Review Extravaganza: Cleaning Climbing Spiders

April May June

We had some eventful months!
First, my children had some unexpected arachnid assistance with their ultimate April Fool’s joke.

My five-year-old Evie then got on a climbing streak, but wasn’t very skilled at climbing down.

In May, my dearest husband gave me the gift of a cleaning lady.  It didn’t go so well!
Meanwhile, my seven-year-old daughter took up a new hobby, wasp whispering.

Miraculously she didn’t get stung that month, though she did get attacked by our trampoline net.
I am such a mean mom.  I still laugh when I see this.

In June, I wrote a heartfelt message to my daughters about fitting in,
after some girls weren’t being nice at school.
Looking back, I think I need to follow my own advice!

We also had an amazing day at church–the picture below was a precursor to
the GRAND church finally.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Appreciating that things aren’t quite so eventful this month.


Now for Review Extravaganza rule clarification.   You need to have to button in your review post this week to get a point towards the eight fabulous prizes.  Last week you got a point either way, but this week the button must be there.  

And if you didn’t join in last week, we’d still love to have you jump in.  For every extravaganza detail you would ever need to know you can click here.

Please link up your  April, May, June review posts below, anytime through the end of Tuesday.   I’m looking forward to reading them!


  1. Hahaaa… the little wasp whiper scares the holy moly out of me! I would freak out!
    You are so gosh darn funny! You are the sweetest mom, I just adore how real you are!
    I kinda LOVE your blog! LOVE it!

  2. I giggled at the picture of Evie atop the cot – she’s trying to hang on to dear life with her little right index finger! 😀

    And, *YEOUCH* to that last picture!

    Great collection of posts! 🙂

  3. I remember most of those posts! This is such a fun idea. I will link up again on Saturday like I did last week. Can’t wait to see the others!

  4. wow, you have a wasp whisperer whie I have a lizard whisperer. DId you make your child climb that to take a shot? haha..:)

  5. Well, at least wasp season is over…

  6. Ouch! That finger looks painful.

  7. I don’t think I could put the spider on the plate… yuck

  8. Love the picture of your daughter up on the crib!
    I would love to have a cleaning lady come in just once but I think Ill have the same thing happen, she wont do anything.

  9. Those look like some eventful 3 months! I am still waiting for the gift of a cleaning lady.

  10. Boy you had quite a few bug posts. I wouldn’t have expected that.

  11. I remember almost all the posts except for the trampoline picture, I guess I’m a bad mom friend because I laughed too! Kids can get themselves into such predicaments, it’s hard for me not to laugh!!! This reminded me how grateful I am for your great family and your wonderful writing talent!! You will always be one of my favorite blogs!!! Love you!!

  12. That wasp picture and the climbing picture are freaking me out!

  13. I just loved all these posts! But, there may have been too many insect pictures involved LOL!! I am still freaked out that Dani is holding that wasp.

  14. Wasp whispering? Now that’s a first. I feel like you and your family would make for a great reality TV show (that’s meant to be a compliment)! You find humor in life’s little crazyness 🙂 Happy Friday!

  15. now MY finger is hurting!! OUCH!

    hopefully she’s learned how to climb by now. 😉

    I know, I REALLY need to participate… I’ll get on that! 🙂

  16. That’s why I told my husband I didn’t want one of those nets on my step-daughter’s trampoline… they scare me! I never had one so…. she doesn’t have one 🙂

  17. I understand the climbing thing. My 2 1/2 year old started climbing at 11 months and has yet to stop. I have a photo of her climbing on the back of our rocking horse while holding the crib when she was only 11 months. Freaky. She climbs stuff non-stop. At least she has excellent ballance and rarely falls.

  18. That trampoline pic is hilarious! You are so not a mean mom for laughing at that 😉
    I have to go back and read about the cleaning lady…sounds very interesting!

  19. My daughter is a Praying Mantis whisperer. She loves bugs and lizards. Also in the last 6 years we have gone through 2 trampolines. They really don’t stand a chance with my kids. They literally jump on them to shreds.

  20. Oh my, you have brave children! Climbers and wasp-whisperers, and trampoline adventurers!! And…that last picture totally made me cringe! eep!!!

  21. The spider and the wasp give me the heebie jeebies!!!! Eeeek!

    What an eventful three months!!!

  22. I love the photo of your 5yo on the crib! That’s something my son would have done, except he would try to get down. I prefer when they don’t try! And the 7yo wasp photo is priceless!

  23. I would have had a heart attack if I caught her climbing like that. You must have nerves of steel!

  24. Being fairly new here I’m just getting the hang of these extravaganza things. I love them.
    It’s a great “peek” into your world. So cute.

    Yikes, the finger looks like it hurts.
    Glad the wasp whisperer didn’t get stung.

  25. Just read your Sunday post- I would have went home at that point too! That climbing picture just makes my heart skip a beat! And the trampoline, yea I would laugh too 🙂

  26. Oh my word, just what I’d do…take a picture and laugh! Going to read those links now!

  27. How cute! 🙂 I love the picture of Evie! And wasp whispering… interesting! Wasps are actually very calm though. They don’t sting like bees. (Only if you try to kill them… and I mean, if someone tried to kill me, I would do more than sting!) 🙂

    I am glad your month was a little calmer (?). Thanks for sharing!

    In Christ,

  28. Just read the church post…and the finger hurts my body!! OUCH!!!

  29. My legs feels like jelly when i see your daughter up so high. Painful smash by the door….lucky no cracked bone…. ….

  30. I love that picture of her standing over the crib – crazy! And I don’t know how you could NOT laugh at a kid stuck in the trampoline net – it’s making me laugh over here!

  31. It’s always fun following along with you and yours.
    The recap is a great idea, I’ve been catching up with everybody
    Glad things haven’t been as eventful this month

  32. You seriously need to write a book! I love your posts, you make the worst situations so much better. 😉

  33. We have almost the same tramp!!! That pic is hilarious. I HAVE to do your spider April fool’s joke–AWESOME.

  34. I like this! Great pictures of your 3 month!

  35. i just read your letter to your daughters. so beautiful. made me tear up. what lucky girls they are. that message will touch so many readers.
    of course, you made me laugh at the end with your “clean your room…” you’re hilarious!!
    i lol at your wasp whisperer! that is a wonderful photo too! what a brave little girl!!
    and those fingers :*( they don’t look fun at all! ouch! poor thing!

    i hope you’re enjoying your weekend and it’s going “easygoing” <3

  36. Those were awesome highlights! Much better looking back on it, I’m sure.

  37. YOur comment on my blog totally made me smile this morning when I learned about the thiings, we have in commom, being from neighboring states, both have 6 year old girls and Mason’s. Look like you have a very eventful Spring, can’t believe your daughter acutally held that wasp, I would have been freaking out! Have a great week!

  38. oh the wasp whisperer!! That’s something that could earn her HER very own Discovery channel reality show!! You could even incorporate the climbing rock star Evie for fun. You just have to laugh b/c you are faced with some of the bravest and dare devil kids.. I’ve never seen more pictures of kids climbing than yours. I’m hiding all my step stools now thanks to you.

  39. Ow, ow, OW! That finger makes me wince! I love that you have pictures of your eventful year, as well as stories. Have a GREAT WEEK!!!

  40. Oh my gosh. There is NEVER a dull moment at your house. I’ll pray for you. 😉

  41. Your posts always crack me up! That picture of Evie…wow!!!

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