The Homely Good Deed

I did a good deed this past month.   It doesn’t happen very often, so I thought I’d share.

My husband left for work early, and I was taking my daughter to school.  I painstakingly piled all four kids into my stuff-strewn minivan and embarked on my three-minute journey to the school.

I was wearing my loveliest black fleece pants, which attract every piece of lint available.  Why do I keep wearing these?  My hair resembled a large brown frizzy lion’s mane.  I was also barefoot and sporting my homeliest glasses.  Then, of course, no makeup.  Do you have the visual?

No worries.  My windows are slightly tinted and I have my stealth drop-off routine down to a science. I wouldn’t even need to get out of the van.

Only something thwarted my perfect plan.

There was a minor bike/scooter collision on the sidewalk.  One boy was down and crying.  No other cars! Oh no!

I quickly stopped and leaped my unsightly self out of my van.  “Are you OK?”  Crying, more crying.   I felt for injuries on his sore ankle.  Thankfully, he was fine and able to walk after a few more minutes.

Then I turned back to my van.

I had an audience.  Three cars had formed a line behind my van.  They couldn’t get past because I left my van in the middle of the small road with the door open.

I’m definitely not cut out for any more good deeds this year.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Month:  Making myself lovelier earlier.


  1. What a good samaritan you are! You’re definitely cut out for more good deeds. Only, the next time, remember to pretty yourself up first ok?

  2. Awww! That was sweet of you, though. I’m sure they understood! LOL! Making yourself lovely earlier! Too funny. I know I’ve gone without brushing my teeth, combing my hair or putting a bra on, just praying that I wouldn’t need to get out of the van for any reason.

  3. hahaha I had the same stealth drop off routine down pat. Now my kiddos are on the bus I can hide behind the trees on my porch wearing whatever I like lol

  4. Ahhh that was so nice of you! I have those “same” pants, I call them my “no ones gonna see me” pants…

  5. Heather H says:

    That kind of thing happens to me when I am wearing pants with holes in them. See? It could have been worse. You could have added flashing your panties through your holey pants to the list. 😉

  6. What’s the rule – always wear clean underwear because you never know? Yeah, I say that, but I walked the kids to the bus stop this morning with my hair pulled back but somehow still sticking up, a ratty sweatshirt, and workout pants. A pair I swore I would only wear for working out.
    You did a great thing though. His mom would be thrilled you stopped. I would be.

  7. I think I’ve forgotten how to wear makeup.

    You were very nice to stop 🙂

  8. Wow. I’m glad the kid was ok! My hubby doesn’t understand why I get dressed completely to go the bus stop, even when he drives us. It’s stuff like this! You never know! Today a kid on a bike darted out in front of my neighbor and there’s cops down there and stuff. Kid is fine, neighbor is all shook up. She’s in her jammies. 🙁

  9. You actually did TWO good deeds! You helped the kid and made the other moms feel better about their crazy hair and linty clothes =)

  10. That would happen to me, I just know it. Good for you for doing the right thing:)

  11. I’m sure that boy was do happy you stopped. Eh, they won’t remember what you looked like…don’t almost all moms wear things they wouldn’t to drop their kids off?!

  12. kudos to you!!! Not many people would have stopped in their finest attire!! 🙂

    you’re pretty darn awesome! 🙂

  13. I’m sure you will perform more good deeds in your future. You can’t help it as it is your nature!

  14. What a lovely good dead – you’re clearly the kind queen of the carpool lane!

  15. I so wish you drove through our neighborhood in case that ever happened to one of my girls! How sweet of you to stop…in your hairy fleece pants, lion mane and no make up! You were the poster child of most moms but in the best form…

  16. that was kind of you to stop, who knows how many cars hard already driven past the poor child. I’m sure the kid didn’t care if you were frizzy haired in fleece pants.

  17. Oh that is so funny! I have done things like that before…only worse…to Mike’s work. Last year our car was broke so if I wanted to go anywhere, I took him to work. Since it’s about a mile from our house, and a straight shot, super cold outside in the middle of winter, I would usually just wear my pj’s sometimes not even washing my face yet. I have had to get out at his work, or have someone come up to the truck to talk to us…with make up down my face, and all sorts of other fun things. LOL I feel your pain! 🙂

  18. That was so nice of you to stop and check on him. You are a good mom role model. 🙂

  19. I am so glad to know I am not the only one who leaves the house in such a state…and barefoot to boot. I’ve gotten to the point where actually getting dressed to leave is a distant memory lol. I just always pray there is no reason I have to get out! The dark tinted windows I have are so awesome at hiding me.

