I’m So Mean!

I’m a mean mom.  I make my kids do all sorts of dreadful things.  Last week I had the nerve to fix Dani and Evie’s hair for school.

Dani loved it, but my oh-so-shy daughter just couldn’t handle the injustice done to her locks.  If you look closely, you can see the tear drops on her shirt.

“I hate it.  I’m taking it out.”

“You look beautiful.  Keep it in.”

“No.  People will make fun of me.  Why do you do this to me?  You’re so mean.”

“If one person makes fun of you, I’ll take you to Disneyland today.”

Amazingly, we didn’t have to make the 11-hour Disneyland drive.

Then, despite Dani’s declaration that she hates the mountains–I made her go!

She endured, though refused to smile for any photos.

Also, while in the mountains, I made my toddler stay out of the lake.

So mean, I know!

And! I made my kids go to a corn maze.   My husband’s negative corn maze attitude rubbed off on my girls and they didn’t want to go.

The joke was on me though.  Note the missing shoe in the above photo.  Ya, that’s what the true adventure turned out to be.  Looking for the shoe!

There’s more!  While at another Halloween activity, I was mean enough to cause this.

Apparently, I broke eye contact while Mase was trying to tell me something.  My 3-year-old thought that was very mean and let everyone around him know.

Luckily, I redeemed myself with one really nice thing this week.  I took my kids someplace they have been begging to go for months.

The cemetery.

We don’t have loved ones buried close by, so we don’t go very often.  Dax had to be held for most of  the visit after he scaled a tombstone, but my girls and Mase straightened all of the flowers that had fallen over.

A lovely way to end my mean streak.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal:  Trying not to be too mean. 



  1. how did you do that plait? i like it very much.

  2. SO mean! That is too funny and reminds me how I acted. No matter if I was having fun or not, I was not going to smile and show it! Love the hair!!

  3. Beautiful hairdos and children! You are so mean, I can’t believe it. 😉 I, too, enjoy the cemetery. We used to live close to one and it was my favorite place to take a walk – quiet and interesting. This is weird, but I still think of the people who had intriguing tombstones!

  4. too funny. I’m always amused by the little things that set kids off

  5. Oh! To be a mean mom! I’m a mean mom too. My daughter asked me yesterday if she could drive to visit her friend at college. She has only been there once and it’s 3 1/2 hours away. I said no. I’m such a mean mom! 🙂

    I love your girls’ hair, btw! Super cute! I hope you finally found the lost shoe!

  6. How on earth did you do that hairstyle without it unravelling?
    Geez you are mean, but oh so funny!! I love how you manage to remember to take pics during the crying and tantrums lol. Were you visiting anyone in particuliar at the cemetary?

  7. Stephanie says:

    soooo mean. I love that little hairdo! and I’m a mean mom too at least according to my 3 year old 🙂

  8. Oh so mean. I think all of us Moms are. Until we become Moms yourself and understand what being a Mom is. 🙂

  9. Oh you are mean! In an endearing kind of way 😉 You’re a great hairstylist!

  10. Wow will you come do MY hair? I totally promise not to cry! 😉 I love the photos… The kids will laugh at themselves someday! And interesting that they chose a cemetery, but how sweet to spend the visit beautifying.

  11. you’re so mean.

    haha. too funny.

    i’m sure i’ll be so mean too.

  12. I love the hair! My two would never stand still and let me do that. And I never have time to brush my own…..we’ll be the Rasta family soon.
    I may be the only one who doesn’t think it’s weird you want to a cemetary. There was one near my babysitters growing up and we used to go in there all the time to fix the flowes and read the tombstones.

    • Oh, I don’t fix hair most days. Too much effort! Though this style was easy. We drive by this cemetery quite a bit and they’ve been wanting to go. It was a good experience. I like reading the tombstones too.

  13. I love love their hair. I really wish I was more creative with my girls’ hair. I try—but I still sort of suck. However-I did try to improve Isabel’s Halloween makeup last night by adding dramatic eyebrowns and she FREAKED. Said I made her look like a “dude” and proceeded to cry like a baby. They were too dark to just wipe off so she was stuck with them. Got to her party at school and the first friend she saw told her she looked awesome so I stuck my tongue out at her. Yep…I’m mean, too. 🙂

  14. Oh, the mean momma club. It’s the place to be, isn’t it? It’s got a wonderful membership. I’m reminded of my status on a regular basis–like this morning when I insisted that daughter should wear long pants instead of a dress since it’s about 40 degrees outside. Or when I reminded her that she needed to brush her teeth. Or brush her hair. All such “mean momma” things to do. 🙂

  15. I love their hair! I’m mean all the time. It’s a mom thing and they just have to get over it! I tell them I still love them even if I”m mean. Those are adorable pictures and memory filled I’m sure. Thanks for taking us down your mean walk!

