I’m So Proud

I know I’m a bit hard on my kids.  I like to write about their mischievous endeavors and sometimes leave out the sweet stuff.   So this post is dedicated to them.  Here are a few of this week’s impressive accomplishments.

Dani (age 7) 

My darling daughter was exceptionally nice for an ENTIRE afternoon.  This was huge!  She later exclaimed,  “it’s just so exhausting to be so nice, but it felt good in my heart.”  The next day she did not exhaust herself so much.

Evie (age almost 6)

I’ve mentioned before that my Evie is painfully shy.  That’s why I was shocked to see this on the playground–Evie actually let another girl hug her!  I was so proud of my daughter!  Of course, Evie didn’t hug the girl back and walked away immediately after the hug, but I’m still counting it as progress.

Mase (age 3)

Mase is such a joyful little guy, and quite animated.  He randomly threw a shoe at Dani’s head this week. Thankfully, it was on the afternoon she was being sweet or there would have been a brawl.   When he noticed Dani was a bit injured, he started crying.  Possible tears for fear of punishment, but I like to imagine they were tears of remorse.

And I can’t leave out, Dax (age 19 months)

Dax is the best cuddler and loves to laugh.   He has also taken it upon himself to help with the cooking.  Here’s a shot from yesterday as he was familiarizing himself with my spices.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Remembering to tell my children how much I sincerely appreciate them.


  1. Great Goal of the Day! I like it.

  2. I love this. Your kids sound funny, cute and precious. I love your “goals” each post. They always make me laugh. Love the new layout!!

  3. I love the picture. Looks like that one keeps you on your toes….OK maybe they all keep you on your toes.

    I have to agree with your daughter, it’s exhausting to be nice!

  4. Janae this is such a great post and you had me in stiches with all the kids. I was reading and just wishing we lived closer because our kids would be a perfect match, then you gave me a heart attack with the baby on the counter!! That would be one reason I might stop at 4, what in the world could a 5th come up with to top him!!! Lol!! I must say the kids that come after the first really are born with no fear!! My third was and stll can be quite the daredevil, now that I’ve seen what your fourth has accomplished I now understand why God had me stop at three, I’m just too old!! Lol!! Much love to you!!

  5. Oh those little jeans melt my heart.

    Dani is right, being nice is exhausting. That’s why I try to limit my niceness to the 8 hours a day that I’m at work. Too bad for anyone I come in contact with after 4:30…

  6. Just an FYI your new domain makes it very difficult to leave a comment 🙁 ME no likey.

    Your kids are too cute!! I just love them… They really are GREAT kids! You are one lucky momma!!! {{hugs}}

    • Oh no! Sorry about that. Is it because you have to leave the information or just difficult in general? It actually got switched again yesterday–maybe that will help…or not.

      And I am quite the lucky momma. You too. 🙂

  7. It is hard to remember to appreciate our kids verbally, but so important! Thanks for sharing the greatness of your kids. They really are sweet little things when we stop and think about it – huh? A totally agree with Dani sometimes it’s hard to be nice!

  8. its so easy to focus on the times when a child drives you crazy, but we often need to remember those moments where they pull at our heartstrings.

  9. Love it 🙂 thats awesome

  10. so true. sounds like a pretty good week so far. Mine are still high from too much birthday cake and yoda soda on the weekend. I expect the crash..any..day..now.

  11. We also rejoice in those moments where our painfully shy Manuel does those “little things” that just make you smile because you know it’s SO hard for them! 🙂

    Your kids are so darn sweet and adorable (and hilarious! ;))

  12. Love your proud moments, I laughed after the first one but the pic of Dax in the spices is too perfect. My little one things she is a chef and hasn’t quite realized it’s NOT OK to eat the spices after they’ve been poured on the raw chicken…we’re learning these lessons as we go!

    Totally random side note, did you have to change your comment form because people couldn’t comment? I haven’t been able to comment on blogs for like a week, I just switched to Firefox so I could comment again.

    • LOl! At least she’s learning.

      I just switched my comments when my blog got transferred over the weekend. I wanted to be able to reply to specific comments within my blog and have it automatically email my reply to the comment leaver. Is it working? My site was changed again yesterday so I’m not sure!

      I had to switch my browser too.

  13. I love the pic of Dax in the cupboard. Keep him cooking! My sweetie is a much better cook than me. It’s a VERY desirable trait in a husband!

  14. Dax is so cute. Such a good helper. It reminds me of mine when she was little! 🙂 She is still a good helper.

    Blessings to you and your very cute family!

  15. sometime I do believe I missed out since I only have one child! 😉

    love how honest Dani is!

  16. Your Evie sounds so much like my Samantha. My Sam is so shy. I have seen her do the same thing. Glad my child is not the only one who is that shy. I hope one day she will outgrow it.

