The Most Delicious Inedible Pumpkin Cookies

I made one of my ultimate favorite childhood treats today–pumpkin cookies with carmel frosting!   Only it’s not the cookie that makes these so delicious.  Any pumpkin cookie will work.  It’s the frosting!

When I told my husband I’d  be making these, his exact words were, “No!  Don’t do it!  I’ll eat too many!”  Of course, I still made them.   Though I made special efforts to make my pumpkin cookies exceptionally healthy this time.  I even used whole wheat flour!

After baking, or even buying cookies, you must make this!

No Fail Carmel Frosting
1/2 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1 3/4 to 2 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Stirring constantly, bring melted butter and brown sugar to a boil.  Then, cook on low heat for 2 minutes.  Add evaporated milk.  Stirring constantly, bring this mixture to a boil.  Pour into a heat resistant mixing bowl; cool slightly.  Add powdered sugar to the thickness of your choice; mix well.  Stir in vanilla.

Easy enough, right?  As I lovingly stirred the brown sugar and butter, there was such a wonderful and unique smell coming from my pot.  What was that?  Definitely carmel and essence of…onion. Thankfully, the onion smell faded…mostly.

I then had this superbly efficient idea.  Instead of pouring the brown sugar and butter mixture into a bowl, I would just use my beaters to mix it in the pot.

As I was gobbling and frosting, I noticed a black speck on one of the cookies.  Then another and another.  All my frosted cookies had specks!

Apparently my efficient beater plan had backfired.   I spent several minutes pondering my speck dilemma.  Surely a few pot enamel specks could not be so bad.  So, after taking a stunning cookie photo shoot, all of these…

…went in the trash.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Putting more garbage on top of tossed cookies, so my kids won’t fish them out.

And a pressing question: Do you call it carmel or caramel?


  1. Stephanie says:

    mmmm I’ll definitely make the frosting. that sounds yumm!!! boo for trashed cookies, that is a sad day in our house haha

  2. I call it caramel.
    Gosh that’s such a waste of sinful frosting! Thanks for the recipe – I’ll definitely give it a try for my cupcakes, maybe.

  3. I can’t believe you threw em all! I would’ve salvaged them for sure:) They look delish.

    P.S: I say it as car-r-mel

  4. Carmel yummmmmm

  5. car-a-mel! 😀
    oh my gosh I can’t imagine having to throw away a whole batch – that sucks!!!

  6. I go back and forth between caramel and carmel… I think it is supposed to be 3 syllables, but sometimes i get lazy!

    FYI that stinks that you had to throw away the cookies!! I have to admit I though that you were going to say your fruit flies were back….. so I was actually pleasantly surprised LOL

  7. Oh no! They all went into the garbage. What a shame! While reading through the recipe and directions I was so contemplating making the frosting for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving pumpkin cake. (Canadian Thanksgiving) It sounds so absolutely yummy! It made me sad to know you had to through all those beautiful looking cookies away:(

  8. Well, I pronounce it CAR-mel but I spell it c-a-r-a-m-e-l …. only because spell check doesn’t like ‘carmel’ and it BUGS me to have the red spell check thing underneath.

    They look yummy! I think I’ll have to try them.

  9. oh noooooo. That is a crime against all cookies! To do all that work and then throw them away – poor thing. I would have cried. They look delicious and I will try that icing. Oh heavens it sounds yummy!

  10. NO! You didn’t throw them out! A little pot enamel never hurt anyone…at least I’m still alive and kicking. lol I’ve totally done that. I’ve been looking for a great cookie frosting for a long time. I’m going to have to try this one!

  11. Oh, how sad. 🙁

    But those look tasty!

  12. Oh, I want to cry! Those look SOOO good!

  13. I hate when that happens! I’ve done that so many times… it makes me want to cry after putting so much time and effort into something just to have it all be ruined. 🙁 They do look yummy though. I’m definitely going to have to try that frosting recipe. I feel sad for you that you had to throw them all away.

    I did have to laugh out loud about your comment about the kids fishing them out of the trash though. Just one more validating point to my “Kids are gross” statement that I make regularly! haha… But I have teenagers… they really ARE gross! 🙂

  14. You are killing me with these cookies. Thought of trying out this recipe. WOnder if it would turn out well for me as am a klutz in the kitchen :p

  15. Caramel 🙂
    Maybe if you burnt some of the sugar and butter in the pot then that’s what the black spots were? Therefore, absolutely edible!!
    Otherwise they look delicious!!

  16. I would’ve been so depressed. I make these too. I think my frosting recipe is just slightly different but not much. That frosting is awesome on pumpkin cupcakes too.

  17. HaHa! I thought for sure your title was supposed to say “incredible”. I guess not 🙂 Well, you know that I’ve had plenty of these mishaps myself. I feel your pain.

  18. —Damn You!
    My Ass Loves this sort of cookie. ESPECIALLY the delecatable Carmel Frosting.
    …Yes. I will be making these. x

  19. I have always pronounced it caramel.

    Awww, what a shame to have to throw them all away! They look absolutely delicious.

