One Ridiculous Habit I am Giving Up–TODAY!

First, my laundry room update–and there it is–not exceptional–but considering where is came from–a bit better I think.


 Ahhh… to have clothes in my closet again!  And I even had a willing 2 year old helper.  Evie came down sick so I haven’t conquered the toy area yet–but that’s next.

My sorry case daughter

Mom’s not so helpful helper

On to my bad habit–it happened–again.  As my laundry room was a little filled up, yesterday I sorted and folded everything on my living room couch.  And, as a result, the living room became a temporary casulty.

I took a break to pick up my daughter from school.  As I had just gotten in the house, carrying my sick daughter, there it came, a knock at the door of my clothes strewn disheveled house.

It was my neighbors, husband and wife.  They have fallen on tough times lately.  Both have lost jobs and their home has been on the verge of foreclosure.  The wife and children moved in with her sister last month to find work and prepare for the expectation of losing their home and probably just to get away from the situation.

Back to the present—they were on my doorstep carrying large buckets.  Their water had been shut off and they wanted to borrow some water.  And good news too!  Both of them had found work, at least temporary, so the wife was moving back and they were able to keep their home.  I happily offered to fill up the large buckets in our bath tub.  As I took the buckets (and this is where my bad habit kicked in) I nearly shut the door on them is a desperate subconscious attempt to avert their eyes from the clothes disaster in my living room.

But my manners took over.  “Your welcome to come in.” I said, hoping they wouldn’t  “Just don’t look too closely at the mess.  I’m folding laundry today”  They, of course, came in and beheld what I knew was progress, but what really appeared to be, in my loony mind, a gigantic spotlight on my imperfections.

While the buckets were filling in the bath, I came back through the living room to get my baby out of the car and feebly attempted to explain the mess again.

Then went to get the buckets, and as I was handing them to the husband, I made some comment about how sorry I was about my messy house again!  A third time!  The wife said, “Oh you’ve got young kids, I completely understand.”  I let them know they are welcome to our water or even our shower anytime.  And that was that.

Not the end of the world–I know.  But I am irritating myself with my silly apologizing habit.  My neighbors have enough to worry about and surely didn’t care that my living room was a mess.
Wish that this were the first time I couldn’t stop apologizing–just one of MANY!

So, while I would love to keep my home permanently picked up and clean–let’s be serious.  I’m just going to have to kick my “sorry” habit. The final straw has been broke!  Enough of this ridiculous practice!

Grumpy Mom Goal of the Day:  No more apologies.


  1. Wow!!, you were one busy mom Janae!!^_^….and you're so kind to your neighbors, I'm sure they appreciate your help!

  2. Hun.. no body is perfect. I have 3 teenagers..and there are times when my house gets overloaded with laundry too..Everything will be ok..It was sweet of you too for being a sweetheart towards your nieghbors..

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