I’m thankful for,

My Beautiful Children

Washing Machines


I’m also thankful I got most of the black sharpie out of our
newly cleaned carpet this week.
sharpie on carpet

Though I’m still working on my thankfulness for our
freshly sharpied walls.

Here’s just one masterpiece out of three.sharpie on wall

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Β Staying thankful and tossing all sharpies.

What are you thankful for this weekend?


  1. Sharpies are dangerous. We once had some elaborate sharpie marks all over the face for a good week.

  2. Sharpie… the bane of mothers everywhere.

  3. So…. lesson learned – HIDE ALL SHARPIES! This is why I read blogs of mothers with children older than mine. BTW… I love your blog. If I’ve never told you before… I do. Kristen @

  4. What on earth are those things on her eyes?! I am SO thankful for my washing machine too – don’t know what I’ll do without it! πŸ™‚ You do have lots to be thankful for πŸ˜‰

  5. Curse those darn sharpies!!! Did you try the Magic Eraser? That has saved my tail many a time, but I can’t remember if I have used it for sharpies!! Once again you had me in hysterics!!!! I too would love to know what your daughter has on her eyes!! Lol!! Wishing you a lovely holiday!!! And, I’m grateful I get to read and enjoy your blog!!! xoxo

    • I’m out of magic erasers and need to get some! Though I’m afraid it might be too late.
      They’re little plastic cups. She thought she was quite hilarious! I’m grateful you’ll have a new story for me tonight! I hope you have a wonderful holiday too!

  6. good luck with the sharpie art – you’ll need primer and paint, and if it’s white paint, you may need to wait and recoat. Olivia christened our house, computer desk, bathroom sink and about 4 walls just before we were to host our first easter. Awesome!

  7. Oh no. Good luck with the sharpies. My daughter wrote in marker all over the coach yesterday.

  8. oh lord! Sharpies are off limits to the hubs just because I know his penchant for leaving things around πŸ™‚

  9. oh no, Sharpies are a mess! Did you try magic eraser to get it out? Hopefully you can easily paint over it, if the magic eraser doesn’t work!

  10. Sharpies are evil. I believe they were created by an alien race bent on conquering our world. when we’re distracted by cleaning up Sharpie messes, they will take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Picaso in the making hahaha

  12. Your kids are beautiful as I have seen them in previous pictures. However, today I am very thankful that I don’t have to figure out what is going on in pic one with the eye “thingy”. lol
    Wishing you a great weekend! Can’t wait to read what happens……. πŸ˜‰

  13. I am a little embarrassed that I spelled Optimistic wrong in the previous post…….smh Oh well, maybe you will get a laugh from it.

  14. Oh no!!!! Did you catch the culprit? Or did no-one own up to it?
    Good luck getting that off!!
    What is on your daughters eyes? Lol

  15. Love your daughter’s glasses, what a picture.
    Think of it this way, you’re stocking up on all kinds of embarassing stories (with pictures) to share when they start bringing dates home

  16. First of all lol your poor walls! Alia went through a phase where she marked everything, and I mean everything with a blue A….so I feel your pain! I’m thankful my puppy is going to be ok and hopefully give us no more adventures!

  17. Good luck with the sharpie writing! I assume you’ve tried the magic eraser?

  18. Yes, I agree with the person who said Mr. Clean Magic eraser (or the generic brand) gets the black Sharpie off the wall. I think my husband got them at the grocery store. They are AWESOME. My counters have never looked so clean. LOL (No, I’m not a commercial.)

  19. —Love coming here for my morning distractions.

    Lovely. Xxx

  20. Sharpie is definitely the S-word in my house. I’ve banned them but somehow they still keep finding them.

  21. Oh no! Sharpies are awful… In my experience, hairspray will take permanent marker off many things. And like someone else said, magic erasers are, well, magic.

    I love your pictures and your kids always seem like they’re up to some kind of good times. πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend!

  22. When my autistic son was little he had this thing for markers. Our office walls were covered from the floor up to about three feet high with his “drawings.” We finally wallpapered over them and then when we removed the wallpaper it took several coats of paint to make them look decent. People keep saying someday we will miss that…

  23. Bummer about the sharpie! I hope you can paint over it or something. πŸ™‚

    As for the pictures of your kids, they are too cute, and funny! Those glasses are classic! πŸ™‚

  24. Thedesertrocks says:

    Wait till the entire masterpiece is finished before going to Home Depot for the paint! LOL

  25. Sharpies are dangerous! And my kids favorite piece of making artwork (luckily not on my walls) but my kids do LOVE them too! Your kids are so cute. I love the pictures!

  26. Question is how did the sacrament cups made it to your house? LOL….and perfect timing for our household,: how did you get rid of the sharpie marks? Need your ideas PRETTY BAD?

  27. For more than 15 years, Sharpies were banned from my house. If I would buy one, just one, and hide it…they still found it and used it. In fact, I still have some Sharpie artwork on my bedroom wall. Apparently, I admire it so much, I’ve left it there for 4 years hahaha!

  28. While you are at it, toss eyeliner too. Daughter just Picasso-ed our bathroom wall with it and it might as well be a sharpie cause it is NOT coming off.

    Your children are beautiful!