  17. Guess Dax is training himself to be the future Master Chef? 🙂

  18. I’m curious as to how Dax got up on the counter…

    • He pushed a little chair over, hopped from the chair to the edge of an open kitchen drawer and climbed on up. He does it all day long! I put up the chair, then he uses a laundry basket, toy, pot, scooter, basket–anything to give him a boost up. I pray for his safety daily. 🙂

  19. How cute! I agree sometimes being so nice can be exhausting!

  20. My 17 month old is always in my spices! They are in one of those pull out cupboard drawers so he can easily get them. And if I ever need a spice- I look on our DVR as that is where he likes to put them.
    Dani’s comment is hilarious!

  21. That’s the beauty of those rose colored glasses!

  22. LMAO!!! Look at all their good deeds. 🙂

    My middle son was very proud of himself that someone had kicked him and he didn’t do anything back to him. I was proud of him, too. It was progress.

  23. Awww, that was a sweet post! It’s easy to get on here and gripe…I do it all the time! LOL 🙂 So great job. 🙂 Now off to erase my post I was going to put up. Ha ha, just kidding. I’m still going to gripe…just not about my kid.

  24. Oh my gosh that was a cute post. I loved the pictures and the thoughts. You must make these posts into a family journal book.
    Way fun!!

  25. I love that each have wonderful things going on for them.

  26. It’s good to see that you have a little one that climbs on the counter as well. Now THAT can get exhausting!

    Speaking of exhausting… I have a child that gets exhausted being nice, too. It’s my 7 year old. We really have a lot in common! She gets frustrated when her 6 year old sister is “too nice” to her. “She’s just being too nice and I can’t stand it!”

    Something to work on…

    This was a fun post. Always good to remember the happy moments.

  27. Love the post, especially the part about how exhausting it is to be nice for a whole afternoon! Kids rock.

  28. LOL…I agree with your oldest…being nice is a lot of work 😉

  29. In her defense.. it can be exhausting to be nice sometimes!

  30. my goodness. yOu have the most adorable family with the cutest names ever!!! You are very lucky momma:)

    hope i am not coming up in spam now,lol

  31. Gotta love the sweet moments that they have! I’m especially trying to remember that! 🙂 I love the pic of Dax! Too cute!

  32. Two things:

    #1 I agree with you, it is much easier to focus on the bad behavior, rather then the good. What is up with that? (plus, the bad makes for better blogging stories, am I right?)

    #2 I wish my spice cupboard was as big as yours. Cut yours in about 2/3…that would be mine. SUCKY! You lucky girl!

  33. I love it! 🙂

  34. –dear Grumpy,
    No matter the age, What a SUPER reminder. :)) Xx

  35. Yes, we can not forget the *little* milestones amoung all the chaos. Very cute post.

  36. Ha! That picture cracks me up 🙂 Those are very good accomplishments…good job for applauding them!

  37. I always smile when I visit your blog. That picture is so cute. And Dani cracks me up–she was exhausted from being nice, lol!

  38. You are raising a bunch of sweet angels.

  39. Oh, this is awesome!

    It is hard to remember the good things when it seems like all the bad stuff happens all the time.

    You kids are so cute! And amazing! I know you know that though!!

  40. Lovely post, still with a sense of humour 🙂

  41. I love Dani’s comment – that’s hilarious!

  42. You are raising great kids there! But, never a dull moment, is there? 😉

  43. Aw, such wonderful things to be proud of. You’re a great mom raising pride-worthy kids! 🙂

  44. Aww these are great moments. I love Dani’s comment of being ehausted. hahaha. At least she felt good in her heart. 😉

  45. Ahhhh! Such a sweet post! Thank you for the smiles!!!

  46. Aw such sweet children you have 🙂

    And the pic of the little guy standing on the kitchen counter, gah, makes nervous! My boy is way into climbing and it freaks me out.

  47. Very sweet post! I think you do have to give them credit where credit is due and try to seek out the good in every situation when possible.
    I especially love Evie’s report.

  48. I found my way to your blog from your guest post on Shell’s. Wow! You have your hands full with 4 kids, ages 7 and younger. I love that you can find the humor in it all. I especially love that on this post you pointed out a good thing about each kid this week. I sooo need to steal that from you! I definitely blog more nice things about them than I actually share with them personally. I have to put that on my “to-do” list. Thanks for reminding! I look forward to following your blog. I just signed up as an official member *blush*.

  49. Such a sweet post! My husband was reading over my shoulder and really got a kick out of Dax “familiarizing himself with my spices”!!!! LOL! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

  50. That picture of Dax is really cute! It’s nice to think about some of the things our kids do with a positive spin like that. I need to do that more, so that’s my goal too!

  51. She’s totally right though. It IS so much more exhausting to be nice! lol!

  52. The hugging thing made me smile. My Megan (2 1/2) is constantly getting hugs from little boys, and she doesn’t necessarily appreciate the hugs. She stands there with her arms by her side and a passive look on her face, but at least she isn’t hitting or screaming back at the boys! (I’ll have to teach her it’s OK to do that when she’s older though…)

  53. Oh those moments are so important. I just remarked to my husband last night that it was such a fun day at home. The kids got along well, were helpful, and played nicely. Ahhh!

  54. How funny! 🙂 Those sound like good accomplishments to me… such a funny picture of Dax! 😀 So cuuuuuuutttteeee!

    In Christ,

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