Wake-Up Call!

This is what I found at my house last week.screws in outlet

This happened the day before Thanksgiving, and I was busy! It was an outlet that was out of view, behind a chair.  My three-year-old, Mase, was the culprit and fortunately didn’t get zapped.

We have sliding kid-safe outlets in our basement, but upstairs, as you can see, our outlets are uncovered.  I did such a thorough job covering them with our first, then none of our kids had ever taken a big outlet interest so we stopped bothering.  But, it only takes one time for a serious accident to happen.

I debated about posting this, though decided this was something I didn’t want to forget.  It was a wake-up call for me.  I know I can’t avoid all kid accidents.  I’ve seen them happen to some of the most careful parents, BUT, I can certainly take a few extra kid precautions.

And I’ll definitely keep praying daily for safety. I just hope my children’s guardian angels don’t get worn out!

Grateful Mom Goal:  Doing my best to protect my kids.

Have you had any “wake-up calls”?
I’m sure there are some other things I need to be reminded of.

outlet with childproof cover


  1. We still have ours covered, but once in a while an outlet cover disappears after vacuuming or something. I’m wondering when it is safe to take them away? When they hit 18? 😉

  2. oh goodness! so glad Mase is ok!
    Aubrey feel out of her bed when she was 5 and broke her collarbone, she has a tall bed so she feel quite a ways, but after that night we bought a rail so she could never fall out of bed! The weird thing was she had fallen out of bed before…it was just the luck of how she landed!

  3. So scary! I am glad the little one is okay.

  4. This made me gasp! I’m so glad he’s okay! I feel like my youngest needs to live in a house of cotton. She climbs everything and if we removed all of the climbing hazards, we would be left with a few rugs….

  5. Oh no! Good thing he stuck them in the grounding holes…

    We had so many reasons to redo our floors, but one that ranked highly was that the tile we had was incredibly hard, and I always worried about kids falling and getting a concussion. Doesn’t help that my friend’s daughter had a seizure after falling on tile (thankfully not ours!) I feel much better with soft wood. Carpet is even better, except not when it means your husband can’t breathe…

  6. that is scary. my biggest wake up call happened just after my oldest son started walking. we were in the garage and each of us thought the other person was watching my son and he walked out into the road. scary! because we figured it out when we heard brakes

  7. Oh my. That is so scary! I remember sticking something in the socket when I was little.. That’s all I remember about it. I’m glad this ended up being nothing more than a wake up call.

  8. Isn’t that scary? Ours was when Mia was 1, I caught her eating a glass ball ornament. Literally, pieces of glass and chips of paint in her mouth from the broken ornament. We took the ornaments off the tree, and didn’t put them on last year. She is three now, and we are going to try again, but be very watchful and not let her alone with the tree.

  9. whoa! that is scary!! So glad no one was hurt.

    When I was a kid, the “baby proofing” concept hadn’t really caught on. It was all trial and error, thankfully I wasn’t a very curious kid!

    When Christen was a baby, the biggest wake up call I had was learning just how fast those little 2yr old legs were! She LOVED to run away, you had to keep your hands on her at all time when out in public.. If I turned my back for just a second, she would be gone. This also applied to being at home. One second, she’s be playing with her duplos watching barney and in the next second, she’s be in the bathroom taking all the tp off the roll! haha

  10. Wow thats scary but glad everyone is OK. My kids are bigger now so they aren’t tempted by things like outlets but one time when my son was little he stuck his finger in the cigarette lighter in my car to see “what it would do” well it burned his finger black, thats what it did. I only turned my back for a second!

    • I never worried about the cigarette lighter before. My three-year-old is playing with my van dashboard all the time, especially when I’m waiting to pick up my daughters from school. I’ll keep a closer eye on that!

  11. Glad all is well – and I’m glad you shared it. None of us are perfect and it only takes a second for a serious accident to occur. It’s been a while since I’ve had little ones around and had to baby-proof, but my son’s friend’s daughter (who is 6 months and just started to crawl yesterday) lives here most of the time and I will have to get busy.

  12. that gives me the shivers! I need to do mine before Avery starts crawling- thanks for the reminder!!

  13. I got yelled at by my sister because I hadn’t properly tightened the straps on my niece’s car seat. Won’t forget that again!

  14. SO glad he is okay!

    Oh yes, I have had a few wake up calls. We had someone in our house to fix something. He left the basement door open and Logan (then 14 months old) fell down the steps within minutes of the man leaving. Let’s just say that there are gates EVERYWHERE in our house now. I cannot trust anyone to shut a door.