    I am so glad you stopped. I would have done the same thing, but so many wouldn’t have. Do you remember that news story from a few weeks back where that little girl in China was ran over by a car and people just kept passing her by? Kudos to you for not even considering yourself and just jumping out to help someone!

  20. I think I own those same pants.. haha
    You go girl! It shows the goodness in your heart.. to not even think about it!

  21. good for you! I say, when caught in the moment like that……just own it! Besides, no one else obviously stopped to help. — your beauty shines through your good works!

  22. I usually look all kinds of disheveled when I go to our local Wall Mart (which is 3min away from us). But I figured I’m in good company there.
    And don’t you already know that nothing good comes from helping others? Let that be a lesson to you.

  23. I don’t have a van, but I have the rest of the visual down really well.

  24. Oh, You do good deed all of the time!!! I love you sweet friend!!!

  25. Good deed, indeed. Dont worry about make up and clothes, it is so unimportant, really

  26. You do realize that the deed doesn’t count if you aren’t wearing make up, right?

    Good on you, girl! Didn’t anyone else get out of their vehicles to help? Oy!

  27. Girl, we must be twins.– I have the same pants, hair and homely glasses.— And I say.. OWN IT! 🙂

  28. You are the good Samaritan. I had one when I was 18 and broke my leg. I was riding my bike to school and in freak accident fell off and broke my leg. I couldn’t get up. Literally. An angel of mercy piled me and my bike into her car and took me home. To this day I couldn’t tell you what she looked like. It didn’t matter. She was my rescuer. And she could have been wearing a pink robe and curlers. 🙂

  29. Hee hee, Gold Star for you!! If I was allowed, I would LIVE in sweatpants and not those cute Victoria Secret PINK sweatpants, but my husbands XL Kirkland brand sweatpants, I LOVE EM! But, I really hope no one ever sees me wearing them 🙂

  30. Hehehe! At least you stopped to help the poor lad! I woulda probably kept of driving while pointing and laughing as I drove by the kid while also instructing my kids to do the same. LOL… just kidding!! I’m not that Evil, common! ;^) That was very sweet of you. I often leave my house looking very eerily similar to your description above. For a sec I actually contemplated the idea that you may have seen me out one morning and were making fun of me! Only you didn’t mention the stealthy dark sunglasses (I wear to cover up my dark circles even when it’s gloomy and raining out) so I knew you couldn’t be referencing me. ;^)

  31. LOL on this one! You need to turn all of your posts into a book. You are such a fun writer and I love following your blog.
    Blessings to you and thanks for the smile today.

  32. I’ve had messy hair and frumpy clothes mornings. They’re wonderful, aren’t they? LOL
    Anyways, you did do a good deed and if that were my child, I would have been very grateful to you for caring♥

  33. I think you get points for effort! And I’m sure you’d want somebody to do the same if it was your child that was crying.

  34. The good deed outweighs the audience. Good for you!

  35. Aw, I’m sure no one cared about what you looked like. They were probably too busy wondering what was going on that was holding up traffic! Good for you for stopping, despite the crazy hair and fleece pants. 🙂

  36. Awe that kid will remember that! And on the dressing up part? I realized Imy hubby hasn’t seen much more than sweats in weeks! I guess I should dress more often haha! So your not alone there!

  37. That’s the way it always happens! Halloween, I never made it out of my gym clothes but had to run and get some take and bake pizza’s. Wouldn’t you know it that I ran into not just one person I knew and had to converse with, 5 others???? Who knew the Papa Murphy’s would be so busy.

    At any rate, I’m sure that little boy ( and his mother ) was grateful you took one for the team and jumped out to help!

  38. At least you get points for doing a good deed. That should be enough to overcome your lovely attire.

  39. A few times I have dropped off my kids wearing my ultra cool robe (in the car of course) and have had the thought, what if by some unforseen instance I have to get out of the car. But of course I am too lazy to change.

  40. Hahahahaha! I can soooo see myself doing this. I never look that beautified these days {what’s the point? Babies barf, spit, pee and poo all over me everyday!} but I would both have stopped for the kiddo and done it right in the middle of the road with my door open too! Don’t feel badly..I’m sure that kid will always remember the haggard lady that helped him that one day but he’ll forget what you looked like!