  29. Omigosh, NOTE TO SELF: Do not leave sharpee markers out… its bad enough that my kids colored our back door with colored chalk and that’s washable.. heh.. I am teased to this day about a sharpee accident I had at a friends house on her brother’s toy chest… not sure how or why they remember that. You’ve got cute kids..

  30. I’m thankful for lots of toilet paper…as my oldest seems to think she needs to unroll the whole thing and throw it in the toilet, only to fish it back out to throw in the tub. Wait, I should say I’m thankful for soap too. πŸ˜‰

  31. Or just put them up very very high.

    Love the pictures. SUPER FUNNY!

  32. Never a dull moment is there.
    I laugh at each of the pictures.

  33. I am thankful for you!!! Thankful for my sweet amazing daughters…. my sweet son… my husband (most of the time hehe) and all the other amazing people in my life!!!! I am most thankful for the Lord though…. He blesses me sooooo much!!!!

  34. Ohhh…… that beautiful carpet! It’s very sharp! Get it?? Sharp… Sharpie…. Ok. It’s very pretty.

    I am thankful that it IS the weekend!

  35. Haha! I love how you always see the silver lining πŸ˜‰
    Great things to be thankful for!

  36. I’m sitting here staring at that first picture and I cannot figure out what is going on with her eyes!!! Explanation please πŸ™‚ hahaa

  37. making a mental note now to be on the look out for sharpies to be tossed!

  38. Wow… your adventures never end do they?! πŸ™‚ Why are sharpies (of all things) the favorite destructive toy of children? I have lately heard my aunt tell about “another” sharpie adventure with her granddaughter… my cousin. πŸ˜› Whew.. maybe tossing sharpies would be a good idea for any house with little people. πŸ˜‰

    In Christ,

  39. We have all permanent markers in timeout at my house.

  40. Dear Holiday Turkey: Please bring Grumpy’s children some washable markers and giant doodle pad for Thanksgiving. They will write you beautiful note…..although one of them may climb on your back.. Thank You Kindly, Grumpy’s loyal readership
    P.S Some art smocks might not be a bod idea too. Thanks again.

    There is a such thing as the holiday turkey, right? LOL

  41. Ah the sharpies! We learned the lesson the hard way on our hardwood floors!

  42. Try the Mr clean magic erasers for the wall.

  43. Dang those sharpies!! & That first picture had me cracking up! lol.

  44. The eyes totally creeped me out and the horror of the Sharpie!!

  45. I love Sharpies and have a whole array of colors. Under lock and key.

  46. ooh sharpies…. I have had some interesting experiences with them too!

    ugh. I lOVE using those darn markers, but, man they’re the devil when you have kids!

  47. Way cute pictures; and I am always smiling at your thoughts. Blessings to you and thanks for the smiles. I do hope you recognize that you are writing an awesome family journal that your posterity is going to love.

  48. that is an awesome picture of your daughter! lol too cute!
    oh no, not the carpet…and sharpies!!
    you’ve got a great sense of humor!
    thanks for the laughs always.

  49. I vote for the picture of your daughter to be your Christmas card this year! πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the wall!

  50. I’m thankful for magic erasers!! They got all the slobber off the walls. Beckham’s jowels hold endless amounts of slobber and when he shakes his head, you best watch out! πŸ˜‰

    I wonder if magic erasers will get off sharpie???

    your kids are Adorable!!

  51. I think you need to ban sharpies from your house πŸ™‚

  52. Hand sanitizer for the sharpie on the walls. So I have heard. And the carpet too. I am thankful for the rain. It mean green hills and flowers to come.

  53. Haaaaa, ha. OMG Awesome. I JUST saw an article on how to remove Sharpie from walls…I should have read it so I could share πŸ™‚

  54. Oh my goodness! It’s never a dull moment in your house, huh? ;o) What in the world is on her eyes, though?!?! Ha!

  55. Ahh, sharpie stains!?! That would freak me out.

  56. Sharpies are dangerous! I hope you get it all out of your carpet and walls! Your daughter looks like she has sacrament cups on her eyes! So funny.

  57. Cute!! Have a great Thaksgiving!!

  58. Sharpies?? Oh no! Hide them all!

  59. Sandra Tyler says:

    Oh, the Sharpies! THey’ve written their initials on our heating baseboards (well, they’re white as paper….) and my favorite, on our cedar wood walls — nice big scrawl, thank you to Kenny. There was no messin’ with washable markers, not for my boys….:))

  60. It’s amazing the things I forget to put away when I’m sure I’m done childproofing. I will have to take another look at where my Sharpies are in the morning! Tough to be grateful for those marks, but the washing machine? Most definitely!

  61. I’m so impressed you managed to get most of the sharpie out of the carpet! Wow. As for the walls, I think a paint job may be in order. πŸ˜‰

  62. Wow, I’m impressed that you managed to get that much Sharpie out of the carpet. You have SKILLS! Also, I have no idea what’s happening in the first picture, but it’s hilarious. πŸ™‚

  63. Sharpie on carpet and wall. Ick! Did you try goop? We ended up getting tar on our carpet about a week after we got new carpet. Ohh the joys of children, right. I am truly grateful for mine even with all the messes. LOL. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your lovely family.

  64. Oh yes.. Sharpies. Been there, scrubbed that!

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