Biting Baby Blunder

I knew better.  I made a treacherous parenting error last week and I’m now paying for my unfortunate choice.

My 13-month-old, Dax, has become a jovial little dude.  He loves being playful.  Sometimes, he gets a bit too playful and bites.  I usually give him a stern look and say, “No bite.”

Last week, I messed up.  I was wrestling him on the floor and he harmlessly bit my shirt.  Then, he just hung on to my shirt with his teeth and a big smile.  I knew I shouldn’t laugh, but it just struck my funny bone and I couldn’t help myself.  Oh, that I could turn back time.

I now have a full blown happy biter.  He’s not an intentional chomper.  (I’ve had one of those too).  My guy only bites for the amusement of himself and others.  Dax aims for the clothing, but is not always so successful with his good intentions.  Ouch!

No hug is safe.  Every cuddle is now a risk.  He is a danger, mostly to me. 

At church, this Sunday, there was a well-meaning family, sitting in the row behind us.   I was holding Dax while the daughter and mom were playing peek-a-boo with him–his ultimate favorite!

He was so excited, he couldn’t control himself.  He kept chuckling and biting my sweater and ME!  I stayed quiet–it was church after all.  I don’t think his playmates had any idea he was actually injuring me.

Finally, the break I’d been waiting for!  My 2-year-old started acting up, loudly making demands for water during a prayer–I’ve never been so grateful for my unruly child!  I quickly and quietly asked my husband to take my toddler out in the hall and “Um honey, can you take the baby too?”  Phew.

I’ve been stepping up my sternness this week, but Dax only laughs at me.  I think my harshness is entertaining to him.  I know this phase will pass, hopefully soon, but, by that time, I may be scarred for life.

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  I’m staying-ON GUARD-while still appreciating all dangerous snuggles.


  1. my 17 mo. old just started biting this week … her older sister's are her most frequent victims … hopefully it will pass soon * *

  2. I have a problem with my twins boy biting each other for toys. I have tried time out and other things. Right now nothing is stopping them. I hope they grow out of it.

  3. My baby girl doesnt have teeth yet…so no biting..I hope we don't go through the biting stage but I am sure we will 🙂

  4. My youngest started doing that too a few months ago! She thought it was hysterical and when I would tell her “no” she would laugh! She eventually stopped doing it, but ouch!

  5. Ouch! Its been a while but my youngest did that too….but always to her older sister! It passed, but not soon enough for my older daughter!

  6. OH, I feel your pain. Quite literally. My 19-month old has started biting in anger and frustration. I know when she gets really, really angry to make sure her face is facing AWAY from me right now. Neither biting scenario is a good one 🙁 Good luck to you with yours! Hopefully they are phases they quikly move on from!

  7. Mine is a pincher. I am so torn when I hold her. I want her close to me, but I fear the pinch!

  8. I am lucky and haven't had a biter, but my son is into headbutting lately and it is horrible….he has an extremely hard head too.

  9. My youngest one didn't stay in the biting stage too long, thank goodness! Now terrible twos are driving me batty 😉

  10. One of my babies used to bite me on the shoulder whenever we were cuddling. One day she bit me on the clavicle bone and drew blood. It hurt so bad my eyes watered. I had to put her down and walk in the other room for a few minutes. Fortunately, she stopped doing it pretty fast after that.

  11. Scary snuggles but oh so worth!

  12. I have a biter. And a pincher. Sadly, they are the same child. I feel for you – I laughed the first time too.

  13. this hapens to me about every Sunday at church…. I am glad that another mom goes through it!

  14. My 18-month-old has those same pajamas. He's so cute and I love the name Dax. Watch out for those teeth!

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