Burned Out on Blogging

I’m putting it out there.

I’m burned out with blogging, already.

Not completely, but I’m headed in that direction.  I’ve even fantasized about dropping my blog all together.

Blogging has become such an important part of my life.  I’m grateful that I’m writing my stories.  I LOVE and appreciate the sweet comments and emails people leave.  I look forward to reading other blogs, and I’m getting to know some truly amazing people.  I’ve also learned so much from you all.

But!  It can be time consuming!

It’s my own fault.  I’ve put myself here.  And I’m OK with blogging taking up some of my time.

Recently, I’ve been trying to make it more manageable.  I now only post three, maybe four times a week.  I spend a little time on the computer during the day, but have switched the bulk of my blogging time to after my kids go to bed.

It’s helped; though, now I’m ignoring my husband in the evenings too much!  I’ve even missed out on most of my better half’s recent evening superhero movie marathon.  Such regrets!

I hope to be blogging for a long time, but I know if I stick with my old ways then that’s not going to happen.

So, here is:

My Official Blogging Manifesto
(otherwise known as “This Is My Plan So Far”)

I will put my priorities in order.
I’ve been slacking off on my personal goals that are truly important to me and will fix this.   And, I may even attempt to start reading my book club books again.  Everyone in the club will be so shocked!

I will be OK with the time I have to give.
This is a big one for me.  I’ve been feeling frustrated that I can’t keep up with visiting blogs and replying as much as I’d like.  I want to appreciate the time I do have.

I will mostly stop looking at stats.
I’ve already started doing this.  I don’t want to base the value of my content off of page views.  The stories that I love the most aren’t always the most interesting to others, and I’m OK with that.

I won’t compare myself.
At all, ever…hopefully.  Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by the fabulousness of other bloggers and feel I don’t measure up.  But I can appreciate the gifts of others and still be happy with my own strengths.


I’m not sure if this is all translating well, but everything makes perfect random sense in my head.  My bottom line is: I want to keep enjoying blogging but be more laid back about it, keep up with my other goals,  and drop any of the imaginary pressure I feel.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Sticking to my manifesto.

Have you ever felt burned out on blogging?

And if not, then how do you help keep balanced?


  1. There have been so many times when I feel like this! I love your manifesto, it looks like a great plan! I always take a break when it seems like I just can’t keep up!

    • Yes, I think it goes in cycles for me too, though lately it’s been a little worse. But I love blogging. Hopefully I can stick to my plan. I just neet to cut back a little during the week and not worry about getting behind if I want to take a day off.

  2. Looks like a good plan!

  3. I think you’re doing the right thing. I get frustrated at times that mine doesn’t stack up against those that I read but I have to remind myself that it is serving the purpose it was created for. I hope you can one day soon find yourself un-burnt-out!

    • I think both your blogs are wonderful. And you’re recording such important memories! You also may be helping people you don’t even realize who are going through similar things.

      I’m actually already feeling better about things. Except for one email, I stayed off the computer today and wasn’t on much the last few days, so it’s nice to be on tonight. 🙂

  4. If you started this blog to keep track of your stories, you don’t have to be accountable to anyone but yourself! We love to read you but know that you have a rich and important family life, too!

  5. I went through a phase like that a few times. I made some choices too. I blog what I want when I want, and although I have a few set things I like to post if I don’t… oh well. I read posts on google reader and pick and choose which to comment on. I go on first thing in the morning, right before picking Blake up from school (11ish) and that’s it. Sometimes I get on before bed, but that’s only if my hubby is doing something that I don’t care about. The other thing I’ve done is take a week off from time to time to re-group and vacation from blogging. I’ve been at it for 3 years, almost 4 and love it too.

    • I like your blogging routine. That’s what I’m trying for. I need to be more flexible if I have something else going on. Though I still want to try to keep up with my favorites. And I definitely don’t feel bad being on tonight. It’s a little after 9pm here and my husband’s asleep!

  6. Sounds like you have a plan! It helps me if I imagine the internet as a separate imaginary world, and remind myself to keep 90% of myself in the real world – which is where everything matters.

  7. I love your manifesto. I have gotten all gung-ho about blogging several times, only to realize that I don’t have the time to put into it like that. I’ve stopped worrying about how often I post and only post when I have something that I want to document. And most importantly, I went back and read my reason for blogging. I don’t get as many pageviews on the stories about the littles, but those are the posts that I value the most. Blogging is a priority only in that it serves as my place to be memory keeper.

    • Yes, blogging is such a memory keeper for me too. I’ve already forgotten so many stories from earlier days. And I still want to try to keep up with people and writing, but not make it the center of everything. I don’t want to feel bad if I have other things that need my attention.

  8. I’ve been feeling a little burnt out for the past few weeks now. I just haven’t blogged about it. I’ve cut back to blogging only 3-4 times a week and never (I hope) on weekends. It has helped me cope better. I don’t even bother checking my stats anymore and certainly not my Klout score. I love your manifesto – stick to it and you’ll be blogging for a long time! Btw, I do LOVE reading what you write – you have the kind of humour and blog personality that is so sweet and appealing.

    • Hey — you’re not allowed to quit either! LOL
      Seriously, it would just be too sad and lonely if you both leave 🙂

    • Ah thanks Germaine! I ALWAYS look forward to reading your blog. I actually wrote this a couple days ago and am feeling better about things tonight, but I haven’t been on too much the past few days so that’s helped. Hopefully you’ll feel better about things soon. I would like you blogging a long time with me. 🙂

  9. I so hear you, I scaled back to M-W-F and if there’s something I just have to share, then I add some posts but I totally know where you’re coming from!

