Spooky Happenings!

There have been a slew of haunted happenings at my house this month.  If you are easily creeped out, please read no further.

An Eerie Fog

Someone mysteriously cranked the toaster to the highest setting and tried to smoke us out of our house!   No one confessed.   Obviously a ghost.

Horse Mutilation

Princess Jasmine’s horse suddenly leaped in front of my vacuum!  I didn’t have time to change course.  Luckily, my 5-year-old, Evie, didn’t see the gory incident or it would have been much uglier.

Disappearing Children

 My 3-year-old vanished today.   When I asked my 7-year-old if she has seen him, I hear this casual response,  “Oh he walked out the front door a few minutes ago.  Said he was going to the neighbor’s house.”   And that’s where we found him.  Scary, but true.

Dum Dum Graveyard

This gruesome site was discovered only a few days ago.   A goblin perhaps.

My Kiddos Playing–Nicely!

Strange–I know!

And finally, a little

Déjà Vu

(the second case of it this year)

Dani: I don’t want to go to the mountains.  I hate the mountains and hiking.  It’s so boring.  All you do is walk.  I’m not going.

Husband: (exactly one week later):  I don’t want to go to a corn maze.  I don’t like corn mazes.  They’re not fun. You just walk through corn.  I’m not going.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal:  It will be mountain and corn maze appreciation week. 🙂 


  1. Haha!! Reading this has sent chills up my spine! 😉

  2. I was especially scared by the last picture – kiddos playing nicely together 🙂

  3. Three year old vanishing scaed the heart out of me and I’m just reading it!! Gosh, these kids can sure take years off our lives can’t they!! I love the lolipop graveyard, and well for Priincess Jasmine, all I can say is my thoughts are with you! You may have a haunted house, but boy, they sure are cute little ghosts!

  4. LOL I love how you make the best out of life. You make me smile every time I read one of your posts. The missing kid was the scariest one, the eerie fog was a close first.

  5. Hee hee. Enjoy your corn maze appreciation. We’re headed that way too!

  6. Strange things are a brewing that’s for sure. My husband is the same about the corn maze or cider mill 🙂

  7. Too bad you don’t live near here – I’d go to the corn maze with you. I have wanted to do that for years – but these party-poopers I live with refuse.

    I’ll let you hike the mountain on your own though….I don’t have a desire to do that.

  8. Ha, my last post was about kids vanishing, and not just mine. I let my 2 year old brother out of the house once (I was 5). Scary stuff.

  9. looks like Halloween happenings are in full swing for you. I hope the lollipops were shared and not consumed all by one child.

  10. Candy always vanishes at my house! And I feel the same way about corn mazes. Glad all is well at your house!

  11. The dum dum graveyard was so funny!

  12. Ghosts haven’t visited my house yet but it will be soon enough. Those dawn goblins!!!

  13. You better call ghost busters out. Something seems fishy in your neck of the woods. Siblings playing nicely? I didn’t know that existed.

  14. Very frightening stuff! Those darn ghosts and goblins are certainly up to no good! 🙂

  15. Hahaha! I was scared for just a moment, then just laughed. Thanks for a good laugh this afternoon! Enjoy your new week!

    Blessings 🙂

  16. So cute! I’m tellin ya, you can’t trust October it is full of surprises around every corner. But kids playing nicely I could take that scary kind of moment anytime.

  17. Spooky indeed! How cute! Ghosts and toasters, man. It’s a problem.

  18. This sounds eerily similar to things that have been happening at our house! (only ours is a gummy bear graveyard)

  19. I once had a Bratz doll’s hair stuck in the vacuum like that. It didn’t turn out pretty for the doll (or the screaming 7 year old). She got a butchered hair cut. Hubs teased me about it for months. I never liked the Bratz dolls and he would make comments about me getting them out of the house one way or another.

  20. We’re you convinced that those were stepford children when you found them playing nicely? If that were my children, I would have immediately searched frantically for my ‘real’ children. Or maybe enjoyed a hot beverage and played on FB for a moment, and then frantically searched for them 🙂

  21. —You are so DAMN creative & brilliant & FUNNY :))))

  22. haha so cute!!! poor horsey!!

  23. I love that your daughter said it, and then your husband said the same thing. Cracks me up! 🙂 Glad you found your 3 year old. I can see Marlee doing that one of these days!

  24. Seriously, you crack me up!! I love coming to your blog. Always provides me with comic relief. You should link up next Saturday, any of your million funny posts.

