SHOTS! And the Misbehaved Mom

 I don’t like shots.  I can’t even watch while I have blood taken.  My kids have taken after me.

When my 7-year-old Dani was a baby, she would get seriously upset.  I would help pin her to the table (with tears streaming down my eyes) while she looked at me with, not sad, but angry eyes! One nurse commented, “That is the maddest I have ever seen a baby get–ever!”

When that same daughter had to get a flu shot last winter, she still wasn’t having it, but was more mobile!  Dani took off down the hall.  I had to capture and drag her back to the office.  As she got the shot her cries morphed into giggles.  It wasn’t so bad.

Yesterday, it was Evie’s turn.  My future kindergartner has always been such a brave little girl.  I didn’t anticipate too much of a problem.  When the nurse came in with the shots, I could see the fear, but I was sure my little trooper was going to tough it out.

I was told I needed to lay her down and hold her legs.  But, as I attempted to lift her onto the table, she suddenly started full-out screaming and flailing and flopping like a caught fish.  She flopped right off the table, still screaming, and ran to the corner or the room.

Dani was with me and couldn’t handle it, she burst out laughing.  Then, I lost it–laughing hysterically.  I glanced at the nurse; she was not amused.  Dani finally left the room; she couldn’t contain herself.  I am generally not quite so cruel, but my normally socially-timid Evie really shocked me.

After turning my head from Evie and the nurse for one more body shaking chuckle, I finally calmed myself enough to get my screamer back on the table for her shots.   I held it in, mostly.  Evie continued screaming and glaring at me the entire time.  I couldn’t blame her.

When it was over, she didn’t burst into giggles like her sister had.  The torturous situation had been too much.  She was still shaken.  I had snapped out of crazy-mean-laughing-lady mode and gave her a big hug.  The lollipop and sticker finally cured her trauma.

As we got in the car she asked me, “Mom, do I have to get shots tomorrow?”

“No, not for a long, long time.”

She gave me the biggest, sweetest smile of relief.
Years from now, I hope she remembers the hug and lollipop and not her crazy laughing mom.  Wishful thinking, perhaps.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  I will, once again, try not to laugh at my children.


  1. After all~Laughter is the best medicine!

  2. claudia b says:

    Oh man, shots suck. I hyperventilate when I get shots. My boys, not so much, more of the screaming bloody murder.

  3. A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul says:

    That's a funny story! LOL
    I worry about my kids I absolutely hate taking the baby to the doctor to get her shots and will send the hubby if I can get away with it! Seriously I cry so hard. The baby takes it the worst but my two year old is surprisingly pretty calm about it all.

    We had to get our fingers pricked for wic, and I went first to show him what was going to happen I thought he was NOT going to go through with it as I can remember a time when I was younger not wanting to get my finger pricked, but he stuck out his finger and let her do it, and didn't flinch…he did so great! I cried though ๐Ÿ™ HAHA

  4. Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys says:

    To this day my girl is terrified of shots. She has gotten so big that I can't hold her. My husband has to do it.

  5. Laughing in the face of shots? What bravery! Your daughter, I mean. You, on the other hand… I just had to giggle myself, picturing the supposed-to-be-calm-and-in-control mother laughing while her kid got shots!

  6. Mom of 12 says:

    We just barely went through that with Scout! I had her and Baby Doll in for shots at the same time. Kindergarten for Scout and six-month for Baby Doll. You know, even after 12 kids, the shots still bring tears to my eyes. They just trust you so much and you are such a jerk for letting someone hurt them! So I'm getting that angry look…but mostly mine have had the terrified look you saw…maybe our girls will be in the same class!

  7. GrumpyJaxMomOf3 says:

    I USED TO BE afraid of shots, but then I had my children. Kaitlyn has jaundice and had to get her foot poked and blood taken every single day for 2 weeks (it was bad). Then we had all the normal shots and things…. Than came Alyssa… She has had her blood drawn so many time (and shots too) She just stare, yes stares, at the needle going in and likes to watch the blood. She is so good. Me, I still cringe, but I have gotten better. I think I would pay money to have my kids be afraid because that would mean they hadn't had to go through it as much <3

  8. Tiffany Temple says:

    FUNNY! My son used to be just like Evie's surprise panic. He started out as a brave baby, toddler then he had a terrifying episode when he had to have the blood drained from under his big toe nail after having dropped a coffee cup on it. After that he was always afraid even just to pass up the street of the doctor's office. ๐Ÿ™‚ At some point, I guess after enough positive experiences, he is the bravest little soldier. Me on the other hand, I have to remind myself "if Triston can do it, then surely I can." Years from now, Evie will be able to laugh WITH you at the memory of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I thought you were going to be talking about shots – like tequila shots….darn….

    I can sympathize with you, I hate taking my kids for shots. Give me all the needles you want, but leave my kids out of it! lol

  10. LaVonne @ Long Wait says:

    I find it so difficult not to laugh at my daughter all the time.

    Blessings and enjoy your weekend!

  11. I'm gulity of laughing too! I think it is a far better response than yelling at her, also, for me at least, it is further evidence that I have lost all brain cells!! Poor baby!! I hate shots and I think the nurse was just asking for trouble having you lay her down like that, I don't she helped the situation, I wouldn't want to be held down on a table!!! I alwasy love to read your posts! I love the way you handle your children and have fun with your life! Have a great day!!!

  12. McKelle says:

    So funny! When I took my daughter (5yrs) to get her flu shot last year, she kicked the nurse right in the stomach. Guess I wasn't very good at pinning her down. Don't think the nurse liked me much after that.

  13. Oh my goodness! I think I would have done the same thing. I was holding back laughter after my son stopped crying but kept making dramatic statements about how much he didn't like the shots, complete with the horrible, whiny fake crying. It was pitiful. At least it's over for both of us (until the next child, at least!).

  14. Ha! I can just see it! Sometimes you just have to laugh ๐Ÿ˜€ Bet it helped relieve some of the stress of the whole situation..your stress..maybe not hers ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I think gift giving what you want came from my family's DNA.

    You had me laughing too.

  16. Ostriches Look Funny says:

    Ohmygoodness! I had a similar traumatic incident happen with my 3 year old this week. I feel bad for them because these little things really freak them out, but on the other hand…it is pretty funny!

  17. Oh I hate shots. I hate needles. And I always laugh when I shouldn't. Not sure why that is.

  18. I have to try hard to not laugh at my son sometimes. He gets so mad when I do!

  19. Shots are the WORST! Ugh. I had a mole removed this morning, and when Aidan heard that they gave me a shot to numb the area, he was in awe that I didn't cry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. laughwithusblog says:

    Oh the not so amused nurse while you die laughing–I have been there too many times. It just makes me laugh harder, pretty soon I'm also laughing at the sour faced person in front of me as I ponder what on earth they must be thinking. Oh joy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. M and D says:

    TOO HILARIOUS!!! Oh my gosh, I really do think there is something wrong with me when I laugh at my childrens pain. I think however laughter really is the best medicine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Oh – I was so a dramatic shot taker – my response was to faint! Your cute girl will remember your laughs and hugs! You are a great Mom!

  23. Rachael says:

    I remember being at the doctor's with my infant son who was getting a shot. I thought there could be nothing worse than such a tiny baby being stabbed with such a huge needle. Then I heard a commotion from the next room. Two kids crying and pleading "Please mommy, I promise I'll be good. PLEASE no shot!" It made ME want to cry! I couldn't imagine how horrible she must have been feeling. Now I hope she was able to laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Oh, the pain of kids getting shots. I just went through that with my five-year-old. Oh, he told the horrific story for days afterward! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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