  10. I wonder if we have both hit the almost 1 year blues because I have been feeling the same way! I love your manifesto and will do my best to follow it too! Especially getting obsessed with stats, Klout scores, rankings and the amounts of comments each post gets, it’s starting to drive me nuts and then I’m not having fun writing, which is what I really love anyway!!! I am also working on my blogger envy! Of course yours is the one I admire the most, but in the best way!! Love to you!!Thanks!!!

    • Yes, that’s it for me too–I’m not having as much fun writing. And my focus has been a little off. You are an amazing writer! And I respect how you stick to your once a week post. I always have something to look forward to Sunday night! Love to you too. 🙂

  11. You are SO right…it’s all about balance. I’m not concerned with my stats. I don’t even know the last time I looked at my pageviews. I just keep remembering why I started my blog in the first place…to document the kids’ lives. I do most of my blogging when the kids go to bed too. Some days, when I can’t keep up, I clear my entire google reader and start fresh the next day.
    I hope you find your balance soon…because I don’t want you to quit! I would miss you 🙂

    • I’m so glad I’m documenting my kids’ lives too, finally. And getting to know wonderful people like you. 🙂 I’m still hoping to keep up with blogging, but I like your idea of starting fresh. That’s what I need to do more of!

  12. I’m SO glad you’re sticking around. And your manifesto seems very doable. I already stick to the keeping posts to just 3 or 4xs a week. And I rarely if ever blog on the weekends.

    I love blogging, but I have to keep it personal. If I doesn’t pertain to me or interest me, I don’t write about it. That keeps me coming back to write. But then again, there are days where I just can’t find the words, so I don’t post. It happens and I try not to be hard on myself.

    Yesterday was a day like that. And today is shaping up to be the same. but we’ll see. 🙂

    • Thanks Jodi! I wish I was one of those people who could write a bunch of posts at once, but usually I don’t write until the night before I plan to publish something. It’s not the best habit. I like you don’t pressure yourself to post if you can’t find the words. That would be helpful for me.

  13. I’m glad you’re not giving up. I love your blog!
    I’ve been in the same position. I realized that I only have time to read blogs once, sometimes twice, a week. No more. As much as I love it, I just don’t have the time to read blogs everyday. I still make my rounds every week though. As for stats, I have never even looked at them. The purpose of my blog is to record memories, and that’s just what I’m doing. I’m not going to concern myself with numbers.

    • Thanks Stefanie! I love your blog too! I still WANT to keep up as much as possible, I just don’t want to sacrifice other important things to do it! I think I lost the focus of my blog a little which made blogging more of a chore, but I’m getting back on track.

  14. Well, I for one, most sincerely hope that you don’t give it up all together! You got it all hon: sweetness, humour, kindness, totally adorable kids photogenic children. How can I live not knowing what Dax has climbed recently? It warns me of what my own mountain climber might attempt next (the chair under the window, then crawl cat-like along the shelf).

    But I do understand. I try to do the bulk of it at night, which yes I am sure can frustrate the spouse — but since he works nights, he’s only here half the time anyway. I figure, why is it okay for your job to take you away from me nights (and weekends, and holidays, and every anniversary), but it’s not okay for something I want – nay, need to do? I consider my blog “work” in a sense as well: it takes time to make it successful.

    I don’t try for balance – it’s probably impossible. I consider myself a writer – I just don’t get paid for it – but then, I don’t get paid for my other job (SAHM) either. Thus, when the urge to write something strikes – I go for it. If it’s every day, so be it, if it’s only 3 times a week: Stats be darned. I need this time for Me.

    • Thanks girl! I really love visiting your blog. You usually either leave me laughing or thinking. I tell my husband that blogging is my college and I need to do my homework! Though I chose to overloaded myself this semester.

      And I think your right about balance. It’s impossible for me to give as much time as I’d like to EVERYTHING I want to. But I know can be better at managing my time. I like how you just write when you’re feeling inspired.

  15. I totally sympathize with you…. I’ve had this feeling a lot lately. But your blog is amazing!!! You’re a fabulous writer with hilarious stories. I’m glad you aren’t giving up, but I agree that you should scale back so that you don’t lose interest all together!

  16. I have had times when I do scale back what I read, but I do just write what I want trying to keep in mind that this is my journal. I love what you write and how you put things, But “I won’t compare myself.
    At all, ever…hopefully. Somhe rest of theetimes I get a bit overwhelmed by the fabulousness of other bloggers and feel I don’t measure up. But I can appreciate the gifts of others and still be happy with my own strengths.” This is a Utah woman’s disease. I have never lived around such a crazy set of good women that try so hard to be exactly the same. You are actually pretty awesome just the way you are. In fact, I love reading your blog the most. It is fast and fun.

    And Most of t places I have lived, we all feel better about ourselves because we compare our strengths to other’s weeknesses instead of our weeknesses to other’s strengths. You ought to try it it feels pretty good :)-jk

  17. I think it’s just that time of year. All of my favorite bloggers really cut back around this time of year-think sickness, stir-craziness, busy-ness of the Holidays, etc. If you forget that your main goal is to write for yourself as something you enjoy then you won’t be around long for all of us to enjoy! Cut yourself some slack and take care of yourself and your family first! (and then come back to write because I love your posts!)

    I’m glad that my blogging has always been about journaling and keeping our families informed so I have never even thought about who reads, how often and what not 🙂

    • Your blog is one of my favorites. It’s so easy to relate to you and your sweet family! I think I’ve just been trying too hard to keep up with everything and I don’t want that to be my focus. Most of my stories are silly, but I’m still so glad to be recording them.

