Who Is This Child??? A New Talent: Revealed!

Do you have a child that reminds you of yourself?  My 5-year-old, Evie, does not take after me, apparently.

On Monday, we took a family trip to a children’s museum; three hours of germ-filled kid merriment!

I noticed Evie was spending a long time in the pretend kitchen.  I finally peeked in to see what she was up to.  She had organized the fridge!  THEN, she happily moved on to organizing the drawers!

Who is this child!?!

My 2-year-old, Mase, also has his strengths.  He found Evie in the kitchen and, in record time, overloaded that same fridge with extra junk.  Then, he almost completely emptied it. Yes, that one’s all me!

Grateful Mom Goal of the Week:  Encourage Evie’s new-found talent, 
after she recovers from her museum-induced stomach flu.


  1. I love it! The stomach flu makes me lol – I feel that way too and try to be calm when I visit play places and such! Thanks for the BF follow!

  2. The stomach bug (which we are dealing with here too) is not so great, but the organization is awesome! By the way, my kid was probably the one who messed it all up in the first place. 🙂

  3. Knock on wood…we're still healthy here (for the moment!!) So cute that she likes to organize!! My 5 yr old is that way. My 9 yr old used to be that way but has now turned it to a pile maker!!

  4. Unfortunately we have not been spared by the stomach flu…hope you all are luckier!

  5. Hey there! Found you in the comments section of someone else's blog. 🙂 It's hard to find mommy blogs where there are actually posts about family/kids! Following you now.

  6. Gotta love public places 😛 She's welcome to come organize my fridge and the rest of the house…after she recovers from the stomach flu of course!

  7. Oh gosh they are so cute! I always wanted a pretend kitchen, even as a teen I would make the kids I babysat play with me in the play kitchen. I hope everyone is feeling a bit better, I know everyone is down with something right now. Blame it on the weather! I hope my mom's healing chicken soup helps, Kate

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