  41. I love the stealth mommy drop off!! I’ve gotten pretty good at that one too! Why is it when we look our worst that is the time we are needed the most!!!! I think it’s great that you stopped and helped the child and I could so see the same thing happening to me, where I was blocking traffic!!! I love reading your site!! You are so cool!! Lot’s of love!!!

  42. Yes you are!!! If the other people cared less about the good deed you were doing then the least they deserved was to wait in the line. You are awesome!

  43. I am just about the ugliest mom out there in the morning….(not that i get out of my car anymore but in the beginning i did). I sort of delight in making people feel “comfortable” around me….you know….set the standard REALLY low so they don’t have to feel like they have to keep up. HONESTLY…what time of morning do those “put together” women get up? No thank you. 🙂

    Good Job on your good deed. I bet you made that little boys day. he will look at humanity with a kinder eye thanks to you.

  44. —I know. It’s those times when one is w/out makeup & in sweatpants that one sees an old boyfriend or something! Damn. Xxx

  45. Every time I’m scuzzed out like that, I run into a past client down at the grocery store. Then of course they ask, “how’s Real Estate?” I can’t win, because if I say it’s great, and look the way I do, they think “yah right”, and if I say it’s rough, they look at me and think, “oh yes, I can see that”. I’m sprucing up a bit more these days for my grocery store trips;)

    Nice Good Samaritan work by the way:)

  46. It’s inevitable that when you’re not presentable, then you’re going to have to get out of the van.

  47. Awww that was so nice of you! Who cares what the other vehicles thought…you were doing the right thing!

  48. Good for you for helping! It’s inevitable that when we look like that we’ll have to get and be seen.

  49. you are so sweet! and I always get stuck being looked at when I look my most unfortunate. spit-up in my hair and no bra? don’t mind if I do!

  50. well at least they weren’t honking their horns and being rude.

  51. When you described your outfit I looked down at mine. Similar! So nice when people take action and not sit back. You’re a good mom through and through. Darn those audiences though!

  52. Hahaha, I look about like that right now!

  53. Your morning attire sounds like mine!

  54. That’s so funny! This made me smile. I can totally relate. I’ve ventured out in similar attire and people have seen me when I wasn’t planning on that happening!

  55. I think I’d beat you out in a homely mom contest. I happen to be rocking the same yoga pants and t-shirt that I wore around yesterday AND wore to bed last night. OK, now that I’ve admitted that in public I’m repulsed by myself. Signing off to take a shower.

  56. I had the same drop off routine. Likely, all the other moms that aren’t heading off to work do too–so they were probably just grateful that you exposed yourself and they didn’t have to 🙂

  57. Good for you for stopping to help! I am sure the boy will remember that for a long time and maybe even pass on the good deed….

  58. Lots of credit given for stopping, that’s like star of the day right there! On my mental health days, I drop off the boys in sweats an a hat. The teachers always know when I’m “working from home” because I’m such a flippin mess on those days.

  59. i’m proud of you momma!!

  60. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help it! You were a good woman for helping him out. Even if you looked a hot mess while doing it. 🙂

  61. At least you didn’t come into contact with an old boyfriend! Lol! Karma should give you a few good hair days in a row for your good deed.

  62. Thedesertrocks says:

    Aw, the Good Samaritan story. Glad the little tyke was fine!

  63. What they really saw was an angel in disguise!

  64. What a nice person you are! No wonder you have so many friends…and they don’t care what you wear.

  65. Oh, Janae, I just love this. What an awesome thing to do! And, your description made me laugh 😉

  66. Aww, that’s so sweet and motherly of you! Good job, Mom! Who cares what the slackers-sitting-in-cars thought? THEY weren’t out there helping!

  67. I just got a link (and shared it) to your toddler olympics post, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I started surfing through some more. This is fantastic! I’m so happy to have found another great blog to read. Just wanted to say thanks for the great posts & I’m looking forward to many more 🙂

  68. I’m with ya on this one sister! Thankfully my kids walk, so I only have to do school drop-off every other week for preschool.

  69. Isn’t a mother’s first job self-sacrifice??? :o) You made a kid feel better at the expense of your dignity. Go you! :o)

    (I am the same way about mornings in the car line. I wear gigantic movie star sunglasses to cover as much of my face as possible. And I cover my hair with a baseball hat. If I were to get out at a gas station, they would think I was robbing the place…)

  70. Your motherly instincts drive you to act immediately for the poor kid. Your kids are very lucky to have you. Such a great mom. Continue doing good deeds, that was kind of you.

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