Compulsive Climbing Condition

Today I thought I’d reveal the reason behind my newly forming forehead wrinkles.


His prime daily goal: kitchen counter access.   Apparently, my counters are irresistible.   We’ve removed all chairs in an attempt to thwart his ways, but it didn’t even phase him.   There are so many alternative methods to climb.

For instance:

Climbing by Car,

By Dishwasher,


Learning Table,

And, of course,

By Garbage Can. 

Then, for those days when the kitchen is not quite so intriguing, there are several other important endeavors to keep my toddler occupied:

First we have,

Bunk Bed Safety Inspections

Dax has also taken on the grueling task of,

Swing Set Supervisor

Finally, I wouldn’t want to leave out my toddler’s creative climbing side.  Just last week he scaled the bathroom counter and decorated.

“I love being a Mom.”

Now breath and repeat 3 times.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of Every Day:  Continued prayers for my childrens’ safety.

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  1. my boys never really went through that phase, guess I’m lucky on that front. good luck!

  2. Oh no! I would totally freak out if the Toddler did that. All my hair would go grey! But, he is very creative and athletic 🙂

  3. Oh boy! I’d need more than 3 breaths! I would freak out at Swing Set Supervisor!

  4. O.M.G!!!!! He is hilarious and cute and dangerously obsessed with climbing lol
    How funny, I was lovin’ all those pics and then I saw the one of him on the swingset and it became my fave one!! He obviously has no fear!! Where did he think he was going with that leg up on the bunk bed???

  5. Yeowza! We have a climber, too, and she usually chooses things with wheels as her first step moving up. My son was not like this and I was shocked to find my 15 month old on top of the kitchen table one day. Dax is decidedly more creative, though. Ay ay ay!

  6. Holy crap! You’ve got quite the climber there! But on a happier note, he’s very smart to think of all those different ways to get up to where he wants 🙂

  7. Oh my. June was a climber, but Bear not so much. I forgot how much she scared me all the time.

  8. Oh my! My son is a climber too, but hasn’t found the nail polish yet! I need to make sure to hide those!

  9. Wow. I have 3 boys but I’ve never had a climber like that! They do like to climb on the kitchen counters and the dining table though.

  10. Yep kids that climb are so much fun. My boys love doing the same thing. One time I found my youngest twin had dragged a chair over to the counter and had grabbed a pair of scissors. Never a dull moment.

  11. Now that is some creativity at work!! I cannot get over the bathroom photo! What in the world is the red stuff dripping in the sink? Please don’t say its nail polish!

  12. I was thinking the same thing as Janette!! I really hope that is not nail polish in the sink. I would have more than forehead wrinkles if I had such a busy climber!

  13. Dax is so cute! I love that face.

    Surely there’s some kind of Olympic sport that can benefit from his awesome climbing skills?

  14. Yeah, these are what memories are made of! And, it’s comforting to know that times like this will be funny a few years down the road. lol

  15. oh my! I’d have a heart attack for sure! lol

    you’d think he’s training for that japanese obstascle course! hahah

  16. Monkey has not been really adventurous…but he is starting now. Just this morning he piled the pillows up on the couch and climbed up them so he can leap off the other side. They just wanna drive us crazy…

  17. I thought all boys did this. But then I read I bunch of the comments and now I am not so sure. My boys all do this. The older ones even use pillows like snow boards, jump off the bunk bed and call it a “ride” ie: carnival ride. What it turned into is cute. But it is just plain painful at 1 and 2. I hate that they can get EVERYTHING!

  18. My son Johnny was like this at age one! We gave up on the crib because he could get out of it on the lowest setting. And we put the high chair out in the shed because he was climbing up to the tray and standing on it! Oh, these pictures brought back memories! Good luck with your adorable little guy!

    • Thankfully, Dax doesn’t try to get out of his crib too often, though he has gotten out before. But he loves to climb on his high chair. I think we need to move ours out of the house too. Thanks for the luck!

  19. ok seriously, my little girl and your Dax can NEVER meet. we’d see headlines about graffitti on the local water tower….and there’d be our 2 precious ones: not even caring that they were guilty – just silly, dirty faced smiles as they climbed on back down.
    Zoo Zoo’s latest goal?
    getting on top of the fish tank so she can catch a “fthishie”.