  18. I think we all get that burn out feeling. I used to get caught up with stats when I used blogger because it was so easy to look at, with my new site I don’t even know how to monitor stats! LOL So that was an easy fix.
    I used to get really stressed out about posts, but I stopped by going back to the things that I enjoy…..like watching TV, reading, etc. When I get an idea for a post I sit down and hand write it, this keeps me off the computer too!
    I have a cut off time to unplug and stick to it. I used to think I had to reply to comments and visit other blogs instantly if they visited my site….NOPE, not anymore. It has to be done during the assigned timeframe.
    I hope that you find something that works for you. And if you take a break, no worries we will all still be here. 😉
    I know with the holidays, I am taking some days off to HAVE real life fun!!! xo

    • I think that’s what I”m missing. I’m not doing the things I enjoy as much and I’m not being as productive in other areas that I would like to be. I still want to keep up if I can, but I don’t want to feel guilty when I can’t. I’d also like to have some real life fun over the holidays. 🙂

  19. I totally understand and support you! I don’t have the follower pressure you have so I can’t compare in that regard, but I really only blog when I find time–sometimes one once in two weeks! And I blog for me, not for the readers which helps relieve pressure. And you ARE fabulous! I wish I were so cute and hilarious like you! maybe someday1 Anyway, point being…don’t compare yourself to anyone else! You stand alone in your fabulousness–you don’t need to change or be like anyone else! We all love you for YOU!

  20. As you know, I’ve also been experiencing this as well… I am feeling much better now that I have decided to take some of the pressure off myself to be some kind of fabulous blogger or something. I completely understand what you are saying here and you have expressed my own sentiments as well. I’ve decided that I will only post when I WANT to post, not because I’ve put some kind of deadline or quota on myself. It’s been MUCH better the last couple of weeks since I started doing this. I decided I wanted my blogging to be fun again and not feel like a chore. If it is feeling like a chore, then I’m doing it for the wrong reasons, ya know? So it’s ok to slow down and take a breather… take care of you and take care of your family and then give your blog what’s left over. You’ll be glad and you won’t regret it. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you’re feeling better about things! Yes, I think I’ve been feeling the same. At times, blogging was feeling like a chore. For now, I’m still going to try and keep up a little, but cut back enough so it’s fun again. I do love that blogging is so flexible. 🙂

  21. Oh and as for reading other peoples blogs…this is my suggestion and what I do. Make a list of all the ones you like to read…and order them in order of favorites…read your favorites most often and on days with lots of times or alternately you can read the others. It actually works quite well for me and I still read everyones periodically. Everyone will understand 🙂

    • I like that idea. That’s similar to what I was doing before with my Reader. Though I think I had too many favorites so I just gave up and started going through my comments more, but I may need to switch back.


    • Thanks LeAnn! I think blogging is addictive. But there is so much good that can come out of it, so it’s easy to justify. I hope you’re able to get your important things done and still keep blogging. (Me too.) You do a wonderful job with your blog–I’m always inspired.

  23. I know exactly how you feel..it’s such a balancing act. Either you do it in the day and ignore your kids or at night and ignore your husband…or at naptime when you should be doing something else. I’ve cut down my posts as well…but I feel so guilty if I don’t read all the blogs I’m following.

  24. It is demanding isn’t it. I just sat down the other day, and wrote out a schedule of my posts, time to fill orders, take care of the house, etc.. I set a goal of getting to 5 blogs a day. When I write it all down and get it managed out, it does make me feel better and in control. I feel guilty too when I don’t get to everyone, and I have a thing about pending things. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of it, and have to get up and come to the computer and finish everything. I sincerely hope you hang in there, even if it’s less time, because I really love to read your blog, and am so happy to know you here on the blogosphere:)

    • Ah, I’m happy to know you too! Your blog always makes me smile. And my week wouldn’t be complete without the “Battle of the Leading Men.” Ya, sometimes I feel like I’m snubbing people because I don’t have time to read, but I just need to drop that feeling and get back to having fun with blogging. 🙂

  25. GG Darling,
    Write when you feel like it and stop with the imaginary hand coming down and swatting your rump for not posting daily! Whose rules are you following? Those that say, “Post daily or your blog will fall apart!” OR Caffe’s rules, “Monday-Buy lipstick, Tuesday-post, Wednesday-buy shoes, Thursady-go to the spa, Friday- OH! I should post!, Saturday- Thinking of a post, Sunday- Maybe post tomorrow…” LOL! Cups Up Darling! Post whenever your heart tells you to. xoxo

  26. I think this is a common feeling for most bloggers. As easy as it is to have thoughts in our heads, it can be very time consuming to always get them down on the blog and just so. Don’t worry about STATS, you have people that care about you following your blog and they will still be here (just like me) no matter how often you write. Go easy on yourself. Your blog is great and so are you!!

  27. I have got out on blogging before, taken breaks, and always end up writing again…mostly because I love to do it. And I think that has been what has kept me doing it. I love ministering to others through written words, whether it is to a small group or a large crowd. It helps me to stay passionate about it when I picture a small group of ladies around my table when I write. My passion for their individual success fuels my desire to write and give them the resources to becoming all they can be in Christ.

    I am an introvert who has to work at being an extrovert, so being intentional about individual blogging relationships is more energizing to me than drawing large numbers to read my posts. I have found that part of being successful long term is knowing how I tick and giving myself the grace to just be me.

    Great manifesto!

    • Thanks Jamie! I love your last line, “being successful long term is knowing how I tick and giving myself the grace to just be me”. I think that’s what I’ve been missing. I’m realizing that I need to make the blog fit into my life, not the other way around.

