Attack of the Peppercorns!

Don’t you get excited when you know you are making something that will be delicious.  That’s how my evening started out–Fettuccine Carbonara–yum!

I’ve made this recipe before and it was awesome!   Surely I could duplicate that previous experience, BUT it was not meant to be:

First came the burnt bacon–who burns bacon!?! Yet there was a bigger calamity to come.

We ran out of peppercorns a couple weeks ago.  Fortunately, my husband comes home from the dollar store last week with a frugal find–peppercorns, with a grinder, only $1!

Pesky Peppercorns

As I finished my beautiful recipe, I thought I’d just finish it off with a quick sprinkle of pepper.  But that dratted cheap peppercorn grinder foiled me–the top popped right off as I was grinding!

No problem–I scooped all of the peppercorns out and saved the day!–if only.

We all sat down, blessed the food, and started eating our beautiful meal.  Suddenly, my husband started hacking…severely coughing, wheezing—and it began–attack of the peppercorns.

Our Delicious Meal

I was next–teary eyed gasping–help–water!!! 

Those pesky little corns (some of them very small) had weaseled their way into every nook and cranny of my magical recipe.

Thankfully, my kids were spared as they weren’t too excited about eating the pasta after that–so dinner was salad and a store bought roll, which, luckily, is one step fancier than the previous night’s dinner of cottage cheese and fruit cocktail.

Grumpy Mom Goal of the Day: Make something delectable for dinner tonight, without peppercorns.


  1. Oh how I can relate to your wonderful meal gone wrong! Hugs!

  2. Ha! I”ve had that happen with garlic salt before – you can't pick those off! Yuck!

    The Mom and Dad Reviews

  3. Ha! I'm sorry it was ruined. I hate when things like that happen. It does look delicious though! Thanks for stopping by today and commenting on my blog!

  4. That fettuccine looks so good. I am hungry 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. love it!

  6. I just came across your blog and I really enjoy it! I'll plan on visiting again. I'm also an LDS mom, and my family moved to Iowa City, Iowa last summer. We're from New England but we sure do like Iowa! 🙂

  7. How was your dinner tonight? 🙂

    I lived in Ames, IA three years ago and I miss it terribly!

  8. I think we would have gone out to dinner after the burnt bacon.

  9. Erin, in answer to your question: Last night's goal of a delectable dinner was not as scrumptious as I had planned either. For my family's sake, I'll be splurging on a delectable take-out dinner from Olive Garden this week.

  10. Hmm…never had anything but peppercorn dressing…this looks good though. I might be in the mood to try something different for dinner tonight!

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