Bedroom Demolition, A Tour

My 7, 5, and 2-year-old  have shared a bedroom this past year.  The kids have done well together, fighting only every other night, but their bedroom has not been so lucky.

And now, a tour:

On your right, you’ll notice the exact spot where my daughter stuck a gingerbread man picture on the wall with some rubbery glue.  As you can see, it did not end well for the gingerbread man or the wall.

Now, turn around and  you’ll  observe one of numerous innovative murals.  This one has withstood many minutes of magic eraser and, magically, just keeps reappearing.

Then, to your left, we have a mysteriously missing doorstop.

Just above, you’ll notice a rather artistic looking hole the doorknob punched into the wall, shortly after the doorstop mysteriously disappeared.

And now, a highlight of the room, we have Lou’s name permanently glued on the wall, in a lovely faded pink. We have lived in this house over five years and don’t have a Lou in our family, but it won’t come off and I am not too crafty and it is rather lovely, so there it is, still.

Time for a small detour.  In the baby’s room you’ll notice Alexander’s name on the wall.  That would have been easy to paint over, but I kept thinking I mightname one of my boys Alexander-how perfect would it be to have his name already painted on the wall!  Still no Alexanders.

On to our newest addition.  My husband and I just got a new used bed!  Good news, except he decided to move our old mattress into the kids room for them to jump on.  Then, he ended up leaning the king sized mattress against the bedroom wall.  It seemed harmless, until it fell, breaking the closet door off the frame.

You’ll notice the door was also damaged in the great mattress fall.

We need to start repairing the damage, but maybe it would be easier to move.  Does anyone with a Lou or Alexander want to buy a fixer-upper?

 Grateful Mom Goal of  Day:  I will magic erase the latest mural.


  1. Wow! Who needs an interior designer when you've got kids (and a husband and a previous owner) like those?

  2. Magic erasers are a mom's best friend 🙂

  3. Oh how I love those Magic Erasers, they get rid of ALMOST everything. My oldest decided to “personalize” the walls in her room, lovely! My middle decided to do the same in my dining room 🙂

  4. I love Magic Erasers….I started packing one in my suitcase when we make trips to the in-laws house….

  5. Wow! You always make me laugh! I've given you an award! You can see it at:

  6. I love it! My house has many such . . . umm “quirks.” Maybe you should tell people Lou and Alexander are the names of your imaginary friends?

  7. My husband got a little upset one day and kicked a hole in our 3 year old's door. Today, she goes, “Mommy, I'd really like to have a door without a hole in it.” It's funny because my hubby is the laid back one. Heather

  8. Too funny. We have those glow in the dark star things that are now stuck to the floor. And permanent marker on cedar walls — magic erasers are not so magical when it comes to that.

  9. Awe…rubber cement, crayons and stuffed animals all that a child needs to decorate. Mine used perm ant marker on my sofa when they were little.

  10. Ha! Kids trash everything, don't they?? And it's so hard to keep up with it all around the house. Sigh. I think erasing the mural is an amazing goal!! 🙂

  11. My home looks like that too. Only, we live in an apartment and need to fix everything before we move. Kids just destroy everything! And Magic Eraser is the best!

  12. The door stopper in our boys' room is missing, too, and we have a hole in the wall where the handle punched thru because of no door stop; it must be a requisite of childhood to that, lol.

  13. We have lived in our newly built house for two months and already have some pictures like that to show. Artwork on walls, scratches in stair railing, TWO door knob height holes in the wall, broken light switch… I am depressing myself.

  14. Love your blog more and more each time that I read. I am now following and subscribed!

  15. This post made me laugh SO much-Our house is starting to look similar….

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