  28. I get you, lady! Sometimes we get so wrapped up and “committed” with our online lives that we end up neglecting our real lives. I’m guilty of it myself. I am in awe of bloggers who can post daily, but I’ve never been able to. As far as stats go, you already have a dedicated readership, so you’ll be fine if you cut back.. I love that you are a faithful commentor, but I think most of us understand that it’s not possible to read 100 blogs a day, comment on them, and have a REAL life!

    Hats off to you for recognizing when a change is needed!

    (Not that you needed my approval….) 😛

  29. I understand so much.

  30. Oh goodness I understand! I was actually wondering how you are able to visit my blog as often as you do with the huge following you have! I took a few weeks off of blogging to refocus on my family and I really needed it. It helped me get back into the swing of things on a more manageable time frame so I think your list is awesome! I never read the stats on my blog, I totally agree that the blog posts most people comment on or have the most page views are not some of my favorites.

  31. Love your Manifesto! I have been feeling burned out for months now. My Manifesto has been to just somehow get one post out a week. I haven’t even always managed that. I love my blog and don’t want to give up on it but it’s hard enough for me to attempt to keep up with everything else. I was blogging in the evenings at first and realized it was taking away my time with my husband so I started blogging at night after he went to bed. Then I was a Zombie in the mornings and my kids were suffering. So I tried to do it during the day and other things started sliding like making dinner. Sigh. I need to just get organized and get into a routine. Easier said than done! 🙂

    • I’ve been going the zombie mode lately. It’s a hard habit to break, but I have been cutting back in general and it’s been helpful. Your site always cracks me up. I hope you are blogging for long time, even if it’s just one post a week. I’m off to find out when that x-treme coupon show is on. 🙂

  32. Good goals!!

    Balance is definately needed.
    My husband is all supportive of my blogging.. but it HAS to only be done in the AM when he is at work.. and the kids are in school. It’s the time my four year old gets to watch a 2 hour movie.. and I post.. and I read.
    I also had to not follow everyone and anyone. I really only read blogs that I enjoy now.. or if they are good friends.
    Does that sound shallow? Had to be done… or it felt overwhelming.

    I only look at my stat counter ever once in a while.
    I have lots of other thoughts… but maybe I should just blog them… hahaha!

  33. Dont feel bad at all, this is YOUR blog. Just blog for yourself and no one else. Balance is a good thing. 🙂 Take some time for yourself, you deserve it. 🙂

  34. I haven’t been blogging long, but I do go in spurts. I only blog at work, so it all depends on how much free time I have (or make). I’ve gone a couple weeks without posting and posted every day. I also found myself spend way too much time reading other blogs, so I just stick to a few that I really love. I think it’s great that you’re prioritizing things for yourself. I’ve started to do that lately and feel so much better. Lately I’ve found myself not picking up my phone to check facebook and my games as often as I used to, and am focusing more on my family and the time I get with my husband. I felt like I was getting sucked into those arenas and I feel so much better now that I’ve cooled off. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way when you take a little break.
    My good friend told me when I started blogging that my blog is for me to do and say whatever I want. I’ve try to remember that and it seems to be working out well for me. 🙂
    Hope you enjoy your break and blog when you want/need to.

    • Thanks Renee! I like that you knew when you needed to cut back. I think I’m a little past due, but I really want my blog to work around my family and not my family around my blog! Hopefully, I can do that better. And I appreciated your friend’s advice. I need to remember that!

  35. All I have to say is– if you are gonna take a step back from blogging, at least email me your phone number so I can still get my Janae fix. Of all the bloggy mom’s out there, you’re the one I relate with the most. I wish you were my in real life friend and lived near by.. blogging is draining sometimes… I’ve gotten HORRIBLE at responding to everything and I don’t get half the traffic you do. You’ve done a great job!! Take care of yourself and we’ll always be here–

    • Thank you my friend! I think you’re amazing and relate so well to you too! Though your kids are much better behaved than mine. 🙂 And it would be so fun to live closer. 🙂 Most of the time I love blogging, just in a rut I think. I still plan to keep up with my favorite bloggers.

  36. HA! I find this funny because i’ve been working on my mission statement. I guess everyone needs boundaries. Kids AND adults.
    Don’t worry about anybody else but you. Blog when you want. That’s the best part…. It’s your world, your call, your time.

  37. I’m still blogging every day for one simple reason…if I stop I may never come back and I still have so much family history to record. If I were a good journal keeper, I wouldn’t have to feel all this pressure. When you moved way ahead of me in the pack (I still like to think we started on fairly even ground since we live only a few miles apart and strangely we started our blogs within days of each other even though in real life we are strangers), I stopped watching the numbers and decided to just be grateful for what I have. I love writing and writing every day is so good for me. But my sweetie does complain about my late hours and sleepless nights, so at some point I will probably have to do exactly what you are doing. Enjoy your time off.

    • Sandy, I love your family stories. I don’t think I moved ahead of you much. I just posted less so that gave me a little more time. And I feel the same. If I stop, I’m afraid I wouldn’t come back. So hopefully cutting back a little helps!

  38. You know what makes me most frustrated with blogging?? I never have any comments…. No one ever let’s me know that they are reading…. I get discouraged at times…. I guess that is why it is not as time consuming for me…. I am quickly learning however that I follow too many blogs and they mostly write short stories each day 😉

    • I think it’s interesting. Some of my very favorite blogs have the fewest comments. I know on some of my personal friend’s blogs I’m a little less likely to comment because I’m never sure if they want comments from people outside their family. If you decide you want to get more comments, I can help you with that. 🙂

  39. Sometimes I feel like if I’m not blogging at as often as possible, that I’m failing. When I started blogging it was so different than what I do now. Stats are a killer though. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stop looking!

