Serious Chocolate Issues

With four determined trick-or-treating machines, we acquired quite the stash this year.   I let the monsters eat whatever they wanted Halloween night.

My three-year-old attempted to eat his body weight in candy, “I don’t feel good.  I need to lie down.”


Then, I reminded them of our annual plan.  “You can pick one more candy, and I’ll buy the rest of it from you.”

After a night of candy overload, all kids were on board with the plan.   They decided to invest their loot in Legos and I became soul owner of ALL THE CANDY!  Except, I was planning to stay out of the candy this year.

Not planning to stay out?  Dax.  He discovered a couple of left behind mint patties the next morning.

When I attempted to wipe him off, Dax giggled and bolted. 

As for me, my husband was kind enough to help me out.  He hid the candy!

Where is it?

Haha.  Wouldn’t you like to know?

Don’t mess with me.  Where is it?

I’m not telling you.  You don’t want it.

Oh, I am so not amused.  Tell me now or there will be serious consequences.

OK, OK, I hid it in the spare bedroom downstairs, in the closet.

And there it was.  I dumped the candy out onto the bed, grabbed an undisclosed amount of chocolate deliciousness, and swiftly made my getaway.  The next day, I went downstairs to retrieve more candy.  It had been moved!  I searched and scoured.  Nothing!  I called my husband.

You hid it again!?!

I had to.  The kids found it and dumped it all over the bed and made the biggest mess.

Huh. Ya.  Kids.  Where’d you put it?

In the purple room, in the closet, in a box, under some clothes.

I made sure not to dump the candy this time and got my chocolate fix.  But alas, I knew the candy craziness must come to an end.  When my husband got home, I told him of my plan.

I’m throwing out the candy.  It’s going in the garbage.  The big can, so I can’t fish it out.

Don’t do that.  I’ll just take it to work tomorrow.

OK, but wait until Friday.  I need one more day.

Yes, I have serious chocolate issues.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Recovering from my chocolate withdrawals.


  1. Hi, my name is Victoria and I have a chocolate problem!

    You sound way too much like me. My problem is that I’m bad about hiding the candy, sneaking what I want of it, and forgetting the rest is even there. Then, sometime six months later, I stumble across the remnants of last Halloween and wonder where it came from. Who would give us these nasty odds and ends, I ask myself. Then, I do the same thing all over again.

    At least you’re admitting you have a problem. That’s always the first and hardest step. 😉

    • Now that’s the kind of chocolate problem I need to work towards. Lol! If there’s even one small chocolate bar in the house I can’t seem to forget about it! Then, I’ll usually move on to the nasty odds and ends. I’m actually a little relieved to see the candy go this year.

  2. We put a little bit into a ziplock bag and they can each have one piece a day until it’s gone. I fished out all of the Kit-Kats and Twix and left the rest at work. Your littles look adorable. We almost had a Dorothy too. So cute.

  3. Bahahaha – you bought your kids Halloween candy?!! I love this! I’m going to have to remember this for when I have kids…. 🙂

  4. so what happen on Friday?

  5. Absolutely Classic!
    I loooooooooove those photos.

    After I eat my Chocolate, I look like that sometimes! Xxx

  6. The first step to recovery is admitting you have an issue with chocolate. =D

  7. you know, this post made me feel better about myself. I thought I was the only one eating Halloween candies in large quantities.

    Your daughter looks like a real Dorothy!

  8. bwahahaha! That is so me and my husband. I love the idea of you buying it from them. Gotta use that idea 😉

  9. OH MY!!! That pic of chocolate covered toddler….TOO CUTE!!! I too have issues with the buckets of chocolate and other candies that make there way into our house every year. Thankfully between me and hubs the stash lasts a little less than it would if we let the kids go crazy. =P

  10. Marlee has barely gotten any candy. I have eaten most of it. Thankfully it was a small bucket. LOL

    Good luck with staying out of the chocolate! 🙂

  11. “Hi, my name is Janae and I am addicted to chooclate” LOL! Although I should talk. I think I fished out ALL of the snickers out of Haydens bag. And the last couple days the bag has been in my van which is never a good thing. I will have to take some pictures of the after math. It is Friday, did he take the rest to work?