    Another wake up call was just the other day. It was Thanksgiving. My husband had the kids and Logan was jumping in his sister’s crib (that is still on the highest setting) and he jumped out. My husband caught him before he got too hurt but now Logan is not allowed to be in her crib (he climbs in on his own) and he is not allowed to play in their room alone.

    • Dax has taken a tumble down our basement steps and we have a gate! At the time, he could go down the steps on his stomach so I wasn’t too worried, but this time he just decided to step off the edge of the top step instead. Thankfully, our steps are carpeted and he was OK. He walks down now, but I still keep the gate closed most of the time.

  15. That is scary but obviouly your guardian angels were there for you. Now you have the reminder to be careful.

  16. When my daughter was little we had to buy special outlet covers that let you have something plugged in and it makes sure you can’t unplug it easily. I was on the phone with the Dr. for my daughter when the lights started flickering. She was pulling the cord in and out of the outlet, and she almost got her little fingers stuck between the outlet and the plug, yeah, running screaming, lunatic, dropping the phone Mom. They’ve been really helpful with my son, who is a monster. I have no idea where he gets his ideas, but most of them involve large amounts danger.

  17. when our granddaughter visited last month, we put outlet covers and safety locks on our cabinets. We took the safety locks off but I’m too lazy to take the outlet covers off, but it’s all good, keeps us safe as adults, too. 🙂

  18. If you go to the last post in May 2011 of my blog you will find one of my biggest wake up calls. It is definitely something I hadn’t thought of before and it was horrific. It involves a Kitchenaid and is titled “the ultimate kitchen catastrophe”, it is not for the faint of heart.

    I am glad you posted this because there are so many dangers we miss. I consider myself a good mom who is safe, yet I am sure I miss many things each day. Instances like this make us catch our breath, reevaluate and count our blessings.

  19. We started decorating for Christmas the other night and had some glass ornaments break already. So, I took some of those old, fragile balls and paper mached them with cute new paper so they would be less breakable and the kids would be less likely to step on broken glass.

  20. Glad he was okay. You are so right we have to keep stay awake. I let my guard a lot sometimes without realizing it.

  21. My biggest scare was when my 2 year old drank turpentine – that freaked me out good.. My son has also had a love for running off and has disappeared down the street without my knowledge on more than one occassion (and streets in India are much more dangerous than in the West).

    • Both those things sound so scary! I’ve called poison control (do they have that in India?) at least twice: gummy bear vitamin overdose and zofran. Thankfully, both my children survived, but I need to be more careful with what my kids have access to.

      • They probably do, but emergency numbers are not easy to find. There is no real system in place for emergency care, nothing like 911. Sometimes you read in the papers about ambulances being called but not showing up or coming too late. It’s a combo of reasons – bad organization, communication, traffic, etc. Can be scary at times. Makes me thankful my immediate neighbors are both pediatricians and in the turpentine incident one of them was home.

  22. My sister put a butter knife in an outlet one time. It gave her a little shock and turned the outlet and the surrounding wall – about 6 inches in diameter – black. That was back before they made outlet covers. That was the only time that ever happened at our house. I think that was pretty good considering there were 5 of us. I’m glad your son only had something round so he couldn’t get it to fit in the small slots for the outlet prongs. I think every family has to experience something like this at least once!

  23. I constantly have those kind of wake up calls with Lincoln…he is soooo crazy…holy cow…he makes me tired haha

  24. Seeing that picture brought a flood of memories back (and not good ones, the kind that make you shiver and think “what if”). Of course my oldest is not your typical child.

    *All of these happened when she was in someone else’s care (even though we obviously had some scary moments of our own)* When she was 18 months old (at the county fair) she escaped from the backseat of a car (child safety locks on and adults in the front seat-still have no idea how) and got across 2 parking lots and was climbing in with the cows when a stranger found her saying “hi” every time she heard the search and rescue officers yelling her name. The same week she got out the front door of my inlaws house (a door that is VERY difficult to open and loud) and got attacked by the dog less than 3 feet from the busy highway. She also managed to open my father-in-laws heart medication, my mom’s ibuprofen, drink scented oil, and in a separate incidence caused me to have to call Poison Control 3 times in one day! (Poison control is one of the speed dials on my phone and I memorized their number 1-800-222-1222)

    Look out for things that you might consider out of reach (especially with Dax) because with my oldest and now my almost 2 year old NOTHING is out of reach!!!