  16. I love the little girls hair! That is so cute. It’s quite hilarious that they DIDN’T want to go to the cron maze, but begged to go to the cemetery. I’m glad you finally did something nice for them. Haha.

  17. OMG. Had mine lost a shoe in the corn maze there’s NO WAY I would’ve gone back in there to look for it!!

  18. the hair is too cute!!

  19. Oh, ya, you’re a big meanie, all right. Me too. I don’t let my guys eat lollypops at 6 in the morning! Cruel, I know. I love your girls’ hair…especially the spiders!

  20. –Can you do my hair like that, please? Xx

  21. Yeah….you are the worst! 🙂 The cemetery? hba ha ha ha ha……

  22. Yep that was so mean to fix your little girls hair so cute. I love it.

  23. It’s a miracle your kids have survived with such a mean mom. I mean, really, Mom?!? Fixing their hair?!? How could you?!? 😉

    Although…come to think of it, my child prefers to traipse about town with completely unbrushed hair – knots and tangles and Medusa-like snakes and all – so perhaps fixing the hair really is a form of punishment to them.

  24. I don’t think I’m doing my best as a mom if I’m not told I’m beating mean at least once a day! Haha.

    I remember those tantrums. The lay down, go limp, mom’s the meanest thing ever screamfest. ;o)

  25. From the looks of the comments there’s lots of mean moms here, so at least you’re not alone! I’m mean because I make her wear big-girl panties, even though it makes the panties tired and sad and frustrated. Her words, not mine. 🙂 Moms are the worst thing ever invented, you know? I really love how you did their hair, and those mountains are beautiful! Makes me a little jealous!

  26. That is a cute hairdo!

  27. Oh my word! Those hair-dos are ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  28. My daughter cried when I had her hair cut because she wanted to wear it fancy. But she would NEVER let me do anything to it. And I muttered an “oh no” when I saw the missing shoe.

  29. I love love her hair!!!

    Sandy Toe

  30. My favorite quote from my 4 yr old “I want a new mommy, your a mean mommy, I want a nice mommy”, he says this when I tell him he can’t do something, like watch TV all day! Or run into the street!

  31. Oh I love the hair!!!!! I don’t ever do neat things like that for my girls! My husband wouldn’t go to the Pumpkin Patch with me this year. What is it with these men? lol

  32. Their hair looks SOOOOO cute! (If I ever try and do anything “out of the norm” for Manuel in regards to clothes, shoes, hair, etc. it’s the end of the world. He would have had the same reaction as Evie! Even though I know it’s cute and fun and new, he wouldn’t dare step out of his comfort zone! But Mommy knows best because she looks ADORABLE!!!!! 🙂 Glad you didn’t have to make the 11 hour trek! 😉

    Us mean mommies need to stick together! 😉

  33. Their hair looked beautiful! You’re so mean to make them look pretty, lol!

  34. Laughing over here.! The cemetary?! How in the world did that start? But it’s *awesme!* My kids would love to explore a cemetary.

    P.S. Dani is super cute even with a pouty face. =)

    • We drive by that particular cemetery quite a bit, so my girls were just curious. And then, when we didn’t go, of course, they wanted to go even more. We’ll have to go back and bring our own flowers.

  35. I am so glad to discover that I am not the only mean mom, making my children do so many awful things. 🙂

  36. Cute Hair!!!
    My 10 yr. old informed me today that he is starving to death because I haven’t fed him for 2 weeks…and I go out to eat all the time and let him starve. Funny thing, I don’t remember going out to eat…but I do remember cooking dinner every single night! Weird!!! Kids certainly have their own perspective of things. 🙂

  37. The tears on the t-shirt broke my heart! You are a horrible mommy! 😉

  38. The spider hair barrettes are cute. I’m glad everything worked out swell. The picture of your son outdoors is just adorable.

  39. OMG, the third mountain photo is hilarious!

  40. Dude- that hair is wicked, wicked AWESOME! My daughter would love that1 She once made me put 6 french braids in her hair. I’m like “what? are we on vacation in Jamaica or something?” (that’s almost racist but not quite, i think) I seriously love your photos and descriptions. this was a FUN post to read. love it!

