Appreciating the Little Things

Sometimes it’s those little things I forget to appreciate.   Here are three favorites from this weekend.


After an unfortunate splatter incident with my last boxed hair dye, I headed to a discount salon on Saturday to get rid of my massive amounts of gray. I know some wonderful people who are hairstylists.  The lady who did my hair this day was not attempting to be wonderful.

I made great efforts to converse.  She was not in the mood, though she did take the time to inform me, “Your hair sheds, a lot.  Good thing you have a ton of it.”  

Thankfully, it turned out gloriously not gray!   I smiled and gave her a nice tip.  Truthfully, if she would have turned my hair green, I still would have just smiled and given her a nice tip.  It’s a disease.

The best part: Evie gave me posing directions and took my picture.  I know what you’re thinking–I should have been a model.


As I recently mentioned here, church is a struggle for us.  The main hour-long meeting is attended by the whole family, and we have NEVER made it through without having to take one or all children into the hall.  I’ve written about an exceptionally memorable church day before, but yesterday was different.  My kids were…how do I say it…GOOD!

Though not perfect.  They all jumped around in their seats like little puppies.  Mase and Evie also took off (without permission) to get a drink at least five times.  Dax threw Cookie Crisp at people.  And Dani smuggled some dum-dum suckers into the meeting, which caused a sibling ruckus!

But we made it through the entire meeting without having to take any kids out.  No excessive screaming, hitting, biting, or potty accidents.  

I’m sure the family behind me thought I was joking when I told them, “This was our most reverent church day ever!”


Finally, some pictures from my front yard.  I hardly pay attention to my flowers most days.  I’m too busy trying to ignore the weeds.  But one little chrysanthemum demanded I take notice.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Not letting the little things pass me by.


  1. I am glad they made it through church! The flowers are so pretty. How wonderful that a white flowere blooms amongst them.

  2. Uh – you DEFINITELY should’ve been a model.
    Congratulations on the successful church service 🙂 That’s big, I know.

    And beautiful flowers.

  3. love the one white flower among the pink.

  4. I too think you missed your calling as a model!! Congratulaitons on getting through a whole church service!! I do love your kids, they are great!!! What a great picture of the lone white flower!! I love to visit your great site and you always make me laugh!! Thanks!! xoxo

  5. Love your strike a pose. I wish the gray didn’t bother me, but I get really antsy when it starts peeking through too much.

  6. Glad to know you had a nice weekend and enjoyed a nice church service! Your hair looks great and boy, do you have a lot of it! Love your mums too!!

  7. Your hair looks great! I usually dye my own too and am with you – as long as the grey is out, I feel glorious! I dread taking my two out anywhere where quiet is a requirement. How brave and committed of you to take FOUR to church each week!

  8. I agree, you should have been a model. Church is a struggle for us, we still haven’t figured it out!

  9. AWESOME grateful list. Those flowers are beautiful.

  10. This was a great post! I loved it. My best friend has 7 kids ages 3 to 14 and they usually sit behind us… she goes through what you are describing at church also. It doesn’t bother me and I’m sure the people that sit by you understand as well… We’ve all been there with little kids! I didn’t think I would EVER get to sit through a whole church, but then, about the time my youngest was five, it began! Now if I could just get my oldest and my youngest to stop touching each other all through church and embarrassing me, I would be grateful! haha They are 17 & 13. 🙂 So congrats on getting through a sacrament meeting! That’s awesome!

    P.S. – I love your hair and your flower! Both very beautiful!

    • Thanks Ginger! Yes, I’m grateful people are nice about our unruly bunch! I guess it gives the people behind us something to watch. I’m not hopeful that we’ll have two good weeks in a row. Only 4 years to go until my youngest is 5!

  11. Dude, you totally should have been a model 😀

    Love the flowers, I need more flowers, methinks.

  12. Your hair looks gorgeous. I thank God for children’s church. Givung my kids the evil eye during service isnt a good look. Oh your nuns look beautiful!!!!I see the white one peaking out. I tried mind one year and they never came back. I’m gonna have to try them again.