    Also watch the bathroom! My youngest is a toilet paper unrolling fiend! He’s also figured out how to climb up and get in the medicine cabinet, get himself a drink from the squirt bottle on top of a cabinet above the toilet, and how to turn on the sink. My inlaws were watching him the other day (while I was black friday shopping) and they had no idea he had been in the bathroom until they found my bedroom and bathroom completely flooded and the sink running!

    Oh the stories I could tell! I could fill a book with reasons to never let anyone else watch your kids and dangers you never thought about, but who needs more things to worry about as a mom? My only hope of my kids making it through childhood is prayer and the grace of God! No one could ever convince me that my faith in Heavenly Father is misplaced or that God doesn’t exist because I have SEEN Him work miracles in my life!

    • Thank you for this Jenn! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that has crazy stuff happen all the time! Those two stories about your escaping daughter happening in the same week is so scary!!! But miraculous at the same time that she was OK!

      Our little guys are so much alike! Dax LOVES the bathroom. He is constantly in there running the sink! And he will take anything that is on the bathroom counter and turn it into a cup! He was drinking from a candle the other day. He also just discovered the medicine cabinet in the laundry room. He had to climb to get to it. None of my other kids even knew it was there!

      Yes, working to be extra careful and by the grace o God our kids will be OK!

  25. Yikes! I bet that was a big wake-up call! That could have been bad. But luckily it wasn’t. Don’t beat yourself up too much though – it is physically impossible to protect your kids from everything. I mean, those little boogers can think of things we never could to get into. Just pray, pray , PRAY. :o)

    Also, I feel the need to mention this. It’s funny now, but certainly wasn’t I’m sure for Cory’s mom when he was little. TWICE my husband stuck something into an electrical outlet and was shocked. He survived both times….and it still quite intelligent (except for the times he thinks I’m wrong).

  26. We had a plug break into our socket last week (the bottom prong) and my husband went to pull it out with pliers and I was worried about him shocking himself, but he said that THE BOTTOM SOCKET IS THE GROUND AND IT DOESN’T SHOCK YOU. Still, that’s very scary.
    My oldest daughter cut a wire once with my husband’s wire cutters (he’s an electrical engineer) and the wire cutters (that were insulated luckily) burned up a little and the power box had to be reset. It was scary!

  27. Mine was about a year and a half ago. My son was about 3 1/2 and my daughter would have been about 18 months. They were playing outside with sidewalk chalk on the patio. I was watching them from inside through the screen door. My sis-in-law called me and asked me to look something up on the computer for her. I was on the computer and talking to her but could still see the kids. Then I glanced up and they had moved out of my vision. I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought they were on the side of the patio I couldn’t see through the doors. I found the information for my SIL and got off the phone. Then I went to tell the kids to stay where I could see them. They were nowhere. Our yard is split into two. One is the side with the little patio and the other side has the pool. There is a fence with a gate between them and we always keep that gate locked. We had a party that weekend and someone had unlocked the gate and left it opened. I found the kids both leaning over the pool dangling their arms in. Needless to say we had a very long, a bit emotional, lecture about pool safety. And whenever they are outside I don’t let them out of my sight!

  28. Glad your little guy is ok. Kids find so many things to get into. I know mine have had some close calls. All I can say is it is indeed a blessing that kids have Guardian Angles.

  29. I may have a picture (or two) of Kaylin taking a screwdriver to our outlets, but in her defense, it’s because she saw her Daddy putting outlet covers on after we painted so I think she was trying to “help” Outlet protectors make excellent stocking stuffers 🙂

  30. That is scary!! I thought since my son is now 4 that he knew better, but it wasn’t until he was 4 that he actually tried to stick something in it!! So needless to say the protectors are still in place….possibly until he is 18. lol

  31. Totally had a moment like that! Monkey saw an electrical outlet without the cover. Mr. Man forgot to put it on after vacuuming. Well, guess who thought they would help out mommy and put it back on? Thank God I caught him before he put it in there.

    Yes, it is plastic – but I dont want him to get the idea that putting stuff in there is ok.

  32. So glad your little guy is safe! We also pray for safety every day. So many things can happen… Guess I better go buy some new plug covers too. I have gotten a bit lazy about them.

  33. Whew.. that must have been frightening. 😛 Thank the Lord that they weren’t zapped! That would’ve been terrible. It is good though, that you had that wake up call without an accident!