  12. haha! So glad I’m not the only one w/ a chocolate addiction! 🙂


    love the costumes for your kiddos, cute, cute bunch!

  13. I LOVE this post! I was laughing the whole way through, picturing your frantic quest for chocolate. I love the conversations between you and your husband, and I love your Halloween candy rule — letting them pig out and then buying it from them while they’re on the verge of puking. And I *love* those costumes — what an adorable bunch of kids!

  14. This is hilarious and reminiscent of my frozen chocolate chip addiction….

  15. haha you sound like me.. ive been going through bailey’s candy bag on the regular.. time to hide it from myself. Your kiddos look adorable 🙂

  16. Hubby + me + candy in the house=DISASTER! So needless to say when Manuel’s school was collecting candy for the troops last night at his Fall Festiveal, they got ALL!!!!!! 🙂

    That picture of the kids is precious!!!!! 🙂

  17. so cute. I need to send the candy we have into work with my husband too, after I freeze some for ice cream making. My boys only ate 1 lollipop each and haven’t asked for any since

  18. I love your little guy!! He cracks me up!! The kids looked so great for Halloween!!! Isn’t it the truth, chocolate is really not just a treat but a real need if you are a mom!! Eat it with pride!!! Lol!!!

  19. Last night I ate Hershey’s Fudge topping (the kind that’s supposed to go on ice cream) out of the jar with a spoon, and then deciding that wasn’t quite enough decided to dig the fudge out with oreo cookies. Maybe we should start a support group (or a fan club). BTW I think the buying candy from your kids idea is brilliant. I’ll be remembering that one as my kids get older!

  20. omygoodness, first, your children are adorable in their halloween costumes…such a great pic!
    you have me cracking up…between your husband hiding the candy and your son, so adorably covered in chocolate…hahaha…looks like a lot of fun 😉
    i hope you get to enjoy all the chocolate your heart desires today!
    your post has me thinking of a video my husband and i were laughing at last night
    idk if you saw it already…if you go to youtube and type “jimmy kimmel-youtube challenge-i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy” you will find it…too cute and hysterical
    wishing you a sweet weekend!
    xo <3

    • Thanks for your sweet comment Maria! I just watched that video–so funny!!! The last two kids at the end of the video were hilarious! Thanks for telling me about it. I think I’ll try that next year. 🙂

  21. Adorable little ones!! I had NO candy this year because mine is 8 months old but next year? It’s on!!! Lol

  22. This is why I didn’t buy any chocolate candy this year…because I would eat it all day long. I had a ton of the hard candy that will pull the teeth right out of your mouth, and I just sent it with hubby to work. It is best that way. lol
    If needed I can hide the candy for you at my house………….

  23. That’s so funny! You sound like me. I eat more of the kids candy than they do!

  24. Hahaha I thInkvyou just wrOte about me! However as you saw I’m not only a professed “aholic” but I keep seeming to turn em out younger and younger!

  25. Hahaha! Oh I love you!

  26. Funny I read this after shoving in two mini butterfingers! YUM! I like the buy them out idea!

    They look so cute in their costumes 🙂

  27. This reminds me. I need to go eat some more of the kids chocolate. LOL I secretly can’t wait till it is all gone, but I don’t have the heart to throw it out 🙁

  28. OH MY GOSH! I am laughing SO HARD.
    Ok but not until Friday because you need one more day? That is HILARIOUS!!!!!
    Mainly because I can relate.

  29. For the first time ever, ever… kids didn’t go trick-or-treating nor did we have any left over candy. I know now what has been wrong with my week – no left-over candy.

  30. Amy @ 991 says:

    First of all, I am a little jealous. We did not get any mint patties. HMPH!
    Secondly, I am right there with you on the chocolate problem. Every day I wake up and think.. NO MORE, AMY!!!! But, for some reason, I keep falling off that wagon.

