Memorable Motherhood Mayhem

One of my favorite things about blogging is that I’m finally recording my family experiences.  I’ve already forgotten so many!

I started blogging this past January, but a few years ago, someone asked me to write down everything I did in one day.   He was teaching a Sunday School lesson on the importance of mothers or something like that.  Here is an excerpt:

Dani (age 4)  Evie (age 3)  Mase (8 months)

8:41 3-year-old tells me to “go away” for no apparent reason.

8:42 Baby is crying–2nd messy diaper of the morning.

8:47  I quickly get showered and ready for the day while watching the baby in the bathroom.   As I look for things, I bump the baby’s head in the doorway-twice!  Not too hard of course, but he’s not happy.

Several minutes later he gets a chance to pull himself up on the toilet a few times and he’s happy again, as that is his favorite new discovery.

While I’m brushing my teeth, the baby puts something off the bathroom floor in his mouth—hmmm.  Tried for a minute to get it out….and…he swallowed it.  Gave him some water to wash it down.  Then, washed his hands.

Meanwhile, 3- and 4-year-old are watching another TV show–it’s somewhat educational, but I’m still not proud.

9:07 Dance party!  Kids are grumpy.  3-year-old tells me she’s super duper sick–I’m not really sure about that one. Baby cries every time I put him down.  Maybe he’s sick.  Finally, I give him a spoon to chew on and he’s OK for a few minutes.

9:23 Still dancing–mostly just me performing for the kids–I’m amazing!  They are not impressed.

9:28 4-year-old is begging for snacks.  I hold my ground.

9:37 4-year-old is mad because we are scratching our library plan because of the snow.

9:41 Offer 4-year-old a quarter to watch the baby while I grab some bleach and a new vacuum bag from the basement…admittedly not the best idea.

Come up from the basement 60 seconds later.  The baby has survived!  But 4-year-old is not watching baby.  She was in the bathroom and now mysteriously has shorts on.   She has decided to be happy and is soon dancing spiritedly to “Enchanted” music.

9:43 Baby is grumpy…almost nap time!

3-year-old is unraveling a large roll of multi-colored Christmas ribbon.  She’s having so much fun I let her play with it for a minute.  Then 4-year-old joins in and ribbon is strewn all over the living room.  I stop their fun and clean up the ribbon mess.

9:46 Time for baby’s nap.  Feed baby, then he just lets me hold him for a couple minutes—precious!  4-year-old comes in and shows me her new dance move–also precious.

9:54 Now 4-year-old has made up a game called Henry—it involves our thumbs attacking each other.  3-year-old explains rules also, in great detail.  “It is like a thumb war without holding hands and thumbs can shoot each other”…very violent for two little girls.  Now my 4-year-old makes up another version of the game…Shooty.  Shooty is pretty much the same game as Henry, but turns into wrestling and tickles.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Appreciating my eventful days.

Mase 2008


  1. The whole reason why I started blogging was also as a way to record and remember family memories. I can’t wait until the kids are a bit bigger and I can read them old posts, excellent idea!

  2. At least its never boring 🙂 and looking back and laughing is fun too!

  3. I’m so grateful to my blog for the memory keeping. I really think the kids are going to love reading it one day. I hope they learn more about themselves AND more about me.

  4. Whew, only 9:54 and already I’m tired! 😉 You capture the life of a mom so well.

  5. Aw! I’m doing something similar for my niece with French Fridays with Dorie. I plan on showing her the blog and giving her my cookbook later when she’s older.

  6. Wow… now I remember why I only had one child… haha! Just kidding! But seriously, I’m tired just by reading all that!

    I love the imaginations of little ones. One of the reasons why I love teaching Mission Friends on Wed. nights. 3-5yr olds are HILARIOUS! 🙂

  7. oh my word. That is hilarious. You have such a gift in writing. I know you’ve been told that time and time again. But I have to say it anyway.

    • Thanks Mari! This was my “I’m not feeling very inspired to write anything new” post. Speaking of, I’m missing your stories. And, we ran out of Kleenex the other day–I thought of you. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

  8. This made me giggle. 🙂 Sounds like you have very full days! It makes me smile though–I only have one so even though she’s hilarious on her own I don’t get the whole interaction thing that you do. Laugh a little extra, just for me. 😉

  9. Totally cracked me up! I gotta say I soooo look forward to your posts! 🙂 you haven’t been blogging that long?! Ok tell me, how do u get so many comments? I have no clue how to do that! Anyhow cute post as always!

    • Hey Colleen,
      I’ve appreciated your posts too. I think we’re so much alike. I just spend too much time on the computer. A little during the day, but mostly at nights. And I read too many blogs. 🙂

  10. My how an hour can pass so quickly … never boring I’d say! 🙂

  11. wow and its not even 10am yet.. one day I should do this lol

  12. Oh yes, maybe I should write down all that I do in a day, and maybe then my husband would see why the house isn’t always immaculate when he gets home. LOL

    Glad you survived that chaotic day…and the many more you have had since then! 🙂

  13. That’s my biggest reason for blogging too! The things in my brain need to be pull out and saved before they are gone. Sometimes I feel like Dumbledore…

  14. Wow…you sure get a lot done in a short period of time. Way to go! I’m glad you are writing because I really enjoy reading it.

  15. I don’t really use my blog as a family record more of a way to manage my sanity. lol
    However, I do wish I had starting blogging much earlier.
    I think it is so great to capture memories this way, and you do it soooo well. xo

  16. 10pm-Mommy in a coma :p

  17. Here I am at 11:00am hearing the trash truck pass the house and realizing I haven’t even managed to get the trash out this morning. I give you props for managing to shower, brush your teeth and have a dance party all in the AM hours!

