Stomach Flu and Cake Pops

My girls and I had the stomach flu (again!) this week.  My home became quite ill too.messy kitchen

While the bug is still making it’s way through our family, my kitchen has been miraculously healed! (for now)

We made cake pops during a sickness lull on 11-11-11.  In retrospect, this might not have been the best snack for sickish kids.  kitchen

Though the results were impressive.  I’m guessing you’ve never seen cake pops like

I know, I should have been a food blogger.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Tossing all leftover cake pops.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Aw, sick kids are no fun. We’re going on two weeks of illness here. Boo!
    I’d eat cake any day in any form so those truly look delicious!

  2. I have never had the stomach flu, hope you guys feel better. Is it something you guys eat that is causing the stomach flu?

    • Never? Do you eat exceptionally healthy??? I need to know your secret. We usually only get a stomach bug maybe once a year. So, this year I’m a little concerned why we’re getting sick so much. Wondering if we have mold from our basement that flooded. I hope to get that checked soon.

  3. Boo for the stomach flu! I’ll bet the cake pops were a good diversion from not feeling good.

  4. Hope you’re on the mend soon!

  5. I’m glad you are all feeling better! Love the cake pops!! Very cute!!! I love your kitchen, so nice and spacious!! Have a great weekend!!

  6. Ugh…it’s hard having sick kids and even harder when you’re sick! Hope you’re feeling better soon. My kitchen has looked like that and we didn’t even get to use sickness as the excuse! Oh, and I’m with Amanda…cake in any form is delicious.

  7. What a gorgeous kitchen! I’m sorry you’ve been sick…

  8. Awe, Stomach flu stinks. Glad you’re feeling a little better better. & If the cakepops tasted good, thats all that matters. 🙂

  9. Your cake pop sure looks appertising.. Gsh am so hungry now.

    Hope you and your family get well soon

  10. They look yummy! Glad you are all feeling a bit better.

  11. Glad everyone is on the mend. Flu bugs with multiple children at the same time should be illegal!

  12. I hope the stomach flu has left the building never to return!!!! It’s a yucky thing. And nope, I’ve never seen cake pops. I hope all your tummies were accepting. 🙂

  13. Love the cake pops! They look like they’d be a blast to make!

    By the way, your kitchen is magnificent.

  14. I dream of a kitchen like yours!

    Hope everyone is feeling better now.

  15. Ugh! Stomach flu sucks! I hope you guys are starting to feel better. It’s too bad cake pops are ruined for you guys. After I *upchuck* something, it’s usually a good 5 years before I can eat it again. I’m really glad your kitchen was healed – when my house is trashed, I have a hard time resting.

    I agree with the others, your kitchen is awesome! I’m pretty sure mine would fit in a corner of yours lol.

  16. Sorry you guys are sick. Hoping it will be over soon. I have never made cake pops. They look like something the kids would have so much fun making.

  17. hope you’re all feeling better! i saw that infomercial for the cake pops pan and i soooo want it!! love those things!

  18. Lol, I thought you had a picture of my kitchen except yours is way nicer (and cleans up better too)
    The cake pops are,,,,,made with love,
    Get well soon

  19. Hey, I made cake pops once, and it is harder than it looks. That’s why I’m not a food blogger, either!

    Thanks for sharing your messy kitchen. It always makes me feel so much better about my own when other bloggers are forthcoming this way…

  20. I think it’s absolutely amazing haw *fast* a house can go from clean to messy! Like, 0-5 min toddler time! And then it takes 30 minutes or more to pick evrything back up. It’s not fair!

    (Is that a Dyson vacuum? Are you happy with it?)

    • Actually that is a Hoover Floormate Hard Floor cleaner which I LOVE!
      I’ve never had a Dyson. We just got a Shark Vacuum, but my old Eureka was my ultimate favorite vacuum. Hope you find something nice for your new carpet. :).

  21. Oh my goodness…I’m so glad you posted before and after pics of your kitchen…it makes me feel like I’m not the only one this happens to…except I haven’t had the flu in a very long time, so I’m not sure what my excuse would be 😉
    Hope you’re all feeling better soon!!
    P.S. I TOTALLY would have eaten the cake pops.

  22. Hope you guys are all feeling better now! My kitchen looked like that Friday night, except I wasn’t sick! LOL I have never tried making cake pops, but i did have the opportunity to meet Bakerella at a book signing! : )

  23. No fun to have sick kids or be sick yourself. Hope eveyrone in your family is feeling better. I figured if I ever tried cake pops mine would look JUST like yours! I am so not a baker, not my gift.