  31. Cute kiddos!
    Fortunately, I don’t love chocolate. That doesn’t stop me from eating it, however!
    My youngest is the only trick-or-treater we have now. He didn’t get too much loot~ although he and his friends were running around the neighborhood for a few hours. They were just having fun (no mischief). He usually dishes out the Reeses to me…but I’ve not seen a single one this year! 🙁

  32. Don’t worry… I have serious chocolate issues as well. I think the Chocolate Issues Club is actually quite large! haha… This post cracked me up. 🙂

  33. Hahaha!! Love it! Just last night I told myself I would have 1 piece, okay maybe 2…no I’ll have 3… the time I went to bed I had 6 pieces and a stomach ache! I don’t know why I do it to myself, but man it just tasts soooo good and there’s so much in the huge bowl sitting on our counter. I think I need to tell my husband to hide it as well…..somewhere not on our property.

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone! 🙂

  34. This is just too funny!! Two nights ago, I finally set the secret stash out so that everyone could just finish it off. Sometimes it’s good to have so many kids – since the older ones can’t trick or treat anymore, they were more than happy to finish off the candy!

  35. I share your issues!

    Your kids are adorable, even covered in chocolate =)

  36. haha, I need one more day with it… nice 🙂

  37. I never understood the people who hand out anything BUT chocolate. I would be so disppointed in the twizzlers and smarties and fish for hershey’s and reese’s peanut butter cups followed by snickers… luckily my son appreciates the smarties and hates chocolate so for me…. SCORE! Your kids costumes are so cute!!

  38. That Halloween picture is the cutest! I like to take all the chocolate and freeze it so it’s slightly out of sight. My kids school gives them a reward for each pound of candy they bring in. The school sends it all to the troops.

  39. I don’t think I could bare to throw it out. That picture of Dax running off is awesome.

  40. Okay…I am really liking the idea of buying the candy! Hmmmm…I could still do this I suppose. Not sure they would be willing. LOL…And sending to work with Rich might work…but he might eat it ALL. He is a diabetic. I would have to assign co-workers to slap his hands. 😉 Love the pics of the chocolate baby! 😀

  41. LOL on this one. You always bring a smile and usually a LOL moment. You are such a fun writer and I love reading your posts. I am such a chocoholic myself. My husband has hid the candy a few times; so this whole post seemed very familiar. Thanks for the smiles today and blessings to you!.

  42. You are awesome!!! I am either a mean mom or a nice mom…. My kids got one yes only one piece of candy on Halloween and one or two pieces a day since…. so long as they are good….. I have the best kids for like a month until all the good stuff is gone! Well, not sure it will last a month this year since I am eating it all!

  43. Love the chocolate dipped baby
    Your tick or treaters are adorable
    Around here, we hide our left over candy from each other, evey one stashing their favourite LOL (and we’re all adults)
    I’ve got my staxh of Snickers, Caramilk and mini Mars bars in case of emergency,
    No one is prying them out of my hands ROFL
    Have a great weekend

  44. We have candy from school parties, trunk or treating, friend parties, and trick or treating. I have eaten so much that it doesn’t even look good anymore!

  45. I LOVE that you bought it from them! That’s a stellar idea!

  46. I love that your little one has chocolate on his knees!
    Thatta boy.

  47. Well, my sob story is that my kiddo hardly got ANY chocolate this year. Say what? It’s mostly tootsie rolls, which are good, and some sort of popping candies. I don’t know what they really are. That’s what happens when your kid decides he can’t go trick-or-treating until AFTER Family Night. Yes, that did happen at my house! I am not sure he’s really human. I am going to try to remember that moment when I want to give him to the gypsies.

    But I do not endorse throwing candy away– you should give any unwanted candy to your ward’s Seminary teacher. He/she can use it for bribery (not that I endorse that either, ahem). The teenagers will love it.

  48. That’s just what I look like after having access to candy.

    it isn’t pretty.

  49. Let’s just say this week my pinterest addiction was quickly replaced with my chocolate addiction. Holy chocolate overlaod batman. I’m not going to lie…I’ve been loving it. And hating it. And then loving it again.