  13. Your hair looks very nice!!

  14. Sometimes I like to do my “what I wore” photos and I just don’t know how to post, totally taking notes over here!

    Your hair looks great! And love the pretty little white “notice me!!!” flower. Very sweet!

    Hope you have a great week ahead of you 🙂

  15. I love it when you talk about church!!! It makes me feel a little less horrible about how my kids act.. 🙂 {{hugs}}

  16. you should have been a model….as a stylist, that woman should have been a bit more pleasant to you…love your list….glad church went well!

  17. LOL. And I thought my son was rowdy during church. And thats a good day? Man you are more awesome than I thought! Love your pose btw

  18. Love your hair. So pretty. Yeah for the kids making it through the church service. I really need to take my kids to church, but I shudder at how the twins would act. That last photo is so pretty. I love it.

  19. I love the errant colored flower. It is beautiful.

    Ya, church with kids, a trial that is to be endured. Just so you know it’s enjoyed by others who have raised their kids too. I know in my head I’m thinking…………”ah, been there, done that, got the T shirt” I’ve held other kids on my lap to help the moms out.
    It’s worth it, ya know.

    • I think I’ll probably steal other people kids when mine are grown, but right now I would gladly lend them out at church. You’re good to help out. There are some houses for sale in my neighborhood. 🙂

  20. I love the pose. I have some whacko poses of me, too that my boys have taken. Mostly mine are just of me squatting really low trying to at least get my face in the frame. The lens seems to always be pointing at my thighs and I am always squating to avoid that area being photographed. I love Evie’s pose.

    And the flower. I love that, too. Quite lovely.

  21. I am smiling at this one. I can so relate! I spent a number of years sitting with my children without my husband due to his church callings. There were a few times when I went home thinking why do I go; I don’t get anything out of the meetings. I finally learned the key to how to make it through the meeting without having to take a child out. I split them up with my visiting teachers. You know how they always ask how they can help you? I let them!
    Keep on enjoying the moments; because things will get better. You will eventually get to watch your children take out their children. It’s pay back time!

  22. Agh! Hair is such a dramatic thing for me. I recall a time, 5 days before my wedding where I cried my eyes out because the professionals at Toni & Guy royally screwed my hair up and it took about 5 different tries to attempt to fix it and after I paid + tip, I called and got my money back. Love that church went well… its still not something I even want to attempt. At this age, no one is paying attention, including me and its such a chore to get 5 people out of the house, dressed and fed…. which I’m sure you can relate to! 🙂

    • Oh no! Emotions are so high before a wedding. I’m glad you got your money back. And it is a lot to get everyone ready. I think it would help if I would plan for things the night before, but I’m always too last minute and frazzled.

  23. I think we are all guilty of forgetting to appreciate the little things. Currently I am appreciating having my husband home on weekends. The weeks are so long and hard when the person you love does not get to be home with you everyday.

  24. Aww that little white flower could easily symbolise so much!! What great pics, yes, even your model pose 🙂 Very…um…sexy 😉
    Seriously though, you look great!!
    (stop paying attention to the weeds…)

  25. We’ve been showing up really late to sacrament. And we just stay in the foyer. That’s where we end up anyway.

    Love the hair!! But you are a sexy mama anyway!!

    That one lonely white flower. Beautiful! =)

  26. You absolutely missed your calling to be a model. Hair looks great and those flowers are amazing!!

  27. Very beautiful hair and great pictures!

  28. Great hair! I dye my own and I hate doing it but I just can’t stomach the price in the salon to have it done.

  29. Your posts always make me smile, that’s on my list of things to appreciate.
    Completely with you on the grey and that chrysanthemum is awesome.

