After having a swarm of fruit flies staying with us for a few weeks, I’m thrilled to report they have nearly all met their demise.   Some apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap was too irresistible. Thanks to those who recommended it!

What guest hasn’t left? The loud, buzzing, taunting, attacking flies. I took matters to an extreme over the weekend and bought this.

The gluey fly paper also caught something much bigger than flies, Evie.

After screaming and flailing she escaped unharmed, but a tad sticky.

“Evie, you need to go wash that off.”

My daughter came back a few minutes later.  Something was different.

 Evie had fixed her own hair…and…she had bangs.

Only a few wispy ones, but I still wasn’t happy.  Evie knew that cutting hair was banned after giving me a surprise cut this summer.  I inquired.

Me: What did you do? You cut your hair!?!

Evie: No.

Me: Yes you did.  I can see you have some bangs.

Evie: No, I didn’t!

This second denial was followed by my occasionally effective, “I’m so disappointed you’re lying to me,” stare and head shake.

Evie (in a whisper): OK, I cut my hair.

Me: You know you shouldn’t cut hair without asking me first.  We’ve talked about this. It can turn out silly.

Evie: I just couldn’t get the sticky stuff out and it was so yucky and so I cut it.  I didn’t mean to.

This was followed by the saddest tears you ever saw.

Me: Lucky for you, it looks beautiful.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Hiding all scissors, again.

And one more update. I’ve got my own domain!  As you may notice, there are still a few glitches to work out, but I’m now a very sophisticated http://grumpygratefulmom.com.  A huge thanks to the Ashley from My Front Porch Swing for making the transfer.


  1. When I got your email feed and saw a bunch of old posts, I knew that could only mean one thing: YOU TRANSFERRED TO WORDPRESS! YAY! I hope you love it! It looks like everything went smoothly (and you even have spaces after your commas!).

    Love the wispy bangs. 😉 You have the funniest family–and I mean that in a good way!

    • Grumpy Grateful Mom says:

      Glad to be switched, but I think it may take me awhile to get used to it! I’m grateful I don’t have your comma trouble. 🙂

  2. Yaya! on your own domain! Very official like!
    And the wispy bangs are adorable! Lucky girl!

  3. You transferred to word press? Was it difficult? Did you just do it or have I been missing something?

    And, yes her hair did not turn out too bad. It does look cute. 🙂

    Blessings and happy week!

    • Grumpy Grateful Mom says:

      Just had it done over the weekend. It wasn’t too difficult as someone else did it for me, but there are still some kinks to work out.

      WordPress also seems a little more complicated than Blogger, but I’m not too computer savvy. 🙂

  4. congrats on switching!! she is so cute with her bangs! Just adorable!


  5. Your daughter did a really good job cutting her hair! She’s a cutie pie.
    I am reminded of the time that I cut my eyelashes off when I was a kid. My mom said I looked freaky.
    Congrats on your new url. Sophisticated indeed!

  6. She has a thing for those scissors! I did turn out well though! Nice job on the new domain! I can never figure out how to get my followers to be able to still follow, and come up on their feed. Are you still on blogger or did you switch over to wordpress?

    • Grumpy Grateful Mom says:

      I’m on WordPress, though it may take me months to figure out!

      I just checked and your posts are showing up in my reader now. Hopefully, that’s a good sign.

  7. Congratulations on making the switch, good job! It’s something I need to do…eventually. 😀

    Cute convo with your daughter and even cuter bangs!

    Smile and Mama With Me

  8. So, did you find out what the sticky stuff that was in her hair in the first place?

  9. How frustrating of your daughter! She really is cute though, if I may say so. I’m glad you got rid of the flies–it takes us FOREVER to get rid of them.

  10. I think she is adorable. I don’t think her hair looks bad either. Poor thing. What a dilemma for her. It’s a good thing hair grows quickly. After going through it so many times, I got to where I didn’t let it upset me anymore. All kids do it at least once, but some more than that. Now that my kids are teenagers, it always makes me smile when I see little ones after they’ve given themselves a hair cut. Hair will always grow back (Except for my husband’s! He’s bald. haha) and one day you will both laugh about it. 🙂

    • Grumpy Grateful Mom says:

      Evie’s actually given herself a much more dramatic cut before so I should be grateful. Though I’m still working on getting a more relaxed attitude when things like this happen–it may take me years. 🙂

  11. Oh no, poor Evie!!! She is so sweet and you are such a awesome mom!! I have hid all siscors too after Lizzy was 5 and gave herself quite a haircut!! I think Evie looks beautiful!! Also, I never knew you could get rid of fruit flies that way, I remeber years ago having to deal with them, yuck!! Congratulations on taking the plunge with your own domain name, you are so offical now!! Much love!!