  24. YOU MADE THEM! Hooray for you. I think next time I make them, I’ll leave them as cake balls. Who needs a stick? They just made things complicated if you ask me. But I think yours look absolutely divine!

    And what’s up with everyone being sick lately? We’ve had some issues at our house too. And the house?…… ours is ALWAYS sick!

  25. I love that you would post a picture of a messy kitchen!
    You are my hero.

    Your home is beautiful. I love the kitchen. So open and the cabinets are so beautiful We have an old home that we’ve slowly fixed up. I always have my eyes on cabinets.

    Hope you are all feeling better.

  26. I’m sorry you are ill…. I think we might be on the mend at our house. If you need anything let me know <3 I can drive down some soup although I'm sure it will be cold after the hour drive 😉 Miss you guys!!

  27. Hahaha and look at that kitchen makeover lol, that’s funny! Hope you all get better real soon xo

  28. They look like cake pop carcases!

  29. sick kiddos are never fun, but a sick mommy with sick kiddos, well that sucks! glad the house is on the mend

  30. They looked like they turned out yummy! Your kitchen definetly looked sick that first picture. Man oh man, kinda looked like ours did this morning. Yikes! I guess that is what happens when you “live” in your house. LOL. Hope you guys are feeling better.

  31. I sure hope you and your crew are feeling better! I have already had the flu this year as well – it pretty much stinks.
    The cake pops look GREAT! I have always wanted to try those.

  32. Oh, the stomach flu is no fun! We had it when we were on vacation last summer, and then we came home to a flooded basement. UGH! That was so horrible! I hope everyone at your house is feeling better!

  33. Oh, a bout with getting sick is not fun. I am hoping that you all get better in time for turkey day. You know whats so cool? Its a cold day, I have my hot coco on the coffee table and all I wanted to do was check out your blog today. I love coming back to your blog each week. BTW-those cake pops look yummy!

  34. Oh my lanta! You crack me up! Glad your kitchen found a way to get clean. 🙂 Have a great Sunday!!!

  35. Yikes! Hate the stomach flu. Hope y’all get well soon! Btw, love your kitchen and the cake pops 😉

  36. I hope you all start feeling better and I”m sure the cake pops definitely helped! 😉

  37. I hope you guys feel better very soon! Love your kitchen!

  38. Wow what a transformation! I laughed at your comment about food blogging. I love to cook nice meals and prepare baked goods once and a while but they never look good enough to blog about. So here’s an unexpected truth: taste and looks don’t necessarily coexist. My meatloaf is my family’s favorite dish, but I’d probably make readers sick if I showed them a picture.
    I hope you and the kiddos get over your illness soon. Flu bugs are the worst.

  39. I like your kitchen. I’d love one like that. 🙂 Hope you all feel better soon.

  40. I love your ginormous kitchen AND I love the cake pops! Cool idea. You definitely should have been a food blogger. It’s never too late to start!

  41. What kind of.pan.did you use for.the cake pops? Hope you all feel better

  42. Glad things are getting better. Being sick is :(. I’ve seen cake pops in various stores. I haven’t tried any yet. I may try a few from Starbucks.

  43. I love cake pops. But not stomach flu. I am still hoping that the boys don’t catch the stomach bug I had on Friday!

  44. I have not made cake pops yet, but I did see a great little gadget on TV that makes them perfectly. I just might look for it this holiday season. They are so fun.

    Love the before and after photos of your kitchen 🙂

    Happy Week!

  45. Thedesertrocks says:

    I would be grumpy too if everyone had the flu. Hope the cake pops did the trick. You never know. Blessings to you!

  46. I swear we are living parallel lives. my mom just showed up last weekend with a recipe and how-to book, cake mix, frosting, and all the necessary accessories: sticks, edible eyes, edible ink pens, different colored candy melts, etc. etc. I mean a BAG FULL! I think it looks like it will be a lot of fun, but it seems very time consuming. We will see how it goes.
    But doubt I will be brave enough to show pics of my equally sick kitchen.

  47. That is an amazing transformation. Can you come do that to my house? 😉

  48. —-You Rock as a Foodie!

    Also, I love your kitchen. WOW!

  49. Those look kinda yummy. I mean, I’m prego and everything looks yummy, but those really look pretty good hahah. And the state of your kitchen makes me feel a little better about my house. Except I don’t have the excuse of being sick.

