The Toddler Olympics

Hello and welcome to the Toddler Olympics!

This competition requires intense focus, a bit of risk, and hours upon hours of practice.  My one-year-old, Dax, has been intensely training for the past month.

The Events

Food Testing
Goal: Test all household items for edibility. Dax tested out a foam toilet seat earlier this year.
This foam pear was also deceiving.

Results: After numerous bites the pear was determined to be inedible…for now.

The Great Wander
Goal: See how far you can get from your mother without her chasing you down.Results: Grand Champion.

Dry Ice Temptation
Goal: Attempt to get as close to the ice as possible
while resisting the urge to pick it up with your bare hands. Results: Dax was the clear winner on the event. My 3-year-old, Mase, was the clear loser.

Exercise Ball Balancing
Goal:  Stay on ball without falling off and bumping your head on the tile.
Results: Held on for an entire minute and surprisingly no head bumps.

Leaf Bug Survival
Goal: Play with the bug while trying not to kill it.Results: Contestant disqualified for giggling while attempting to squish.
No leaf bugs were harmed (seriously) in this event.

The Stealth Sink
Goal: Attempt to stay in sink as long as possible, without mom noticing. Results: Yet to be determined.  Dax is still going for the record.

Technology Quality Assurance
Goal: Test all computers, phones, and cameras for possible malfunctions.

Results: This event as been canceled until further notice.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Being grateful I didn’t spend very much money on my camera.


  1. ugh! guess you’ve got your hands full with this little guy. got to love the inquisitiveness of a toddler

  2. LOL, what is that all over your camera? Sweet potatoes?

  3. Aaaah, your poor camera! Now you have to get another one…darn!! You have quite the ‘lil character there…and a pretty cute one at that.

  4. This event looked like big fun…..then the splat on the camera. Cute little guy nonetheless.

  5. I wish I had just one ounce of Dax’s energy! He cracks me up! Looks like your shopping for a new camera!!

  6. Just a little heads up, we never grow out of the food tasting event-Just a guy thing I guess ROFL
    Dax is adorale, too bad about the camera You needed a new one anyway Right?

  7. Oh my gosh! Your poor camera!!! And the one of Dax in the sink? Hilarious!!

  8. Ew, what’s that stuff on your camera? Hehe…I have Malaysian representatives for your Toddler Olympics – how do I enter them as contestants? 😉

  9. This is so funny. Dax is so cute. He sure looks like he’s doing a great job at the technology QA bit. And also the wandering. (Was he making away with a pumpkin??) Thanks for leaving me a comment at Kiddothings! 🙂

  10. I”m going to count my blessings that Bear hasn’t made it into the sink yet.

  11. That is your kitchen sink? Wow! very pretty. (I know, I got side-tracked from the whole purpose of the post, but I love that sink!) And was that at Gardner Village?

  12. So funny!! Were you able to save the camera?

  13. Stephanie says:

    hahaha this is one competition I wish we could sit out!

  14. Hahaha! Oh my gosh! Y ou are hilarious! I read this one to my hubby 🙂 He liked your pics!

  15. Oh my gosh the picture of him in the sink made me nervous, what is with these boys and their climbing? I’m always finding C in the worst places! Love this post, looks like your boy is going to win the Olympics!

  16. Oh man! I hope your camera came out of that one ok! My son gave my FLIP video camera a bath a couple of weeks ago and that was the end of it. They don’t make things like they used to.

  17. –O, you never fail to crack me up with your humor & cleverness ;)) X

  18. Bummer about your camera!!! I hope that you can either fix it, or that you get a new one soon! 🙂

    I think this boy is going to give me a heart attack if he’s anything like Dax! 🙂

  19. Oh no, look at your camera! This has happened to my phone on various occasions but never my camera.

  20. I absolutely love how you put such a fun spin on the crazy things that kids do. I guess it is better than banging your head against the wall. Hope your camera survived!

  21. Um, sweet potato? LOL. I love the adventures of Dax. seriously, he should have his own comic strip.

  22. I steel myself anytime I see that a post will be about Dax because I know I’m going to be freaked out!! The picture of him in the sink is enough to make me faint!! And, I have had two dare-devils of my own, but he is clearly ready for the Olympics!!! Great post!!!! You really are one of my all time fav’s!!!

    • Thanks Kathy!!! And you know you’re one of my favorites too! I always look forward to reading your posts! I’m guessing your dare-devils could have easily kept up with Dax. when they were his age. 🙂

  23. Oh no, I would be laughing if that last pictures wasn’t so painful! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you!

  24. Do you not feed your kids?! The pear is hilarious!

  25. Hahahahaha! So funny!! Sorry about your camera but thankyou for the laugh 😉
    Your kids are awesome entertainment, there doesn’t seem to be a dull moment in your household lol

  26. Holy heck, your kids are so adorable! And I love the bite marks on the pear! LOL

  27. Your poor camera! I hope it isn’t broken! Your kids are cutie patooties! 🙂

  28. Oh my goodness, the camera!! You have a good sense of humor about this stuff – I’m impressed!

  29. This is great! (well, great for me, the reader…maybe for you, not so much!) I love the pic of the child in the sink. And my son went through the “is it edible” phase as well!

