Intriguing Discoveries

First, thank you for all the thoughtful comments from Tuesday’s post!!!  I’m obviously not alone, and it was so helpful for me to see how other people make blogging work.

Though I think I was a bit confusing in what I wrote.  I’m not taking a break from blogging right now.   I’m still going to post a few times a week, visit, and try to reply.  I’ll just be spending a little less time on a daily basis, taking time off whenever I need to, and not pushing myself to keep up!  

I already feel much better about the changes I’ve made.  Hopefully, I can stick with it. 

Now, I have something much more serious to discuss:

 There have been some intriguing discoveries at my house this week.

First, Evie discovered a hidden container of cottage cheese in the fridge.  It was over a week expired.  Later in the day, I found Mase chowing down on the cottage cheese.

Me: Mase, that’s expired!
Mase: No, that’s not expired.  That’s cottage cheese.

Next, I discovered that my husband can’t be trusted!  He “helped” the kids get ready to play in the front yard this week.  And here we have Mase wearing a backwards shirt (as always), his younger brother’s pants (with food on them), his sister’s socks (which my husband put on him), and no coat (it was freezing!).

Sometimes I wonder if my husband does things like this on purpose so I’ll stop asking him to help me.

And last, but not least:

I discovered what my seven-year-old daughter, Dani, wants for Christmas.

Dani: (enthusiastically) Mom, I really want a punching bag because sometimes I really want to punch people when I get so mad at them, but then I could punch the bag instead.

She can be sweet like that.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Searching for punching bags on Amazon.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! Cuteness! Your daughter sounds like my kind of kid! And your husband sounds exactly like mine. Hope you have a great weekend, lovely lady!

  2. Dani is so insightful! Maybe I should get a punching bag too! I swear to god my husband does things like that too, but I still keep on asking him to do the work.

    My youngest used to always want her shoes on the wrong feet – I think it was a sensory thing. When we went out EVERYONE and their Grandma used to tell me her shoes were on the wrong feet. Sooooo annoying.

  3. well at least she knows not to take her frustration out on others (o:

  4. Hmmm. I so get that. I should ask for a punching bag for Christmas 😉

  5. I need a punching bag too!

  6. **because sometimes I really want to punch people when I get so mad at them, but then I could punch the bag instead.**
    Smart girl. X

  7. I know how you feel about blogging. It can get overwhelming sometimes. I use to e-mail folks who used to comment on my blog, but it took up a lot of time. So I quit doing it. I hated to do that, but I just did not have the time anymore. I think at my house we need a punching bag. My twin boys are always fighting. They could hit that instead of each other (maybe).

  8. Are his shoes on the wrong feet too? =)

    Punching bags can be a great source of stress relief!! Perhaps I need one myself…

  9. I think I need a punching bag for when I want to hit people. When you find it on Amazon, let me know, K?

  10. Well at least Dani isn’t just randomly punching people and trying to find an outlet for her frustration:)

  11. How self-actualized your daughter is! Most kids would just punch other people. =D

  12. AAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love your daughter. At least she can recognize and see a solution that doesn’t involve hurting others.

    I’m not sure if your husband is dressing Mase like that on purpose. I’ve found in my experience, men just don’t care about clothes looking nice. I think the main thing for them is that the clothes function. If the clothes cover the necessary parts, it’s all good. 😉

  13. ya know, I tend to agree… the hubs is dressing them incorrectly on purpose. My husband refuses to dress our kids or pick out an outfit. I do not understand this at all. My thought is– CAN YOU DRESS YOURSELF!? AND MATCH? Then why in the world is it so hard to dress your child and make their clothes match? Here’s a test: when your hubs comes home. dress yourself completely wrong. Do not match, make it obvious, just like with Mase and see if he notices. If he does, then you can call him on it.

  14. ohmygosh! could she be any cuter? and my husband does the same thing when dressing our girls- I swear it’s on purpose!

  15. Well, at least Dani knows not to punch real people. What’s she upset about anyway??!!

  16. haha….. a punching bag! That made my morning.

  17. I love the pic of your daughter!

  18. I read your blogging post, too, and I have to say I am so there. And I’ve been there many times after blogging for 6.5 years. I think I am finally to a place where it is what it is, and I’m not going to spend as much time worrying about it. In fact, I haven’t for several months, and it has been quite liberating. And I don’t think I ever worked nearly as hard on it as you have! I have tried to remember why I started blogging and keep that perspective. I still go in waves, but the waves are based on the time I have “in real life” and how I’m feeling instead of obligation. I liked your manifesto, it’s a goodie.

    And I really hope you can find a good punching bag for her. Or maybe not? She’s sure cute.

  19. After an extremely hard search I found the new place for the comments 😉 Anyway…that reply from Mase about killed me! Haha that is hilarious! And my husband is the same way when it comes to dressing Lincoln…or himself! I think it’s just a guy thing! Lol! And Dani…so funny! Better get her one so she doesn’t start punching actual people!!

  20. Too funny! And that is EXACTLY what my children look like when they walk out of the house after my husband dresses them. It must be a husband thing! 😉 Sometimes I’ll say, “Ummmm Manny, you really let Manuel out of the house in that!??!? THOSE ARE PAJAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Too much! 🙂

    Dani is too funny! At least she’s honest! 🙂

  21. Ahhhh iPad crashed aTer I wrOte this whole thing! Anyhow I said I guess I need to read your old post….but sounds like I’m normal, or your joining my ranks of abnormal!! As you know I only post two to three times if I’m lucky!
    I also had to chuckle at the Christmas wish list!

  22. That is a cute post.
    I’m a little scared about the outdated cottage cheese but I totally love the pinching bag idea.

