The Two Sides of My Toddler, Yikes!

My 2-year-old, Mase, has always been such a joyful child and very physical.  He loves to wrestle and takes great delight in a good headbutt. 

He has recently taken a step in a dismal direction and has started swiping random things from his siblings, then bopping them if they try to take it back.  We’ve been working on that one, but yesterday he stepped up his game:

Mase asked me if he could have his second juice of the day.

“No, you already had one juice today.  Please put the juice back.”

Moments later, my spidey senses detected something amiss.  I looked around and, sure enough, Mase was downing his desired juice.

I promptly confiscated the juice and, in my tough mommy voice, I told him he needed to go to his room for two minutes.

Shockingly, he had no interest in my declaration and stood his ground.  As I started to tote him to his room, we had such a precious moment when he says in his sweet little boy voice,  “I sawy Mom.”

I melt, then say, “Thanks Mase, but you still need to go to your room for two minutes.”

Suddenly, the sweetness is gone, “I say sawy Mom!” he barked at me.  Then, he clawed my arm using his full 2-year-old finger strength!  So much for my precious moment! After my sternest mommy reprimand, I left my growlilng scratching boy in his room, with the door shut, for about 15 minutes.

When I let him out, I showed him the red marks on my arm.

He says, “Oooh! Mom gaw owie!”

“Mase,”  I say, “you gave me that owie when you scratched me.  You do not steal drinks and you do not scratch Mommy.”

“Oh, sawy Mom,” he says earnestly.  “I go ge bandai.”

Oh, so sweet again.  All was followed by hugs, love yous, and band-aids.

I’m so hoping the scratching was a one time freak occurrence, but today I’m hiding all the juices and clipping his fingernails, just in case.

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Remember to find reasons to praise my children, 
even the especially naughty ones.


  1. Oh, so sweet and so devilish at the same time! That's a very smart thing to cut his nails, just in case! Moms have to protect themselves!

  2. Something must happen when they turn 2 because when I'd tell my daughter to go to timeout, she did it no questions asked until a few months ago and she's started refusing and throwing fits.

  3. I have one that started doing this and now he's six … and still has some impulse control issues. Most of my kids calmed down about his age and I'm hoping he does the same.

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