Three Simple Joys of My Life

#1 Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?  I’m sitting in my living room right now–my six year old daughter is fixing my hair.  OK, she is not the most gentle and my hair looks like a bird’s nest when she is done, but I love it!  I love anyone above two fixing my hair for that matter.  I wonder if all of those celebrities get tired of someone fixing their hair EVERYDAY!  I can only dream of how marvelous that would be.  For now, I will just enjoy the time with my six year old.

#2 This one might seem a little weird, but I am absolutely fascinated to watch people wrap presents. I could watch for hours–really.  Let me first say,  I don’t like to wrap presents myself, and when I do, it is usually a rushed and sloppy job.   So, let me clarify, I don’t like to watch people wrap presents like I wrap presents, I like watching those really meticulous people who fold every crease just perfect and use just the right amount of tape.  Amazing!  Is that learned or does it come naturally?  Oh, the mysteries!

#3 Now here’s something any mom could appreciate.  I love early morning alone time in my bedroom.  I can’t say this happens regularly, but I have a really wonderful husband that made this magic time happen just this morning.  He watches all the kids (who wake up at the crack of dawn!)  and I lay in my bed, sometimes sleeping, or meditating or praying, just having some minutes of complete peace, comfort, and contemplation.  Ahhhh…

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Take a few minutes for meditation.
As for me: Reward my husband with a shoulder massage.


  1. So I know this comment is quite late but I'm just reading through your blog now! I too love having my hair played with!! My three year old daughter will play with my hair for a minute or two right now. I'm hoping once she is older she will play with it for an extended period of time! Like a good hour!

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