  23. The thought of my husband doing things wrong on purpose so I won’t make him work has crossed my mind on multiple occasions too. I know they’re capable of it, so what else could it be?
    And that Dani of yours? She’s a smart girl. Just gave me an idea of what I should add to my own christmas list.

  24. Dani and Mase are so cute!!!
    I don’t think men know how to dress kids. My husband once put tights on OVER my daughters skirt. Yep. I couldn’t figure out that one.

  25. We got a punching bag for my son for the same reason. It didn’t work very well though, and I ended up throwing it away. I still want to get one because he could use it for when he gets mad!

  26. Well, at least she didn’t ask for another little brother to punch on.

  27. The pictures say it all! too cute!

  28. I love the punching bag quote – and the accompanying picture is priceless!

    I was finishing up grad school when our first baby was born, and my husband decided to help out by taking Emma for the day. He and a buddy (who also had a little girl) took their kids to the beach for the day, and snapped cute photos of Emma in a onesie eating ice cream. Sounds adorable, right? EXCEPT she was two months old, and it was maybe 40 degrees out – April in Scotland!!!

  29. That little face looks so sweet and innocent….there’s no way that’s the Dani you talk about. A punching bag is a great idea! I love that she thought of it all by herself and that she knows it’s a better option than actually punching people. So smart for 7 years old!!

    I’m always amazed to see what my husband, dad and father-in-law pick for Arya when she needs a new outfit on. It must be a man thing! lol

    As for the cottage cheese, well… long as it’s not fuzzy it’s okay, right?!? hahaha

    Have a great day!! Btw, I love reading your blog! 🙂 It’s on my must read list. :))

  30. At least she knows how to get her anger out in other ways than punching them! 🙂

    My husband does things like that…putting pants that are WAY too short on her, with a mismatched shirt…Men. 🙂

  31. Ah, your girl is wise beyond her years! My husband does things like that too…is it a male thing?

  32. OMGSH! How funny is that?! I laughed out loud at the outfit your husband put on your son and your daughters christmas list. lol.

  33. It also appears that someone’s shoes are on the wrong feet in that picture.

    I guess a punching bag is better than punching her brothers and sisters.

  34. A punching bag?? That is a great idea!!! Also, my husband does the same thing…. It is a great strategy…. I have contemplated not being such an awesome mom so that I could take a day off hehe

  35. I think men really just don’t notice these things, and if you were to point it out, they’d still not see it. I like the punching bag idea. I have one that I bought for exercise, and it receives no angry punches…because it was bought for exercise!;)

  36. I don’t know what I am laughing harder about…your son’s clothes or Dani’s facial expression to go along with her punching bag request! They are both hysterical!!
    Hey, I sent you an email & a tweet. I made a mistake on my blog…not my email. I am soooo sorry! I should not be allowed to stay up late at night on the computer! I make some of my biggest mistakes at that time of night.

  37. My husband absolutely does this ON PURPOSE! I think his goal is to never have to dress a child again. Or at least never help. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has a “helpless” husband 🙂

    Kristen @

  38. A punching bag? That is the funniest thing I’ve heard. Every time I send my husband to the grocery store he makes a few mistakes. On purpose? Probably not, but I rarely send him anymore.

  39. My husband would send my kids to school in outfits like that. SIGH.

  40. well…as long as no tummy ache then should be alright. As for the clothing, my hubby is the same also. haiz…looks like men are the same everywhere. But at least the kids are wearing something LOL

  41. I think my husband messes stuff up on purpose. But you know what, I just started doing it too when he wants something done a certain way. lol
    My son has a punching bag with gloves. It is a spider man one. Just thought I would mention it so you wouldn’t feel alone. 😉

  42. Your kids are so cute! They have the best responses to life’s problems.

  43. Ha ha ha….yes….I bet that is your husbands plan entirely. That’s why mine no longer cleans the bathroom. 🙂

    Second….you little chica is HILARIOUS! I say go for it. Give that sweet (albeit aggressive) anger girl a positive outlet for her anger. (are you sure she’s not a redhead underneath) 🙂 Love it!

  44. I meant ANGEL girl…not ANGER girl. Oops!

  45. Better that she hits the bag than her brother. I’m all for it! Husbands are second-rate help. It’s just the way it is. 🙁

  46. My kids ate expired vanilla greek yogurt while I was napping. My daughter just scraped the mold off the top before she served everyone! I’m waiting to see if any tummies get upset…

  47. What’s funny is we actually got our boys a punching for that express purpose of working out their frustrations and anger there rather each others heads!

  48. Lol at the backwards clothes. and the cottage cheese.

  49. Are his shoes on the wrong feet too?

    At least she knows to not punch people. Maybe I should ask for one too.

  50. I should hang out with your daughter 🙂 She’s my kinda girl! And my husband is not allowed to dress my daughter or she’s guaranteed to be wearing snow gloves and a snow hat when it’s 80 degrees outside, he has a problem telling her “NO” so my 2 year old ends up dressing herself, never a good thing.

  51. That is hilarious! I especially love the top picture, and yes, I think men do that on purpose just to get out from doing work. LOL

  52. I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about Dani being able to take care of herself! What a cutie! Oh, and so glad you’re not giving up all together on blogging! You’d be missed!

  53. I love the punching bag idea! Genius!!

  54. hahaha i like your daughter’s thinking! that is too funny! i could think of a person or twos head i could staple onto a punching bag 😉
    i think my husband does the same thing when i ask him to do something he’s not to into doing.
    they can’t fool us!!
    hope you had a fabulous weekend <3

  55. Ha ha I do think your husband is doing that so you will ask him to stop helping…and at least Dani wants to punch a bag and not people, right?

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