You Know You Could Be A Better Mother When:

You stray from your cereal routine and give your daughter a breaded sausage for breakfast.

Like most days, you run out of time to pack her a healthy lunch for school, so you tell her to buy school lunch.

She comes home from school the same day and says, “Mom, this was the best day ever!  I got a corn dog for my breakfast and a corn dog for my lunch!”

You check the school lunch menu and, sure enough, her options were Southwest Rice Bowl or Pancake Sausage.  Was there really any question what she would choose?

You decide to stick with the theme, but switch it up a bit.  You give her a real corn dog for dinner.  OK, just kidding about the the corn dog for dinner.  We actually had McDonald’s.

Grumpy Mom Goal of the Day: I think it’s pretty obvious.

Everyday Goals:  Day 6: Do something nice for someone.  Organize-anything!


  1. Hey there girl!! I love your blog!! Your font is so fun!! Too funny about the school choices for food.. sounds like my son though when he comes home and says he wants hot dogs, french fries, milk and ketchup. In that order. I am your new blog friend/follower!!! YAY!

  2. That is funny! I am a mom of four and sometimes these days just happen and there is nothing we can do about it (except maybe pause time) Lol!

  3. what's really funny- i got tired of serving cereal and wanted them to have a hot breakfast and….. guess what i got? i have a hard time in the am (i have rumatoid arthritis and mornings are bad) i actually felt good about the sausage rolled w pancake cause it's a hot breakfast instead of cold cereal! lol

  4. thanks for the follow! following back!!

    this is too funny!!! at least you had the courage to stray from the cereal…i cant even say that 99.9% of the time.

    My husband a few mornings ago got up with the kids while I slept in, I got up around 9 and came downstairs to all of them eating PIZZA on the couch!! his reasoning was “they were supposed to eat it the night before for dinner, but didn't so why not just give it to them 12 hours later, whats the difference?”

    now that i type that out…i really hope it wasnt the SAME 12 hour old dinner pizza :/

  5. My son thinks a sausage wrapped in a pancake is the best breakfast ever!! Any day that starts like that is his favorite day. Love your blog!

  6. Too cute! Oh the wondrous days of simple child ecstasy. Enjoy, savor, relish, steep yourself in these moments… 12 is coming soon… and from 12-14, I often wondered who was living inside my daughters' heads… and why she hated me.. sometimes.. just often enough to drag me startled and unsuspectingly from my position of “mom” to … “Woman who wants to ruin all the fun, and intently plans such events 24/7.”

    I found you from the link on Danielle's post where you received the Stylish Blogger Award. I see why you were awarded such. Congratulations!

  7. Love, love this post! You sound just like me!!!!! 🙂 Usually my son comes home and says (when I have ordered pizza)…mom, I had pizza for lunch, now pizza for dinner…and most likely cold pizza for breakfast. Cause that's how I roll too! 🙂

  8. Thanks for visiting Calamity Kate's this week.
    Check it out, you are featured at Calamity Kate's Kitchen! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Seriously – I think we are long, lost mom twins!?
    I have 4 & some days my 4 yr old has cookies for breakfast. Ugh.
    Found you via Calamity Kate. Happy weekend!

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