  12. I cut my hair once before and lied to my mom about it too. Maybe it’s some weird rite of passage??

  13. She has more guts than I do about cutting my hair. It turned out cute!

  14. It does look very cute! It always cracks me up when we have to get the mommy look on our face before they will admit to what we so clearly can see. The flies are AWFUL here too, I’m ready for the first freeze!

  15. Congrats on your sophisticated new domain 😉

    I’ll be sure to hide my scissors when my girl is Evie’s age 🙂

  16. what sticky stuffs was that? well, at least she was honest the 3rd time when you asked

  17. Not sure I love WordPress, but excited for you anyway. I hate those sticky fly things. My mom always used to have them. Tell her we all think she is still so cute!

  18. Hehehe, cute!! I always love your posts 🙂

  19. She actually did a good job. I need to keep this in mind for the future – hide the scissors!

  20. Those sticky fly traps never did much for us, sadly. Sneaky flies.

    Congrats on your own domain 🙂

  21. Buddy has done that SOO many times–fortunately, Goldie has only done it once (I think she now realizes her hair is her jewel and doesn’t want to mess with it–yeah,she’s my diva!). Evie is adorable … and you are such a great mom!

  22. Yeah on the new domain. Yep I would hide all the scissors.

  23. Thanks for the tip on fruit flies!

    I think it’s a right of passage for little ones to give themselves a hair cut at least once. I know mine did! ;o)

  24. I WAS noticing your lovely blog design!

    She is lucky that her haircut looks so cute. Whew!

  25. Aww poor thing. But it is a good thing it doesnt look bad. Man, is this what I hafta look forward to with Diva?

  26. I currently have those apple cider vinegar traps at work over here too! Those gnats are relentless!

    She’s adorable even with that extra haircut, and I can’t blame her for not wanting that flytrap to remain in her hair. Poor thing.

  27. Evie is such a cutie!!!

    I have been blogging every single day for a couple of weeks, plus sporadically for a couple of years. I have no idea the difference in wordpress and blogspot.

    There is still a great deal for me to learn. Apparently, making the switch is a big deal, so congrats!

  28. I would definitely start locking my scissors up!

  29. awww poor girl!

  30. well at least it turned out cute and it wasn’t a huge chunk out of the side or anything

  31. I know it’s only a matter of time until Babe does this. I really need to join you in your goal of the day and hide all the scissors. Only a matter of time!

    It does look cute though! 🙂

  32. that poor thing! Those glue traps are so horridly sticky. LOL
    Sometimes you just have to laugh at the craziness that is life.

  33. Oh no! Glad it looked good.

    My boys tend to make messes with scissors.

    I need to try that apple cider vinegar thing.

  34. LOL i think you have a stylist in the making.

  35. Congrats on making the move!! 🙂

    I have to tell you after your first post I got paranoid with the fruit in my house, that it might become under attack. lol I am happy to report that all is well.
    I am hoping things resolve for you.
    Yes, hide those scissors!!

  36. I’ve cut my own bangs before I certainly didn’t look cute aftewards. She did a great job!

  37. Girl, she rocked that haircut! I totally had to chop my own hair out a time or two as a kid when I fell asleep with gum in my mouth which ended up in my hair by morning. So I can totally feel her pain.

  38. I’m glad she didn’t butcher her hair too badly — my twins did that about three times the year they were two.

  39. Thedesertrocks says:

    From one Evie to another–we’ve got our own style. LOL

  40. Dang, I tried to do the cider vinegar with dish soap and couldn’t kill the dang flies! I am glad it worked for someone. Flies just drive me nuts, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and I love the fly trap. nice work.

  41. So that’s how you get fruit flies away. I could have used that last month.

    Bangs work for her! But yeah, hide the scissors for sure!!

  42. Wow.. thankfully we have never had the problem of fruit flies. 😛 That must have been an adventure! 😉

    And yes, I would definitely hide the scissors!! 😉

    In Christ,

  43. Another huge smile today! I love your writings and perhaps you should write a book.
    Blessings to you and hide those sissors and keep on enjoying the moments!

  44. Her bangs look cute! She did a good job on her forbidden little haircut!
    We have flies too. Our two cats mostly take care of them.
    I’m glad your blog name transfer seems to be going better than mine did!