  30. Those flowers are very pretty! And, your pose is very professional!

  31. I have a hard time with the church thing too! Mostly because I wonder what I expect from kids in a mass that usually runs over an hour and isn’t that interesting to their 9 & 7 year old ears. They love them some Religious Ed classes but those are geared toward their age. The ritual of church, typically is not. Now, I just try to make sure they aren’t disturbing other people, say their prayers, sing along with the hymns (which they love to sing…so this helps A LOT) and don’t sweat the rest of it. Otherwise, I leave not gaining anything and am the grumpiest mommy in the world from stressing so much during the mass.
    I’m glad that one, lone, white flower caught your attention. It is easy to let the small things pass us by. It also reminds us to let some of them go too…
    Great post! I loved it…as you can tell…it really got me thinking 🙂

    • I appreciated your comment. I was just reminding my kids yesterday not to sweat the small stuff, but I guess I don’t always apply that advice to myself! I think I have to accept that we are not going to reach reverence perfection for many years, and be OK with that.

      Yes, good to let some things go.

  32. I think you should stop being a blogger and pursue your future as a model. You have great posing skills.

  33. Please don’t stop being a blogger! i enjoy reading what you have to say.

  34. Love the posing! You look great! Oh, sacrament meeting. It can be so hard. I’m glad you had a good one. I totally love the pics of your flowers! So pretty!

  35. the flowers are gorge. I’m looking forward to being able to sit thru a full service and yes, you totally missed your calling. MODEL!!! 🙂

  36. Well you sure are some HOT stuff! Seriously! Church: It’s been at least 7 years that we don’t make it through a whole sacrament meeting, I’m so used to it by now that I don’t even mind anymore, I actually like it. Gives me the stretching I need 🙂 Your flowers are gorgeous. My front yard is so ugly, hence you’ll never see pictures of my house (ha)
    P.S Famous Daves and Leatherby’s (those are the places we went to the other night. Highly recommend them)

    • Why thank you for the nice words! I think I will come to you when I need a self esteem boost. And yes, I might miss my hall trips if my kids were good every week. Sometime I’m as wiggly as them!

      I’ll be planning a trip to Famous Daves soon. 🙂

  37. Somedays, I am sitting in Church, while they all bounce around, spilling goldfish cracker crumbs everywhere….the youngest clapping and singing at all the inappropriate times (although, she can time her “A-man’s” very well) — and I ask, Lord, why do I bother. I am getting nothing here and neither are they. But that’s hopefully not true: I have to faith some nuggest are getting through their busy little heads.
    Beautiful flowers!

  38. Love, love, love the pose. You own it girl!! The flowers are beautiful and l love the wee little white one in the midst of it all. Hmmm.

  39. Ann Marie says:

    A great goal!
    Grateful your hair was fixed.. and it looks fabulous.. Grateful your kids made it through church.. and grateful you shared that flower picture with us today. Beauty indeed!!!!

  40. I have been wanting to take my son to church, but am so afraid he won’t sit still or be quiet. Great Mom goal!!!

  41. Good for you! This is always harder than it sounds!

  42. First of all, I don’t believe for one moment that you have any grey hairs. Nope! Not buying it! Love the pic, though! Gorgeous, dahling!

    I’m glad church went more smoothly! I can imagine how interesting it must be for you, since Mom had a hard enough time sometimes with just the two of us! Maybe this is the beginning of a calmer time for you…

    And I love that little flower. I honestly and truly do.

    • Thanks for your sweet comment Victoria! Yes, church is always, “interesting” for us. 🙂 I’m just grateful to have one good Sunday right now. Two in a row might be too much to hope for. 🙂

  43. Best Pose EVER! I need to get lessons from your daughter! And your hair looks great.

    Must be something in the atmosphere about church. My kids had one of their best days ever yesterday too. It was a bit surreal. But lovely.

  44. Your hair looks great. I need to get my cut and colored. Time and money. I digress. Church is sooo hard. Some weeks it’s like….why are we here?? haha. Beautiful beautiful flowers!

