Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Motherhood Edition

Come one!  Come all!   Here we have the odd and unbelievable happenings unlike any you’ve seen before.  Enter, if you dare!

First, we have two spectacular spectacles.

My five-year-old Evie handed me my glasses with a remarkable tale, “I just found these like this.” Yet, when I probed further and explained to her I would be rewinding my super spy camera to see what really happened, she confessed to the artful bending.
And these are my seven-year-old Dani’s glasses, or at least they were Dani’s glasses.   This inexplicable damage occurred with suspicious timing…just after the warranty expired.
Now prepare yourself for a spine rattling case of deja vu.  Last week, my daughter broke a bowl on our filthy kitchen floor.

Then! The very next day, my husband had an identical mishap. Same type of bowl.  Exact same spot.  And the floor was still filthy.  Eerie.

There’s more! You’ve probably seen the unexplainable crop circles, but have you seen this!
The creator of this unusual makeup circle is still unknown, but we are taking fingerprints.
And finally, a frightful mystery.  Smashed egg–on the couch!  It was a team effort between my 3-year-old and 1-year-old little guys.  But where did all the shells go?
Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Planning to prevent further mysterious happenings.


  1. RoryBore says:

    yep…looks like life in my house. I was just thinking what a great post it would be to follow them around all day and take pictures of the mishaps.
    but I don't think my cell phone camera has enough memory 🙂

  2. It looks like you are having quite a week! You may need to have some mommy time, like a massage or mani/pedi.

  3. Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys says:

    I couldn't help but laugh at the glasses. My son broke mine last week. Thank goodness they were able to fix them.

  4. Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace says:

    I'm laughing WITH you, right? These are great!

  5. Mommy Inconsistent says:

    LOL! Aaaah, the mysterious happenings in a house where itty-bitties reside. I know them all too well. Great post!

  6. Sandy -- As Told By Mommy says:

    Hahahahaha! You are so funny!! You made me laugh with the way you presented these mishaps! Hope these mysterious happenings stop soon! 😉

  7. m&msmommy says:

    Oh my goodness, your posts are hilarious! 🙂 Doesn't it figure the glasses incident happened AFTER the warranty, UGH!!!!! 🙂

    Glad you can see the "funny" side of all of this…the egg on the couch MAY have set me on the over edge! 😉

  8. Its funny later, usually not in the moment. I like your documentation.

  9. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says:

    It's a clear case of house possession. By little people. 🙂

  10. Hmm, perhaps you do need to set up that super secret spy camera! 😉

  11. Mom of 12 says:

    That glasses thing isn't unusual…it happens all the time at my house! It's just a matter of time before everyone in our household will have some sort of vision correction. The eye doctor is one of our best friends. I think we put some of his kids through college!

  12. GrumpyJaxMomOf3 says:

    Lucky you! Your kids are so much fun…. oh wait all kids are 🙂 I think the Lord makes them cute so they can survive the first few years of life

  13. Your glasses look just like the ones I have…minus the bending! The egg on the couch looks like it must have been difficult to get out…I feel your pain!

  14. Caffeinated OC Mommy says:

    Oh my goodness Darling! I know about the glasses, I know about the broken dishes, and I even know about the egg on the couch, but your makeup? Touch my makeup and I won't stop until I have a full report with all suspects involved and possibly a tickle torture chamber… Blowing kisses… xoxo

  15. Oh… those crop circles.– They mesmermize me!!! 🙂 As does the egg in the cushion. Whaaat?? lol

  16. diane rene says:

    looks like my house!
    gotta love it … or go insane, right?

  17. Mikailah says:

    Wow! Sounds like you have your hands full! 🙂

  18. Oh man! I have a love/hate relationship with this blog post. I love the post. I hate the messes. (At least at my own house. And I wouldn't wish them upon you either.)

  19. Help! Mama Remote... says:

    Omygosh!my daughter has broken atleast 4 pair of my sunglasses but they never look like that. LOL

  20. kt moxie says:

    I think your bowls are on a suicide mission. And your kids have invented a new recipe involving eggs and upholstery!

  21. Texas Type A Mom says:

    Oh my goodness – I'd be going insane! It definitely looks like the kids are trying to mimic each others behaviors. Bummer about the glasses being out of warranty.

  22. Oh my!!! I was laughing with you, right up until the egg. At least my egg problem was simply broken eggs in the fridge and what looks like a partially eaten carton. I don't get these kids!!!

  23. Johanson Family says:

    You crack me up!! Too funny!! the randomness is priceless!! I need to invest in a super spy camera system!!

  24. Oh my goodness! I'd be the one flying over the cuckoo's nest at that point! 🙂 I had a student do something similar with glasses one time…and the mom blamed me! Oy!