    • I can relate! Today, I felt a guilty for not being on the computer very much–but I it’s a good thing…I think. I’m sure I’ll still be blogging more than I should. 🙂 And stats are a little addictive. Though mine have been down for a couple months, so that doesn’t give me much incentive to look!

  40. It’s good to re-assess every now and then. With the holidays, a lot of bloggers will be taking breaks as well.

  41. Listen here little missy! You have no reason to feel bad/compare yourself! You have over 600 followers! Know how many I have? 56.
    I love them all, but I have so much more love to give.
    Don’t quit blogging. I like you. {and i know how you feel}

    Jealous Jenny

  42. Love your manifesto. What works for me is (mostly) only reading blogs of people who comment on mine plus the occasional catchy title in my reader. And writing several posts at a time, but scheduling them to go live over a series of days. So I get the comments that make my days but don’t spend the time on my computer.
    And I don’t write very verbose posts, because those (for me, at least) take the most time.

    • I try to go through my comments a lot too. Though I have too many people I like to follow that don’t comment. 🙂 I wish I could write several posts at a time. Ill have to try and do that more. I’m usually writing the night before I post. Maybe I should be less verbose. 🙂

  43. Yes I have felt that burnout several several times! At those times, I did cut back- if I didn’t have anything really big to say I just didn’t blog that day and I didn’t read other blogs from that day either. Just even totally take a day off every once in a while can make a huge difference. And then when I would get back into it- I would only go read the blogs of those who left comments on my blog and then only if I had more time would I read other blogs. It really does work out better that way when I am just feeling done

  44. All the time!! But I find as the months go by I’m not as obsessed with it. I used to want to read every single post but now I just read my favourites and then anything else that stands out. I also schedule my posts so I’m not really posting everyday, they’re pre written.
    I’d hate to see you leave, I hope you do find that healthy balance. It’s like reading, just not in book format, it’s real people’s lives 🙂
    Good luck!

  45. BIG TIME!! In fact, I am just coming off a 3 month hiatus. 🙂

    Do what’s best for you and yours, doll….

  46. I’ve absolutely felt like this.

    Still do sometimes.

    I’ve started blogging less and that has helped. I also don’t reply to as many comments. I figure if I only have time to either visit a blog or reply to comments, the blogger would probably prefer the visit anyway. Unless someone asks me a question, that is.

    I’ve let go of a lot of guilt, too. Like thinking I need to return a blog visit the same day. I have to take care of other IRL things first. and get around to visiting when I can.

  47. I love your blog.
    follow your manifesto so I dont’ lose you bloggy friend.
    I often feel like I have an unimportant blog bc I have so few followers but ,hey,
    maybe its important to those few….

    • Your blog is important to me! I always look forward to visiting. And what a blessing it will be for your family to have those memories. Most of the time, I don’t think followers have anything to do with how good a blog is.

  48. I SOOOOOO get this! I have been here many times. Ironically I posted about Stats & Numbers…well more numbers… today on my blog. I finally got rid of my GFC widget because I don’t want it to be about that. I don’t want people to follow me because of how many people do or don’t follow me. And I get the stats thing. So often I post something near and dear and I get a fraction of the view or comments, but the half-hearted scimming the top kind of posts get all kinds of attention.
    I recently went through this own thing myself. I felt my blog was all over the place, my heart wasn’t in it and I was steering away from my original goal and what I really wanted and needed to be doing for myself. Kudos to you for having an action plan. That’s the biggest part. I have gone through these phases a few times but still not feeling completely better, but this last time I looked at everything I wanted to change (design, content, etc.) and totally revamped and I’m happier now. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes things still make me go …”….ugh….” like when I don’t get more than 2-5 comments on my posts, if that, in a week, and other times I get 30! It makes you wonder what in the world is going on. LOL – but it’s part of blogging.
    Kudos to you for your priorities and your action plan! 🙂 I’ll still be reading whether it’s once, twice, or 10 times per week! 🙂

    PS> Something that has worked for me in the past when I feel like I want to blog but don’t have the time, is to take the time when I have some extra and pre-schedule posts…

    • I’ve always thought your blog had so much heart! It really stands out to me. Though I love that you revamped and are happier now.

      And I respect that you got rid of the GFC widget. Mine broke this week, and I nearly had a panic attack. Mostly because I was worried my feed was broken too. I love having new followers, but I don’t think the number of followers tell you much about a blog. Some of my very favorite blogs don’t have many at all.

      And I think writing some extra posts would be VERY helpful for me. I’m usually writing everything so last minute, that it becomes a burden instead of fun. I’ll try to do more of that.

  49. I think we all get burnt out on blogging at some point and reevaluate our goals and what we do online. I hope you stick to your manifesto.

  50. Absolutely!!! I agree with Jessica. I think it’s a cycle of being burnt out and being re-invigorated all over again. It comes and goes. It just reminds me to step away when I need to and re-evaluate my purpose for doing it in the first place. I like your manifesto! Hope you all are feeling better over there too! :)C

  51. –Blogging is like another full-time job.
    –Not only that, but reading comments and commenting on those comments etc…
    I post about 2 times a week now….and i NEVER look at my stats.
    ….but I’ll never quite blogging…for it is my Prozac.

    Xx Smooches from another burnout. xx

  52. I think everyone feels like that from time to time.
    It does get time consuming. There is a time to every season.
    BUT do not compare yourself to others out there. You are amazing and people love your honesty.