  20. Oh my! It’s a wonder how they get into things!

  21. Yep.. I had climbers too. Not so fun…
    We had to ditch the crip early for a toddler bed because they would climb and then fall out of the crib each morning. We would wake up to a crash each morning! gah!

  22. THAT IS SOOOO LINCOLN! Holy cow! He does the same things! It drives me insane!!!!

  23. FINGER NAIL POLISH??? Oh my dear! I’ll bring some cleaning stuff on Friday 🙂

    • Yes, you know I also need help folding laundry. Hopefully your kids are well trained. Lol! OK, it’s late and I’m easily amusing myself tonight. Actually, we’re all sick right now, so my grand plan may be a little shaky. I’ll email you tomorrow or Thursday.

  24. That is one mischievous/talented/determined/cute kid!

  25. You’ve got a handful there to say the least! He gets into everything! I imagine he’ll be quite the problem solver.

  26. My granddaughter is here visiting and she seems to have a climbing condition that I wasn’t expecting. Oh, man she is a climber.

  27. And I thought Mia was a climber, my gosh, she has NOTHING on Dax! 🙂 You are my hero, because if that were my child I would definitely have had a heart attack by now, or pulled all my hair out! 😉

    Hilarious, as always! 🙂 Has he ever really hurt himself?!?!?!? I sure hope not, but my gosh, he’s quite a thrill seeker! 🙂

  28. mine too was similar. Guess you nearly had an heart attack ya when you saw the bathroom? 😀

  29. I haven’t had a climber for a while, but my little one loves putting everything in her mouth! I’m so glad you love being a mom. Me too.

  30. WOW – you have so much patience, you have quite a handful! 🙂

  31. My Aisley could have given Dax a run for his money! One night she stacked up some toys to get over our safety gate, stacked pots to climb onto the kitchen counter, teetered her way across the full length of counter top, and climbed the cupboard shelves to get to the top shelf where the marshmallows were ‘hidden’ (obviously it did no good). The worst part is that we had NO IDEA until we found her with the empty bag of marshmallows in her bed in the morning.
    Those people who judge others and say things like “You just need to put it out of their reach” never had a climber with no fear like ours! My little Tripper is following in his older sisters footsteps and I wish I were relaxed enough to take pictures like you (I could use some proof) haha.
    At least neither of mine has done what my sister’s neighbor kid did. He climbed up to the top of the street light! Unfortunately he fell and had to get stitches in his face and broke his femur!

    • I’m impressed with Aisley! Marshmallows are so irresistible. Dax has learned from his older siblings too, but isn’t quite that advanced yet. I just hope he makes it through this phase safely.

      I can’t believe that street light climber. That poor kid! I would like to think his climbing days are over, but I’m guessing someone who would climb a street light is pretty determined.

  32. Yikes!

  33. Don’t you just want to wrap them in bubble wrap sometimes?

  34. Our children have to be related. I caught my toddler the other day standing on top of a stool that was on top of a stool so she could climb on the counter.

  35. My daughter was a climber so I know how it goes.

    Actually, she still IS a climber and loves to give me a heart attack on a daily basis.

  36. Oh man! Climbers are scary! Thankfully, none of my kids were climbers. That was a huge fear of mine. My poor sister-in-law had a climber kid… she found her 1 year old ON TOP of the fridge one day! How in the world does a 1 year old even get up there? That’s something I still haven’t figured out. You definitely have my sympathies. 🙂

  37. Okay, if that was my toddler, I’d be having a heart attack! He is such a climber! 🙂 No fear, huh?

    Please Lord, help number 2 not be so fearless!!!


  38. I so could have written this post about Hayden. Any chance he gets he is climbing on our counters. I even caught him climbing on top of the hot tub in our back yard, our picnic table throwing rocks on top of our house. And now Kaylyn isnt that far behind…Watch out! Dax is so cute though!

  39. It’s crazy, what they think of! And amazing that kids don’t break every bone in their bodies by the time they’re 10!

  40. You need to get him into something to get that energy out!

  41. Priceless pictures of an adorable little one. I LOL on this one and you are amazing at capturing the moments. Keep on enjoying your journey.

