The Crazy Carving Competition

Here are this year’s jack-o-lanterns.
Prepare to be amazed.

Entry #1  “Bleh”
Entirely Dani’s idea.  I was so proud.

Entry #2 “Ahhh”
Evie made me carve this masterpiece, but she scooped it out and gave me my inspiration.
“Make it look like Dracula.”  She loved it.

Entry #3 “Angry Birds Pig”
I’m not sure that’s what he was going for,  but I can see the resemblance.


Entry #4 “Polka Dots 1”
Mase named his jack-o-lantern after the two polka dots that he carved.  Definitely a budding artist.


Entry #5 “Polka Dots 2”
Dax got his mitts on a carving knife and did some fast (but effective) pumpkin work.  That was definitely much safer than the rest of the time, when he was climbing on the kitchen counters.

Entry #6 “Chomp”
This was my spooky creation.  Obviously a close contender with Polka Dots 1 and 2.

 Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Attempting to stay out of my kid’s Halloween candy.

And, I know it won’t be easy, but please help us decide on a grand carving champion.

Happy Halloween!


  1. aw….so many wonderful design…hard to choose

  2. Hard to pick one, but I’m kinda partial to “bleh”. And great goal for the day. Me too.

  3. Numero uno! Hands down!
    Ha ha I do love yours too!

  4. So many pumpkins! Very fun.
    You may be staying out of the candy, but I plan on feasting 😉

  5. Each one is way too cute to pick!! I must say yours is pretty darn cute! The kids are adorable I hope you all have a great day!! Happy Halloween!

  6. awesome pumpkins!!!!

    Jon totally forgot to take his pumpkin in to the contest. It was saturday and it hit him! The deadline was Friday. poor dude…

  7. Kinda like the vomiting one. Very creative to use ALL of the pumpkin!

  8. very cute and they are all so different

  9. I like chomp…dont get the angry birds pig…but I gotta say…bleh. Awesome carving!

  10. Oh they’re all great! Chomp and bleh are close contenders. I’d give each a different award actually! Have a great Halloween! 🙂

  11. Love the pumpkins! Your family is absolutely adorable! Dax reminds me a lot of my soon-to-be 2 year old. Isn’t raising little boys fun? My little one keeps me on my toes! We lost a shoe at a pumpkin patch this year also…but we never found ours! My little one kicked it off the side of a train that taking us to the pumpkin patch. So, instead of trekking 3 miles down the track with the hopes that we MIGHT find it, we just gave up! At least is was a cheap pair of shoes! 🙂

  12. Love your chomp!

    I’m looking forward to eating my boys’ candy!

  13. Ha! These are adorable! I’m loving Chomp and Bleh 🙂 They are all adorable though!

  14. Haha I tried to get soren to do a pumpkin eating al ittle pumpkin but he said ti was too much like cannibalism! SO yours works good since it’s a green pumpkin! Lol! I like polka dots haha!

  15. It is hard! Have to go with number 1 though- though yours is an extremely close second.

  16. Love them all!! The Chomp one is especially cool…..although, who can resist a polka dot pumpkin. currently assembling my own stencils and about to get up to my elbows in pumpkin guts too.

    And… you know, you have the moral obligation to sort through the candy and “bannish” any that might be deemed harmful. As for me, I deem those dangerous mini chocolate bars (could have peanuts!), Rockets (might choke!) and tootsie pops (really, just too much sugar, for kids) to be bannished…..directly to a secret and safe spot: that may or may not be in my bedside table drawer. LOL

  17. Your pics are so great! I loved all the contestant entries! Very fun post!

  18. My vote goes to “bleh”, although angry birds is a close second! They are are pretty cute though so it’s hard to decided on just one!

  19. I’m going with pumpkin #2. 🙂

    How fun!

  20. Brittany couldn’t decide between your and Everette’s pumpkins. Kait likes yours because it has a baby. I have to vote for the hubby 🙂

  21. Such cute pumpkins! See I couldn’t do that many pumpkins… You guys really did a great job. I love them all. Polka a dots #1 & #2 crack me up!
    Have a great Halloween and good luck on that candy!

  22. I think you are clearly the pumpkin carving champion.

  23. I love then all!

    Have fun tonight.

  24. Really cute. You & I have the same goal. I could care less about the hard candy, but those twix get me every time.

  25. Yours is good, but I’m partial to the polka-dots myself. And if you’ve read my blog for very long, you know that the puking pumpkin is one of my favorite images…

  26. I’m partial to “bleh”, but my daughter lily would go for the minimalistic ones =)

  27. They are all great! I love how the kids look so proud in the photos. You made some great memories for them this Halloween. Have fun tonight & be safe! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  28. I have to admit that I’m kinda partial to the dots!

  29. Thanks for sharing all those fun pictures.. Of course I am smiling on this one. I can’t judge because each one has a personality of it’s own. Very fun!
    Blessings to you and have a wonderful family Halloween.

