The Power of Prayer

 Oprah did a show years ago on the power of prayer.  I read the transcript to this show once and I have never forgotten it.   I was thinking about that show this morning at 5 a.m. when I couldn’t sleep.

One study was done on heart patients.  Half of the patients were prayed for, unbeknownst  to them.  The other half was not.  The patients who were prayed for did significantly better.

Another study showed that even plants grew better when they were prayed for.  This morning I found a clip from a more recent Oprah interview–she and her guest talked about a study where women undergoing fertility treatments had more success if they were being prayed for.

And, it didn’t matter what denomination the prayer giver was, each prayer seems to have a similar effect according to the sincerity of the prayer.  

I know I have definitely been more prayerful since having children–who couldn’t use a little extra help:)

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Pray more sincerely


  1. Cute post, and so true!…not only prayers but also thinking 10000% positive and envisioning the happy outcome of anything is key to achieving what's you're hoping for ^_^
    Happy Friday Janae!
    XoX, Meli

  2. Awsome post… everybody needs a little prayer…
    A New Follower
    Tasha from

  3. Yeah, I'm not surprised. Because it does feel great to pray!

    I'm your latest follower 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the comments and a big thanks to all the new followers!

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