    What’s a stat? Maybe I don’t wanna know.

  53. Blogging can be hard work. Remember, it started as an interesting hobby. Your plan is great. Remember, get out and get active again because that gives you interesting things to blog about. A day of people watching or riding through the city usually sparks ideas. Keep blogging.

  54. Oh, I’ve been here. That’s why I used to post nearly every single day, and now I only post once a week. Part of it was because I felt so guilty for not having the time to comment on other people’s blogs, so I felt like I didn’t “deserve” to post on my own blog. My comments and readership went way down, and then I realized that I could just write when I wanted to, and what I wanted to write about, and people would read and/or comment if they wanted to. After realizing that, I felt much better about just doing what I could to comment on others’ blogs and write when I want to. Best of luck to you!

  55. I think almost everyone has been here at some point or another! Or life gets busy and the blog just kinda fades for a while. I also think that most people feel the pressure to have a lot of readers, and to have all the comments and things. I was actually just feeling it right before I clicked on your blog right now.

    I think that the things that have helped me are to sometimes write more than one post at a time, and then have them published on different days so that way it’s like I am still there, and I get to have my story on there-because that’s what is most important to me-and then I also get some time to do other things.

    I hope you don’t stop blogging! I will miss you! 🙂 But I def. think that moderation is the key, and to not let the numbers stress you out.

    • Thanks Brandi! I’m glad we’re blog friends. I think writing more than one post at a time would be so helpful for me. I’ve been writing everything last minute so that takes a lot of the fun out of it. I’m going see if I can get a little ahead.

  56. I need to email you–I TOTALLY KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! (See, I used all caps, so it’s true!) I have so many moments when I’m having fun doing something completely unrelated to blogging and I think “Wow, you know, if I didn’t have a blog, I could be doing this all the time. I could have time! I could do things!” But we love blogging, so I think you’re right in that ultimately, it’s not about quitting, it’s about finding balance. Unfortunately, that’s a hard thing to do.

    Good for you for not minding your stats. Like you, I find myself comparing myself to other bloggers all the time. And also like you, I have focused on putting out real content instead of things that I know will get pageviews. But making that decision means that my stats aren’t as great as some other people’s and it frustrates me that blogs that are essentially houses of cards are making enough money to afford their owners a full-time income. But gosh, do I appreciate a well-written blog with heart and personality when I see one, which is why I love your blog so much. I love that you DON’T post things just for getting traffic and judging by the 90 zillion comments you get on every post, obviously other people feel the same way. And you know what? They’re going to feel that way whether you write 2 posts a week or 20. So go on with your bad self. Or something. (that’s what the kids say these days, right?)

    • Thanks girl! Your last line cracked me up. I’m sure that’s what the kids say. 🙂 Yes, I think blogging takes sacrifices, but it’s worth it, especially if I can manage my time a little better. Somehow I’m thinking I’m not destined to make my fortune blogging, but I did just get a meager check from Blogher today–woohoo!

      So glad to know you. I think you do an amazing job blogging, though you always makes me hungry!

  57. I completely understand! I feel like I spend so much time reading blogs “because I’m supposed to” even though I don’t necessarily enjoy them if that makes sense.

  58. Your blog is the bombdiggety! You can’t quit writing! You are the most relatable blogger out there! Sometimes, I scroll through all the recent posts of bloggers I follow, just to see if you have posted something new. I often skip past the others to read yours.

  59. I have felt this same way lately. I also started posting less and have cut back on other things. I just can’t keep up with it all, and I have to be okay with that.

  60. Thanks for being honest. We do have to put priorities in order and not miss out on life by being occupied with our blogs. I can relate!!!!

  61. If you lived in a nice neighborhood where everyone were just like your readers and commenters, you wouldn’t take time out of your day to visit every neighbor, every single day. I think of my blogging family as people whom I love to visit occasionally, people who are talented and creative and who are open in a way that we can’t be in the three dimensional world.. I appreciate them so much. The wonderful thing about blogging is that we can share a part of ourselves in a way that we can’t when we’re in line at the grocery store or at our children’s schools. I’ve found great connections and support. That being said, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND and relate to the desire to drop it completely and live fully in the physical world of sensory and emotional experience.

  62. Oh no! I hope you won’t leave completely! I’d miss you!!!

    But I can completely understand the desire to get priorities in order and learn to allocate your time more appropriately. This happened to me in August/September. I was frustrated with things going on in our real lives and it was getting harder and harder to maintain a happy attitude on the blog. That made the blog start feeling like work. So I took a break. A couple weeks away and I felt much better when I returned.

    I still struggle trying to find a balance between all the different parts of my life, but I struggled with that before I even had a blog. :o) Now I only allot myself a certain amount of time each day to spend on blogging. If I use the whole time to write up a post, then that means I don’t get to visit others that day. So the next day I’ll make it a point to make my blog rounds. I’m not perfect at this by any means, but restricting the time I can have online has definitely worked for me!

    • Thanks Sarah Kate! I’m loving getting to know you–that you all just decided buy a farm still blows me away.

      I like that you have a set amount of time! Just cutting back a little has been helpful for me, though I still have a tendency to stay up too late at night. I’m hoping I can find a good balance that I can be happy with, maybe staying up late every other night. 🙂

  63. Wow! talk about comments! 🙂 I think life is all about balance and honestly it can be hard to find a balance when you love doing something. I am sure you will find a wonderful way to balance blogging with life. I enjoy reading your blog. I myself have been absent from my blog for a bit. I didn’t intend to be but it just sort of happened.

