Review Extravaganza: Backwards Dancing Hermits

January, February, March

It’s been a crazy year for my family.  In January I started my blog after having a particularly frustrating mom morning.   I’d like to thank my now seven-year-old daughter for the blogging motivation.

I have to say, looking over my blog stories in January and February,  it’s good I didn’t have any readers!  Mostly a slew of posts where I’m trying to better myself, but making zero progress.  I’ve learned my lesson and have since lowered my standards.

March was more eventful.  My then two-year-old learned to dress himself.

While I learned I am NOT cut out to be a dance mom.
I had no idea there were so many details to a dance competition.  Apparently I was doing a “bang poof” incorrectly.

Bang poof, the correct way

  And yes, my girls are still in dance.

I then attempted to venture into a social setting with my family; a coworker’s birthday party. Big mistake!  We have now embraced our hermit ways, and I’m good with that.

Finally, I let my poor baby cry it out.  Why is that so much easier for husbands???

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Enjoying my eventful hermitish life.

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  1. I would be completely lost in a dance mom situation. I can barely do my own hair! I think the first time I got a snarky email I’d be out. You’re a good mama!

    Haha, I like your 3 year old’s style. When I was a kid that’s how Kris Kross did it, and everyone copied it.

    Wow, you’ve only been blogging a year and you have almost 700 readers? SERIOUSLY?! You are amazing.

  2. starting the year end round up now?

    I wonder how he managed to wear the shirt like that. It must have been hard to squeze in

  3. love that new backwards fashion on your son. 🙂 As for hairdo..I don’t do that either. When my girl had her ballet exams, I sent her to a hairdresser coz the knot I made kept coming loose. 🙂

  4. Great summary – particularly since I didn’t follow your blog back then! 🙂

  5. hard to believe you’ve only been blogging a year. those first few months are hard until you get your groove, and I guess you have! I guess I’m lucky my boys are boys. As long as they have their uniforms for the games, we are set (o:

  6. I cringe when I go back and look at my first several months’ worth of posts too. And I’m not meant to be a dance mom either.

  7. It’s fun to look back and see how far we’ve come with our families! So glad I found your blog!

  8. Remember Kris Kross? Maybe your little guy is just really hip!

  9. That picture of him dressing himself is precious – you need to keep that one forever and ever!! And I read the dance competition post – omg. I knew there was a reason my girls never went to the competitions!!! Wow. And the surprise birthday party was really hysterical – although I’m sure it wasn’t so much for you!!

  10. Hey we are so in the same boat. I have had to embrace the hermit life also. It’s not to bad, except when the occasional adults stumbles upon my path and I can’t shut up talking to them.

  11. LOL. He’s got style. Wasn’t there a rapper in the 90’s who dressed like that?!?! :o)

  12. Great first quarter!

    I think I might have what it takes to be a dance mom….but I don’t think I’d want the headache.

  13. What excellent dressing!

  14. Love the Recap 2011 ! There is SO much to all the dance and cheer and stuff LOL Kids do not realize what they are actually putting their parents through when they want to join. Makes for great memories later though:)

  15. Love that picture of your son with his clothes on backwards!
    I was told by a psychic a few years ago that I have to be careful not to become a hermit…LOL

  16. I love this idea. I hope you do it again at the end of next year when I can join in. I loved how your son dressed himself. Reminded me of that old song “Cris Cross will make ya…JUMP JUMP!”

  17. LeAnn Williams says:

    I liked your first months of the year. I will look forward to reading your about your year each Friday. I may join the fun.
    I am in the Grandmother era and I find myself even more busy in many ways and I need to stop and reflect more on my progress and the fun moments of this last year. I always enjoy reading your posts and the pictures of your sweet family. Keep on helping me smile for the day and thanks for your fun posts.

  18. I’m excited to take part in this! It’ll give me an extra post and I think it’ll be fun, I plan on linking up tonight 🙂 as for dance hair I never get it perfect!

  19. I love this, Janae. That picture of the backwards dresser is priceless. I think I might have to “lower my standards” too 😉

  20. I’m no good at dance hair either…and you would think with all these girls dancing I would be a pro by now!

  21. I would have done the exact same thing with the bangs. And I would not have shared the holders. I would have kept every stinking one of them because them suckers get lost or snap. Just like me. haha. Husbands can’t begin to do what we do.