    PS: Great post over at Shell’s place 🙂

  20. Car-a-mel. And, those sound divine!

  21. Oh no, that’s too bad that you had to throw them all away. Your cookies look delicious though, so does your “carmel” frosting! I’ll be using your recipe fo sho!

  22. carmel frosting sounds good to me, well minus the black spots.

  23. Those look SO GOOD! It’s a shame about the black spots too. I’m going to have to make some, as soon as I finish my pumpkin cheesecake. Check my blog and I’ll share the recipe I used.

  24. What a brilliant recipe! I’ll be making this one, for sure. To bad you had to ditch that batch though!

  25. Oh sad day! My great gramma used to make this stuff, then my gramma, and my mom. SO you know darn well that I am in love with the stuff! Also, the great Carmel/caramel debate is great in out house. I say carmel, my hubby says caramel. We fight about who is right all the dang time.

  26. *drool*

    Definitely going to try that frosting out (minus the specs of course). What a shame you had to throw them out! That sucks!

    Oh and I say carmel!

  27. I had the same debacle with a red Tupperware bowl. Turns out little bits of red plastic are not all that appetizing! 🙂

  28. Oh no! These look so good, I probably would have spent an hour picking the little enamel bits out so I could eat them. 🙂 I’ve had that happen with non-stick coating chipping off while I’m cooking.

    I always pronounced it carmel, but it seems like other people say caramel. So now I switch back and forth because I can’t decide. Sometimes I think I think too much.

  29. So how long did it take you to make another batch?

  30. My husband says he still would have eaten them. But, then again, he eats our “poisoned” home grown vegetables too. (as long as he has a good insurance policy, I guess I am okay with it. he he he)

    In all seriousness, thanks for the fantastic recipe. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it.

  31. These sound so delicious. And the “speck” story reminded me of a time when we were at a pot luck supper & one of the dishes had *gasp* pieces of glass in it! Wow – wonder what had happened & how the cook had no idea.

    Warmly, Michelle

  32. Oh, Janae, that is SO sad…they look so good. And I say caramel. 🙂

  33. That’s such a waste of frosting!

    I say caramel. Isn’t that how it’s spelled??

  34. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you had to throw some away! That is terrible. But not nearly as terrible as posting that recipe. I really shouldn’t be eating stuff like this………the scales you know.

    I’ll be making them tomorrow.

  35. Ok, I must make these cookies. How sad that they went in the trash! Have you made a new batch yet? I know my older son would be pestering me nonstop until I did! I say carmel, but spell it caramel and eat it no matter how it’s pronounced!

  36. I can’t believe you had to throw them away! Did you at least save one for your hubby? And for the record, I’m a caramel girl.

  37. Ouch, that had to hurt to throw them out. 🙁 They really did look good though, and I say it’s caramel 🙂

  38. Just the thought of throwing those cookies out makes me sick. Poor cookies.

  39. I say you try again.

  40. Mmmm! I think that must be the frosting my grandma made for her pumpkin cookies whenever we came to visit! Such YUMMY memories you’ve stirred up!!! If you do try again, please mail some to me?

  41. YUMMY! I love all things pumpkin! I think we’ve all had at least one baking experience where we had to throw out an entire batch of something. I’ve certainly had to!

  42. I say it both ways. That is sooo sad….I would have cried, but done the same thing. Boo.

  43. ROFL, I so feel your pain on this one. I hate it when my “inspired”ideas in the kitchen turn out like this and I’ve had many. It gives me a chance to try new and colourful language.
    I say car-a-mel, but we Canadians always add those pesky extra vowels
    Another great recipe and here are the perfect cookies to put under it
    Thanks for sharing, and making me laugh

  44. Oh my gosh I HATE when that happens although it’s never happened to me BUT I have definitely thrown away some of my creations because…well, they just dont taste good, lol

  45. You threw them out??!!! Oh my stars! You are such a better mom than me!!

    So glad to read you again … missed you, my friend! When are we doing lunch??!!!

  46. Oh no! They sound delicious though!

  47. oh no, this almost made me cry!
    I agree, it would probably not be super safe to eat those. Hard decision though.

    Need to write down/bookmark that CARAMEL recipe!

  48. oh that is too bad about the specks! but they still look good. if i lived at your house i might just be one to fish them out. just sayin’

  49. Bummer you had to throw them away! That happened to me once with my Kitchen Aid – it was leaking this weird oily substance and I didn’t notice until my dish was all done as well.

  50. So sad about the cookies!

    Caramel is the sweet stuff, Carmel is a city in CA.

  51. Oh my goodness! Those look delicious! Do you have a recipe for your pumpkin cookies?
    Too bad about the trashed cookies.. 🙁 That would be a terrible callamity in our house! 😀

    Thanks for sharing!
    In Christ,

  52. It’s sad they just went to the trash. I bet it would have tasted good if not for those specks. We call the sweet stuff caramel.

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