  50. Hahahaha!! This is awesome. I don’t even hide our candy. I steal the kids’ chocolate and it’s so good. I’m not sure what I’ll do when it’s all gone…maybe go cry in a corner 😉

  51. Lol! So did you ever tell him it was you? Too funny

  52. This is totally me. Except this year, I’ve had to use superhuman willpower to stay out of it, because it just doesn’t work with Weight Watchers. Sigh.

    Your kids are so cute in their costumes!

  53. The first two days were horrible for me! I think I had more than the kids! Since then I’ve been pretty good…sort of…

  54. I’m eating chocolate as I’m reading this…

  55. This is hilarious! You should link it up on my Saturday laughs!

  56. Stephanie says:

    That picture is too cute!! I totally ate all of the chocolate {almost all} of my kiddos candy 🙂

  57. You’re so much braver than I am. I don’t even allow my daughter to feed herself that much chocolate. M&M’s is one thing since she can pop them in her mouth.

  58. I like your style…the idea about buying the candy off them is excellent! Much better than the daily candy whine I’m experiencing. Oh, and my neighbour gave me a big bowl of her leftover candy and I stupidly took them in…ugh, I’m so weak!

  59. Hilarious as usual! I like how you blamed the candy crime scene on the kids! Genius!

    Now I’m craving mint patties…

  60. Hahaha you make me laugh, and I dropped some of my ice-cream whilst reading this, I had to go fish for it down my top! Much like you fishing through the house for the candy and needing just one more day lol
    Your husand knows you too well 🙂

  61. What a great idea, buying the candy…I’m totally going to still that. Your kids are adorable, love the costumes!

  62. I just hit JDaniel’s bag last night.

  63. I think I’d have to remove the best of the best from the bag and then let him take the rest to work. Tell me that’s what you’re doing. 😉

  64. If chocolate is in the house, I will sniff it out like a dog in heat. It’s a problem. Thankfully (for me) it rained (as in poured) Halloween night, so my kids were limited in their candy gathering. I might have bought some half price candy the next day however. It’s in the freezer. Not that that is going to slow me down.

  65. I like the idea of buying the candy from the kids. With my luck though they would whine too much for it and I would give it back to them.

  66. I have chocolate issues too. I’ve been enjoying my kid’s candy, especially since my 6-year-old doesn’t like chocolate!
    That’s a good idea to bring leftover candy to work. I think I’ll have my husband do that and give the candy we don’t like away!

  67. Buddy actually had a heart-to-heart with Doc this morning about the extent of the “Dad Tax” he’s been collecting on the Halloween candy. Of course, I didn’t mention I’ve been collecting a little Mommy Tax as well 🙂

  68. I love it when you post exchanges between you and your husband! Ya’ll are hilarious!!! :o)

    This one had me dying though! I am the same way! Except, it would take a lot more to break my husband. He would hide it and I’d have to threaten sex withholdings to find it’s location!

  69. Hahaha…. sounds familiar. It feels so good to know that I’m not the only one. My biggest problem is I could not resist Kit Kat. Whoever invented it, it’s pure genious. I always get in big trouble with Kit Kat, eating too much of them and ended up having a bloated stomach. But do you think I will stop? Of course not, I do it again. The cycle continues. Every. Year… sigh….

  70. Sadly I ate most of Kaylin’s candy and it was pretty delicious! I did just hear that you can donate the candy to a dentist office and they’ll ship it to the troops, kinda cool alternative if you need to get it out of your house 🙂

  71. Well no question who Dax takes after! haha! He’s a smart little boy! And I LOVE that your husband thought the kids had gotten into it! That’s something I would have done too! 🙂

    Darn that Halloween candy! I brought our extra into work too. College students + candy = no more candy very quickly.

  72. I love it!
    We lucked out this year. We did not get one piece of candy!
    Triumph with 5 boys I tell you. My husband and I end up eating it all too…

  73. You kids are cute. They’re like cats when sniffing for lost stuffs. Haha. I think it’s a good decision to hide those candies. I don’t want my kids to have a high level of sugar at such an early age.


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