  42. I feel for you, my son is the same way! Oh goodness, just the other day I had a knock on my door. My son and daughter were up playing in their room nicely, and my neighbor had come by to let me know that he had just seen my son in the window, not just his head, but his whole body, barely being held by the screen. Luckily my neighbor had imminently told my son to get down, and also lucky that my son actually listened. We’ve had to re-arrange the furniture in the bedroom, though, I’m not sure how long that’s going to work…

  43. I’ve had a couple of climbers too! Hopefully Dax doesn’t also become a jumper!!! 🙂
    Nice artwork in the sink~ it’ll probably start a new trend and be all over Pinterest next week!

  44. We’ve got the same problem with B. I could have sworn that you borrowed my kid for these photos but he’s got a different face…. and that’s not my house. 😉

  45. Okay, that’s just impressive. Seriously, he should seriously consider a climbing-based career.

    I hear skyscraper burglar is a very lucrative choice.

  46. That boy has no fear! I’m impressed with his creativity! Boys will be boys I guess!

  47. Love the garbage can one- though yes, so not fun to have a climber. Good luck!

  48. Wow, he is a really good climber, and a fearless one too! Yikes for you!! My older son is really good at climbing too but he wasn’t a counter climber. Maybe you should booby-trap the counters 🙂
    P.S. I posted something new on my blog today, but it still isn’t updating in some people’s feeds. Such a pain!

    • I like your booby-trap idea. Sorry your still having feed trouble–that’s frustrating! I just checked and my reader’s been getting your posts, but maybe you should have someone check it out for you.

  49. This is hilarious. You must be on your feet constantly, poor you!

  50. LOL, I love all these pictures! You’ve got quite a climber on your hands.

  51. oooh! That foot on the rail of the bunk bed made my heart skip a beat!! Babe is the same way! It. Freaks. Me. Out.

  52. Holy Guacamole… need a tether for that little one. My #3 was like that. At 4 years he is calming….a bit. #4 is showing promise of following in the footsteps of his older brother. Maybe you could pray for my children’s safety while you are at it. 🙂

  53. holy.

    that makes me squint my eyes just looking at the picture!

    not to mention, climbing to get to the wallet? got a bill to pay?

  54. Oh my gosh!!! He is a serious climber!! He must be completely fearless…that swingset shot of him on the ladder had me nervous for you!

  55. OMG!!! My son never climbed like that! I would have been an absolute wreck if he had. The pictures almost had me gasping for air. lol

  56. What is it about the counter tops?! My daughter had a fascination with them too. Now at 14, she likes climbing trees!

  57. Okay he is the cutest little guy!! And I love his name! My youngest is just reaching this age. I remember this climbing stage all too clearly and already have begun whittling down our moveable furniture. But they are ingenius at this age!! I think my favorite is the ladder outside!

  58. He has to be the cutest little boy in the world. I love the climbing pictures. You have your hands full,lol.

  59. He reminds me of my 18 month old granddaughter! She’s EVERYWHERE but where she should be! I understand the wrinkles!! Good luck!
    I’m glad you’re saying prayers for your children’s safety. I don’t want to be a Debby Downer but we have a good friend whose 2-year-old grandson climbed on a chest of drawers. It fell on him. They had his funeral 3 days later. Tragic!!

    • Oh, that’s just heartbreaking. I’ll send prayers out for them. And I appreciate you mentioning it. We still need to connect our furniture to the wall. I mostly worry about that happening with my 3-year-old.

    • Oh, that’s just heartbreaking. I’ll send prayers out for them. And I sincerely appreciate you mentioning it. We still need to connect our furniture to the wall–my good intentions won’t protect my kids. I worry about that happening with my 3-year-old.

  60. Ooh, is that orange stuff in the sink nail polish? YIKES! He is so adorable though–I laughed out loud at the picture of him on the swingset. Such a cute little man!

  61. These photos caused my mouth to drop open!! What a clever little rascal you have… please make sure your insurance is up to date! And that your camera battery is always charged for the next shot! Love these

  62. WOW! I would probably cry! I am thankful that Marlee isn’t a climber, and am REALLY hoping that the next one isn’t a climber either.

  63. Oh my gosh, it’s unstoppable!

  64. I found out the hard way that my boys had been using the drawers to climb up the counter for cups when I came in the kitchen and discovered the bottom drawer front had been ripped off. I can’t find a price to repair such a thing on apartment repairs list in the lease. I am sure it will cost a fortune.