  41. I love this! Cute hair!! My son has learned to express his anger to me by telling me I am mean.. then he asks for his Daddy and the wORST is when he says, I don’t love you mommy. ugh…. rip out my heart and stomp on it why don’t ya! Crazy kids..

  42. I love your daughters’ hair! Good job mom! I also love Dani’s sweater- too cute! Glad your day ended well and everybody was happy!

  43. You are SO mean. Yeesh. 😉

    You’re kids are seriously adorable. And those hair dos? Love them! Especially the spider rings!

  44. Aw, but her hair is SO cute! Good thing you didn’t have to make good on the promise 🙂

  45. I love their hair! My youngest daughter is the same. She hates if I do anything at all to her hair. Ugh! But I can’t do anything as pretty as you do.

  46. How in the world could she be upset about that ridiculously cute hairdo? Seriously super cute! Your little trials with the kids crack me up. (Sorry)

  47. You are a meanie!
    I think I know the number for Child Protective Services.
    They would probably throw in the slammer for making hair that cute. Should be illegal!
    The tear stains are precious.

  48. Thank you again for another wonderful laugh! I have been busy with other stuff and am catching up tonight. This post had me laughing so hard! It also reminded me of the year we tried to take a Christmas card photo and my oldest daughter had that very same look! Like she was in immense pain.
    And also reminded me of when I wouldn’t let my youngest girl get a soda at her Dad’s office. She wrote a note that said “I hate my Mom bigtime” And added a frowny face. We still laugh about that to this day. Oh girl – just wait until they are in their teens!
    But what a sweet way to end the week – your precious children straightening the flowers. Priceless!

  49. The hair is too cool. For some reason, kids throwing tantrums and grumpy old people are hilarious to me. I’m always the one laughing when I shouldn’t be. It does make the kids stop though, because they can’t figure out why they are so funny to me;) You just keep on being mean. It just means you are a good Momma:)

  50. Of course the best way to end a mean streak is to visit a cemetery.

  51. They’re all so cute, Janae! Mad, tantrums, crying or not. They’re too stinkin’ cute. Too bad about the shoe! I bet that was NOT fun!

  52. It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only mean mom out there! I always joke that I’m so mean, because I made my toddler sit through having her hair brushed, or her teeth brushed, or getting her coat on or her pants! Whew! I’m not alone…. 🙂

  53. Their hair looks adorable!

    Maybe we should start a mean moms club. 😉

  54. Teardrops on the shirt!! How could you be so mean to fix her hair so cute! Glad you kept the toddler out of the lake, he may have lost a shoe! Oh wait, that happened in the corn maze.
    Amazing what a visit to the cemetery will do! Funny kids!

  55. love the hair styles. so cute. the photo of your son looks like he’s gouging his eyes out because of your meanness!

  56. Oh you are right you are mean! And her hair is awesome! I could never do that if I tried,

  57. Man you are the meanest mom I know! I thought everyone got to jump in the lake?!!! No…oh my bad!

  58. OH MY GOSH, I love their hair! come do my step-daughter’s the next time she’s over!! 🙂

  59. You are right…you are mean. 😛 I gave up on hair do’s a long time ago.

  60. hi there! thank you so very much for stopping by today and leaving such words of support. so kind of you. i appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
    so happy you found my blog bc now i found yours 🙂 and what a sweet blog it is!
    your family is gorgeous! this post made me laugh and smile.
    i think your daughter’s hair looks adorable 🙂
    you’re one awesome mama!
    looking forward to following <3

  61. Wow, that hairdo is spectacular! My daughter would love me forever if I could do that to her hair! If they think you are mean, they’d better never come to my house! Ha ha. Thanks for stopping by my little blog recently. I have been reading a lot of your posts, and you crack me up! I am definitely going to keep visiting, as a new mommy to four kids, I am anxious to bond with other quad moms.

  62. I love their hairdos! Coolest hair ever!
    I think you’re an awesome mama, and I bet they do too!

  63. I am so with you.

    WHen we were on a Disney cruies I thought my kids would be grateful, but instead they were pouting half the time: “I dont want to go to the show. I want to stay in the pool!”

  64. How adorable! Your girls & your little boy and also those braids. Good thing I don’t have daughter as I have no idea how to do such things. I don’t even know how to do my own hair! I think my kids think I’m mean too…. Mean moms unite!

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