  25. Haha! I LOVE the Dum Dum graveyard!! And that sounds like my husband too…he actually opted out of the pumpkin patch we went to this weekend, of course it was the 2nd pumpkin patch we’ve visited this year, but whatever 😉

  26. glad to hear strange things are not just happening at my house. Strawberry Shortcake met a similar fate as the pony. And I don’t know what the heck he did to Barbie this weekend, but poor Ken lost his head! We’ve entered the Sleepy Hollow zone! LOL

  27. Corn mazes freak me out, but that last picture really sends chills down my spine!

  28. We blame a lot on the ghosts around here too. Cute post.

  29. LOL this is so funny…wow you sure do have a lot of “spookiness” going on at your house. The ghosts of Halloween are out to get you!

  30. Stephanie says:

    ohmyogsh I would have DIED at finding my kiddo missing. My not quite 3 year old thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to let herself out to play in the backyard or the front, wherever strikes her fancy, because she can open the doors herself and apparently she’s “NOT LITTLE.” caps for emphasis as per her. the heart attacks these kids give us!

  31. Holy crap! Kid missing and then kids playing nicely!!! Is your house haunted??? HA!! Once again you make me laugh! thanks so much!

  32. Your house is definitely haunted.

  33. LOL…a good post…cant help laughing at the disappearing 3 year old :p

  34. Did you go to the maze and accidently ‘lose’ your husband for a bit? Oh Janae, I love your stories and this one was certainly scary 😉

  35. No – not Princess Jasmine! Say it ain’t so!

  36. I admit.. I am not a corn maze person either.. haha… but good for you giving the hiking and mazing some appreciation! 🙂

  37. creeeeepy. lol

    We hear noises upstairs all the time that sounds like someone walking around. seriously. Totally creepy.

  38. Good thing you have nice neighbors! That’s one thing I like about living right next door to my in-laws. I can let my children wander, and not worry about them so much! (Free babysitting!)

  39. Scary! Particularly that Dum Dum graveyard. It’s eerie really. I find candy graveyards all the time. I thought I was the only one.

  40. Corn mazes are fun and so is hiking! I’m glad you’re going to correct them on that! 🙂

  41. Hopefully all of the spookiness will go away after Halloween! And so glad your 3 year old was safe- that one really is scary.

    My 7-year-old’s favorite stuffed animal took a swim in the toilet yesterday, thanks to his little brother– luckily we managed to hide the whole thing from 7-year-old, washed dog and all was well.

  42. I really hate when messes occur out of no where. Who spilled that apple cider on the rug?

  43. Missing kid is enough to put one in the looney bin. Yikes….and all those lollipops. hahahaha.

  44. Those things are spooky! Halloween must definitely be around the corner….

  45. When I eat Dum Dums, I leave that kind of wreckage too!

  46. We just did our first corn maze this year and JDaniel loved it.

  47. Spooky indeed! But I have to agree with your husband about the corn maze–I never understood the appeal. I am no fun, huh?

  48. I once made a batch of cupcakes and then ate all of them before my parents came home. Because I knew that was not even a little ok I wash and dried everything and got rid of all remnants of the wrappers and box. When my mom got home she kept saying it smelled like cupcakes but I wouldn’t admit to it. We all decided it was the cupcake ghost. I didn’t confess until I was married. 🙂

    And yeah, way freaky to have kids playing nice with each other!

  49. You never fail to make me laugh! Your goals of the day are the best!

  50. My dear you do need to write a book. I LOL on this one. I love following your family. I remember a lot of of fun moments with my children; but you are so great at writing about them. Thanks, for the smile and laugh today; I needed it.
    Blessings to you and keep on enjoying the moments and sharing them.

  51. Ugghh, the disappearing three year old – I dread the day. Just today at the school, I thought the one year old was following me and when I looked back lugging two coats, a backpack and a lunchbox, he was out of sight. Love the creepy fog!

  52. Love the goblin! I have one of those hiding somewhere in my house, too!

  53. I bet you’ll be glad when the goblin time is over!
    Kids playing nicely together…………..that is just abnormal!

  54. LOL! There’s some creepy stuff going on at your house. You better sleep with one eye open! 🙂

  55. It’s fairy mutilation at our house…but better than stepping on it. 😉

  56. Children playing nicely? Possibly a cover up for yet another startling discovery yet to be made?!

  57. I wish I had more of that “kiddoes playing nicely” scary thing happening at my house lately 🙂

  58. ok….seriously spooked me out there 😉

  59. It’s really freaking me out whenever I learn that kids suddenly disappear. If only I could watch over them all day I would.

    P.S. I feel sorry for the horse.


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