  64. I hear ya girlfriend. This happened to me a while ago and I’ve taken a huge step back on blogging. I almost quit it all together. I was down to posting about once a week. After a while I became motivated to do it again, but with a much different attitude. I wasn’t so obsessed with stats, I didn’t feel pressured to post a certain amount each week, and I stopped reading other blogs every day. Now I’m down to once a week. I really enjoy reading other blogs but like you said, can be really time consuming. I just had to set a few limits and now I feel way more balanced with the whole thing. Blogging no longer runs my life 🙂 lol, funny how it happens isn’t it. Oh, and I was always comparing myself with other bloggers too. Made me feel like crap. Now just trying to focus on being myself and not worrying about how successful my blog is. It’s a much better feeling.

    • I appreciated reading this crystal! I LOVE your attitude about blogging. I don’t want blogging to run my life either. I think I lost my focus for a little while, but I’m trying to get it back. Though I’m still debating on just how much time I want to spend.

  65. Oh deep breath wonderful. I’m right here with you. Trying to find the balance and ENJOY my space not STRESS over my space. I actually read a book last night instead of opening a computer. It was such a great feeling. Good for you!

  66. Good for you. Blogging should be fun and enjoyable but not take time away from what is truly important, your family. I find for me blogging 3x a week works. I love it because I have a horrible memory and otherwise I would forget all the day to day of my kid’s lives.

  67. You can’t stop blogging! I do know what you mean about burn out sometimes. I get that way too and you can tell that my content starts lagging. You have to do though what is best for you and your family. I do most of my posts late at night after everyone has gone to bed or super duper early in the morning. And I do sometimes write a few at a time to post later in the week or to have ready should I just not feel like blogging much on said day. I do try and post something daily to keep momentum. I love your blog. You always make me laugh and can totally relate to most of your posts. You are not alone. Have a great day!

  68. Wow! Looks like a lot of people can relate! Good job. Because that’s what blogging is about — connecting with people. And I, too, am SOOOO glad you’re not stopping. I will read your stories if you write 5 times a week or just 1 time. I love your family! I write because of my family. I have nowhere *near* the following you do, but I decided a long time ago that my blogging wouldn’t be about numbers.. I love to write, that’s my outlet right now, and I write to remember my kids growing-up years! I’d like tothink that I’d blog even if just my mom read my stories! And I know my kids will love reading about themselves and their crazy mother years down the road. Yours will too!!!

    • Thanks Ruth! You’re definitely one of the people I relate to the most! Your family is beautiful. And you’re hilarious! I know I would regret it if I stopped writing–I don’t want to forget these days.

  69. Life should absolutely come first. Nobody is ever going to look back and wish they’d focused more on their blog and less on life, right? The opposite, ABSOLUTELY! I burned myself out on blogging so badly once that I DID delete my blog. After 6 months, I started over and now I can only do what I can do, and I only do what I want to do.

  70. I’ve only been blogging for over 6months and I’ve felt burnt out from the blogging world, too. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes we need to take a break from something…so we can come back fresh as ever.

  71. I completely understand where you are coming from. There has to be balance. I have had to give up some of my blogging goals to live my life the way I need to for my family. Blogging is an easy time sucker if you let it be. When I get in a funk, I just try to remember it’s something fun I do for myself, I try to set limits (although I’m a terrible at keeping them) and I stop trying to compare myself to others. There certainly is no rhyme or reason to what makes some posts/blogs successful and others not so much!

  72. About 2 years ago I was reading and writing so so much. But now I write once or twice a week, and I read one or two times a week. It is a good amount, and I still feel connected to my blog. i hope you can find a balance that works. 🙂

  73. I love this post because every blogger feels like this at some point. I used to post three to five times a week. But it got to me. It’s such a lot of work and I hated myself for what I was neglecting at home. Now I try for twice a week but if I can only write one post I let myself off the hook. As a reader, it’s hard for me to find the time to read every post of blogs I love. I’m glad you are figuring out what will work for you!

  74. I wrote about this a while ago. Lately I haven’t even bothered with stats. I don’t have regularly scheduled posts (except Friday’s Life’s Lessons). I have so many other things going on that I just can’t spend all day on the computer–even though it’s so fun. It is a lot of pressure to keep up so I do the best I can and let go of the guilt.

  75. I’m so with you on this! Granted, by followers still fall in the double digits and I hope someday that first digit may be a 2 or higher, but it’s MY BLOG. I’ll write when I want, what I want. I LOVE when I get comments, and know that people are reading, but it’s not the only thing going on and stories just are coming as easily to me. I hope that you keep blogging. Your stories are honest and full of the humor of everyday life. You really have a gift.

  76. Angela Greenwald says:

    I have to say that your blog is one of my top 5. Even if you don’t blog as often, I will still keep tuning in 🙂

  77. I totally agree, blogging can become a time-consuming addiction. I also save a majority of my “blog time” for the evening, but have found myself going hours without talking to the hubs. I need to change my ways asap! You are not the only one going through this, hang in there. I hope the manifesto works out for you!

  78. I was having issues myself this fall. because I had so bitten off more than I could chew in my volunteer role and was forced to have my blogging take a backseat. And though now I am happy that my life is evening out a little and I can get back on my regular blog scheduling freeing myself from looking at all the stats has been awesome!!!

  79. Ahhhh those are some of my problems….mostly the comparing myself…..the stats I don’t have to worry about, since I mostly have none lol!
    I think that is why tho, I only blog in the time it takes my hubby to walk the dog before bed…..and if he doesn’t I don’t…..so it ends up being a few times a week…..I would loooove more but don’t know how to make it happen, I think you are wise to address it now, before you do get all together burned out!
    Hugs and hang in there!