  25. While not funny for you, this gave me a chuckle after a long day 🙂 I cannot imagine cleaning an egg off the couch cushion. Please share how you tackled that! I too wear glasses and I'd be mortified beyond words if my frames weren't bent like so – God bless you for your patience. Thank you for visiting my site earlier!

  26. holy cow, your glasses look like they've taken a ride in the garbage disposal!
    How do you keep your sanity with all those lil ones turning your house upside down?

  27. Optimistic Mom says:

    OMG! Thanks for the laughs. You know my motto, Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway. Hopefully you were able to find the humor somewhere…..well maybe tomorrow. 😉

  28. A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul says:

    wow…very mysterious! Just a few things I have to look forward to with mine! 🙂

  29. Rach (DonutsMama) says:

    Sounds like you've got your hands pretty full right now. What's up with the mangling of the glasses??

  30. WOW! Now the egg thing…that is hilarious! As well as the makeup!

  31. Sandra's Fiberworks says:

    Well, we have gerbil poop all over the floor now when we let Boch and Rosey out for "exercise," but I guess that's no mystery (especially as we're quick to sweep it up before Daddy gets home..)

  32. yummychunklet says:

    Ah, love how kids believe things adults say…spy camera. Genius!

  33. Laura@livingabigstory says:

    You poor thing … but I love the spy camera idea 🙂

  34. oh no….what a drag. I'm glad that you can "laugh" about it…or at least post about it. Your kids would fit right in with mine!

  35. Smiled on this one; I remember similar cases to solve.
    Blessings to you!

  36. Babblin' Brooke says:

    That DARN 'Nobody'!!!! He (she?) visits our house on a regular basis. Too bad 'Nobody' is invisible. Grrr! Your adventures really are so hilariously similar to ours.

  37. Kim @ Mamas Monologues says:

    Sounds like you've got your hands full there!

  38. Oh my goodness!! Good luck with all of your mishaps..and OMGoodness, how are you going to get the smashed egg out?

  39. laughwithusblog says:

    lol I feel your pain! The egg…I probably would have lost it over the egg…

  40. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    You poor thing! I think the makeup culprit hit my house because my compacts mysteriously look the same way!

  41. Oh no!! I saw my niece, who is 7, yesterday and noticed that she wasn't wearing her glasses. I asked what happened to them and she explained to me that she was playing in her baby sisters swing and thought she should take her glasses off so she sat them down on the floor and continued to play then was jumping out of the swing and landed on the glasses. My sister-in-law turned around and got onto her. Apparently Karlee didn't realize that momma was standing right there and had told her that baby sis got ahold of them. Sure blame the kid who can't talk. Opps!

  42. OMG. THIS WAS HILARIOUS. I especially like the makeup circles…and am very intrigued by where the egg shells are?!?! 😀

    So sorry about the glasses…GREAT IDEA ABOUT THE MOMMA SPY CAM!!! 😀 Gotta remember that one!

  43. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    There is so much going on at your house. The crop circle left me giggling.

    Have a great weekend!

  44. Daily Mom says:

    Oh my gosh! What a mess…where did the egg shells go? Into the couch cushion cracks?!?

  45. i laughed out loud multiple times while reading this post! 🙂 seriously. i hope things start being a little less weird around your house this next week! have a great weekend 🙂

    the style projects

  46. I'm Jennifer. says:

    Wow, you seem to have more than your fair share of mishaps! I would have been P.O.'ed about the glasses and the egg…you seem very calm about it all though!

  47. Stephanie says:

    Hilarious! A bummer and yet very entertaining material. 🙂

  48. Kimberlee says:

    Oh. My. Word.
    Now that's "A week that was".
    Thank goodness it's over.
    Cheers! It's Friday!

  49. The Zany Housewife says:

    Wow. I mean, I have NOTHING witty to say whatsoever. I'm floored. And I thought my kid/husband wre messy. Your family is definitely creative messy. lol.

    p.s. I wonder if the kids munched on the egg shells…should make for an interesting bathroom trip. I DON'T want to see a picture of that.

  50. What a trio of events! This is one of the posts you will be glad you have when your kids are grown and these "adventures" are faded memories. Thanks for sharing!

  51. This is hilarious!! Sounds like it's time for a mommy treat! Some kind of pampering is definitely in order!

  52. Danielle says:

    Well at least eggshells have calcium!

  53. The Bat Cave says:

    Oh my, looks like you'll never have a boring day!


  54. Bees With Honey says:

    Wow, it looks like the little people who live in your house are just as devious as the little people who live in mine! LOVE the photos 🙂

  55. what a fun blog! I am not a mom, but a reader, nonetheless! Where did you come up with all your ideas?


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