  22. I totally LOVE my hermit ways too!! I hope I can link up before Tuesday!

    now I need to go back and read the entries you linked 😉

    have a great weekend!

  23. I didn’t realize you just started blogging this year! And yea, I would get the bang poof wrong and pieces would be falling out everywhere. Thanks so much for being a host with me.

  24. Totally had to laugh at lowering your standards…makes it so much easier to live up to them, huh? LOL I’ve gotta go read through some of these posts now (and take another gander at the backwards dressing! LOL).

  25. I LOVE when kids learn to dress themselves. LOL!!! 🙂
    Uh oh. Know what? I FORGOT TO LINK UP!

  26. Every single one of your posts speak to me as I have experienced the exact same things. It’s nice to have that epiphany and think ‘fine, wear your clothes however you want and while you’re at it wear all your dirty ugly clothes at once’. About twice a week I take control and tell my kids I am picking out their whole outfit AND doing their hair so there! It makes me tolerate the rest of the week.

  27. OMG! The social outing post was HILARIOUS! Did you kids sleep that night with so much sugar in their bodies??!? We do whatever it takes to appease them sometimes. I totally get it. I do it too. Now I’m just craving a big crispy cream donut! Thanks for that. 😉

  28. I’m so loving the picture of your son!
    I’m loving your social experience! My son I can trust to take out in public, my daughter…not so much!

  29. Well, at least he got his pants on his legs and the shirt on his arms, it could have been worse!

  30. That picture of your 3 year old is priceless! For his first time, he did a pretty good job!

  31. hahaha, oh how i love the backwards pants!!! thank goodness for blogging as an outlet. it saves my sanity on SO many levels:)

  32. I love that your lesson is that you should just not take the kids out and be a hermit. Not sure how healthy that is? 😉 Totally love the backwards clothes too, but now I have Kriss Kross stuck in my head. (Remember them? No? Just me?)

  33. I am so happy I found your blog, it reminds me so much of my life when my kids were little. I have 2 girls and 2 boys also, but the youngest one is now 18. Believe the years go by too quickly!

  34. I totally forgot about all this recapping!! I must put a red string on my finger for next week.– now where did I put that red string?

    I, for one, think the shirt and pants backwards thing is awesome. A little hard to zip but equally awesome.

  35. We are hermits too. Unless we have to go out, we really don’t do much. And the kids always stay home.

    And I’m so glad I didn’t have many readers, if any, when I first started blogging. I can’t think of your writing being bad. But alas, I’m too lazy to go read them. lol!

    Love the backwards pic!

  36. the entire backwards outfit cracks me up. and my mom mom mastery? awesome hair lol I can french braid and poof my little heart out 😉

  37. I’m a dance mom too and I’m constantly forgetting things or completely unaware of things.
    Love the backwards outfit.
    I can’t french braid…or at least, I need practice! Sheesh.

    You have the coolest kids. Great review. I plan on joining in too. Great meme!

  38. Ok, so I’ve actually read all those posts which means I’ve been with you from the beginning….happy anniversary to us 🙂



  40. You made me laugh when you talked about how you started and what you blogged about. Lowering standards can work!

  41. I think the bangs ROCK!!!

    And the self-dressed boy?………………………………… fodder for years to come!
    It will be awesome!

  42. Hahaha he cracks me up! Being a dance mom is no easy task let me tell you.. I always mess up. Now I tend to hyperventilate at the sound of an upcoming performance.. But once a dance mom, always a dance mom, huh?

  43. Finally got a chance to sort through mountains of cuteness and link up! 😉 Thanks for giving me an excuse to post these bubby pics again! hehe.

  44. that first picture has me cracking up! so so so cute! lol
    you are so funny!! your posts make me 🙂

  45. I think your little boy did a pretty good job with dressing himself 😉 I was reading some of my old posts in doing this review and felt thankful too that I didn’t have any readers at that time, hah!

  46. Your now seven year old sounds like my 6 year old. They definately keep us on our toes.

  47. Lexie wants to start ballet. Even though I used to dance, I’m not ready to be a dance mom!
    Your 2 year old is rocking that outfit!

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