  80. Girlfriend, le-me tell you somethin. Blogging IS time consuming. I’ve been doing it for about three years I think, and I actually did stop once. For about 5months. Getting back into it is not easy. Sometimes it’s also hard not to worry about the things you’ve said about too, and that puts even more unnecessary pressure on you.
    But I sure hope you stick around because you are pretty awesome 🙂

    • Thanks Tatiana!
      I think it would be so hard to come back if I quit. It’s good I’m cutting back a little now. As far as things I’ve said, most of my regrets come when I write much too late at night. I need to watch out for that! 🙂 And you’re pretty awesome too.

  81. I can totally relate to this. Although maybe not completely because you get a lot more traffic than I do and you make money from your blog, so I imagine there’s a lot more time and pressure involved with that, right? I used to be more of a “competitive” blogger and got a lot more comments and page views and really cared about things like that, but I got burned out from it and didn’t enjoy it anymore. I’ve taken several blog breaks over the years to evaluate my priorities. Now I fit blogging in when I can and it’s become a hobby that I truly enjoy. I write what I want to write about, even if it’s not very interesting to others, because it’s my blog, darn it! I don’t follow blogs anymore that don’t really interest me just so that I can get more commenting buddies. I don’t spend nearly the time that I used to on it and that’s fine because I would be neglecting my family and my other interests and responsibilities if I did. So, long story short (well, kind of) that’s been my experience. I love your blog and I hope you enjoy it and just fit it in when you can and find a balance that works for you, even if it’s just posting once a week or so, that would be fine! Do what works for you and your family!

    • Thanks Donna! It’s helpful to hear your story. I love that you knew when you needed to cut back and that you took the summer off. I don’t make much blogging now, but I do see writing as a possible avenue for a small side-income when my kids are in school–which is not any time soon! So, I’m still trying to figure out if I want to keep growing (more slowly) or go the route you chose. But I would follow you regardless. I’ve sincerely appreciated getting to know your sweet family.

  82. You know I haven’t been blogging much lately? It’s because I’m trying to do a lot of those things listed in your manifesto. First and foremost is to get my priorities straight. I decided time with my daughter is more important than the blog. Hopefully, one day I can manage all my tasks better but for now, I just have to remember what’s important!

    I love reading your blog and will be happy to read what you write – whenever you write it. 🙂

  83. Over the summer I kept blogging, but I put all promoting/commenting/social media stuff on hold for a few months. It did hurt my stats some, but I needed the break and time for other things. I found when I got back to it I enjoyed it a lot more. Right now with a new baby coming…we’ll see… 🙂

  84. My sentiments exactly. I have to tell myself that I only have a half hour for blogging purposes. I’m finding that I’m posting only once a week and visiting other blogs with about the same consistency. Time goes by so quickly when I’m on the computer that before I know it, I’ve wasted/perused for a couple of hours and nothing else has been done.

  85. I hear ya! I felt that way at the beginning of summer and now I’m lucky if I blog more than once a week. I like it better this way, I have more time to do other things!

  86. It’s definitely easy to get burned out at blogging and let it take over your life. I’m in another busy phase right now where I’m going to bed after 1 and getting up at 8 to get back to it again. It’s still 7 hours of sleep, so not bad, but my husband has gone to bed hours before me several times this week. Definitely find your priorities and do blogging when you can – you’ll still have readers.

  87. I have been blogging for 4 years now. And yes…I have been burned out MANY A TIMES. But the times I feel the MOST burnt out is when I feel like I am not living up to “my public” ‘s expectations. And I usually only get back on track when I say….”screw the public.”

    Do what is best for you and yours. Really, truly…forget about us. “In the eternal scheme of things……”


  88. You are one of my favorite bloggers. We all feel like this at times. I like your new priority list.

  89. i think everything you said makes total sense!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
    i’m so glad you’re not leaving 🙂
    there are so many times i want to sit and write and then there are times my mind has so many things going on inside, i’m not even sure if i wrote, it’d make sense!
    i totally agree with it taking a lot out of your day sometimes.
    it is addicting to hop from one blog to the next…
    and then afterwards, still write a post of your own.
    i know you’ll find your perfect balance <3

  90. Well, if this is cutting back, it’s working for you. Go on with you giant list of comments, lady!’

    Clearly you struck a nerve because everyone and her sister came here to weigh in on your plan.

    As for me, I don’t know how you do it posting even as much as three or four times a week (and that wouldn’t be cutting back in my book.)

    I post once only a week.
    And my dirty little secret? I don’t even know how to check my stats.

    I know. Archaic, right? And pathetic.
    But really, it helps me not worry or compare or stress.

    (Or maybe all this just shows that I’m lazy.)

    Either way. Balance is so important and you have your priorities well in hand.
    That’s all that really matters.

    Now. To survive blogging and the holidays.


    I love to write, but I love to write on my own time. When I was introduced to “monetizing your blog”, it seems like blogging has become more complicated. Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed being able to earn (even in its own minuscule way), but I just feel so pressured to put my blog out there that I often forget that my writing is for me.

    I still love to write though, but I do feel what you mean… But I absolutely love your blog. Your stories are so honest. I wish I could write like you 🙂

  92. Sandra Tyler says:

    Wow, I missed this one but was sad when I knocked on your door tonight and no one was home! I would say as I think I suggested, keep to blogging once at most twice a week. In fact, I just started this week a schedule, that Tuesday’s will be my day. To be honest, I’m unable to keep up with posts of bloggers who blog more than that. If you had a set blogging day, I would look for it! :))


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