  45. Oh, I’m so using that on fruit flies. My hubby left out a tomato on the top of the fridge…really top of the fridge…so I didn’t see it. Now we have a few. I haven’t been able to kill them. Yay, for new knowledge.

    Also her bangs are adorable. She has such beautiful red hair. That was always the color I wanted, I got some mutant red instead. 😉 But still grateful to be a red head. lol

  46. I for sure have seen worse! In fact one of my good friend’s daughter did it to her bangs twice. Luckily the second time it came out far better than the first!

    Make sure you remember where you hide those scissors!!!

  47. Honestly, I love your goals of the day, it makes MY day. My daughter has cut her own hair before too…and I cried.

  48. –Love your blog & red headed angels :)) xx Kiss from MN.

  49. She looks darling!

  50. Bless her sweet and sticky little self. hahaha. Only my middle cut her hair. She was also known to cut holes into her clothes. Watch out for that one too! And yes…it looks beautiful. SHe lucked out. 🙂

  51. I’m glad you found something that worked on fruit flies. I always have a hard time getting rid of them too. Swatting is effective, but I can’t swat all day. Congrats on the move to WP!

  52. Happy New Domain. That’s awesome.

    And at least your beauty is a red head. We red heads can get away with almost anything and still be super cute and adorable.

    Ha ha…at least it grows.

  53. So cute. How can you get mad at that sweet face……….with a few bangs?

    Congrats on the domain!

  54. she looks gorgeous. red heads can get away with anything. LOL But I can’t blame her for wanting that sticky stuff out… used to hang all over my grandparents farm, farm house, shed, chicken coop…everywhere! you couldn’t turn around and change your mind without walking into one of those fly covered sticky tapes! ugh.
    Congrats on the new domain/WP!

  55. My father used to hang those fly strips all over the house. They always grossed me out. I’m having horrid flashbacks right now!

  56. Eww… Looks scary, but it’s something I might need to invest in. Perhaps you could cover your scissors with gluey fly paper. Would that be enough to stop little hands from grabbing them?

  57. Congratulations on the move!

    And although I’m not one to condone a child cutting their own hair, she did a pretty darn good job on it mama! I know, I’m no help!

  58. Oh when they have the real genuine tears it is so hard to be mad. Glad you are able to get rid of the flies

  59. glad you got rid of the flies. and you’re right, she is beautiful with her little bangs. 🙂

  60. My youngest cut her hair once too. But she is SO VAIN about her hair, that she will never make that mistake again!!! You should have heard the sobs when I told her I couldn’t reattach it! Apparently she found the chink in my armor…Mommy can’t fix everything. Pretty much all downhill now….LOL!

  61. When my 20 year old was 4, I walked into the family room and found beautiful golden hair all over the carpet. I started saying, “Please let it be doll hair. Please let it be doll hair.”

    I looked up and saw my daughter with “bangs”, actually, hair cut all the way to its root across her forehead. It was awful, not even fixable, it was so short. And she did it with safety scissors!

    I immediately burst into tears and she said, “I’ll glue it back on, Mama.”

  62. Ann Marie says:

    I have always wondered how to get rid of fruit flies! Grateful to know now.. 🙂

  63. Ann Marie says:

    ~ And I can comment now! Woot!

  64. I am glad Evie did a good job, but it is good thing you are hiding the scissors.

    I am stopping by from TC30s.

  65. Ok I just had to LAUGH, not at your pain, but as we have been saying, our similarness….I was brushing Alyssas hair for church sunday and noticed it was, a bit off….asked her if she cut it and she was like NOOOO, then she thoughtfully said, Alia cut it. (that was after alyssa told her to!)
    So, while it looks silly, she at least waited till after school pictures! But i laughed cuz they chose the same time to do it 🙂 have a great day!

  66. Oh no! I keep seeing all these posts about kids cutting their hair, so I am hiding all the scissors in my house!

  67. I see a trend amongst your little darling here… perhaps she will move this talent of hair cutting into her future? You never Know she could be the next big hair stylist… and you’ll have this blog to chronicle her beginnings.

  68. Heehee. My boys never did that even once. Is it just a little girl instinct?

    She is so adorable. 🙂

  69. Ahhh.. fruit flies. We had them for a few weeks too. I hate them. I wish I had known that remedy back then!

  70. She’s so cute even with the new “bangs”…a son of my girlfriend also took scissors to himself…not as cute! I’ve yet to experience this with my boys and hope I don’t, but at least my brother’s a hairdresser! Phew!

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