    In Christ,

  34. That is so scary! Luckily he stuck them in the grounding holes. I noticed at church that the nursery does not have the outlets covered! And yes, best to be safe as with kids something is going to happen at some point

    • Yes, glad it was the grounding holes! I’ve thought about the church outlets before as I’ve seen children fascinated with them. I’m surprised our church doesn’t use the sliding outlets with all the kids around.

  35. My inner mother is taking a few moments to calm down…

    Sweet’ums was never interested in sockets. We got really lucky there since she has a really odd sense of personal safety. For us the dangers are more like her fascination with water and her complete disregard for speeding cars. And the fact she takes things very, very literally, but that’s a very special hazard.

    I hope you are able to head off any further safety issues.

    • My niece, who is autistic, also has a love of water and disregard for cars. She nearly got her mom and herself seriously injured once when she bolted into a busy street. I think it was a highway. So, I know you’ve got your hands full girl. I’ve been thinking about you today. Hope you’re doing a little better.

  36. I am so glad that he is alright!!!

    I don’t really want to say this, because I don’t want to jinx myself, but thus far we haven’t had too many crazy things happen. Although my husband did come out of the bedroom the other day to find my daughter trying to climb on the guard rail. When we have this little boy, we may have to reposition our couch.

  37. I think just when you think you’re in the clear that’s when they start playing with things they aren’t supposed to! I still have some more outlets I need to cover too…most are but a few aren’t!

  38. eep! I’ve got plenty that haven’t been covered in my own house!! I’m like you– since my first didn’t find much interest in them, we haven’t been as good about it… I guess my wake up was when I put my son on the kitchen counter thinking he would just sit there as I turned to grab something and he fell off and hit his head… or the time I was talking and hold his hand as he sat on the first steps of a pool and fell over into the water… Agh, makes me feel horrible remembering those moments.

  39. oh, scary! it’s like when i found my little one with a wad of paper in her mouth the other day…she started choking and i had to wack her back!!…frightening and a wake up call for me.

    oh, deary.


  40. Glad all is well. Stuff like that happens to us all. So, don’t beat yourself up. Live and learn, right??

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving tho! 🙂

  41. Whoa! So glad he is ok!

  42. For the first time in my 27 years of being married, my husband finally decided it was safe to have a REAL knife set. Seriously. he was always afraid of the worst so we had crappy knives for years. I’m glad to know that we didn’t have any wake up calls with them

    • That’s funny!!! We have the worst knives, which is good. I accidentally grated my finger with one of them the other day–it didn’t even draw blood it was so dull. Though for Thanksgiving this year I invested in a few cheap new knives. I hardly use them and keep them on about the only shelf in the entire house that is NOT climbing accessible.

  43. That is SO SCARY! I can’t believe he didn’t get shocked. Lucky Duck!

    As for wake up calls, I have dreams. Very detailed and vivid dreams. Forewarning, you could call them. But, I call them blessing and tender mercies from the Lord. My children have been spared many-a-times because of His watchful care.

    keep Praying…You kiddos need it.

  44. I admire you for posting this. So many Mamas probably would be hesitant to. And I’m sure, are so thankful you did!
    We all need those wake up calls!! So glad he is okay and safe!

    I have wake up calls often. They usually occur bc I’m a clutz and sometimes (ok, almost always) scatter brained.
    As cliche as it sounds for a wake up call…I’m realizing more and more how much we have to cherish each day.

    Wishing you a happy night!!

  45. Oh boy! Thanks for the reminder. Your kids Guardian Angels must’ve been working overtime. Thank God for them. We used to be very careful with our first but with the 2nd, we’ve been pretty laid back. Thanks for reminding me that we should be on our toes all the time with these things.

  46. Very scary! Glad he didn’t get hurt. Sometimes you forget to look at things through the eyes of a child–I’m sure it never would have occurred to you that any of your kids would do that! I mean, I’ve heard of pennies in the outlets, but this looks worse! :/

    We have child-proof outlets here that are so child-proof, I can’t even plug anything in. I think you need those!

  47. Looks like a lot of us have had a scary moment or two after reading all of your comments. I’m so happy Mase was okay. I definitely feel like our little ones and sometimes our even older ones have someone looking out for them. My worst moment was when my youngest was 18 months. I turned my back from her while she played on the kitchen floor with tupperware and when I looked back she was falling from the kitchen table. She had climbed up and was reaching for something on another piece of furniture that she must have thought was close but wasn’t. She ended up in the ER with a buckle break in her wrist.