  50. Stomach flu?! Yuck. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  51. Oh so not fun 🙁 And hey, as long as they tasted good that is what matters 🙂

  52. Totally in awe of you. (Even more than usual.) Instead of staying in bed and yelling at any little one who dared cross your bedroom threshhold (like the rest of us would), you made–CAKE POPS! Have fun. Make cake. A lesson to us all.

  53. I think you need to post a tutorial on those cake pops.

    And…my kitchen usually looks like the top picture even when I’m not sick.

  54. Cake pops are the best! Your kids did a great job on them. I hope everyone’s feeling better! I passed along an award to you on my blog. I hope you will check it out and accept. 🙂

  55. bless y’alls hearts!!! hope everyone is feeling better. 🙂

    I love me some cake pops! my experience has normally been, the messier the better. 😉

  56. 🙁 hope the plague is gone from your house quickly.

  57. I am laughing at your “sick” house, I am totally using that line when my home is a disaster. “Don’t mind my home, it’s sick today, doesn’t feel well at all”, ha ha why have I never thought to say that before. Those fancy food bloggers most definitely don’t let their children help them.

  58. I can’t get enough of your humor. And looks like you were still able to work a miracle in the kitchen despite the sickness. Hopefully everyone will be well soon.

  59. I’m impressed that you got your kitchen so nice and clean! I hope you’re all feeling better! Those bugs are no fun.

  60. You are so awesome
    How did you magically transform that kitchen?
    I need a crew of cleaners to accomplish that.

  61. Oh my lord – sick is no good!!

    I am quite impressed with your healed kitchen – it looks like a very lovely place!!

  62. Ok, I can’t beleive you guys were sick…again….and my oh my, I’m hoping the kitchen cleaning fairy paid you a visit :): I made cake pops one time and will never ever try that again, I’m no food blogger either.

  63. Ooooh cake pops are delicious! Even when they’re deformed! ;o) I hope ya’ll start feeling better really soon. Stomach bugs are the absolute worst possible illnesses to have.

    BTW – I totally dig the set-up in your kitchen. I love how the appliances are all in a row. How convenient. I only notice this b/c in my kitchen, to bring a cup of water to the stove, I have to walk forever and spill half of it on the way. :o)

  64. ah, I feel better about my crazy house! I think at this point, any cake or cake ball would suit me well!! I love cake no matter what!

  65. That kitchen looks like it would be a bear to clean up! (Although it is so beautiful!) I really hope things are starting to look up at your house, and that everyone gets back to good health very soon.

  66. Well, next time I’m sick, I’m coming to your house for the dessert. Beats chicken noodle soup any day!

  67. you are too funny!! i busted out laughing at the “shoulda become a food blogger.”
    i’m NOT just saying this…they do looks good. and i’m sure i could eat about 83 of them right about now!!
    your before and after kitchen shots are awesome. and your kitchen is beautiful!! i love the “bar” in the middle of it!!
    i hope everyone feels better real soon!
    have a wonderful night!!
    maria <3

  68. The transformation on your kitchen photos are FABULOUS!! Hope you are all healthy now!

  69. hope y’all are feeling better! my house looks like that every time any one of us gets sick!! mmm cake pops! I think we’ll be making some this week ourselves 🙂

  70. If I had a big kitchen like that I would for sure be spreading my stuff out and creating real mayhem!! And those pops look incredible!

  71. Whoa. You weren’t lying. That kitchen was very sick. So glad it’s all better now.

    Cake pops are just amazing. I’ll eat any leftovers regardless of appearance. Go ahead and mail them my way….

  72. I think my house looks like that at least once a week. And I’m not even sick once a week. Oh, and I only have 1 kid to worry about, too. When I’m actually sick, my home looks like an episode of the hoarders. But also, it can’t stay like that for too long, bc sick or not, a messy house drives me batty.

  73. I hope you’re all feeling better!
    Those cake pops may not look perfect, but I bet they taste delicious. And, really, that’s all that matters!

  74. Cake pops sound freakin awesome! Where’d you get the recipe? (I don’t care if they look like crap…the important thing is tatse!)

    And your kitchen? AWESOME! Even all messy it’s so much better than mine! Kitchen envy going on right here! 🙂

  75. love your kitchen, I need a big space like that too since it’s a playground /kitchen in my house. Glad you’re all better now.

  76. Sandra Tyler says:

    Oh, the stomach flu, that’s the worst. May favorite is when they throw up in your bed. I hope your’e feeling better (an I like your kitchen,)

  77. It’s obvious that the kitchen was sick too. Glad you’re feeling better now.

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