Gratitude Check

I’m thinking it may be time for me to do a gratitude check.  So here it is, the top three things I am grateful for today:

#1 FAMILY–doesn’t that always have to be on the list–my life would be infinitely more peaceful without all the fighting, screaming, hitting, pinching, name-calling, but then it would be utterly incomplete without all of the giggles, games, silliness, cuddles, kisses and “love yous.”  And hats off to all single mothers–I would NEVER want to do it alone.

  #2 HOME–more importantly this morning I’m grateful for our toasty warm home.  In our battle over the thermostat I think my husband has conceded, at least for now.   I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about those who came before us and those who struggle now just to keep their children warm and fed.  How grateful I am to be so blessed.

And last but not least, #3 SNACKS!-for me it’s all about frozen yogurt, cereal (did I really have 2 bowls of Cookie Crisp after dinner last night!?!) I love red delicious apples with cheese, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!  It’s amazing how a good snack can really get me through a rough day–it is much cheaper than therapy.

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Stick to healthier snacks, at least for the day.
As for me: Eat less Cookie Crisp

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