  65. My oldest never really did this, but now my younger 2 are giving me a run for my money!

  66. My daughter is in the same phase! She climbs on EVERYTHING. If she falls off and gets hurt, somehow it’s my fault and she gives me a dirty look and runs to Daddy. *peachy* Thankfully, she hasn’t gotten as creative as Dax with what she can use as a step stool. 🙂

  67. seriously! he has NO fear!!!!

  68. It doesn’t surprise me the things the kids will do to get what they want. My 2 year old has no fear too. Scares the crap out of me!

  69. ALL of mine have been climbers!! Just the other day I was taking my time getting ready thinking how quite the baby was ( I should have known better). I came to find her on the kitchen counter with the cabinets open playing with her cups. She has been there for a while because the whole cabinet was pretty much empty. So scary! Like you say..BREATH!
    Why don’t you put a smile in my face as you always do with your writing and come link up today?

    • Yes, that sounds like Dax. He loves to get into the cupboards. I pulled him down about twenty times today, literally.

      And didn’t get to it today, but I’d love to link up in the future. Are you doing it every week, childhood memories?

  70. Oh my goodness! I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks. Thank you so much! Your pictures brought me back 17 years ago with my Joshua and then another 6 years later for my Noah. I would call them monkey toes because it did not matter how much I thought I child proof the climbing, if there was a will there was a way with those 2.

  71. Climbers . . . . Oooooooohhhhhhhh nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t turn your back for a minute when they’re a climber at that age. Ugh!

  72. Janea you had me in stiches with this one!!! I love that you have come up with a new disorder, CCD, He is so funny and what a face, how can you get mad at him?!!! I love his artwork in the bathroom, I wonder if you market it correctly maybe you could make a few bucks on ebay!!!! You are my favorite blog to read, hands down!!! I love you!!! I wish you were going to the Blogher, Shewites, writng confrence on Friday here in NY, one day we will get to meet!!! xoxoxo

  73. Wait, did you move from Blogger to WP? Or maybe I am totally confused.
    Your little one is so persistent! He never gives up.

    I did this video on what my kids get in to. I remembered about it when I saw your toddler climbing – mine climed on top of the counter in the end

  74. did not mean to leave an empty comment, sorry, here is the ling to the video –

  75. Dax and Bean may have been split at birth (except she is quite a few years older than him). She used that same darn learning table to climb up onto the kitchen table and while trying to reach for something I had taken from her reach fell and broke her arm in a matter of seconds at 18 months. Seriously, it was one of those moments where it happened in slow motion but no matter how quickly I moved I couldn’t get there in time. I’m pretty sure that is when my grey hair started to come in!
    GOOD LUCK!!! Maybe you should put a lining of buble wrap under his clothes 😉

  76. He is a very clever, brave boy!!!

  77. Oh my goodness, what a busy bee! HAHA!

  78. —These photos are brilliant.
    how do you keep up, Grumpy MOM?
    You Are SUuuuuuuPER MOM, girl. Xxxx

  79. Oh my gosh! I think I would have a heart attack, and you were smart enough to take pictures! I love it!

  80. You’ve got one adventurous little boy there!

  81. Oh no!!!!!!oh no!!!!!!! Prayers coming your way daily.

  82. OMG!! I can’t believe him up on that swing set! What a daredevil…oh, I feel for you! (But he is so dang cute!)

  83. Oh my goodness, that is hilarious!!! I love how you’ve caught him in action in so many different ways. So funny!

  84. My kids have learned to use the handles of the drawers as climbing toeholds. I think I have about a month before all my drawers are broken.

  85. My daughter is the climber of the family. I bought a bookshelf last year and one of the reviews warned that children would try to climb it. I laughed it off. After all my son was never a climber. Why would they climb a bookshelf? Then one day my daughter managed to turn on the light in their room. Turns out she was climbing the bookshelf to do it. Sigh.

  86. This makes me laugh!!! I have a feeling my baby girl will be the same way!

  87. Omg. Emma has nothing on Dax. Are you on anti-anxiety meds? I would be. The playground pic made me gasp. You, my dear, have your hands full!! I’ll say some prayers for you.

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