  18. I LOVE this post! I wish I had written down a “play by play” at least once when my boys were little like that. Memories fade so fast.

    The thumb game is precious. Kids make up the craziest games ever.

  19. –Dear, Grumpy,
    I miss those days! For Reals. XX Lovely photo.

  20. So how did the Sunday School lesson go? “Kids, don’t ever let your mother pay you a quarter to watch the baby while she ‘goes to get bleach,’ and that brings me to my next point, don’t do drugs!”


    (This sounds like a Saturday morning in my house, except I would have used fruit snacks instead of money, and I wouldn’t have bothered to clean up the ribbon.)

  21. My daughter had a purple balloon that she named “Turkey.” She doesn’t remember this. I wonder if your girls will remember “Shooty/Henry. 🙂

  22. I fear the day my daughter starts reading my blog…I think she’ll need therapy afterwards…

  23. Great idea for a blog post!
    That’s why I started my blog as well…I’ve already forgotten SO much.

  24. It is scary and amazing when you write it all down like that.

  25. I started blogging to document life with my first baby. Reading this made me laugh. I am pregnant with #2, and seriously terrified. 🙂

    (And you want one more!) LOL!

    • Yes, I’m crazy to want one more, I think. 🙂

      Though, having two kids was actually much easier for me than having only one. They entertain each other. But I think a lot depends on the temperament of your kids. 🙂

  26. what do you do to keep up with all of them and still have enough energy? Take your kids ADHD pills, have an IV hooked to the coffee pot, snort cocaine? Seriously, I would last about 2hrs with 4 kids demanding so much attention before falling flat on my butt and letting them all raise each other 🙂

  27. I started blogging simply to record my mom memories too. But then I found I sometimes just like writing about things I find interesting etc. Question though: How did you get so many readers to fast?

    Oh, and I like your little minute by minute. That is soooo cute. I think I would be afraid to do it, though. It probably would make things seem worse then what they really are. Plus, I ignore my babies while I am in the shower. And right now a lot of it might be tell this kid to do that and this kid to do that…my oldest 2 are still pretending they do not know how to use the washing machine because they don’t want me to tell them to do laundry too.

    • Lol! Your oldest two sound very wise. I would be afraid to do a minute by minute today too. I’ve gotten much more snappy. And I just try to keep up with a lot of blogs. It’s been fun, but time consuming. I’m up too late most nights.

  28. It is great to get it all down on a blog, isn’t it?! My family that is out of state feels more connected this way too. I’m happy to put it all down and even happier to share it. I love to get comments and hear other people’s similar stories or tie ins to mine.

  29. it’s like your peeking in my windows.
    hey – mind the flowers eh!? 😉

  30. My mom is always on me to document the little things my daughter says or what she picks up when so we’ll always remember it. I have small lists in my phone but it’s never long enough for a full blog post. Lucky you!

  31. Okay, that’s only an hour and 13 minutes. How do you last the whole day long?!

  32. what a long hour and half. Reminds me of my days too though,lol. This is the exact reason I blog. So I can remember everything I wrote down the road:)

  33. Sandra Tyler says:

    Oh my gosh, the paying your 4 year old a quarter to watch the baby is priceless! Love it. At least no one swallowed it!

    Have you reallly only been blogging since January? That’s when I started, my New Year’s resolution. I’m impressed that you have racked up over 500 followers! I’m just trying to break 200! How did you do it? Besides being so GOOD a blogger? AHh,, may in there lies the secret..:)))

    • I didn’t know you started then. I’ve seen that quite a few people started in January. We all must have wanted a fresh start on the year. I spend a little time during the day, and too much time at night trying to keep up with blogs. I’m attempting to get more efficient, but not quite there yet. 🙂

  34. Henry and Shooty sound fun. 🙂

  35. Stephanie says:

    your day sounds an awful lot like mine!! and I started blogging as a way to record family memories too 🙂

  36. Yes, blogging is a great place to keep a record. And so much more fun that writing in a dusty journal. 🙂

  37. The minute by minute record makes me laugh. It shows how much we do — put up with–take car of– in an hour.
    I can soo relate.
    I blog for a journal.. and I am grateful that I can go back and post things that I didn’t have time to write before.
    It would be VERY hard to do that on paper.

  38. love love love this. so many blessings in the chaos, we just need to look for them and appreciate them for what they are!!

  39. Great post!! I was reading and laughing, then feeling very tired when I glanced at the time. Gosh I remember those days too!! There is a reason mom’s don’t get a paycheck, who could really aford us!!!! Take care!

  40. Geez I love your blog!! I love your humour and your honesty!! These are some funny memories of a day long ago, bet it was great to read back on 🙂

  41. I have no idea how you keep up with 4 b/c I have enough trouble with one!

  42. Reading this brings back such fun memories. (Interesting how we forget the rough times) I bet your dance moves were impressive!

  43. Reading about your day makes my tired ache!
    I been watching 4 of my 7 grandkids this week. I had forgotten how much work that was!

  44. Sounds like my house, just as chaotic. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  45. I can totally relate. And that is all before lunch!!!! When we write it down like that we all deserve a metal!!

  46. I am in awe of your mad mothering skillz. And your energy level. And the cuteness factor of your progeny!

  47. Hilarious! You’re the best, my friend…

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