  30. This looks like so much fun! I hope your camera is okay!

  31. serious cuteness…the camera can be forgiven because of it…right?

  32. Oh my gosh, your kids are so cute!

  33. Haha! You’re camera looks like my candle lighter. I had it sitting on the table after the birthday party and I looked over and my son (22 months) was mashing the part where the flame comes out into chocolate cake. I took it apart to try to clean it and getting it back together was a joke so it ended up in the trash can. Too bad you didn’t include checking all the lighting fixtures in the house to make sure they turn on and off properly : )

    New fOllower! : ) Cute blog you have!

  34. Oh my goodness! It sounds like you have quite the team there!
    Yikes! The camera. Glad it wasn’t expensive.

    The kids are all so darn cute!

  35. You sure do have your hands full with him, huh? 😉

  36. Dax is clearly going for a gold medal sweep!

  37. He is a winner for sure.

    If the camera doesn’t work anymore maybe Santa wil replace it.

  38. Sink sitting has become very popular at my house. I love the ball activity myself.

  39. Your posts crack me up…I love the standing in the sink picture, I hope your camera is still useable so you can capture many more future Olympic events! (new follower)

  40. He is definitely a champion! Go Dax! Although I think my little Sam may have him beat on The Great Wander. On Saturday evening we were at the mall and Sam got away from us. We couldn’t find him for ten minutes! It was terrifying! So he might have the gold in that event, unfortunately!

  41. Oh man! Was that sweet potato on the camera? That gave me a heart attach and it wasn’t even mine! 🙂

  42. So funny! Fortunately and unfortunately I can relate to all of these.

  43. You’re genius at bringing together the random activities that made up this post…learning through testing the taste of foam, the feeling of dry ice, the fragile nature of an insect. I laughed and smiled through the pictures and captions. Too bad about your camera, though! Maybe you can find a replacement at

    • Thanks for your sweet comment Jenny! Amazingly my camera did survive, though the lens cover doesn’t open very easily now. And I checked out the used camera site. I’d still love to get a nice camera. That looks like a great option for me!

  44. You always catch them in the best moments!! Where is my camera when I need it!?!?! Love how you always wrap up the kids and their antics!

  45. H eis a handful! A cute one but you must be tired after all that:)

  46. OH MY GOSH that camera! I guess, better then it ending up in a toilet. Those kids, they’ll make you age faster. Last week I stopped Giada right before she was about to gum a stink bug to it’s death. Gross!

  47. cracking up!! omygoodness! this is a brilliant post. i literally said, “ohh NO” when i came to the picture of your sweet potato camera!
    i think we have that same exact potpourri. it looks exactly the same. i got it at walmart. and too funny, bc my friend’s son bit a chunk out of the green pear. they must be tasty! 😉
    i hope you’re having a happy monday!
    so glad you liked the video! 🙂
    lots of love,
    maria <3

  48. Oh that camera! That is just sad. Ryder would love to join in these Olympics. He also likes the events of standing on the piano- yes the keys itself before mom notices, toliet paper thieving and stacking and couch diving.

  49. Girl you never have a dull moment in your house do you? Is this what I have to look forward to with more children?

  50. Oh my goodnes.. I am tired just reading it all.
    The toilet seat stuff… *sick nasty!*

  51. your poor camera! your house is on full speed at all times. LOL!

  52. Oh No!

    The greatest question of all….will he survive to adulthood? Who knows…he’s quite an active one. He he he!

  53. I love that you turn every thing that would drive me crazy into a funny post! You’re kids are too cute!!

  54. Thanks for the much-needed smile today. 🙂

  55. And you are still itching for another monkey?? LOVE it!

  56. Your posts always crack me up! He’s a handful, huh?!?

  57. What in the world happened to your camera?! LOL! It looks like your daughter’s vomiting pumpkin got it.

    …and Dax has some really impressive core strength to stay on that exercise ball. I can’t even do that.

  58. Such a spirited guy!

  59. I love all your pictures and captions — so funny!
    I LOVE the “stealth sink” though – hilarious.
    I wish you lived closer… I’d love to see our kids in action together!

  60. How did he even get in the sink?? 🙂

  61. We have a couple technology testers in our house. And refridgerator climbers too. LOL! I love the pic of your camera with the mush on it. That looks like my cell phone.

  62. Haaa haa this was amazing, totally made my day. Your poor poor camera…it looks like it never had a chance 🙂

  63. OMG! Your camera! That totally sucks!! (But thank you for finding another camera with which to take a picture of said camera.)

    Dax has a lot of potential! I look forward to his older years!!

  64. What a character he is! hahahaha. I bet you can’t even blink without him getting into something,. hehe

  65. Somehow I missed this post. I love it.

    Your poor camera! And did he get into the sink alone? Yep, definitely a handful.

  66. That’s a very big ball how big is it did it last long


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