  48. I am so happy that he’s ok. 🙂

  49. Oh, scary moment! Thank God for guardian angels!

    I really have to watch my girls when I am cooking/baking because they want to help so bad. My own champion climber was up at the stove stirring the KD the other day — I only turned to get the milk from the fridge! damn she’s fast.
    Moments like these are my weapons when others scoff at the idea that as a SAHM, I don’t have time to shower. Good Lord, can you imagine what they’d get into in the amount of time it takes to shower — if they are at the stove in the span of time it takes to grab the milk? I shudder at the thought….

  50. Oh my goodness! That would freak me out. However, it isn’t as bad as my first wake-up call. I had been begging my husband to attach my daughter’s dresser to her wall for a year, but he never did it and I eventually forgot about it. One day, she decided that it would be cool to use the drawers as “stairs” to climb to the top. She ended up pulling the dresser over onto her and thankfully it was only full of a few clothes. She wasn’t hurt really, but it scared the *bleep* out of me. I will never again forget to attach furniture to the walls with a toddler in the house.

    • Oh, that’s so scary!!! So glad she was OK! And that’s the biggest danger at my house right now, especially with my climber. I’ve been doing the same thing. I keep saying we need to do that and then we don’t. Thank you for this reminder!!! I will follow through this time–I mean that!

  51. I’m sure that once you think you’re in the clear is when they start to get adventurous on you. Accidents happen, but they sure are a wake up call!

  52. I never had to protect anything with my oldest child. Now with my youngest it seems I have to child proof everything. Even the top of the fridge. Good luck.

  53. We had an outlet wake up call too! My husband used an outlet and forgot to recover it. We went months and since it was tucked away we never thought about it until we saw our 2 year old trying to shove things in there. Luckily it wasn’t anything metal and luckily we caught him doing it.

  54. When I was like five or six I took some steel wool and stuck my hands in an open bulb socket and got zapped lol, my parents never knew, I got a big inflamed boil on my finger from that though and I still remember the sensations I felt.

    Its good to know the little one is okay, my parents have never baby proofed any of our outlets, actually growing up in Guyana, there is no such thing as baby proofing your home, and there is rarely anything crazy that happens.

    • That’s crazy you didn’t tell your parents. One time I got hit by a car. I told my parents because they were going to find out anyhow, but I never told them how much pain I was in! I was embarrassed.

      I don’t think my parents baby proofed either, at least not much.

  55. Oh goodness! Glad he is ok!! I think we all need a wake up call every now and then!

  56. I saw my little brother go flying across the room from messing with an outlet, so I had protective covers on mine before the kids were born. But if it hadn’t been for that, I may not have realized how important it is. I’m glad everything was ok!

  57. don’t you love it when your kids do something that scares the crap out of you? (NOT!) My 3 y/o is constantly doing something to give me heart palpitations. and he can take those covers off the outlet better than I can!

  58. Oh gracious that looks like a close call. Which reminds me, I need to cover all of ours, ’cause this kid is getting curious.
    My close call was with the stair gate. I keep forgetting to put it up, and Giada wants to climb them all the time. Which she does a really good job at, it’s just the coming back down that’s not so good.

  59. This is one of my worst fears. I do my best to keep them covered, but Ethan loves to pull out what I do have plugged in and I’m afraid he will get zapped one day. Shew. It could happen to anyone!

  60. Aww, sorry you had that scare! So grateful your little dude is okay.

    I’ve had a couple moments like that. One was when I gave my 4 year old (at the time) a couple Altoids. He choked and I had to do the Heimlich Manuver!

    The other was just stupidity on my part. I let my 6 year year old (at the time) hold the gas pump after I got it started. I was thinking he’d feel like a big boy, not realizing you’re not supposed to let kids hold the gas pump. He got distracted, as 6 year olds are wont to do, and pulled the pump out part of the way while still holding down the handle. Gas sprayed on his face and got in his eyes. It stung, and we had to go to the ER for an eye exam to make sure there was no chemical burn! He was fine, thank God, but it was really scary.

    Thank God for guardian angels!

    • So glad those both turned out OK! I had to do the Heimlich once on my oldest daughter. She has just gotten an expander (dental device) and wasn’t chewing her food. I didn’t think much of it until she started chocking on watermelon. One of my scariest experiences!

