Potty Training Deception

I have successfully potty trained two children, both girls.  Then, there’s my now 3-year-old, Mase.  He’s not that interested.  He tried it.  He got a few treats for his efforts.  Then, back to the diapers.

Consequently, I was thrilled when Mase came to me and declared, “I need to go potty Mommy.  You open bathwoom?”  I was getting Dax dressed so I sent Dani to open the childproof bathroom door and told Mase I would help him in just a minute.

Dani came back only a few seconds later, “Mom, Mase didn’t need to go potty.  He just wanted to wash a strawberry he stole from the fridge.”  The report was confirmed as he immediately skipped into the room with a big smile and a half eaten strawberry in hand.  

I’m grateful my son is so dedicated in his fruit washing.  Now we just need to work on deception, stealing, and still…potty training.

Grumpy Mom Goal of the Day:  I’ll be searching for an indestructible fridge lock.


  1. Michelle says:

    LOL. Oh, Mase! My son wasn't completely potty trained until he was almost 4. My daughter started potty training herself at 18 months, but now at 4 1/2 still wears a pullup at night. Potty training is crazy!

  2. lol he's so sweet looking in that picture! Good luck with the potty training. We're having issues over here with our Diva (4yrs old), but it's starting to look like a medical problem, which is slightly nerve wrecking and scary.

  3. Smart, sneaky boy! ๐Ÿ™‚ My first two children and my fourth were a breeze to potty train but I didn't even try until they were nearly three. #3 nearly put me in an early grave. Good thing he's so cute. Good luck. I've got one more to go. We were making progress with her but I think I was trying to rush it.

  4. He is so cute! I have not had to potty train any kids yet as both of the older ones were trained when I inherited them but I do not look forward too it. Let's look on the bright side here though…he is fruit (big plus) and he washed it first (another plus) ha! Good luck with the potty training ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. that is supposed to say he is "eating" fruit..not he "is" fruit..obviously he is not fruit ๐Ÿ™‚ ha!

  6. Saunders Crew says:

    don't even get me started on potty training! isn't there a blog about this…potty training BOYS. if you ever need to vent, i'm here for ya sister. sean is almost 4 and we're STILL not into the pooping in a potty thing. i figure we'll be in a pull-up until high school.

  7. Allison Nicole says:

    I hear ya on the potty training thing! My oldest boy is 41/2 & has no prob peeing on the potty but pooping is another story! He's been doing it the last 4 days so I am crossing my fingers but don't fully believe it just yet! I've thought many times to myself he's gonna drive me crazy w/this!! lol

  8. Jessica says:

    I'm working on potty training for my youngest right now. It is not going well. I will spare you from the details of yesterday's events but lets just say that they are too disgusting to blog about. Really.

  9. Charlotte says:

    You're right, at least he's washing his fruit. My boys were easier to train than my girls for some reason. Probably because they are freaks, but I'm just guessing.

  10. GrumpyJaxMomOf3 says:

    Wow, who knew that the topic of potty training would be such a hit. So here is my input… I HATE potty training. My oldest, who does have a medical condition related to her digestive tract, was 4 1/2 when we finally got her potty trained. Brittany was about 3 at that time and was potty trained about 6 months later. Alyssa still has no desire ๐Ÿ™ No input on boys though… yet!!

  11. Mom of 12 says:

    I have threatened to lock up my fridge so many times!! When you find that lock, let me know…

  12. Rachael says:

    It's amazing how capable they are, when they WANT to be! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Jennifer says:

    We also have a fridge lock after my dear daughter decided to make some soup with cooked rice and iced tea. My floor was sticky for days!! Also, dear son is nearly 3 and still not potty trained…Going to try again next week. We tried a few months back and he just was not emotionally ready…Praying for you and your little guy that the potty training will stick!!

  14. A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul says:

    Haha…I'm there with you. Mine turns 3 next month. I've tried training and it just doesn't work, he will not sit on the potty himself. If I make him every hour he will but he won't go #2…boys are hard.

