Quest to Take Back the House–the Battle Begins

Now it the time!  I’ve got a drive-free day until 3pm, so I plan to make some serious cleanup progress.   This morning is reserved for my  laundry room battle.  When you can’t see the floor you know the laundry has won.  But I will never give up!  I am fighting back–again.

The afternoon will be dedicated to cleaning up the overstuffed toy area in the basement.  With both of our families out of state, our toys really get stocked up from birthday and Christmas grandparent gifts.

My Mom is especially into getting those $5 stuffed animals that come with books from Kohl’s.  I think she likes that the profit goes to charity.  Our stuffed animal population is quite plentiful.   Our house in the happenin’ place for animal hospitals, animal preschool, and an occasional wild animal party.  I am also never lacking when I need to find an stuffed animal/bug match for my preschooler’s show and tell letter.

Cleaning up toys should be a fun kid activity too…I hope.  My kids usually love going through the toys and seeing what they have forgotten.  Just need to figure out some sort of rotation/storage system.

City Dog, Country FrogOn a triumphant note,  I finally read “City Dog, Country Frog” to my kids without crying. 

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Make progress in quest to take back the house.  Never give up!


  1. LOL Janae, you're too funny….on a not so funny note just reminded me my laundry is waaaaay past due!…ahhhh

    I don't have any kids, but I always wondered if kids really do organize their toys?…I mean, once they're in their little hands, doesn't it make them want to play all of a sudden?? lol
    I hope you have a very productive day! ^_^

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