The Magnificent Money Experiment

I made a quick trip to Walmart yesterday.  I needed to grab only a few things for dinner.  Halfway through our shopping trip my three-year-old says to me, “Mommy, yo cawt is full!”   Whoops.

But in my defense, we absolutely needed those hair barrettes, water color paints, Halloween hand soaps,  pumpkin carving kit, Batman underwear, and Breath Right nose strips for kids (you have to try those).   Also, I didn’t even buy the $24 fog making machine that I REALLY wanted.  So, we actually saved money.

Today, I’m guest posting for one of my favorite blog friends, Amanda from Gratefully Growing in Grace.   She’s fairly new to blogging, so I hope you’ll follow and get to know her.  She’s  immensely creative with her kids and she lives in my home state of Iowa.  

I’m talking about my extreme money saving experiment.  Head over there and check it out. 

Gratefully Growing in Grace


Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  I will refrain from driving back to the store to buy the fog machine. 


  1. It is so easy to find extra things to put in my cart too.

  2. I didn’t think “quick trip” and “Wal-Mart” could be in the same sentence. Sounds like me when I go to Target!

  3. I so feel you with the Wal-Mart trip. I ALWAYS come out with “extras” that aren’t on the list…especially if the kids are with me. I am there more than I would like to admit 🙂 I would rather shop elsewhere but their prices seem to be better…the cheepy in me wins out.

  4. Heading over there.

  5. I Will head over there. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I am just leaving another comment because I realized I put in the wrong web address for my blog. Whaat!! Sorry!

  7. We call Wal-Mart the “$100 Store”, because you can’t leave there w/out having spent $100 or more! 🙂

  8. Why is it that we can never go into a store and just buy what we came in for?! drives me nuts!! it’s even worse when the kids are with us. now my husband on the other hand can go to the store for milk and come home with just milk!!!

  9. Lol allll my shopping trips end like that! W three lil girls it’s nearly impossible! I’ll head over and check out your friends blog 🙂

  10. I’m that way with Target. Sometimes, I even try to hide some of the bags and bring them in later. I know, its horrible but ya do what ya gotta do to get that fog machine 🙂

  11. That’s funny somebody called it the $100 store because that is what we call Sam’s Club!

  12. GG Darling,
    Sounds like me going to Target… lol xoxo

  13. Well it’s hard for me to go into The Wal – but I know what you mean about full carts! Oof!

  14. Ugh. Happens to my cart every.single.time. Ryan outwardly groans whenever I mention I have to run to the store “just really quick.” 🙂

  15. I like the fact that we have a Walmart grocery store close by so it’s easier to bypass the splurges than if I went to the big store

  16. too funny! that’s how I am at Target 🙂

  17. I’ve started getting a basket to keep down the shopping and the “full cart” problem. Probably not as easy with a kiddo, BUT it would help! Wonderful post at Gratefully Growing in Grace!

  18. Wally is my nemesis. It’s amazing how much I spend when I am following my list!

  19. That’s so funny! It’s amazing how many “extras” end up in my cart!

  20. But if you had that fog machine, you could hide in the fog and no one would know where you were…

  21. it’s so easy to get lost in those stores. I never seem to spend less than 50 dollars on every Target trip.

  22. you know, I always try to think the same way. I SAVED SO MUCH MONEY by not buying __________ (e.g. those orange and black Halloween cookies)

  23. Pretty sure I NEVER leave Walmart spending less than $50 bucks but I swear…I need everything

  24. —I love your posts soooooooooo much :)) Xx

    why did n’t you get the damn fog machine???

  25. I’m probably the only person whose husband encourages her to buy a couple extra things when she’s out. He just feels guilty that I never get out of the house. 🙂 I love your posts. They always make me smile!

  26. I’ve wanted to not spend money for a month too, except on essentials, but I haven’t been able to do it. I think it’s awesome that you guys were able to! And the exact same thing happens to me when I go shopping at Target. For the most part I stick to my list, but there usually a few extras I throw in and other things that I resist the temptation to buy. I tell my husband that it could be so much worse–there’s so much out there that I’d like to get and don’t!

  27. I like your goal for today! Heading over now to follow and visit.

  28. Hahaha! That is a great way of looking at “saving money”…I’m totally going to use that on my husband 😉
    Off to visit your guest post

  29. This happens to me all the time… at Walmart and Target… Off to visit the guest post

  30. Story of my life. I can’t go into target and not get a million things. Forget about it when I bring hayley.

  31. I can’t allow my self to go to wal-mart if I am only shopping for one item. Because I end up with a full cart just like you. 🙂

  32. A fog machine?!! Hahaha, you have to go back and buy it!

  33. I even try to keep to budget by carrying a basket……but that doesn’t always work either. I still end up with a ton of stuff packed into a little basket. lol

  34. Oh my gosh; I shop just like you. I am always buying more items at Wal-mart due to them being cheaper. I also rationalize that I save money when I don’t buy something I want. I love your posts! I LOL alot with some of the cute things you post.

  35. That’s me every time I step in a Target or Wal-mart. My husband doesn’t understand but you really do see things that you need but you didn’t know you needed them…lol. I used to be that way at the grocery store too until I started making lists and sticking to them.

  36. I’m impressed you didn’t get the fog machine!! That is a lot of willpower!! I will check out your guest post!! Take care!

  37. Thedesertrocks says:

    Sounds like a fun Halloween is around the corner for everyone involved! I save money by staying at home and writing. Just kidding–but my kids are grown so I have no excuse for buying a fog machine or anything fun. LOL

  38. I’ll head over and read it.
    Ya, shopping, it’s the bane of the budget.
    I’m doing an experiment this month. I’m not shopping for till the middle of November. EXCEPT, milk.
    Can NOT do powdered.

  39. Is it sad that now all I can think about is how much I want a fog machine?


    I’m okay with that.

  40. Yes, this is my also my version of “running out to get a few things” . But like you, I always have a deep need for each of the items. My poor husband is always astounded at how easily I can spend $70 or $80. But ironically he never complains that he’s got enough socks or toothpaste!

  41. Oh my gosh! no matter what I go to WalMart for, even if its just to get milk it costs me $100. I always find stuff I NEED.

  42. Ya gotta shop minus the cart. The cart costs you MONEY!!!!

  43. I’m heading over to read the guest post now, but I just had to say that I was JUST talking about this phenomenon with other bloggers at an event I went to yesterday. For me, it’s always at Target. Because you go for food, and then they have alllll these other sections and you feel like, “Well, as long as I’m here, I might as well look.”

    Of course, you never just look, you always buy.

  44. That is why I should never go shopping by myself. I always buy too much.

  45. Ha! I love that you count that $24 not spent as money saved. My husband never seems to agree when I try to use that same argument.

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