Silly Chilly Family Tradition

It’s been a rocky start to the Christmas season.   Our Elf on the Shelf, Pip, even left us for about a week.  He was appalled by my children’s overly mischievous behavior.  (Please see almost any of my other posts for mischievous details.)

Still!   I don’t like to be the mean mom all of the time.  I thought my minions were long overdue for something special.

I’m with JDaniel4’s Mom today for her Pause Life for a Moment  feature.  Her site is a must read if you’re looking for wonderful kid crafts, teaching ideas, and heartfelt posts.   I’m pausing to start a silly, but sweet new family tradition.  So click the button and head on over!

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Planning to make more memories, the good kind.


  1. I hope Pip is able to return soon!

  2. what did you get for them?

  3. I’m sooooo stealing this tradition. :o)

  4. Sounds like a good plan! I will have to check out that blog but good memories are better anyway. 🙂

  5. Holly (our elf) calls Santa on the phone every night. I hate to say but more often than not it’s to give him a bad report. Sweet’ums acts so impulsively and doesn’t think about the consequences until she’s elbow deep in whatever trouble she’s causing and THEN she remembers that Santa (and Mommy) won’t be pleased. She’s trying but we’re a household with poor impulse control.

    I love your new tradition! As soon as she’s old enough to care and to be surprised, we’ll have to do something similar with her!

  6. Uh oh! Pip really must have gotten fed up 🙂

  7. Heading over to check it out!

  8. I’m heading over now. Can’t wait to see what you are up to now!

  9. you let the elf leave for a week?! I’m SO considering this.

  10. glad I’m not the only one who uses the elf as a threat! ours went to the North Pole for a few days to recover from the big ones tantrums 🙂

  11. I just can’t do the elf thing. Everyone has an elf, but I just think they are creepy lol. Heading over to check things out now.

  12. I read your guest post and loved it! I commented over there.

  13. I am so excited about having you guest post today! Everyone is loving your idea!

  14. This is one tradition I just couldn’t do. For one, elf he looks a bit scary. And two, I would most certainly forget to move him every morning and the poor guy would be stuck in the same place day after day.

  15. Oh, no, poor Pip! 🙂

  16. I hope Pip returns soon!!!

  17. Headed over there now!

  18. What a fun thing to do! Your older kiddos will remember this and talk about if for years to come. I’m also going to borrow this tradition.

  19. hope things settle down and pip can return

  20. I have never heard about Elf on the Shelf and now it seems to be everywhere!! I love traditions and would love to incorporate more so I am heading over now…….

  21. Love Pip the elf……wish he worked harder in my house! Come check out my giveaway–ends tomorrow!

  22. You totally had me. I was surprised and jubillant too!;)

    Oh, thank you so much for the Stumble:)

  23. I love your thinking!! This is totally up my alley!!!
    Although we’d have to make 2 stops… one at baskin & Robbins where erik thinks they have REAL icecream for him and he only gets sherbert– seriously!? And then to marble slab so I can get the double dark chocolate with reese’s peanut butter cups mixed in in a chocolate covered cone… dear lord, i’m thankful I’m not pregnant anymore and craving this or it might be a nightly tradition!

  24. What a awesome surprise! That sounds like so much fun and they look like they all loved it! Hope Pip comes back soon. 🙂

  25. what a fabulous and completey magical memory!! I love that you and your husband turned this into such a memorable tradition. They will always remember that night and look forward to it every year! So so sweet!!

    I tell ya, ice cream rules over bedtime any day!!
    Wishing you lots and lots of lasting memories, pretty Mama!

  26. I think our elf is probably going to leave one day too… naughty kids!

  27. Heading over.

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