  15. I have only potty trained girls & hear boys are a little harder to convince. Something that worked for my SIL & nephew (you'll laugh!) she put cherrios in the potty & he had to aim for them!! It was hilaious, but totally worked ๐Ÿ˜€ He wanted to use the potty all the time!

  16. Some Suburban Mom says:

    I haven't potty trained a girl, but I can definitely agree that boys can be challenging….my boys would not consider it one minute before they decided it was time. My oldest was well over 4 and I was mortified. You know how the ped always says, "He won't go to kindergarten in pull-ups"? I was afraid my son would be the one to prove him wrong! My middle son I bribed with reverse psychology and Spiderman boxer shorts ("Oh honey, those are for big boys. When you're ready to go potty, we'll get you some, but for now let's just stick with the diapers." Bada bing, bada boom. Third son trained himself and said, "Hey Mama, I don't need diapers anymore. I go on the big boy potty now." Huh. Who knew? They were 4, 3, and 3. Thankfully that's all in the past now ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. The Suburban Princess says:

    Ugh. Thanks for reminding me about the nightmare that lies in my not-so-distant future. My middle son will be two soon, so we will be back on potty patrol in a few short months. I hate toilet training!

  18. laughwithusblog says:

    My rule is simple. Just so they get it before they start Kindergarten. So far I'm 3 for 3! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. My oldest wasn't potty trained until he was a few weeks from kindergarten. (Well over 5 1/2.) When they get it they seem to get it. A few months later and his younger brother saw his brother using the big boy potty and trained himself before he turned three. Standing up was motivational for him. Don't stress the boy thing and let it happen when it does. Soon you will be getting after him to put the seat down and wipe up when he misses. Then you might wish you'd left him in diapers.

  20. Potty training is my nemesis!!! We have just decided we have success with our 4 1/2 year old girl, and if you have any magical ways to train a 3 year old boy, let me know!!!

    Some Moms around here are starting to train their 1 1/2 year olds, that makes me cringe! Hoping my stubborn 3 year old decides to change his mind about hating the toilet really soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Kristina says:

    Mase looks like he keeps you on your toes. Oh, and I mentioned you in a post on my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ You have been summoned!

  22. Shelley says:

    Oh, you know my problems over here with the potty training dysfunctional 3 yr daughter. Be glad he is not smearing certain bodily excrement ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great weekend.

  23. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    Your son is a 3 year old genius! I'm sure a lot of worse things could have happened on his bathroom adventure but a washed strawberry is a pretty good outcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. The Lymans says:

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I stumbled across your blog and loved it immediately. I can totally relate to it AND it made me laugh!

  25. Karen Greenberg says:

    Ug, I am SO glad to be done with potty training! Even though my youngest was super easy, I am just glad to be done with those days. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm STILL dealing with the food stealing at age 8 and 10. I don't know if that ever stops. I still snatch a goody off the counter at my mom's house when I'm there! LOL

  26. Mo 'Betta says:

    You and I are in the same boat! My girls – so easy to potty train, my son…well, what can I say. He has very little interest (and he is 3 as well). He actually told me last night while he was in the bathtub that he needed to potty. I didn't want to get him out all wet, so I said "here, let's pee pee in this cup!" and HE DID!!! I was super excited since he actually knew he had to go, and went NOT in his diaper…but now I'm wondering if he'll want to pee in cups ๐Ÿ˜› Oh well, cups are cheaper than diapers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Samantha says:

    Hi Janae,

    I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! Check out the link here:

  28. I HATE potty training! My oldest (a girl) potty trained herself on the day of her 2nd birthday. Seriously. Would the rest be like that? No way. My 5 year old son still has poop accidents (a LOT) and wears a Pull-Up to bed. We tried EVERYTHING to potty train our 3 year old, and his stubborn old self wouldn't have anything to do with it until HE decided he was going to use the potty. One morning this past winter, he came downstairs one and said, "I need to go potty." And that was that. With my 2 year old girl, I'm just going to let her figure it out on her own.

  29. Diane and Chad says:

    Your posts are so cute…and real!!! I am a new follower, hope you will visit:

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