  45. I LOVE this, Janae!! Your hair looks beautiful, and so do your flowers! What wonderful pictures! And hooray for good behavior in church 🙂

  46. Hey your hair does look great!

  47. Stephanie says:

    the mum is beautiful! and you are too cute!! sassy pose 🙂

  48. Evie did such a good job posing you! Give that girl a camera and tell her to earn some money as a photographer! Your hair looks really nice. I’m glad I’m blond… I hear that blondes “gray” well. =)

  49. Your hair looks wonderful! You are beautiful!

  50. —Dear G. Mom,
    You. Are. Beautiful. X

  51. Cute hair, great day at church, AND flowers in the yard? Someone is living right.

  52. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I believe your “most reverent church day ever” story. Most people applaud us for just keeping our 4 boys in the pews for that long. HAHAHAHAHA!

  53. Your hair looks good. Not that it didn’t look good before. I just colored my hair too not too long ago. Turned out a bit more red than I would have liked but it starting to lighten up. Ok, so kids good in church, so that was your one time for the year, you know you don’t get anymore right? And the flowers! Beautiful! You should take care of them more often…lol…

  54. Such wonderful things to appreciate. That pose of yours is lovely and hilarious at the same time. And gosh that white chrysanthemum is just special.

  55. You and your flowers are beautiful!

  56. Oh good grief – your mums are beautiful! I went to a discount salon for a trim this weekend, too! Most memorable discourse – Me: I’ve noticed my hair is so dry since I’m pregnant! Stylist: “It’s probably less because you’re pregnant and more because you stay at home, now.. you know.. you aren’t really active and don’t do as much.” lol.

  57. Gorgeous hair!! I so desperately need to do mine. Yay!!! For making it through church. And the mums are gorgeous. I guess the one just wanted to be noticed! Good for it for being able to stand out in a crowd!
    Makin’ It! From Page to Table
    Finding My Heartfelt Balance

  58. Great pictures! And your hair looks fab. You are definitely model quality, Maybe Evie has a future in directing 🙂

  59. It truly is the little things.

    Your hair looks great, btw.

  60. Love your hair!

    My kids go to children’s church while we go to the regular service. I don’t think we’d ever made it through w/o that!

  61. I so know what you mean about church 🙂
    Love those pictures you took of the flowers. Absolutely beautiful!

  62. Fabulous hair, my friend! Love the flower pics!

  63. Haha, I love that Evie gave you the idea for the pose! Too cute.

  64. Well look at another hidden talent that came to the surface: you can model! You know, it’s never too late to live your life long dream. And also, you are so stinkin’ lucky for having all that hair! Every time I go in (which is like maybe once a year) they tell me that maybe I have a thyroid problem, or some other disease bc my hair is so thin.

  65. it really is all about the little things and not missing them when they happen. i make a weekly list of all the things that are making me happy. i firmly believe that what you pat attention to grows, so focusing on the happy brings more happy!!

  66. Your hair does look great, but that pose can’t possibly be comfortable! 😉

  67. Looove that lil flower begging to be noticed! 🙂

  68. Your hair looks super healthy and shiny. Like a pantene commercial.

    flowers? i’m a BLACK thumb and don’t plant them ever. So I’ll look at yours 🙂

  69. Your hair is looking good momma! And those flowers are gorgeous! They did demand your attention LOL!

  70. Beautiful mums, and your hair looks awesome! I wish I had hair like yours. We had a not-so-great time with our kids in Sacrament Meeting last Sunday. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, when it comes to that! Congrats on not having to leave once, that’s quite an accomplishment!

  71. You totally should have been a model! Tots!
    And thank goodness for crayolas and religious themes coloring/activity books or I’d never make it through church either!

  72. We should all stop and notice little random flowers and pay someone else to dye our hair! Or at least I should. I hate the mess that Preference by L’Oreal Shade 6B leaves in my bathroom!

  73. I’ve been so busy, I’ve neglected to stop by and I missed these great pics! Yes, even the one of you is pretty good…:) The colours are amazing!

  74. Yes, you definitely should have been a model! 🙂 What funny instructions from you little one! 🙂 🙂 🙂 So funny…

  75. Very insightful. I also think that the greatest things in life are those simple ones. Sometimes we just fail to realize that the small things are the ones that make us happy.

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