  61. Oh i’m so thankful he’s ok. I can honestly say ours aren’t all covered but I think I need to do something even though my daughter is 4. Thanks for sharing this.

  62. Liesel Thomas says:

    Oh Wow! I have a 3-year-old like that. I bought a different kind of outlet covers that she can’t (as of now) get into. I got them from One Step Ahead.. They are the kind where you put a new plate on and you have to slide it to get a plug in and it only opens the one you are plugging in. Then when you take it out the safety plate slides right back into place. Highly recommend! http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=534501&parentCategoryId=85183&categoryId=85216

    • We got those when we finished our basement and love them! I think any place with kids should have those. I’m a little cheap right now or we would have gotten them for upstairs too. They’re much easier than the outlet covers.

  63. Wow! He’s lucky. Kids are amazing.
    Great reminder.

  64. Yikes, that’s scary! I’m so glad he was okay. I feel like there are a number of safety things I overlook or don’t think about because my kids don’t get into too much usually. But I know I should be more careful. Thanks for the reminder!

  65. My heart stopped when I saw that picture! I’m so glad you posted it because as all the other comments show, kids can really get into anything. I too think it tends to happen after you have been parenting for a while because you start to “trust” the kids a bit more. We have had our own “God gives you a free one” moments!! Just last week my 6 year old was cleaning up his room and he closed his chest of drawers, of course his older brother did not close the upper drawers so all of sudden I heard a crash and saw a tall chest of drawers on him. Thank God he was more scared then anything but it did make me think. I haven’t worried about that stuff for years thinking my kids were too old to get into that kind of trouble. Thanks for the wake up call. So glad Maze is fine!! Love to you!!

  66. Thanks for deciding to share. I’m sure someone else needed that wake up call. Glad your baby didn’t get hurt. So scary!

  67. Don’t let your two year old hold your take away coffee whilst you buckle him in the car lol although it never burnt him, thanks to mcDonalds and their mediocre coffee temps, but still…not a wise decision on my part!

  68. Yikes! That definitely is scary to say the least. Most of our outlets are covered but I’ve found a few times that some had the covers off because someone failed to replace them after using the outlet. Of course who finds the uncovered outlet first? The youngest! It’s scary.

  69. My sis-in-law stuck a key in the outlet as a kid and got quite the shock. These are so alluring to kids, though not sure why.

    When my oldest was little and palmed a hot iron I had a wake up call about anything that gets plugged and hot.

  70. Yikes! We just installed the outlet covers this week.

  71. Yikes! I am glad no one was hurt. I think it is impossible to create a 100% child proof home, kids are so unpredictable. My issues are cords, we have sooo many. It doesn’t ,matter how hard I try to hide them, she finds them! My wake up call was when my daughter pulled a lamp off of a table and thankfully it did not hit her.

  72. So scary and, unfortunately, one of mine has done the same but with different objects. I thought I had all of mine covered but he found one.

  73. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Boys just tend to go for the dangerous stuff like that. Since I had my step-daughters, and anything that happened would have automatically been my fault being the non-blood, I was just overly cautious all of the time.. I would have nightmares about things that could happen, so I always had every possible scenario mapped out in my head, but you still can’t stop everything;) I’m much less stressed out as an empty nester!:).

    When I think back to growing up though with the 7 of us, and all of the major accidents we had, like my brothers breaking each other’s bones, and splitting my leg open on a motorcycle crash, and catching Betina’s eyelid with a fishing hook, and my youngest sister putting her finger in the fan, and I could go on and on–I don’t know how we’re alive today!!

  74. Last night Arya figured out how to open the oven all by herself! She’s 16 months old. Luckily the oven had been off for a while, so it wasn’t hot and we were sitting in the kitchen when it happened. Good thing my husband ordered oven straps yesterday. I didn’t think I would need for a while longer.

    Our kids will find every little thing we think they won’t or we miss. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone…..I hope. 🙂

  75. That is truly scary. I am glad he didn’t get hurt. I stuck a bobby pin in one once. I was older than three when I did it. I think I was 10 actually!!!

  76. I could so see this happening at my house.

  77. Wow! That’s scary! Thank goodness he’s okay!

  78. I had a similar wake up call when my son was a toddler. (He is 20 yrs old now.) He almost stuck a fork in the outlet.

  79. Accidents like this usually happens.Little ones sticking anything into electrical outlets. It’s relieving to hear your baby is alright.

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