  30. Man this is tough but I think Dani’s Bleh is pretty darn good. LOL! Polka Dots are cute too. Happy Halloween! Are the kids dressing up? You will have to share some pics.

  31. Pumpkin #2 although I love them all!

  32. Love the vomiting one! I skipped the carving this year and let my hubby take over.

  33. They are all too cute! Don’t tell the kids, or hubby – but I think yours is my favorite.

  34. –Superb!
    Loved all of them…but the pumpkin throwing up is quite gross & unique. WOW.
    Daddy is quite cute, too. HA HA xx

  35. I’m partial to Bleh myself. I think it’s the perfect expression of the ennui brought on by the excessive consumption of Halloween candy and, really, of American consumerism on the whole. And, um, the vomit is kinda cool.

  36. These are amazing. Dots is such a great name for a pumpkin!

  37. Good Luck with your goal. I’ll be rooten’ for you. but will be setting no such goal myself. 🙂

    Love the pumpkins.

  38. I like yours and Evie’s best, can’t decide which. You both win, the prize, as much candy as the two of you can handle LOL
    Happy Halloween

  39. I really like #6, but I do have to give props to Dax for effort!

  40. What creative pumpkin carvers you have! 🙂

  41. As I see it, Dani needs some bonus points for creativity and for her awesome posing. Evie gets bonus points for how cute she looks and for ignoring your lack of copycat carving skills. The boys tie with their polka dots and cute faces. I have nooo clue what any of the Angry Birds characters look like so while I’m sure your hubby has a great replica–I just can’t be the judge of that. Yours is awesome too! Family tie? So cute!

    I totally failed at keeping out of my kids’ candy today. It doesn’t help that they throw their Almond Joys at me knowing it puts them to the top of the “favorite child” list. But also because they hate coconut. 🙂

    • Lol! I think candy sharing is the perfect way to determine “favorite child.” I didn’t do so good at staying out of the candy either, especially those addictive KitKats.
      And I loved how you judged our contest!

  42. Stephanie says:

    y’all are so creative! those are all cute!! I especially love Dani’s 🙂

  43. Love the Chomp! And the Bleh? Ick. 😉

  44. Dani’s for sure! I love her pumpkin!

    Yours has a baby? Is there something you need to announce?

  45. oh my gosh they are so adorable! The first one almost had me fall out my chair!

  46. Ok, this was a tough decision to make because evidently your two little boys did an outstanding job on theirs and should be recognised for their efforts. Your husbands was also great with his additional decorations but my vote goes to the vomiting pumpkin, my kids liked it too!! Hope that’s not how you all felt after eating too much candy 😉

  47. it’s too close to call! Loving bleh and polka dots kinda speaks to me! LOL!

  48. Okay, so my vote is for Dani’s pumpkin, but hoping nobody eats so much candy that they are going to resemble her pumpkin. And winner of the best face while presenting their pumpkin hands down goes to Evie…OMG, her expression is priceless!!

  49. All are good, and I must say quite innovative as well. I would go for bleh and champ….All are good…

  50. Very cute, polka dots 1 & 2 are so creative:)

  51. My vote is #6, so cute!

  52. All great pumpkins! I’m a fan of bleh….

  53. #1 is priceless! And so funny that after you mentioned it…I could totally see the resemblance too. lol Your kids are so cute!

  54. Angry birds pig reminds me of Mr. Potato Head

  55. Gotta love a puking pumpkin! hahahaha.

  56. Gotta love all of them for trying but Dani continues to crack me up! So cute the boys got in on the fun too!

  57. Lots of clever pumpkin carving.
    Chomp an Bleh are my 2 faves!

  58. Haha!! Love it! I have to choose “chomp”…so creative!!
    Good luck staying out of the candy, I’m failing miserably 😉

  59. I really love them all, but #1 is my favorite! So fun that the whole family got involved!

  60. These are great!!!!!! 🙂

    And seriously, your children are absolutely adorable!!!!! I’m not just saying that either because we are blogging friends! 😉 They are SOOOOOO cute!

  61. I love the spewing pumpkin!! I love all the inventiveness of your kids. I am trying to stay out of the candy too, but it isn’t working.

  62. My husband has always loved barfing pumpkins.

  63. New Follower! I love all of the creative pumpkins, I love this time of year. Your family is beautiful & I am ooking forward to reading more!

  64. Those are awesome jack o’lanterns! My favorite has to be the Angry Birds Pig, out of loyalty to my son, who loves that game!

  65. Good job on the pumpkins! We didn’t carve this year…long story. Anyway, I vote for “bleh.” I hope you had a great Halloween and aren’t overdosing on candy (like I am).

  66. Oh my gosh! I love “Bleh”! That is the most awesome pumpkin. I think I need to step up my game.

  67. Awww, I love your pumpkins!

  68. How hilarious! The barfing one especially…

  69. Wait! You let your kids do the carving???!!!

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