement park yet, maybe next summer? Glad you had a fun adventure!

  25. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    You are one brave mama for bringing the littles to an amusement park. I'm thinking of making a wise investment before I take mine….kid leashes ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy says:

    looks like a fun trip for all

  27. You are BRAVE! Lagoon will not see my face or the face of my family for many more years to come. Where is the backpack? hahahahaha sounds like something my husband would say.

  28. Sometimes being brave pays off. Cute pictures. Looks like it was good overall.

  29. Hopes@Staying Afloat! says:

    OH MY! You must have been exhausted by the end of that day! Buggy is starting in with the stroller jail break as well. It makes for interesting trips to the zoo considering he wants out of the stroller but can't completely walk yet.

  30. I need a nap after just reading this! You are brave my dear. Dax & Jax just don't sound cool together, they would so get along and get in so much fun trouble together!

  31. My Inner Chick says:

    —Love your fam!
    That red hair…OMG.
    The end photo is unreal & gorgeous.
    They all are.
    Thanks for sharing :))) xx

  32. The first picture is definitely my favorite… hilarious.

  33. That picture of Dax on the bench is so funny–that look on his face! It sounds like a chaotic day, but I'm sure the memories were worth it (right? RIGHT?). ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. The end to another wonderful fun filled post.
    I LOL and just enjoyed reading the whole thing. The pictures of course were priceless.
    Just keep one enjoying the family moments!

  35. I've only got one and the amusement park scares the pants off me! How do you do it!!?

  36. Sandy -- As Told By Mommy says:

    Fun day!

  37. Rach (DonutsMama) says:

    Little Dax cracks me up! You're braver than I am–I would've stayed home, lol!

  38. Texas Type A Mom says:

    Poor Evie! My daughter is pretty shy too – I can imagine her doing the same thing with her friends.

  39. Great post!! I love the babies face as he planned his escape!! You have the cutest kids!! I do admire you for going, you are a brave woman!! Always fun to spend some time with your great family, thanks for sharing them with us!!

  40. Help! Mama Remote... says:

    They look like they're having a good time. LOL at your Hubby and the backpack.

  41. Small Kucing says:

    Hi! Coming here via VB

    Great snaps shots ๐Ÿ™‚

    The kids sure had loads of fun there.


  42. You're a brave woman! The backpack cracked me up. I do that with my stuff all the time!

  43. That's awesome! I love Lagoon, I just can't afford it.

    Did you see that my son was on CNN today? Google "132 merit badges." His story is popping up all over the US. It's crazy! I guess that's what they mean by "going viral."


  44. Kiddothings says:

    Mase in the first picture totally cracked me up! He looked so serious with his eyes frowned like that!
    Your hubby's question about the backpack – hilarious! Men!

  45. Mercy D'souza says:

    Sounds like an adventure.

  46. Optimistic Mom says:

    Your photos caught some great memories. I especially like the BFFs. LOL
    My son was displaced for about 60 secs before, I am pretty sure I had a near heart attack that day.

  47. I am usually the one with the backpack on my shoulder asking where it is. That cracked me up. Then the stroller break out….awe I had many of those moments.

  48. yummychunklet says:

    What adorable photos!

  49. laughwithusblog says:

    Oh how fun! I can relate to the "misplaced" backpack–ha ha! Also losing a child, even for a second, it's awful, just awful!

  50. Looks like fun!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great pics!

    Manuel is the EXACT same way Evie is (although I guess it's a little more "acceptable" for little girls)…he could see his friend Alex since he's known since birth (pratically! ๐Ÿ˜‰ and he is SO shy!!!! I'm glad he's not the only child like that!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Nice lol. You are describing me and my family in so many of what you said about yours. I am always asking where something is, only to realize I'm holding it or my daughter wants out of her stroller only to barrel off in another (wrong) direction. She even steals other people's drinks. Cute kids btw!

  52. Those pictures are priceless!
    Love the man with a pink backpack!

  53. Cam - Bibs and Baubles says:

    love the pictures. the first and last are my favorites. could he be anymore intense looking at that map?

  54. Mase either looks like he's pissed at the quality of the map, or he's committing it to serious memory.

    Glad you guys had fun!

  55. So I feel like my day is crazy… and then I read your blog. Haha.
    I think if I've misplaced my child for 60 second I would age a decade. There are SO many crazies out there!!! Your mind can't help but wonder. And did Dax adopt a new more, umm, ethnic family?

  56. Your kids are amazingly cute!:) These are wonderful pictures, they make me smile.:)

  57. Mommy's Paradise says:

    You did this trip with how many kids? I used to be totally dead without any.
    Maybe I should give it another try with my tot and my Hubs. Then I would have two kids with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. Your kids are absolutely adorable and it looks like your family had a wonderful day out!

  59. I love amusement parks. But they're so exhausting with kids. Looks like the kids had fun!

  60. I am glad to see mine is not the only hubby seen sporting pink bags ๐Ÿ˜‰ and your little escape artist joining another family made me laugh out loud!

  61. Um I love your backpack and need it in my life IMMEDIATELY!!

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